500+ Top Social Media Keywords Niches List for Digital Marketing

Best Keywords list for Social Media Niches for bloggers and vloggers

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, with billions of active users worldwide. As a result, it has become an important platform for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience.

In this article, we will discuss the top social media keywords niches that are essential for digital marketing.


Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate, interact and consume content. The rise of social media platforms has led to an increase in digital marketing, and businesses are now leveraging these platforms to reach and engage with their target audience.

Social media keywords play a vital role in digital marketing as they help businesses to optimize their content for search engines, increase visibility and drive traffic to their website.

The Importance of Social Media Keywords

Social media keywords are the words and phrases that people use to search for content on social media platforms. They are essential for businesses as they help to optimize their content and improve their visibility on search engines.

By using the right social media keywords, businesses can increase their chances of appearing at the top of search engine results pages, drive more traffic to their website, and attract more customers.

500+ Top Social Media Keywords Niches List for Digital Marketing – High CPC

Sr. No.Keywords for Social Media (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly CPC
1about social media2900$0.91
2addiction to social media3700$2.06
3adult social media2300$0.69
4advantages and disadvantages of social media7900$1.16
5advantages and disadvantages of social media essay2900$1.21
6advantages of social media9400$0.86
7advertisement on social media2180$7.60
8all in one social media app2300$1.08
9all social media apps2300$1.51
10all social medias3700$0.76
11anti social media3200$3.32
12are blogs social media1410$0
13articles about social media3700$2.07
14articles on social media3200$1.90
15b2b social media2180$6.33
16bad things about social media2020$2.11
17benefits of social media7900$1.92
18benefits of social media for business2020$8.77
19benefits of social media marketing2600$10.70
20best social media3200$1.22
21best social media apps4900$1.57
22best social media campaigns4200$5.54
23best social media management tools2600$12.21
24best social media sites2600$3.03
25best times to post on social media5700$4.43
26black social media icons2020$0
27blog social media2020$1.40
28bootstrap social media icons2020$1.31
29buffer social media3700$0.74
30bullying on social media2020$1.76
31businesses social media2300$9.28
32can social media cause depression1410$0
33can you measure the roi of your social media marketing1410$10.31
34chinese social media3200$4.53
35cons of social media2600$1.92
36cyber bullying on social media2020$2.46
37danger of social media4900$3.22
38dangers of social media5700$2.67
39define social media5700$0.63
40definition of social media6700$0.75
41definition social media2180$1.73
42different types of social media2180$1.46
43disadvantages of social media7900$1.67
44does social media affect relationships1370$0
45does social media cause depression1510$0
46does social media impact on body image1470$2.22
47does social media marketing work1370$10.59
48does social media ruin relationships1470$2.48
49does the information media have social responsibility1440$0
50edgar social media2600$0.37
51effect of social media on youth2900$1.43
52effects of social media6700$1.10
53effects of social media on society2300$1.94
54effects of social media on teens2180$1.67
55effects of social media on youth2600$1.13
56essay about social media2900$1.09
57essays on social media3700$0.90
58evolution of social media2180$4.84
59examples of social media4200$1.50
60facebook social media2300$0.76
61facts about social media3200$2.83
62first social media site2180$12.53
63follow us on social media2300$5.75
64forms of social media2020$2.30
65free social media icons6700$1.89
66free social media management2300$7.91
67freelance social media jobs2180$0.99
68future of social media2300$0.01
69gay social media2020$1.22
70good things about social media2020$2.90
71google social media2900$2.20
72history of social media5700$1.61
73how businesses use social media1620$6.94
74how can social media help you1315$9.85
75how can social media help your business1370$5.09
76how companies use social media1440$7.53
77how do businesses use social media1510$5.64
78how do employers check social media1330$0
79how do social media companies make money1350$0
80how do social media sites make money1440$1.42
81how do the mass media influence the socialization process1350$0
82how does social media affect business1440$5.98
83how does social media affect relationships1780$4.38
84how does social media affect society1690$4.32
85how does social media affect society negatively1350$0
86how does social media affect society positively1340$0
87how does social media help business1470$8.49
88how does social media impact society1340$9.57
89how does social media work1510$2.03
90how does the media influence socialization today1330$0
91how employers use social media1330$0
