Top Searched ‘Why’ Questions on Google: Unveiling Curious Inquiries and Search Trends

Here is a list of the top 1000 most frequently asked “why” questions on Google, along with their global search volume and cost-per-click (CPC) data. This data provides valuable insights into the most popular queries and the amount advertisers are willing to pay for these terms.

The number one most asked “why” question on Google is surprisingly “why is there a leap day,” which receives approximately 2 million searches per month. Coming in second is the query “why is the sky blue” with 135,000 monthly searches. These findings are the result of our extensive research.

This list showcases numerous other intriguing and frequently searched “why” questions on Google. The global search volume values represent monthly averages, calculated based on data collected over the past six months. We generated this comprehensive list of “why” keywords using Aitechtonic’s Free Keyword Research Tool, which allows you to obtain this information in just a few clicks and within seconds.

Feel free to explore this list and gain valuable insights into the most common “why” questions asked by users around the world.

1000 Good Asked Why Questions on Google

Sr. No.Why QuestionsTrafficCPC
1why does my car shake when i brake1,300$9.90
2why wont my ipad charge2,900$9.34
3why did the soviet union collapse2,400$9.29
4why are veins blue3,600$9.06
5why wont my phone connect to wifi3,600$8.66
6why does my chest hurt when i breathe1,300$8.64
7why do armpits smell1,300$8.32
8why wont my ipad turn on1,900$8.15
9why does water expand when it freezes1,900$7.82
10why wont my laptop turn on1,600$7.57
11why is my period blood black1,600$7.40
12why are they called wisdom teeth1,300$7.35
13why does my knee hurt when i run1,300$7.28
14why do i keep sneezing1,600$6.96
15why do puppies eat poop1,600$6.91
16why are planets round2,900$6.82
17why do men go bald1,900$6.64
18why is neptune blue1,600$6.63
19why am i breaking out2,900$6.55
20why do we throw up1,300$6.52
21why are some eggs brown1,600$6.40
22why did the renaissance start in italy1,900$6.26
23why do babies wear helmets1,600$6.24
24why am i coughing so much1,300$6.15
25why does my neck hurt2,900$6.06
26why does coffee make me sleepy1,300$6.05
27why is my wifi not working2,400$5.91
28why are my lips so dry2,400$5.83
29why does my armpit hurt1,900$5.78
30why does my stomach hurt after sex1,600$5.65
31why do my farts smell so bad6,600$5.52
32why am i gaining weight3,600$5.32
33why does my dog smell like fish1,300$5.23
34why do we snore2,400$5.22
35why am i not getting my period1,600$5.15
36why do my knees hurt when i run1,300$5.14
37why do people snore14,800$5.10
38why is my internet so slow14,800$5.08
39why is my hair so dry1,900$5.07
40why is my check engine light on1,300$5.06
41why is heroin so addictive1,600$5.05
42why is my internet not working2,400$5.02
43why do veins pop out1,600$5
44why is my skin peeling1,300$4.96
45why does a poor man drink coffee1,300$4.90
46why do i keep coughing1,600$4.77
47why is breakfast the most important meal of the day3,600$4.77
48why does your nose run when you cry1,600$4.66
49why does swiss cheese have holes2,400$4.63
50why is my period blood brown5,400$4.61
51why is water called the universal solvent1,900$4.55
52why am i gaining weight so fast1,300$4.49
53why do my armpits sweat so much1,600$4.47
54why not lease it18,100$4.45
55why are my hands always cold5,400$4.42
56why do my eyes burn2,400$4.41
57why do people smoke cigarettes1,900$4.40
58why do people get circumcised1,900$4.34
59why do babies spit up3,600$4.32
60why do my teeth hurt5,400$4.32
62why is breakfast so important1,600$4.27
63why is it so hard to lose weight1,300$4.25
64why did the industrial revolution start in britain2,900$4.24
65why do we have daylight savings time4,400$4.20
66why do mosquito bites itch9,900$4.15
67why is social media bad1,300$4.14
68why smoking is bad2,400$4.14
69why is my face so oily2,400$4.10
70why is diversity important2,900$4.04
71why is college important1,600$4.03
72why is my iphone battery draining so fast1,900$4.02
73why do i sneeze so much1,600$3.97
74why college athletes should not be paid2,400$3.96
75why do we have wisdom teeth4,400$3.96
76why is my laptop so slow4,400$3.95
77why do people do drugs2,400$3.92
78why does my back hurt6,600$3.91
79why do you get diarrhea1,600$3.89
82why is the stock market down1,300$3.81
83why is my ipad so slow8,100$3.75
84why does my jaw pop1,600$3.72
85why does my nose run when i eat2,400$3.71
86why won t my printer print1,600$3.70
87why am i so gassy8,100$3.69
88why am i so ugly14,800$3.68
89why should abortion be illegal1,300$3.63
