Most Searched Legal Keywords Niches List 1000+

Are you looking for ways to optimize your legal blog’s or website search engine rankings? One effective strategy is to incorporate relevant and high-traffic keywords in your content.

Here are some legal related keywords that can help improve your blog’s SEO and attract more traffic.

Understanding Legal Keywords

Before include the keywords, it’s essential to understand what legal keywords are and why they matter. Legal keywords are specific terms and phrases that people use when searching for legal information or services online.

They are important because search engines like Google use them to determine which pages to display in search results.

By using relevant keywords in your content, you can increase the chances of your blog appearing at the top of the search results, which can drive more traffic to your site.

Types of Legal Keywords

There are several types of legal keywords that you can use in your blog. Some of the most common include:

Practice Area Keywords

Practice area keywords are terms related to specific areas of law, such as criminal defense, personal injury, or family law. Using these keywords in your blog can help attract readers who are interested in those particular areas of law.

Location Keywords

Location keywords are terms related to specific geographic areas, such as a city, state, or region. If you are a local law firm or attorney, incorporating location keywords in your content can help attract potential clients in your area.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific phrases that are more targeted than general keywords. For example, “divorce attorney in New York City” is a long-tail keyword that is more specific than just “divorce attorney.” Using long-tail keywords can help attract highly targeted traffic to your blog.

Question Keywords

Question keywords are terms that people use when searching for answers to specific legal questions, such as “what is the statute of limitations for personal injury in California?” Using question keywords in your content can help attract readers who are looking for answers to those particular questions.

