Most Searched Dedicated Server Hosting Keywords Niches List 300+

When it comes to hosting websites and web applications, dedicated servers are the go-to solution for many businesses and individuals. A dedicated server provides the highest level of performance, security, and control.

As a content writer, it’s important to understand the most searched dedicated server keywords niches list to help businesses and individuals in their search for the perfect hosting solution.

In this article, we will explore the top keywords and niches that people search for when looking for a dedicated server.

In the world of web hosting, dedicated servers are a popular choice for businesses and individuals who require high-performance and security.

With a dedicated server, you get a server that is entirely dedicated to your website or application, which means that you don’t have to share resources with other users.

However, with so many different types of dedicated servers available, it can be challenging to know which one to choose. That’s why it’s essential to understand the most searched dedicated server keywords niches list.

By understanding the top keywords and niches, you can narrow down your search and find the perfect hosting solution for your needs.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical server that is entirely dedicated to one user, unlike shared hosting where many users share a single server. With a dedicated server, you have complete control over the server’s resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage.

Why Use a Dedicated Server?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to use a dedicated server over other hosting options. Dedicated servers offer the highest level of performance, security, and control.

With a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about other users impacting your server’s performance, and you can customize your server’s configuration to meet your specific needs.

Key Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Some of the key benefits of dedicated servers include:

  • High Performance: With a dedicated server, you get access to all of the server’s resources, which means that your website or application will run faster and more efficiently.
  • Security: Dedicated servers offer a higher level of security than other hosting options. With a dedicated server, you have complete control over your server’s security settings.
  • Control: With a dedicated server, you have complete control over your server’s configuration, which means that you can customize it to meet your specific needs.