90why cant i sleep6,600$3.62
91why do i procrastinate1,600$3.59
92why does my body ache1,900$3.58
93why did my period come early1,300$3.57
94why are my gums swollen1,300$3.55
95why is honesty important1,600$3.54
96why become a teacher1,300$3.48
97why do my ears hurt4,400$3.48
99why does my stomach burn1,600$3.46
100why do i sleep so much8,100$3.40
101why i want to be a teacher1,600$3.40
102why is my pool green1,300$3.40
103why is dna replication called semiconservative1,600$3.38
105why do we procrastinate1,300$3.36
106why does sleep paralysis happen1,600$3.36
107why do i have heartburn1,300$3.34
108why cant i download apps on my iphone4,400$3.31
109why do ears ring2,400$3.30
110why do we get fevers1,600$3.29
111why can t dogs eat grapes2,400$3.28
113why do my feet smell2,400$3.26
114why am i always hot2,900$3.24
115why is my electric bill so high1,600$3.24
116why does poop float3,600$3.23
117why is my wifi so slow4,400$3.23
118why does my dog have diarrhea2,400$3.22
119why am i bleeding after sex2,400$3.21
120why am i sleeping so much3,600$3.21
121why go to college1,900$3.20
122why are stem cells important1,600$3.18
123why is smoking bad1,300$3.18
124why is smoking bad for you3,600$3.18
125why am i alone1,600$3.17
126why do birds fly in a v1,300$3.17
127why do people hoard1,900$3.17
128why do people commit suicide5,400$3.16
129why dogs are better than cats2,900$3.16
130why am i craving salt1,900$3.13
131why obamacare is bad1,600$3.12
132why was the electoral college created2,400$3.12
133why is soda bad for you1,300$3.11
134why am i hungry all the time2,900$3.09
135why i want to be a nurse1,600$3.08
136why is my pee green2,400$3.08
137why do my hands go numb1,600$3.07
138why is abortion wrong1,900$3.07
139why is my computer slow1,300$3.06
141why should abortion be legal1,300$3.04
142why do my boobs hurt so bad2,400$3.02
143why is my ear ringing1,600$3.02
145why do dogs hate cats1,300$3
146why do plants need nitrogen1,600$3
147why is obamacare bad1,900$3
148why are cells small1,600$29.60
149why does my phone say no service3,600$23.93
150why get an mba1,300$22.36
151why do i owe taxes2,400$22.20
152why does my iphone say no sim1,600$21.14
153why do cats hate water6,600$20.58
154why wont my iphone turn on5,400$20.56
155why is my iphone not charging3,600$20.06
156why is my period so heavy3,600$2.99
157why did nazis hate jews1,900$2.98
159why am i peeing so much5,400$2.97
160why are liberals so stupid1,600$2.96
161why did the roman empire fall4,400$2.96
162why do my joints hurt1,300$2.96
163why is my dog throwing up2,900$2.96
164why did the south secede1,300$2.94
165why do i snore2,900$2.94
166why do people say bless you when you sneeze5,400$2.94
167why is sleep important4,400$2.94
168why do i feel empty1,600$2.93
169why is my period early2,900$2.93
170why am i constipated4,400$2.92
171why am i so sleepy2,400$2.92
172why does my shoulder hurt2,900$2.92
173why is water considered a polar molecule1,600$2.92
174why did japan bomb pearl harbor5,400$2.91
175why do i feel so empty1,600$2.91
176why was the eiffel tower built4,400$2.91
177why do whales breach2,400$2.90
178why do dogs shiver1,300$2.89
179why do i have to pee so much2,900$2.88
180why do my ears ring2,900$2.87
181why is black history month in february1,300$2.87
182why wont my car start4,400$2.87
183why do women stay in abusive relationships1,300$2.86
184why does my dog eat poop4,400$2.86
185why do muslims fast5,400$2.85
187why do jews have big noses1,600$2.84
188why was israel created1,300$2.84
189why do cats chirp1,300$2.83
190why do women wear hijab1,900$2.83
191why was the bill of rights added to the constitution4,400$2.83
192why am i losing my hair1,600$2.82
193why do i cough at night1,300$2.82
194why do people smoke9,900$2.82
195why is there daylight savings time1,900$2.82
196why do i feel like throwing up1,900$2.80
198why am i always cold14,800$2.79
199why did the us enter ww22,400$2.79
200why am i eating so much1,300$2.76
201why are my toenails yellow1,900$2.76
202why do i have bags under my eyes1,600$2.76
203why do we sweat3,600$2.76
204why do blind people wear sunglasses2,400$2.75
205why does my heart hurt4,400$2.75
206why abortion is wrong4,400$2.74
207why do muslims kill2,400$2.74
208why do people talk in their sleep3,600$2.74
209why does my dad hate me2,900$2.74
210why is my period so light1,900$2.74
211why are republicans so stupid1,900$2.73
213why do i always feel hungry1,600$2.73
214why is haiti so poor2,400$2.72
216why was the united nations formed1,900$2.72
217why can t babies have honey4,400$2.70
218why do cats like catnip3,600$2.70
219why do miscarriages happen1,600$2.70
220why do people kiss8,100$2.70