92how employers use social media to screen applicants1320$0
93how has social media affected society1410$0
94how has social media changed business1350$0
95how has social media changed communication1470$0
96how has social media changed society1560$2.82
97how has social media changed the way we communicate1470$3.27
98how has social media changed the world1620$2.67
99how has social media impacted society1410$0
100how important is social media1390$2.83
101how is social media bad1470$2.67
102how is social media good1510$6.17
103how many business use social media1410$0
104how many businesses use social media1410$7.39
105how many college students use social media1390$0
106how many people use social media4200$2.26
107how many people use social media daily1370$0
108how many social media platforms are there1470$8.02
109how many social media sites are there2020$2.11
110how many teens use social media1620$2.27
111how much do social media marketers make1370$13.18
112how much does social media marketing cost1440$9.88
113how much time is spent on social media1470$0
114how social media affects body image1510$2.26
115how social media affects communication1510$2.96
116how social media affects communication skills1470$0.42
117how social media affects politics1560$0
118how social media affects relationships2020$2.31
119how social media affects society1890$1.31
120how social media affects teens2020$1.62
121how social media affects teens2020$1.62
122how social media affects us2180$2.49
123how social media benefits business1350$4.40
124how social media changed the world1470$2.40
125how social media has changed society1370$0
126how social media has changed the world1510$4.14
127how social media has changed us1560$0
128how social media helps businesses1510$7.07
129how social media is bad1560$2.23
130how social media is changing the world1370$0
131how social media is good1440$2.37
132how social media ruins relationships1410$0
133how social media works1470$1.17
134how to add social media buttons1370$0
135how to add social media buttons to blogger1510$0
136how to add social media buttons to website1330$0
137how to add social media buttons to wordpress1410$10.63
138how to add social media icons to blogger1620$0
139how to add social media icons to email signature1470$16.47
140how to add social media icons to gmail signature1470$0
141how to add social media icons to outlook signature1350$12.91
142how to add social media links to wordpress1370$2.35
143how to advertise on social media1620$5.93
144how to announce pregnancy on social media1410$0
145how to be a social media consultant1410$7.17
146how to be a social media expert1370$2.07
147how to be a social media manager1690$3.71
148how to be a social media marketer1370$8.49
149how to be famous on social media1560$2.37
150how to be safe on social media1510$2.68
151how to become a social media consultant1510$4.67
152how to become a social media expert1470$3.45
153how to become a social media manager2180$5.86
154how to become famous on social media1780$1.65
155how to become social media famous1690$1.57
156how to become social media manager1390$2.74
157how to build a social media site1330$1.29
158how to build a social media strategy1410$12.33
159how to build a social media website1440$6.59
160how to build social media presence1370$0
161how to calculate social media impressions1350$3.86
162how to create a social media app1890$2.97
163how to create a social media marketing plan1390$18.35
164how to create a social media plan1410$0
165how to create a social media site1470$1.90
166how to create a social media strategy1690$9.54
167how to create a social media website1510$3.89
168how to develop a social media strategy1440$7.60
169how to do a social media audit1390$5.41
170how to do social media1370$4.72
171how to do social media marketing1890$8.24
172how to engage on social media1370$2.91
173how to find social media influencers1440$6.11
174how to find someone on social media1690$1.93
175how to get a social media job1370$1.57
176how to get followers on social media1370$0.48
177how to get into social media marketing1370$13.17
178how to get social media followers1370$1.75
179how to grow your business with social media1340$4.23
180how to improve social media1370$3.01
181how to increase social media engagement1440$0
182how to increase social media presence1510$1.80
183how to learn social media marketing1390$10.56
184how to make a social media plan1410$3.37
185how to make a social media site1390$1.93
186how to make a social media website1780$4.53
187how to make money off social media1470$1.81
188how to make money on social media2180$2.78
189how to make money on social media sites1370$0.30
190how to make money through social media1470$1.03
191how to make money using social media1440$2.82
192how to make money with social media1560$2.81
193how to manage multiple social media accounts1410$6.48
194how to manage social media1560$7.10
195how to manage social media accounts1440$8.58
196how to market on social media1558$2.50
197how to market with social media1310$1.63
198how to market your business on social media1410$9.62
199how to measure social media1440$1.44
200how to measure social media engagement1470$20.26
201how to measure social media roi1410$6.02