Most Searched Dedicated Server Hosting Keywords Niches List 300+

Sr. No.Keywords for Dedicated Server Keywords (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly CPC
17 days to die dedicated server hosting                                          20$15.69
2affordable dedicated server hosting                                          10$3.94
3amazon dedicated server hosting prices                                          10$9.33
4ark survival dedicated server hosting                                          30$10.32
5ark survival evolved dedicated server hosting                                       110$10.37
6ark survival evolved dedicated server hosting xbox one                                          10$0.00
7arma 2 dedicated server hosting                                          10$0.00
8arma 3 dedicated server hosting                                       210$8.64
9australia dedicated server hosting                                       260$16.79
10australian dedicated server hosting                                       210$10.95
11benefits of dedicated server hosting                                          20$0.00
12best cheap dedicated server hosting                                          20$3.15
13best dedicated game server hosting                                          20$2.49
14best dedicated server host                                    1,000$12.40
15best dedicated server hosting 2014                                          20$0.00
16best dedicated server hosting 2015                                          50$28.42
17best dedicated server hosting australia                                          10$17.12
18best dedicated server hosting canada                                          20$27.20
19best dedicated server hosting companies                                          20$5.92
20best dedicated server hosting europe                                          30$7.98
21best dedicated server hosting for games                                          20$12.22
22best dedicated server hosting for minecraft                                          10$0.00
23best dedicated server hosting in india                                          30$14.68
24best dedicated server hosting in the world                                          20$0.00
25best dedicated server hosting india                                          40$14.03
26best dedicated server hosting minecraft                                          10$0.00
27best dedicated server hosting provider                                          30$9.50
28best dedicated server hosting reviews                                          20$7.49
29best dedicated server hosting uk                                          70$16.09
30best dedicated server hosting usa                                          10$15.78
31best dedicated server hosts                                          10$57.12
32best managed dedicated server hosting                                          10$13.87
33best minecraft dedicated server hosting                                          20$2.28
34best web hosting dedicated server                                          10$13.72
35best windows dedicated server hosting                                          50$23.52
36budget dedicated server hosting                                          10$13.54
37buy dedicated server hosting                                          10$25.23
38cheap dedicated hosting server                                          70$8.29
39cheap dedicated minecraft server hosting                                          10$0.00
40cheap dedicated server hosting                                    1,300$11.90
41cheap dedicated server hosting europe                                          20$11.55
42cheap dedicated server hosting in india                                          30$0.00
43cheap dedicated server hosting india                                          20$0.00
44cheap dedicated server hosting uk                                          20$14.25
45cheap dedicated server hosting usa                                          40$16.44
46cheap hosting dedicated server                                          30$5.69
47cheap minecraft dedicated server hosting                                          20$0.69
48cheap windows dedicated server hosting                                          30$9.92
49cheapest dedicated server hosting                                    1,300$9.64
50cheapest dedicated server hosting in india                                          50$4.22
51cloud dedicated server hosting                                          10$11.91
52cloud hosting or dedicated server                                          10$0.00
53cloud hosting vs dedicated server                                          70$78.11
54cloud vs dedicated hosted server                                          10$0.00
55cloud web hosting vs dedicated server                                          20$113.42
56colocation hosting vs dedicated server                                          10$0.00
57compare dedicated server hosting                                          20$31.36
58cost of dedicated server hosting in india                                          10$3.86
59cs go dedicated server host                                          20$0.00
60custom dedicated server hosting                                          10$2.15
61dedicate server hosting                                    8,100$11.77
62dedicated bulk email server hosting                                          10$2.23
63dedicated cloud server hosting                                          50$14.23
64dedicated email hosting server                                          20$0.00
65dedicated email server hosting                                          70$8.24
66dedicated game server hosting                                       320$9.06
67dedicated game server hosting reviews                                          20$7.77
68dedicated game server hosting uk                                          20$4.66
69dedicated gaming server hosting                                          70$5.17
70dedicated host server                                       720$13.94
71dedicated hosted exchange server                                          10$0.00
72dedicated hosting managed server                                          20$0.00
73dedicated hosting server india                                          20$6.17
74dedicated hosting server uk                                          20$0.00
75dedicated hosting server web                                          50$0.00
76dedicated linux server hosting                                          50$16.22
77dedicated linux server hosting india                                          10$5.51
78dedicated managed server hosting                                          20$33.49
79dedicated minecraft server hosting                                          70$4.09
80dedicated server for hosting                                          50$27.09
81dedicated server for web hosting                                          20$10.57
82dedicated server hosting 16gb ram                                          10$8.58
83dedicated server hosting 1gbps                                          10$2.79
84dedicated server hosting 1tb                                          10$15.83
85dedicated server hosting amazon                                          20$1.41
86dedicated server hosting ark                                          30$10.84
87dedicated server hosting australia                                       170$15.02
88dedicated server hosting bangladesh                                          10$12.32
89dedicated server hosting best                                          10$0.00
90dedicated server hosting black friday                                          10$0.00
91dedicated server hosting bluehost                                          10$8.22
92dedicated server hosting brisbane                                          10$0.00
93dedicated server hosting canada                                          70$17.48
94dedicated server hosting cheap                                       210$11.03
95dedicated server hosting chicago                                          10$22.26
96dedicated server hosting companies                                          20$33.96
97dedicated server hosting company                                          20$0.00
98dedicated server hosting comparison                                          50$19.52
99dedicated server hosting cost in india                                          10$5.64
100dedicated server hosting costs                                          30$7.52