Most Searched Legal Keywords Niches List 1000+

Sr. No.Keywords for Legal (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC in Dollar
124 hour legal advice590$2.60
250cc motorcycles street legal320$0.26
3aarp legal services170$3.17
4abc legal2,900$0
5abc legal services590$6.61
6abortion legal3,600$2.45
7abortion legal in us590$2.69
8abortion should be legal1,300$2.33
9abortions legal in texas260$2.12
10absinthe legal720$0.21
11absinthe legal in us210$1.33
12acadiana legal services260$2.91
13acclaim legal services260$15.77
14affiliate legal definition480$5.86
15affordable legal services390$3.59
16aids legal referral panel170$2.79
17air force legal assistance720$18.21
18airbnb nyc legal590$1.30
19alabama legal aid260$1.35
20alabama legals1,300$2.94
21alaska legal services720$1.66
22alcohol legal limit1,300$3.33
23all drugs should be legal210$2.26
24all state legal1,300$6.94
25alliance legal group170$0.46
26allstate legal880$5.09
27alternative legal careers480$2.74
28am i legally blind260$1.65
29amanita muscaria legal210$0.03
30amazon fire stick kodi legal1,000$0.40
31amazon legal department390$0.71
32american association of legal nurse consultants170$8.94
33american express legal department170$4.53
34american legal1,900$1.67
35american legal system1,000$0.92
36android tv box legal480$1.78
37another word for legal880$5.18
38api legal outreach210$2.18
39ar 15 california legal590$0.42
40arag legal2,400$4.53
41arag legal center590$4.68
42arag legal plan390$4.54
43arag legal services390$1.83
44are abortions legal390$3.85
45are abortions legal in texas                                       210$4.55
46are atvs street legal                                       390$0.08
47are bath salts legal                                       210$3
48are brothels legal320$0.57
49are bullet proof vests legal                                       390$0.22
50are cpn numbers legal                                       210$1.99
51are cuban cigars legal now                                       880$0.02
52are dirt bikes street legal                                       720$0.66
53are dui checkpoints legal                                       720$20.05
54are escorts legal1,300$0.28
55are ferrets legal in california                                       590$0
56are fireworks legal in georgia                                       170$0
57are fireworks legal in michigan                                       170$2.71
58are go karts street legal                                       140$0.10
59are golf carts street legal                                       320$2.05
60are gun silencers legal                                       260$1.15
61are guns legal in france                                    1,300$0
62are hedgehogs legal in california                                       720$1.59
63are hedgehogs legal in pa                                       210$1.35
64are karambits legal in california                                       170$1.75
65are late term abortions legal                                       480$3.04
66are led headlights legal                                       480$0.37
67are legal fees tax deductible                                       720$7.18
68are legal settlements taxable                                       320$66.85
69are mail order brides legal                                       320$4.62
70are partial birth abortions legal                                       480$6.24
71are peptides legal260$1.07
72are police scanners legal                                       480$0.12
73are poppers legal1,000$1.02
74are prohormones legal260$2.07
75are radar detectors legal                                       590$2.05
76are radar detectors legal in california                                       320$0.14
77are stun guns legal                                       320$0.57
78are sugar gliders legal in california                                       260$2.47
79are suppressors legal590$0.07
80are table showers legal                                       140$0.05
81are tasers legal in california                                       390$0.67
82are tasers legal in nj                                       260$4.80
83are tasers legal in ny                                       480$0.02
84arguments against legalizing weed320$2.51
85arizona legal aid210$2.61
86arizona legalize weed720$2.49
87arkansas legal aid590$1.84
88arkansas legal services320$0.96
89ask a legal question260$1.47
90ask legal questions480$2.03
91assault legal definition1,000$2.84
92assisted suicide legal880$2.15
93assisted suicide should be legal320$4.64
94association of legal administrators90,500$1.03
95association of legal administrators conference260$0.73
96association of legal administrators jobs390$0.57
97atlanta legal aid society320$8.15
98atlanta legal aide1,300$6.87
99atlanta legal jobs260$1.14
100atv street legal320$0.38
101atv street legal kit210$0.18
102austin legal jobs210$1.84
103automatic knife legality320$0.16
104automatic weapons legal260$0.68
105avvo legal1,600$0.76
106avvo legal services590$0.91
107ayahuasca legal390$0.63
108bac legal limit1,000$4.84
109bank of america legal department720$2.22
110barly legal1,000$0.01
111barly legal porn720$2.30
112basic legal terms720$0.15
113bay area legal320$2.20
114bay area legal aid2,400$3.71
115bay area legal services1,600$4.02
116bearly legal74,000$0.07
117bearly legal porn1,000$1.21
118becoming a legal guardian260$1.81
119benefits of legalizing cannabis170$1.23
120benefits of legalizing drugs210$0.06
121benefits of legalizing marijuana720$2.56
122benefits of legalizing weed1,000$1.91
123benefits of marijuana legalization260$2.31
124berg legal clinic260$4.15
125best legal drugs320$0.46
126best legal moonshine170$0.77
127best legal movies2,400$0.10
128best legal steroids2,900$0.11
129best legal stimulant390$0.31
130best legal test booster210$0.73
131best legal testosterone booster260$0.22
132best legal thrillers390$0.42
133best street legal dirt bike480$0.32
134bet tzedek legal services320$1.43
135blacks legal dictionary6,600$0.87
136bloomberg legal260$1.22
137blue book legal citation480$2.10
138blue ridge legal services590$6.51
139bluebook legal880$0.15
140bluebook legal citation210$2.12
141blumberg legal forms260$0.58
142bob dylan street legal1,300$0.57
143boston legal60,500$0.36
144boston legal cast9,900$0.08
145boston legal episodes1,300$0.18
146boston legal full episodes320$0.22
147boston legal jobs210$0.93
148boston legal netflix1,600$0.95
149boston legal online1,600$1.16
150boston legal seafood480$0.63
151boston legal season 11,900$0.22
152boston legal season 2480$0.20
153boston legal season 3390$0.18
154boston legal season 5320$0.12
155boston legal services390$2.81
156boston legal streaming2,400$0.93
157brass knuckles legal480$0.06
158brass knuckles legality by state1,900$0.80
159breathalyzer legal limit210$5.38
160brevard county legal aid170$1.96
161british legal system590$1.91
162bronx legal aid260$3.43
163bronx legal services320$2.53
164brooklyn legal aid210$6.76
165brooklyn legal services720$5.84
166brooklyn legal services corporation a170$2.22
167broward county legal aid170$1.67
168broward legal aid170$2.29
169buckeye legal funding260$8.35
170business its legal ethical and global environment170$0.32
171business law and the legal environment320$0.30
172business legal structure480$3.62
173butterfly knife legality880$0.14
174buy ambien online legally480$1.93
175buy cigarettes online legal590$0.99
176buy legal drugs online260$0.30
177buy legal weed online590$0.26
178buy percocets online legal260$0.64
179buy viagra online legally480$1.74
180buying oxycodone online legally260$0.48
181buying pain meds online legal320$0.58
182ca legal ak 47390$0.09
183ca legal ar 15720$0.10
184ca legal handguns720$0.47
185cabrini green legal aid1,000$2.46
186cal legal ar 15 for sale320$0.02
187cal legal ar151,600$0.24
188cal legal guns for sale170$1.26
189cal legal rifles320$0.10
190california indian legal services170$6
191california legal aid170$2.14
192california legal ak47590$0.05
193california legal catalytic converter320$0.77
194california legal guns1,600$0.37
195california legal handguns1,300$1.12
196california legal marijuana880$1.39