202how to monetize social media1370$7.66
203how to monitor social media1410$11.76
204how to promote business on social media1410$8.28
205how to promote your business on social media1470$6.85
206how to run a social media campaign1440$6.10
207how to say social media in spanish1410$0
208how to search social media1340$0
209how to social media1560$2.04
210how to social media marketing1560$5.31
211how to start a social media business1510$5.18
212how to start a social media company1370$0.52
213how to start a social media management business1350$6.45
214how to start a social media marketing agency1320$19.82
215how to start a social media marketing business1440$11.86
216how to start a social media marketing company1370$8.22
217how to start a social media site1470$2.63
218how to start a social media website1370$4.14
219how to start social media marketing1410$13.19
220how to stay safe on social media1620$1.91
221how to stop social media addiction1560$2.53
222how to use social media2180$3.33
223how to use social media effectively1560$2.69
224how to use social media for business2020$7.28
225how to use social media for marketing1890$12.13
226how to use social media for small business1390$7.25
227how to use social media responsibly1470$1.06
228how to use social media to grow your business1350$12.12
229how to use social media to promote your business1470$4.93
230how to write a social media plan1390$0
231how to write a social media proposal1370$0.69
232how to write a social media strategy1470$0.06
233i hate social media2900$0.02
234icon social media3700$1.93
235ignite social media2180$5.95
236impact of social media4900$1.64
237impact of social media on youth3200$0.89
238impacts of social media4900$0.99
239importance of social media3700$1.06
240influences of social media2600$2.35
241is blogging social media1390$0
242is email considered social media1390$0
243is email social media1620$0
244is employer monitoring of employee social media justified1350$2.98
245is linkedin social media1690$0
246is paid social media jobs a scam1390$1.85
247is paid social media jobs legit1410$0
248is skype social media1620$0
249is snapchat social media2180$6.56
250is social media an addiction1370$0.04
251is social media bad1890$2.68
252is social media bad for society1370$0
253is social media good1620$4.04
254is social media good or bad2600$2.06
255is social media making us antisocial1440$0
256is social media marketing1310$0
257is social media sabotaging real communication1470$0
258is social media safe1370$1.59
259is texting a form of social media1340$0
260is texting considered social media1440$0
261is texting social media1560$0
262is youtube a social media1890$0
263is youtube a social media site1370$0
264is youtube social media3200$10.71
265jobs in social media2180$0.82
266kick social media2600$0.24
267kids social media2600$0.75
268kpi social media2020$5.43
269kpis social media2180$5.48
270life without social media2600$10.33
271list of social media3700$4.61
272list of social media apps2300$2.46
273list of social media sites4200$3.72
274managing social media2300$8.60
275marketing social media2600$7.11
276mashable social media2020$0.11
277meaning of social media2300$0.98
278media social3200$1.06
279millennials and social media2180$1.92
280monitoring social media2020$9.48
281most popular social media4200$4.47
282most popular social media apps2900$2.49
283most used social media2900$10.67
284music social media2020$1.93
285negative effects of social media7900$3.33
286negative effects of social media on society2020$1.83
287negative impact of social media on youth2020$1.92
288negative impacts of social media3200$3.19
289negatives of social media2300$1.68
290new social media4200$2.56
291new social media apps4200$1.44
292new social media sites2300$2.57
293no social media4200$0.24
294no social media lyrics2180$0
295old social media sites2300$0
296paid social media jobs3700$0.77
297paid social media jobs review2180$2.21
298periscope social media2180$0
299periscoping social media2020$1.59
300photo social media2020$2.84
301popular social media3700$2.13
302popular social media apps3200$0.97
303popular social media sites2180$2.35
304positive and negative effects of social media2020$1.66
305positive effects of social media4900$2.43
306positive impacts of social media2300$0.99
307positives of social media2300$2.88
308power of social media2300$1.73
309problems with social media2300$2.34
310pros and cons of social media6700$1.50
311pros of social media2600$0.56
312quit social media3700$0
313quitting social media4200$2.83
314quotes about social media4200$1.57
315quotes on social media2600$0.92
316role of social media2300$0.50
317schedule social media posts2180$6.75
318scheduling social media posts2180$6.33
319searching social media2020$1.06
320should colleges look at social media1350$0
321should companies monitor social media1310$0
322should employers check social media1340$0
323should employers look at social media before hiring1320$0
324should employers monitor employees social media1410$24.46
325should employers use social media to screen job applicants1350$0
326should social media be banned1470$2.80
327should social media be censored1350$0
328should social media be regulated1390$0
329social media451300$1.06