101dedicated server hosting dallas                                          10$37.99
102dedicated server hosting delhi                                          10$8.79
103dedicated server hosting dubai                                          70$4.76
104dedicated server hosting eu                                          90$3.86
105dedicated server hosting europe                                          50$4.65
106dedicated server hosting features                                          10$0.00
107dedicated server hosting for games                                          20$6.53
108dedicated server hosting frankfurt                                          10$3.71
109dedicated server hosting free                                          30$2.92
110dedicated server hosting free trial                                          10$1.89
111dedicated server hosting gaming                                          10$6.91
112dedicated server hosting germany                                          20$6.71
113dedicated server hosting godaddy                                          30$6.99
114dedicated server hosting high ram                                          10$7.71
115dedicated server hosting holland                                          10$0.00
116dedicated server hosting hostgator                                          10$1.62
117dedicated server hosting hungary                                          10$4.98
118dedicated server hosting hyderabad                                          70$0.00
119dedicated server hosting in chennai                                          20$0.00
120dedicated server hosting in delhi                                          10$0.00
121dedicated server hosting in dubai                                          10$4.75
122dedicated server hosting in india                                       260$7.50
123dedicated server hosting in india price                                          40$6.71
124dedicated server hosting in pakistan                                          20$2.74
125dedicated server hosting in singapore                                          10$25.54
126dedicated server hosting in uae                                          10$7.66
127dedicated server hosting in uk                                          20$22.91
128dedicated server hosting in usa                                          20$27.50
129dedicated server hosting indonesia                                          20$2.00
130dedicated server hosting japan                                          10$0.00
131dedicated server hosting java                                          10$0.00
132dedicated server hosting korea                                          10$0.00
133dedicated server hosting kvm                                          10$21.44
134dedicated server hosting linux                                          20$64.79
135dedicated server hosting los angeles                                          20$6.40
136dedicated server hosting malaysia                                          20$3.66
137dedicated server hosting meaning                                          20$12.42
138dedicated server hosting melbourne                                          10$10.54
139dedicated server hosting minecraft                                          70$4.47
140dedicated server hosting mumbai                                          10$0.00
141dedicated server hosting netherlands                                          20$6.90
142dedicated server hosting nz                                          10$9.78
143dedicated server hosting ovh                                          10$0.00
144dedicated server hosting philippines                                          20$3.29
145dedicated server hosting plan                                          70$3.59
146dedicated server hosting plans                                       390$0.00
147dedicated server hosting price comparison                                          20$7.40
148dedicated server hosting price in india                                          30$4.52
149dedicated server hosting prices                                          90$6.29
150dedicated server hosting providers                                          10$15.04
151dedicated server hosting providers in india                                          10$3.79
152dedicated server hosting qatar                                          10$0.00
153dedicated server hosting review                                          70$24.35
154dedicated server hosting reviews                                          70$7.25
155dedicated server hosting reviews 2014                                          20$0.00
156dedicated server hosting services                                       170$10.65
157dedicated server hosting singapore                                          40$8.65
158dedicated server hosting solution                                          70$0.00
159dedicated server hosting south africa                                          70$4.95
160dedicated server hosting top 10                                          10$3.66
161dedicated server hosting toronto                                          10$0.00
162dedicated server hosting trial                                          10$0.00
163dedicated server hosting uae                                          10$5.18
164dedicated server hosting uk                                       390$22.66
165dedicated server hosting uk top 10                                          30$0.00
166dedicated server hosting unlimited bandwidth                                          20$31.96
167dedicated server hosting unturned                                          10$11.55
168dedicated server hosting us                                          40$27.80
169dedicated server hosting usa                                          90$22.11
170dedicated server hosting vs cloud                                          10$13.12
171dedicated server hosting vs shared                                          10$0.00
172dedicated server hosting windows                                          20$19.43
173dedicated server hosting with ddos protection                                          10$35.55
174dedicated server managed hosting                                          10$0.00
175dedicated server reseller hosting                                          10$3.00
176dedicated server vs cloud hosting                                          20$0.00
177dedicated server vs shared hosting                                          10$0.00
178dedicated server web host                                          70$13.62
179dedicated server web hosting                                       390$23.65
180dedicated server website hosting                                          70$32.90
181dedicated server windows hosting                                          10$9.76
182dedicated servers hosting india                                       170$4.57
183dedicated servers web hosting                                          50$0.00
184dedicated sql server hosting                                          30$19.14
185dedicated virtual server hosting                                       480$20.07
186dedicated vmware server hosting                                          20$34.12
187dedicated web hosting server                                       140$12.39
188dedicated web hosting servers                                       110$6.23
189dedicated web server hosting                                       110$38.83
190dedicated windows server hosting                                          90$28.88
191dedicated windows server hosting reviews                                          10$6.72
192dedicated windows server hosting uk                                          10$32.31
193difference between vps and dedicated server hosting                                          10$0.00
194esxi dedicated server hosting                                          10$3.94
195european dedicated server hosting                                          30$10.32
196free dedicated game server hosting                                          40$3.41
197free dedicated minecraft server hosting                                          20$2.51
198free dedicated server hosting                                       390$10.76
199free dedicated server hosting minecraft                                          20$2.43
200free dedicated server hosting trial                                          30$0.00
201free gmod dedicated server hosting                                          20$9.14
202free tf2 dedicated server hosting                                          10$0.00