221why is rna necessary to act as a messenger1,300$2.70
222why do my parents hate me1,600$2.69
223why do my gums hurt2,400$2.68
224why are cats afraid of water1,600$2.67
225why minimum wage should not be raised1,300$2.67
226why did japan attack pearl harbor14,800$2.66
227why do bats hang upside down1,300$2.66
228why did hitler commit suicide1,600$2.65
229why do people twitch in their sleep1,900$2.65
230why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird1,900$2.64
231why is my dog shaking6,600$2.64
232why am i unhappy1,600$2.63
233why do i feel so alone2,900$2.63
234why am i so lonely2,400$2.62
235why do people sleep talk2,400$2.61
236why is literature important1,300$2.61
237why is sex painful1,600$2.61
238why is water polar3,600$2.60
239why did america enter ww11,600$2.59
240why do we cry12,100$2.59
241why do i poop so much4,400$2.58
242why is protein important3,600$2.58
243why were the federalist papers written1,300$2.56
244why abortion should be illegal2,400$2.55
245why does my lower stomach hurt1,600$2.55
246why does sex hurt6,600$2.55
247why did pearl harbor happen1,300$2.54
248why do my balls hurt5,400$2.53
249why does my life suck1,900$2.53
250why communication is important2,900$2.52
251why is suicide illegal1,300$2.52
252why do my hips hurt4,400$2.51
253why is art important2,400$2.51
254why are sloths so slow3,600$2.50
255why is my eye red2,900$2.50
256why is the ocean blue8,100$2.50
257why do my ribs hurt2,900$2.49
258why does life suck1,900$2.49
259why does my lower back hurt5,400$2.49
260why do i feel so lonely1,600$2.48
261why do we cough4,400$2.48
262why are proteins important1,900$2.47
263why do i have dandruff2,400$2.47
264why is it illegal to collect rainwater3,600$2.47
265why was cereal invented1,900$2.46
266why we want you to be rich3,600$2.46
267why are my eyes yellow2,400$2.45
268why is my hair thinning2,900$2.45
269why was the declaration of independence written4,400$2.45
270why is my skin so oily1,600$2.44
271why do your ears ring1,900$2.43
272why is the ozone layer important1,600$2.43
273why did jesus weep1,900$2.42
274why do people abuse animals1,600$2.42
275why do we celebrate memorial day3,600$2.42
276why is blood red2,900$2.42
277why did alcatraz close2,900$2.41
278why do babies fight sleep1,900$2.41
279why do dogs dig1,600$2.41
280why am i pooping blood1,900$2.40
281why do scabs itch1,600$2.40
282why is water wet1,600$2.39
283why is water a good solvent1,900$2.38
284why the caged bird sings2,400$2.38
285why is chicago called the windy city4,400$2.37
286why we need feminism1,600$2.37
287why did the holocaust happen3,600$2.36
288why is global warming bad1,600$2.36
289why is marijuana illegal5,400$2.36
290why do my eyes water1,900$2.34
291why reading is important3,600$2.34
292why did the japanese attack pearl harbor5,400$2.33
293why does lightning strike8,100$2.33
294why is my computer so slow12,100$2.33
295why zoos are bad1,600$2.33
296why are you here2,900$2.32
297why was jfk killed2,400$2.32
298why are drugs illegal2,400$2.31
299why are the kardashians famous9,900$2.31
300why did the us enter ww16,600$2.31
301why is snow white1,900$2.31
302why am i so angry5,400$2.30
303why is biodiversity important8,100$2.30
304why am i sad3,600$2.29
305why am i single9,900$2.29
306why do people procrastinate1,600$2.29
307why do people use drugs1,900$2.29
308why is my phone not charging2,900$2.29
309why am i always sick1,600$2.28
310why marijuana should be legal2,900$2.28
311why are people gay6,600$2.27
312why do people cut themselves8,100$2.27
313why do people get headaches1,600$2.27
314why is common core bad3,600$2.26
315why do cats hate cucumbers12,100$2.25
316why is it important to recycle1,600$2.25
317why college should be free1,600$2.24
318why do wolves howl at the moon2,400$2.24
319why marijuanas should be legal2,900$2.23
320why do i keep getting uti2,400$2.22
321why do people drink1,600$2.22
322why do we celebrate christmas6,600$2.22
323why does the earth spin3,600$2.22
324why do my hands hurt1,600$2.19
325why do i want to die1,900$2.18
326why does my hair fall out1,600$2.18
327why should marijuana be legal3,600$2.18
328why was the european union formed2,900$2.18
329why am i so sad4,400$2.17
330why do lymph nodes swell1,900$2.17
331why is cannabis illegal1,600$2.17
332why is weed illegal6,600$2.17
333why are people racist3,600$2.16
334why do cats throw up1,600$2.16
335why am i fat2,900$2.15
337why is education important8,100$2.15
338why do you want to work for chipotle1,900$2.14
339why does salt melt ice2,900$2.14
340why are my boobs so sore1,900$2.12
341why do muslim women cover their hair2,400$2.12
342why does hair fall out1,600$2.11
343why did ww2 start4,400$2.10