330social media abbreviations2020$2.46
331social media accounts2600$1.21
332social media activism2300$0
333social media activist2300$0.01
334social media activists2300$2.44
335social media addiction9400$1.75
336social media ads2600$10.22
337social media advantages2600$0.34
338social media advantages and disadvantages3700$0.87
339social media advertisements7900$8.65
340social media agencies7900$8.45
341social media aggregators2900$5.11
342social media analysis3200$6.61
343social media analyst2600$3.51
344social media analytic tools2020$15.84
345social media analytics11200$10.67
346social media analytics tools2900$17.34
347social media and body image2020$2.02
348social media and businesses2300$5.80
349social media and depression2600$11.06
350social media and marketing2300$10.04
351social media and mental health2020$2.55
352social media and politics2300$1.30
353social media and relationships3200$2.20
354social media and self esteem2600$2.56
355social media and society2020$1.15
356social media anxiety2180$1.73
357social media apps75300$0.73
358social media apps list2020$1.76
359social media articles4200$4.03
360social media artist2300$2.70
361social media artwork2180$0
362social media assistant2600$3.06
363social media audit2900$3.92
364social media automation2180$5.99
365social media awards2600$1.10
366social media b2b1890$4.77
367social media backgrounds2900$0.38
368social media banners2300$2.50
369social media bar2300$3.29
370social media benefits2600$3.64
371social media best practices2300$11.25
372social media bloggers4200$2.70
373social media blogs4200$2.70
374social media books2300$1.20
375social media bot2020$1.39
376social media brands2600$5.10
377social media break2020$0
378social media bullying2900$2.17
379social media business cards2180$3.07
380social media businesses2900$6
381social media buttons5700$2.78
382social media calendar template2600$4.56
383social media calendars5700$6.43
384social media campaign ideas2900$4.78
385social media campaign template2020$7.42
386social media campaigns7900$8.56
387social media careers2020$3.45
388social media certification2300$11.83
389social media channels3700$5.53
390social media cheat sheet2300$2.36
391social media checker2300$1.83
392social media classes2180$11.29
393social media clipart1890$6.95
394social media club2180$2.36
395social media colors2300$1.75
396social media com2180$1
397social media communications2300$1.97
398social media companies4200$7.64
399social media conferences2900$5.18
400social media connections2600$1.18
401social media consultancy3569$5.26
402social media consultation6700$5.88
403social media content2900$5.16
404social media content calendar2900$8.67
405social media content strategy2020$8.60
406social media contests2300$3.58
407social media contests ideas2180$4.43
408social media coordinator3700$5.61
409social media coordinator job description2180$0.50
410social media coordinator salary2600$4.54
411social media costumes2300$0.76
412social media courses4900$7.91
413social media crisis1890$1.48
414social media customer service2020$14.29
415social media daily2300$2.28
416social media dangers2300$1.88
417social media dashboards3700$7.38
418social media data2020$9.73
419social media day4200$0.89
420social media debate1890$0.82
421social media debates1890$1.76
422social media definition23500$1.22
423social media demographics2300$1.58
424social media depression2600$0
425social media designs2300$3.08
426social media detox2300$0
427social media disadvantages2300$0.95
428social media editor1890$4.62
429social media effects2900$1.20
430social media effects on society2300$2.24
431social media effects on teens2020$1.25
432social media engagements2900$9.10
433social media essays6700$1.04
434social media ethics1890$6.40
435social media etiquette3200$2.44
436social media evaluator2300$2.07
437social media events1890$3.47
438social media examiner13400$4.13
439social media examples3200$2.17
440social media exchange2300$0.84
441social media executive2300$1.14
442social media experts4200$5.29
443social media explained2020$1.19
444social media facebook2300$1.28
445social media facts4200$2.65
446social media fails2600$0
447social media fasting1890$6.60
448social media feeds2300$2.91
449social media firms1890$8.40
450social media font2180$0.68
451social media for businesses5700$10.93
452social media for dummies2300$0.40
453social media for kids3200$1.07
454social media for small businesses2180$13.06
455social media freelancer2020$3.46
456social media games2900$1.07
457social media gif2020$2.44
458social media goals1890$0
459social media good or bad2300$1.31
460social media graphics2300$3.02
461social media growth1890$3.42
462social media guide1890$5.50
463social media guidelines3200$4.69
464social media guru1890$3.92
465social media hackers5700$2.22
466social media hacking2180$0.95
467social media handles2900$6.59
468social media history2900$1.60
469social media hub2180$4.63
470social media icon9400$1.79
471social media icon pack2300$0.23
472social media icon png2600$0.52
473social media icon sets2180$3.53
474social media icons75300$2.75
475social media icons black and white2020$0
476social media icons for email signature2020$2.23
477social media icons free2900$2.30
478social media icons png5700$2.41