203fully managed dedicated server hosting                                          30$37.01
204gaming dedicated server hosting                                          40$4.49
205gmod dedicated server hosting                                          30$18.41
206godaddy dedicated server hosting                                          20$9.84
207good dedicated server hosting                                          20$8.69
208google dedicated server hosting                                          30$4.02
209host cs go dedicated server                                          10$0.00
210hosting a dedicated server                                          20$8.76
211hosting a dedicated server gmod                                          10$0.00
212hosting dedicated server ark                                       210$11.05
213hosting dedicated server ark xbox                                          10$0.00
214hosting dedicated server linux                                          70$0.00
215hosting dedicated servers                                       480$12.75
216hosting non dedicated server ark                                       140$36.66
217hosting services dedicated servers                                          10$0.00
218hostname web hosting vps dedicated server template                                          10$0.00
219how to host a cs go dedicated server                                          10$0
220how to host a cs go dedicated server                                          10$0.00
221how to host a dedicated gmod server                                          20$0
222how to host a dedicated gmod server                                          20$0.00
223how to host a dedicated minecraft server                                          10$0
224how to host a dedicated minecraft server                                          10$0.00
225how to host a dedicated server                                          30$12.64
226how to host a dedicated server                                          30$12.64
227how to host a dedicated server on ark                                          20$10.79
228how to host a dedicated server on ark                                          20$10.79
229how to host a dedicated terraria server                                          10$49.92
230how to host a dedicated terraria server                                          10$49.92
231how to host a website on a dedicated server                                          20$4.14
232how to host a website on a dedicated server                                          20$4.14
233how to host cs go dedicated server                                          10$2.65
234how to host cs go dedicated server                                          10$2.65
235how to host dedicated server                                          10$0
236how to host dedicated server                                          10$0.00
237how to setup dedicated server for web hosting                                          20$3.13
238how to setup dedicated server for web hosting                                          20$3.13
239ibm dedicated server hosting                                          10$3.46
240india dedicated server hosting                                          30$0.00
241indian dedicated server hosting                                          30$0.00
242just host dedicated server                                          10$3.53
243linux dedicated server hosting                                       390$7.00
244linux dedicated server web hosting                                          70$0.00
245linux hosting dedicated server                                          50$6.21
246low cost dedicated server hosting                                          30$21.02
247magento dedicated server hosting                                          10$14.46
248malaysia dedicated server hosting                                          10$8.69
249managed dedicated server hosting                                       320$28.98
250managed dedicated server hosting reviews                                          20$23.58
251managed dedicated servers hosting                                       390$40.65
252managed hosting dedicated server                                          10$86.48
253microsoft dedicated server hosting                                          20$0.00
254minecraft dedicated server hosting                                       140$3.78
255minecraft dedicated server hosting free                                          10$0.00
256minecraft dedicated server hosting uk                                          10$0.00
257minecraft server hosting dedicated ip                                          10$0.00
258minecraft server hosting free dedicated ip                                          10$0.00
259most reliable dedicated server hosting                                          10$4.77
260offshore dedicated server hosting                                          30$2.46
261reliable dedicated server hosting                                          10$0.00
262rust dedicated server hosting                                          40$11.49
263server dedicated hosting                                          90$5.72
264server hosting dedicated                                          40$7.95
265shared hosting vs dedicated server                                          30$12.82
266shared hosting vs vps vs dedicated server                                          10$0.00
267shared web hosting vs dedicated server                                          10$0.00
268singapore dedicated server hosting                                          30$10.30
269ssd dedicated server hosting                                          30$9.40
270terraria dedicated server hosting                                          30$11.53
271the best dedicated server hosting                                          20$4.32
272top 10 dedicated server hosting                                       320$12.38
273top 10 dedicated server hosting companies                                          10$1.10
274top 10 dedicated server hosting providers                                          10$0.00
275top 5 dedicated server hosting                                          10$8.79
276top dedicated server hosting                                          90$20.73
277top dedicated server hosting companies                                          20$0.20
278top rated dedicated server hosting                                          10$28.63
279uk dedicated server hosting                                          50$22.19
280unmanaged dedicated server hosting                                          40$14.41
281unmetered dedicated server hosting                                          20$0.00
282us dedicated server hosting                                          40$7.97
283usa dedicated server hosting                                          10$17.29
284virtual dedicated server hosting                                       210$9.74
285virtual dedicated server hosting canada                                          20$0.00
286virtual dedicated server hosting comparison                                          10$8.31
287virtual dedicated server hosting india                                          20$1.35
288vps dedicated server hosting                                          20$8.51
289vps hosting vs dedicated server                                          20$2.91
290vps or dedicated server hosting                                          10$0.00
291vps vs dedicated server hosting                                          20$7.52
292web host dedicated server                                       140$7.44
293web hosting dedicated server reviews                                          10$0.00
294web hosting dedicated servers                                       210$26.07
295web hosting vs dedicated server                                          20$0.00
296website hosting dedicated server                                       140$7.44
297website hosting dedicated servers                                       110$8.20
298what is dedicated server hosting                                       140$3.24
299what is dedicated server hosting                                       140$3.24
300windows dedicated server hosting                                       260$31.80
301windows dedicated server hosting india                                          20$2.77
302windows dedicated server hosting reviews                                          10$31.24
303windows virtual dedicated server hosting                                          20$80.94