344why is life so hard6,600$2.09
345why is weed bad for you1,600$2.09
346why does my chest hurt5,400$2.08
347why is my skin so dry1,900$2.08
348why not me lyrics18,100$2.08
349why do girls wear makeup1,900$2.07
350why do i pee so much at night1,600$2.07
351why am i always hungry14,800$2.06
352why am i always sad1,600$2.06
353why do i feel so sad3,600$2.06
354why do muslims wear hijab2,400$2.06
355why does my head hurt4,400$2.06
356why lease a car1,900$2.06
357why am i so hungry3,600$2.05
358why am i cold all the time2,400$2.04
359why do mosquitoes bite3,600$2.03
360why do we need school1,600$2.03
361why does my left eye twitch1,900$2.03
362why does weed make you hungry2,400$2.03
363why does my cat drool1,900$2.02
364why is my car overheating2,400$2.02
365why do we have day and night1,900$2.01
366why is there blood in my poop2,400$2.01
367why was the great wall of china built9,900$2.01
368why do cats lick people1,900$2
369why do dogs lick you12,100$2
370why are metals good conductors of heat and electricity1,300$17.90
371why does my iphone say no service2,400$17.78
372why is my iphone not ringing1,300$17.13
373why wont my iphone charge9,900$16.44
374why are cells so small3,600$15.62
375why do we vomit1,600$14.40
376why is netflix down1,900$14.08
377why are gas prices going up2,900$13.89
378why is my iphone screen black1,300$13.87
379why is my nose always stuffy1,300$13.21
380why is dna replication important1,600$13.18
381why do mosquitoes exist1,600$13.01
382why wont my iphone update4,400$11.88
383why do farts stink3,600$11.73
384why did the cow want a divorce1,300$11.71
385why do my ankles hurt2,400$1.99
386why do my testicles hurt2,900$1.99
387why gay marriage is wrong1,600$1.99
388why do earthquakes happen3,600$1.98
389why do my boobs hurt9,900$1.98
390why do wolves howl6,600$1.98
391why is africa so poor2,900$1.98
393why am i depressed6,600$1.96
394why do i bruise easy5,400$1.96
395why is dna important2,400$1.96
396why am i peeing blood1,900$1.95
397why do i wake up with a headache3,600$1.95
398why is dark chocolate good for you1,600$1.95
399why is the ocean salty12,100$1.95
400why did the civil war start2,900$1.94
401why do i wake up sweating1,600$1.94
402why does it hurt to pee1,900$1.94
403why is music important2,400$1.94
404why do we celebrate thanksgiving4,400$1.93
405why is geography important1,600$1.93
406why is my mac so slow6,600$1.93
407why is my nipple itch1,900$1.93
408why am i sweating so much2,400$1.92
409why is prostitution illegal3,600$1.92
410why are snow leopards endangered1,600$1.91
411why did ww1 start6,600$1.91
412why education is important5,400$1.91
413why people commit suicide1,900$1.91
414why am i still single5,400$1.90
415why are bees dying4,400$1.90
416why do i get headaches everyday1,900$1.90
417why weed is bad1,600$1.90
418why am i gay3,600$1.89
419why do i hate myself6,600$1.89
420why do babies get hiccups4,400$1.88
421why did 911 happen5,400$1.87
422why did us enter ww11,900$1.87
423why do periods hurt3,600$1.87
424why do we need protein4,400$1.87
425why does saturn have rings2,400$1.87
426why do women have periods4,400$1.86
427why is my face red2,400$1.86
428why do cats knead27,100$1.85
429why do i sweat so much18,100$1.85
430why do people self harm5,400$1.85
431why do we get headaches4,400$1.85
432why there is no god1,600$1.85
433why am i so depressed3,600$1.84
434why cats are better than dogs2,900$1.84
435why are my nipples itchy2,900$1.83
436why does coffee make me poop6,600$1.83
437why is my cat drooling1,600$1.83
438why are apples good for you1,900$1.82
439why are black people black2,900$1.82
440why do i wake up tired1,600$1.82
441why do my boobs itch2,400$1.82
442why do my knees hurt6,600$1.82
443why did hitler hate jews14,800$1.81
444why do people bully5,400$1.81
445why does he do that3,600$1.81
446why do plants need water1,900$1.80
447why is water blue2,400$1.80
448why do dogs lick18,100$1.79
449why do i bleed after intercourse1,900$1.79
450why do people cheat12,100$1.79
451why does it hurt when i have sex3,600$1.79
452why is my poop black14,800$1.79
453why am i always sleepy4,400$1.78
454why are my ears ringing2,900$1.78
455why do cats drool2,400$1.78
456why do cats like boxes5,400$1.78
457why do we live1,600$1.78
458why did you leave your last job5,400$1.77
459why do bullies bully1,600$1.77
460why do i have so much discharge4,400$1.77
461why do people kill themselves1,900$1.77
462why is nutrition important2,900$1.77
463why are bananas good for you1,600$1.76
464why do animals have tails1,900$1.76
465why women live longer than men3,600$1.76
466why am i not losing weight12,100$1.75
467why do my breast hurt6,600$1.75
468why do people hate hillary clinton5,400$1.75