479social media icons white2020$3.11
480social media ideas2180$3.90
481social media image maker2900$1.69
482social media image sizes3700$4.37
483social media images4900$0.67
484social media impacts2600$1.97
485social media impacts on society2020$1.24
486social media in the workplace2600$2.30
487social media influence2300$7.87
488social media influencers4900$6.31
489social media infographics3200$0
490social media integration2180$4.85
491social media intelligence2020$6.42
492social media internships3700$2.21
493social media interview questions2020$0.92
494social media is bad2300$1.04
495social media issues2180$2.04
496social media job2300$1.05
497social media job descriptions2900$3.20
498social media job titles2020$0
499social media jobs11200$0.73
500social media jobs from home2020$1.33
501social media jokes1890$7.93
502social media kit1890$2.35
503social media kpis2300$8.29
504social media links2600$1.95
505social media listening2900$14.92
506social media listening tools2300$15.13
507social media lists4200$1.44
508social media logos19400$1.83
509social media logos png2300$5.20
510social media logos vector2600$2.84
511social media manage12811$8.72
512social media management16100$10.05
513social media management companies3700$11.48
514social media management pricing2180$7.37
515social media management services2300$8.51
516social media management software3700$14.69
517social media management tools6700$13.25
518social media manager28400$5.72
519social media manager app2020$5.12
520social media manager job description4200$4.72
521social media manager jobs4200$1.28
522social media manager salary5700$5.07
523social media market2020$4.53
524social media marketer salary2300$7.05
525social media marketing91800$7.95
526social media marketing agencies3700$14.45
527social media marketing blogs2020$9.20
528social media marketing books2180$1.89
529social media marketing campaigns2020$10.48
530social media marketing companies6700$12.05
531social media marketing courses4200$9.37
532social media marketing definition2600$4.78
533social media marketing firms2020$11.34
534social media marketing job description2180$5.17
535social media marketing jobs4200$2.57
536social media marketing pdf3200$2.72
537social media marketing plan template2180$8.31
538social media marketing plans4200$8.08
539social media marketing ppt2020$1.79
540social media marketing salary2180$8.10
541social media marketing services3700$10.61
542social media marketing strategies9400$10.48
543social media marketing strategy pdf2020$6.75
544social media marketing tips2300$8.12
545social media marketing tools3200$7.66
546social media marketing world2600$18.23
547social media meaning4200$0.73
548social media meme2600$0
549social media metrics3200$7.76
550social media mining1890$3.73
551social media model1890$2.49
552social media monitoring6700$12.30
553social media monitoring tools3700$14.43
554social media movie3200$0.75
555social media name checker2900$6.45
556social media names2180$3.22
557social media negative effects2600$1.93
558social media networking4900$1.84
559social media news11200$2.40
560social media now1890$1.06
561social media optimization4900$3.37
562social media optimization meaning2900$0
563social media outlets2900$3.30
564social media packages2300$2.88
565social media pages1890$2.72
566social media party2300$3.30
567social media pdf2600$0.83
568social media photos2020$0.84
569social media pictures2600$3.50
570social media planner2300$7
571social media planning6700$6.27
572social media planning template3700$7.92
573social media platforms13400$4.92
574social media plugin wordpress2300$2.45
575social media plugins2180$1.83
576social media policies7900$1.90
577social media policy examples2020$2.19
578social media policy template2300$3.05
579social media porn2180$1.22
580social media posters2180$2.63
581social media posting schedule2180$6.67
582social media posts3200$3.33
583social media powerpoint2600$0.34
584social media pr2020$4.33
585social media presence2300$5.66
586social media presentations2600$1.01
587social media privacy2300$3.76
588social media problems2600$3.50
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606social media return on investment2600$15.60
607social media revolution2180$2.62
608social media roi2600$15.60
609social media ruining relationships2600$0
610social media ruins relationships2900$0
611social media safety2300$3.06
612social media scheduling3200$8.76
613social media scheduling tools2300$9.99
614social media search engines2300$3.72
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616social media security2020$6.53
617social media seo2020$4.93
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619social media sharing2300$3.59
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621social media site2300$0.93
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625social media skills2020$2.86
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628social media specialist job description2180$2.22
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640social media surveys2020$4.45
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831wordpress social media plugins2900$2.83
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833youtube social media2180$1.09