Top 10 Most Searched Dedicated Server Keywords

Here are the top 10 most searched dedicated server keywords:

  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Cheap dedicated servers
  • Best dedicated server hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting providers
  • Dedicated server hosting USA
  • Managed dedicated servers
  • Dedicated server hosting Europe
  • Dedicated server hosting India
  • Dedicated server hosting Canada
  • Dedicated server hosting UK

Niche Markets for Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are used in a wide range of niche markets, including:


Gaming is a massive industry, and many game developers and publishers use dedicated servers to host their games. Dedicated servers offer high performance and low latency, which is essential for online gaming.


E-commerce websites require high levels of performance and security to ensure that customers can shop safely and efficiently.

Media Streaming

Media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu require massive amounts of bandwidth to deliver high-quality video content to users. Dedicated servers provide the necessary resources to deliver this content efficiently.

Financial Services

Financial services like banks and stock exchanges require high levels of security and uptime. Dedicated servers provide the reliability and security necessary for these types of applications.


Healthcare organizations need to store and manage large amounts of patient data. Dedicated servers provide the necessary resources and security to ensure that this data is stored and managed securely.

Choosing the Right Dedicated Server

When choosing a dedicated server, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Performance: Look for a dedicated server with high-quality components and the latest hardware to ensure that you get the best possible performance.
  • Scalability: Choose a server that can easily scale up or down as your needs change.
  • Support: Look for a dedicated server provider that offers 24/7 support to ensure that you can get help when you need it.
  • Security: Choose a server with strong security features to protect your data and applications.


Dedicated servers are an excellent hosting solution for businesses and individuals who require high performance, security, and control. By understanding the most searched dedicated server keywords niches list, you can find the perfect hosting solution for your needs.

Whether you’re in gaming, e-commerce, media streaming, financial services, healthcare, or any other niche market, a dedicated server can provide the resources you need to succeed.

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