470why do people stutter2,900$1.74
471why is voting important1,900$1.74
472why am i so unhappy1,900$1.73
473why is my hair falling out12,100$1.73
474why is school important1,600$1.73
475why was jesus crucified3,600$1.73
476why are my eyes red3,600$1.72
477why do babies cry4,400$1.72
478why do you get cold sores1,600$1.72
479why is salt bad for you2,900$1.72
480why do i feel lonely1,600$1.71
482why is my dog coughing1,900$1.71
483why do car seats expire2,400$1.70
484why do i feel depressed1,600$1.69
485why do i talk in my sleep1,900$1.69
486why are gmos bad4,400$1.68
487why did world war 2 start3,600$1.67
488why does my cat lick me12,100$1.67
489why does my cat meow so much1,900$1.67
490why are bees important2,900$1.66
491why do jewish women wear wigs3,600$1.66
492why are trees important1,600$1.65
493why can t dogs eat chocolate6,600$1.65
494why do cats hiss2,900$1.65
495why do i keep getting yeast infections2,400$1.65
496why do people cut4,400$1.65
497why was the civil war fought2,900$1.64
498why do guys cheat2,900$1.63
499why does my cat knead me1,600$1.63
500why is water important6,600$1.63
501why do my eyes hurt8,100$1.62
502why does my cat bite me5,400$1.62
503why is it called good friday6,600$1.62
504why is the earth round2,900$1.62
505why do people drink alcohol4,400$1.61
506why does my heel hurt2,900$1.61
507why gmos are bad1,600$1.61
508why am i so insecure1,900$1.60
509why did god create man4,400$1.59
510why is my cat sneezing2,900$1.59
511why do condoms break1,600$1.58
512why is grass green2,400$1.58
513why is vitamin d important1,900$1.58
514why do beavers build dams4,400$1.57
515why do i feel so tired5,400$1.57
516why do owls hoot1,900$1.57
517why am i not happy2,400$1.56
518why does my mom hate me3,600$1.56
519why do cats bite3,600$1.55
520why does my breath smell1,600$1.55
521why am i always thirsty3,600$1.54
522why am i losing weight2,900$1.54
523why are my hands shaking1,900$1.54
524why does my dog lick me9,900$1.54
525why do i have anxiety1,900$1.53
526why do i pee so much6,600$1.53
527why do you want this job12,100$1.53
528why does god let bad things happen1,600$1.53
529why are my breast sore3,600$1.52
530why do birds migrate1,900$1.52
531why do we celebrate easter6,600$1.52
532why is socialism bad2,900$1.52
533why are pandas endangered5,400$1.51
534why do i sweat so easily1,900$1.51
535why do i keep getting headaches2,900$1.50
536why do my feet hurt5,400$1.50
537why do men cheat22,200$1.49
538why do we itch3,600$1.49
539why does my butt itch1,600$1.49
540why is my period late18,100$1.49
541why do i have diarrhea8,100$1.48
542why do dogs have whiskers6,600$1.47
543why do leaves change color in the fall2,900$1.47
544why do my breasts itch1,600$1.47
545why do we need water3,600$1.47
546why is recycling important4,400$1.47
548why do dogs eat cat poop4,400$1.45
549why does my head hurt when i cough1,600$1.45
550why do i have a headache4,400$1.44
551why does my big toe hurt1,600$1.44
552why is my skin so itchy2,400$1.44
553why are grapes bad for dogs3,600$1.43
554why do men cheat on their wives2,400$1.43
555why did ziva leave ncis3,600$1.42
556why does everyone hate me5,400$1.42
557why evolution is true9,900$1.42
558why was stonehenge built1,600$1.42
559why do my legs hurt3,600$1.41
560why is bape so expensive1,900$1.41
561why is critical thinking important1,600$1.40
562why am i so bloated3,600$1.39
563why hitler hated jews2,900$1.39
564why do dogs eat their poop6,600$1.38
565why do my nipples hurt18,100$1.38
566why do we sneeze12,100$1.37
567why do we study history2,400$1.37
568why is exercise important3,600$1.37
569why do earthquakes occur3,600$1.36
570why am i always so tired5,400$1.35
571why do men have affairs1,900$1.35
572why do women cheat9,900$1.35
573why is a fire truck red4,400$1.35
574why do dogs lick us1,900$1.34
575why do leaves change color6,600$1.34
576why recycling is important1,600$1.34
577when did i get pregnant6,600$1.33
578why do dogs chase their tails3,600$1.33
579why have you forsaken me5,400$1.33
580why am i so itchy3,600$1.32
581why do muslims not eat pork4,400$1.32
582why do some people sweat more than others1,900$1.32
583why does my head itch1,600$1.32
584why is my printer offline5,400$1.32
585why are my boobs sore2,900$1.31
586why are my nipples sore9,900$1.31
587why are tigers endangered1,900$1.31
588why did world war 1 start4,400$1.30
589why do people dream2,900$1.30
590why do we pay taxes2,400$1.30
591why does my phone get hot1,900$1.30
592why does my cat stare at me1,900$1.29
593why does my urine smell4,400$1.29
594why is family important2,400$1.29
595why do i love him2,400$1.28
596why do we die3,600$1.28
597why is my phone so hot1,600$1.28