Understanding Keyword Niches

Keyword niches are groups of keywords that are related to a particular topic. By identifying keyword niches, businesses can create content that is relevant to their target audience and optimize it for search engines.

Keyword niches can help businesses to understand the intent behind a user’s search and provide them with the information they are looking for.

Top Social Media Keywords Niches for Digital Marketing

Social media marketing

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media analytics
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media engagement
  • Social media management

Content marketing

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Content optimization

Influencer marketing

  • Influencer outreach
  • Influencer collaboration
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Influencer metrics

Video marketing

  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Video optimization
  • Video advertising


  • E-commerce platforms
  • E-commerce optimization
  • E-commerce advertising
  • E-commerce analytics

Customer service

  • Social media customer service
  • Customer service analytics
  • Customer service strategy
  • Customer service management


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand management
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand awareness

Mobile marketing

  • Mobile optimization
  • Mobile advertising
  • Mobile engagement
  • Mobile analytics

Paid search advertising

  • Paid search strategy
  • Paid search optimization
  • Paid search metrics
  • Paid search advertising platforms

Search engine optimization

  • SEO strategy
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • SEO analytics


Social media keywords are essential for digital marketing as they help businesses to optimize their content and improve their visibility on search engines.

By identifying keyword niches, businesses can create content that is relevant to their target audience and optimize it for search engines.

The top social media keyword niches for digital marketing include social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing, e-commerce, customer service, branding, mobile marketing, paid search advertising, and search engine optimization.

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