598why am i so fat3,600$1.27
599why do people get married4,400$1.26
600why do people sneeze2,900$1.26
601why do cats have whiskers5,400$1.25
602why nations fail pdf3,600$1.25
603why sleep is important1,900$1.25
604why am i losing hair1,600$1.24
605why are we here6,600$1.24
606why cats are afraid of cucumber4,400$1.24
607why is leadership important1,900$1.24
608why am i spotting2,900$1.23
609why does my stomach hurt14,800$1.23
610why does my throat hurt4,400$1.23
611why is my eye swollen1,900$1.23
612why do my armpits itch1,600$1.22
613why do old people smell2,900$1.22
614why do people believe in god4,400$1.22
615why are christians so mean1,600$1.21
616why do i feel tired all the time3,600$1.21
617why do my eyes twitch18,100$1.21
618why does it hurt when i pee8,100$1.21
619why am i so tired40,500$1.20
620why do people kill1,600$1.20
621why is soy bad for you1,900$1.20
622why do girls get periods2,900$1.19
623why do people hate jews3,600$1.19
624why is my phone so slow5,400$1.19
625why do cats meow9,900$1.18
626why does god allow suffering5,400$1.18
627why did cain kill abel2,400$1.16
628why do cats pur1,600$1.16
629why does my eye keep watering1,900$1.16
630why do hemorrhoids itch2,400$1.15
631why does my stomach hurt after i eat2,900$1.15
632why i love you lyrics1,600$1.15
633why water is important1,900$1.15
634why am i so tired all the time8,100$1.14
635why is science important2,400$1.14
636why should i care1,900$1.14
637why are manhole covers round14,800$1.13
638why does alcohol make you drunk1,600$1.13
639why does the top of my foot hurt2,400$1.13
640why is psn down3,600$1.13
641why is my pool cloudy1,600$1.12
642why am i always tired40,500$1.11
643why are my hands and feet always cold1,900$1.11
644why do girls cheat2,900$1.11
645why do we need vitamin d1,600$1.11
646why did dinosaurs become extinct1,900$1.10
647why married men cheat2,400$1.10
648why do dogs bark5,400$1.09
649why do i keep getting sick1,900$1.08
650why do you sneeze1,600$1.08
651why is chocolate bad for dogs8,100$1.08
652why is msg bad2,900$1.07
653why is my period brown4,400$1.07
654why is my scalp so itchy1,900$1.07
655how ugly am i1,600$1.06
656why do we celebrate halloween9,900$1.06
657why does my tailbone hurt2,900$1.06
658why am i shaking2,400$1.04
659why do my bones hurt1,600$1.04
660why does my eye keep twitching14,800$1.04
661why are police called 123,600$1.03
662why did jesus die4,400$1.03
663why does my neck crack1,600$1.03
664why is my poop yellow4,400$1.02
665why are metals good conductors1,900$1.01
666why do dogs eat grass49,500$1.01
667why are cats scared of cucumbers49,500$1
668why do i feel nauseous4,400$1
669why do i have brown discharge1,900$1
670why do people have sex6,600$1
671why is college so expensive2,900$1
672why is netflix not working3,600$1
673why cant i download apps4,400$0.99
674why does oil float on water1,900$0.99
675why do we dream33,100$0.98
676why is my nose bleeding1,900$0.98
677why am i so cold2,400$0.96
678why do we pray2,900$0.96
679why does my right side hurt1,900$0.96
680why is gluten bad6,600$0.96
681why are leaves green2,900$0.95
682why do i feel dizzy8,100$0.95
683why do i get cramps1,600$0.95
684why do my legs ache4,400$0.95
685why is it important to vote3,600$0.95
686why do dogs howl22,200$0.94
687why do i feel light headed2,400$0.94
688why do my knees crack1,600$0.94
689why do dogs eat dirt3,600$0.93
690why is youtube so slow2,400$0.93
691why do catholics eat fish on friday1,900$0.92
692why do people die3,600$0.92
693why do we get pimples1,600$0.92
694why do we sleep9,900$0.92
695why does it burn when i pee6,600$0.91
696why is halloween celebrated5,400$0.91
697why am i itchy1,900$0.90
698why does hair turn gray3,600$0.89
699why is the sky blue for kids1,900$0.89
700why am i tired all the time8,100$0.88
701why do black men like white women1,900$0.87
702why do dogs lick their paws4,400$0.86
703why is coconut oil good for you1,900$0.86
704why won t my dog eat1,600$0.86
705why do white women like black men1,900$0.85
706why is my mouth so dry2,400$0.85
707why am i always bloated2,400$0.84
708why do cats purr49,500$0.84
709why do girls have periods6,600$0.84
710why do i feel bloated2,900$0.84
711why do my hands shake5,400$0.84
712why is my scalp itchy1,600$0.83
713why do you want to work here27,100$0.82
714why do i have so much gas5,400$0.80
715why do people hate1,600$0.80
716why do you love me9,900$0.80
717why is my iphone so slow1,900$0.80
718why me lord lyrics2,900$0.80
719why do dogs eat poop18,100$0.79
720why do you want to be a nurse2,900$0.79
721why is a raven like a writing desk22,200$0.79
722why is math important2,400$0.79
723why is soil important1,600$0.79
724why i love you poems1,600$0.78
725why is my poop green74,000$0.78
726why do my ankles swell1,900$0.77
727why do people migrate2,400$0.77
728why do you want to work for us14,800$0.77
729why sex is important2,900$0.77
730why am i dizzy6,600$0.76
731why do dogs sneeze1,600$0.76
732why did iraq invade kuwait1,600$0.75
733why do cats sleep so much8,100$0.75
734why do i crave sugar1,900$0.75
735why do you want to be a teacher2,400$0.74
736why do you want to leave your current job3,600$0.74
737why is marketing important1,900$0.74
738why is the sea salty6,600$0.74
739why is there blood in my urine1,600$0.74
740why do you love someone1,600$0.73
741why is the sky blue135,000$0.73
742why do feet swell2,400$0.72
743why is my stool black1,900$0.72
744why would you like to work for us2,900$0.72
745why did the cold war start2,400$0.71
746why milk is bad for you1,600$0.71
747why sky is blue5,400$0.71
748why do people hate me3,600$0.70
749why is gonorrhea called the clap1,600$0.70
750why is green tea good for you2,900$0.70
751why do we need sleep5,400$0.69
752why is my poop bright green1,900$0.69
753why is urine yellow2,900$0.69
754why do bears hibernate1,900$0.68
755why do dogs throw up1,600$0.68
756why is pluto not a planet12,100$0.68
757why should i hire you27,100$0.68
758why do feet smell2,400$0.67
760why is my stomach bloated1,600$0.65
761why do i bruise so easy5,400$0.64
762why is milk bad for you2,400$0.64
763why zebras don t get ulcers3,600$0.64
764why do my heels hurt1,900$0.63
765why is my urine cloudy2,400$0.60
766why did i get married49,500$0.59
767why do people fall in love3,600$0.59
768why do women wear bras2,400$0.59
769why do ankles swell1,600$0.58
770why i am not a christian2,900$0.58
771why do cats eat grass6,600$0.57
772why do dogs shake4,400$0.57
773why do my toes hurt1,600$0.57
774why is my stomach so bloated1,900$0.57
775why do we get cramps2,900$0.56
776why are flags at half mast18,100$0.55
777why do we have christmas trees2,400$0.55
778why do my nipples itch6,600$0.54
779why is youtube not working3,600$0.54
780why are the flags at half mast today12,100$0.53
781why do bees make honey6,600$0.53
782why does diarrhea burn2,400$0.53
783why is my dog limping1,600$0.53
784why are dogs so loyal1,600$0.52
785why do cats sneeze1,900$0.52
786why is my stool green2,400$0.52
787why am i single quiz4,400$0.51
788why am i so dizzy1,900$0.51
789why am i tired1,600$0.51
790why are my nipples hard and sore2,900$0.51
791why i love you quotes3,600$0.51
792why are flags half mast today5,400$0.50
793why did the articles of confederation fail3,600$0.50
794why do dogs lick people6,600$0.50
795why should we hire you60,500$0.50
796why was the constitution written2,900$0.50
797why do i sweat in my sleep1,900$0.49
798why do my feet itch1,600$0.48
799why muslims don t eat pork5,400$0.48
800why did i get married too18,100$0.47
801why am i here6,600$0.44
802why does god hate me2,400$0.44
803why are my feet peeling1,600$0.43
804why are the flags at half staff14,800$0.43
805why do i sweat at night2,900$0.43
806why is there a leap day2,240,000$0.42
807why do my knees pop2,400$0.41
808why is my eye twitching22,200$0.41
809why men fall in love1,600$0.41
810why does my dog eat grass5,400$0.40
811why is new york called the big apple9,900$0.40
812why was lucifer cast out of heaven1,600$0.40
813why we get fat2,900$0.40
814why are the flags at half mast9,900$0.39
815why is religion important1,600$0.39
816why was jfk assassinated2,900$0.39
817why do cats spray1,600$0.38
818why does my pee stink2,900$0.38
819why isn t youtube working1,900$0.38
820why do i crave salt2,900$0.37
821why do you get skin tags1,600$0.37
822why does my jaw hurt4,400$0.37
823why are my ankles swollen2,400$0.36
824why do puppies bite1,600$0.36
825why i love you18,100$0.35
826why men pull away6,600$0.35
827why the sky is blue8,100$0.35
828why did the vietnam war start6,600$0.34
829why do men pull away2,400$0.34
830why is my poop red4,400$0.34
831why pluto is not a planet3,600$0.34
832why am i so emotional4,400$0.33
833why are my feet swollen3,600$0.33
834why is ocean water salty1,600$0.33
835why men marry bitches6,600$0.33
836why are birkin bags so expensive1,600$0.32
838why is pluto no longer a planet2,900$0.31
840why does my anus itch2,400$0.30
841why so serious joker2,900$0.30
842why are the flags half mast today2,400$0.29
843why is my right eye twitching1,600$0.29
844why do we get brain freeze1,600$0.28
845why did i get married play1,900$0.27
846why did you do that1,900$0.26
847why does love hurt2,900$0.26
848why wont my iphone connect to wifi3,600$0.26
849why do you want to work here answer2,900$0.25
850why does my ear feel clogged1,600$0.25
851why is sky blue3,600$0.25
852why am i bloated3,600$0.24
853why are flags at half staff4,400$0.24
854why do muslims hate jews1,600$0.24
855why are flags at half staff today9,900$0.23
856why do bug bites itch1,900$0.23
857why do dogs tilt their heads4,400$0.23
858why is the black sea called the black sea1,600$0.23
859why are flags at half mast today33,100$0.22
860why does my butthole itch5,400$0.22
861why i love you book1,600$0.22
862why is photosynthesis important3,600$0.22
863why is the flag at half mast today14,800$0.22
864why men love bitches18,100$0.22
865why do people lie9,900$0.21
866why dogs eat grass4,400$0.21
867why is caillou bald40,500$0.21
868why are cats afraid of cucumber60,500$0.20
869why did i get married too full movie2,400$0.20
870why do eyes twitch5,400$0.20
871why do men lie2,900$0.20
872why do dogs hump2,400$0.19
873why do we fall14,800$0.19
874why should we hire you answer12,100$0.19
875why was i born1,600$0.19
876why was nato formed1,900$0.19
877why flags at half mast today1,900$0.18
878why are firetrucks red33,100$0.17
879why are the flags at half staff today8,100$0.17
880why do volcanoes erupt5,400$0.17
881why we broke up4,400$0.17
882why is flag at half mast today3,600$0.16
883why is my sperm yellow2,400$0.16
884why do dogs whine1,900$0.15
885why does the caged bird sing1,600$0.15
886why are my hands peeling1,600$0.14
887why don t guys like me2,400$0.14
888why did the chicken cross the road33,100$0.13
889why do dogs wag their tails9,900$0.13
890why do i exist1,600$0.13
891why do we fall in love2,900$0.13
892why is my poop orange2,400$0.13
893why do farts smell8,100$0.12
894why do i want this job1,900$0.12
895why does my pee smell5,400$0.12
896why does the moon shine2,400$0.12
897why do i fart so much8,100$0.11
898why do i get hiccups1,900$0.11
899why is the flag at half staff today2,400$0.11
900why would you do that2,900$0.11
901why do people get hiccups3,600$0.10
902why do we celebrate labor day5,400$0.10
903why do women wear thongs2,900$0.10
904why does my arm hurt1,900$0.10
905why is the flag half mast today2,400$0.10
906why this kolaveri di12,100$0.10
907why are my feet always cold5,400$0.09
908why do men like breasts3,600$0.09
909why do my ears itch2,900$0.09
910why is my poop dark green2,400$0.09
911why is the flag at half mast12,100$0.09
912why is the iowa caucus so important4,400$0.09
913why do you get hiccups6,600$0.08
914why does your stomach growl4,400$0.08
915why homework should be banned1,600$0.08
916why is kim kardashian famous8,100$0.08
917why is the flag at half staff2,400$0.08
918why am i burping so much1,900$0.07
919why are flamingos pink22,200$0.07
920why do people hiccup2,900$0.07
921why do you yawn5,400$0.07
922why is mitosis important3,600$0.07
923why is my tongue sore1,600$0.07
924why am i so horny8,100$0.06
925why are my feet cold1,600$0.06
926why do hiccups happen1,900$0.06
927why do men have nipples27,100$0.06
928why do people yawn14,800$0.06
929why do roosters crow4,400$0.06
930why do we have dreams2,400$0.06
931why is sea water salty2,900$0.06
932why are people so mean4,400$0.05
933why did the titanic sink3,600$0.05
934why do dogs pant6,600$0.05
935why do fools fall in love14,800$0.05
936why do i want to work here1,600$0.05
937why do people get tattoos2,400$0.05
938why do we yawn49,500$0.05
939why does my scalp hurt1,900$0.05
940why is mars red5,400$0.05
941why is my tongue white9,900$0.05
942why is yawning contagious8,100$0.05
943when god made you8,100$0.04
944why cant i pee1,900$0.04
945why do people faint2,900$0.04
946why do we have pubic hair5,400$0.04
947why do we hiccup9,900$0.04
948why is integrity important1,600$0.04
949why is pee yellow2,400$0.04
950who what when where why6,600$0.03
951why do crickets chirp2,400$0.03
952why do dogs have tails4,400$0.03
953why do pupils dilate1,600$0.03
954why does my tongue hurt2,900$0.03
955why is gas going up1,900$0.03
956why am i ugly4,400$0.02
957why are you my remedy1,900$0.02
958why do we have nails2,400$0.02
959why do we kiss2,900$0.02
960why do we love1,600$0.02
961why is the moon red3,600$0.02
962why is there a dead pakistani on my couch6,600$0.02
963why was the berlin wall built12,100$0.02
964why are gas prices so low4,400$0.01
965why did i get married cast12,100$0.01
966why do dogs lick humans2,900$0.01
967why do i hate people2,400$0.01
968why do we age1,900$0.01
969why do we laugh3,600$0.01
970why don t muslims eat pork6,600$0.01
971why is my nose red1,600$0.01
972why cant i cum6,600$0
973why cant i poop4,400$0
974why do people cry3,600$0
975why do we burp2,900$0
976why do you cry1,600$0
977why does it rain8,100$0

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