197california legal rifles590$0.58
198california legal separation320$3.07
199california legal weed5,400$2.10
200california legalization2,900$0.02
201california legalized weed2,400$2.12
202california marijuana legalization5,400$2.28
203california marijuana legalization 20161,000$2.02
204california rural legal assistance720$3.74
205california weed legalization880$1.97
206call legal shield210$2.70
207camba legal services320$4.79
208camp lejeune base legal260$3.62
209camp pendleton base legal210$15.71
210camp pendleton legal210$13.04
211can you legally change your last name                                       390$1.84
212can you legally move out at 17                                       590$1.57
213canada legal weed4,400$1.61
214canada legalized2,900$1.63
215canada legalizes2,400$9.42
216canada marijuana legalization2,900$1.62
217cancer legal resource center210$5.51
218cannabis legal states590$1.23
219cannabis legalization4,400$2.37
220cannabis legalization news880$0.02
221cannabis oil legal1,300$1.20
222car legal320$0.69
223car legal hotline590$2.23
224catholic legal services320$3.28
225cbd oil legal3,600$0.81
226cbd oil legal in all 50 states320$0.94
227cbd oil legal in texas260$0.16
228cell phone jammer legal320$0.23
229change legal name390$1.62
230cin legal590$37.65
231clio legal480$6.32
232cons of legalizing marijuana320$2.31
233consumer legal services210$2.95
234continuing legal education90,500$6.69
235continuing legal education seminars320$3.48
236countries where gay marriage is legal1,300$1.96
237countries where prostitution is legal2,900$1.36
238countries with legal prostitution1,300$0
239difference between divorce and legal separation260$4.69
240difference between legal separation and divorce480$12.66
241divorce legal aid390$4.59
242divorce vs legal separation260$10.57
243dna legal services210$1.83
244drug legalization1,600$2.64
245electric scooter adults street legal260$0.52
246electric scooter for adults street legal1,900$0.51
247electric scooter street legal170$0.42
248free legal1,000$2.69
249free legal advice40,500$2.60
250free legal advice family law590$2.54
251free legal advice florida480$3.01
252free legal advice hotline880$2.25
253free legal advice in pa320$2.78
254free legal advice indiana320$2.63
255free legal advice michigan320$2.58
256free legal advice mn320$2.73
257free legal advice nc480$2.51
258free legal advice nyc390$4.79
259free legal advice ohio390$2.36
260free legal advice online2,900$2.15
261free legal advice online chat880$2.24
262free legal advice over the phone1,300$2.80
263free legal advice texas480$2.29
264free legal advise880$3.15
265free legal aid9,900$2.32
266free legal aid divorce320$1.88
267free legal assistance480$3.54
268free legal consultation1,000$4.24
269free legal help1,600$2.37
270free legal mp3 download sites210$0.19
271free legal music downloads720$1.01
272free legal representation260$2.32
273free legal service320$2.19
274free legal services1,900$2.51
275free mp3 downloads legal1,000$0.55
276free mp3 music downloads legal590$0.50
277free music downloads legal5,400$0.84
278free online legal advice1,000$1.84
279ga legal services170$4.49
280gay marriage should be legal480$2.11
281group legal260$2.41
282hgh legal480$0.52
283how can i legally change my name                                       260$1.30
284how do i change my name legally                                       170$2.09
285how do i legally change my last name                                       140$0.94
286how do i legally change my name                                       880$1.07
287how do you legally change your name                                       720$0.79
288how long does it take to legally change your name                                       260$1.07
289how many countries have legalized gay marriage                                       320$2.53
290how many legal immigrants are in the us                                       480$1.94
291how many states have legal marijuana                                    2,400$2.31
292how many states have legalized medical marijuana                                       390$2.19
293how many states have legalized recreational weed                                    1,600$1.58
294how many states have legalized same sex marriage                                          70$1.97
295how many states have legalized weed                                    2,900$1.92
296how many states is abortion legal in                                          90$2.06
297how many states is marijuana legal in                                       880$1.57
298how many states legalize weed                                    3,600$1.33
299how many states legalized recreational weed                                       210$1.54
300how many states legalized weed                                    1,600$1.40
301how much are abortions                                    5,400$2.74
302how much do abortions cost                                    9,900$3.09
303how much do legal assistants make                                       390$3.39
304how much is an abortion                                 18,100$3.33
305how much is it to legally change your name                                       210$1.50
306how to be a                                    1,900$0
307how to become a                                    2,900$0.49
308how to become a legal assistant                                       320$9.27
309how to become a legal citizen                                       210$1.75
310how to become a legal guardian                                       720$3.42
311how to become a legal nurse consultant                                       320$9.82
312how to become a legal secretary                                       480$3.25
313how to become a legally ordained minister                                       260$2.85
314how to break a lease legally                                       390$1.18
315how to change name legally                                       320$1.30
316how to change your last name legally                                       260$0.99
317how to change your legal name                                       260$1.64
318how to change your name legally                                    1,300$1.17
319how to convince your parent                                          20$0
320how to do legal research                                       320$4.85
321how to download free music legally                                       140$1.07
322how to file for a legal separation                                       210$4.27
323how to file for divorce                                 12,100$3.29
324how to file for legal separation                                       720$2.98
325how to file legal separation                                       260$4.83
326how to find legal description of property                                       210$0.79
327how to find percentage                                 49,500$0.26
328how to flip money legally                                       720$1.29
329how to get a legal separation                                       480$1.37
330how to get abortion                                    1,000$1.40
331how to get free cable tv legally                                       480$3.13
332how to get hgh legally                                       170$0.22
333how to get high legally                                       720$0
334how to get legal guardianship                                       260$2.92
335how to get legal guardianship of a child                                       210$2.56
336how to get legally separated                                       320$1.92
337how to get out of jury duty legally                                       720$0.39
338how to legally break a lease                                       210$1.27
339how to legally change last name                                       210$1.62
340how to legally change my name                                       210$1.22
341how to legally change your first name                                       480$1.80
342how to legally change your last name                                    1,000$1.50
343how to legally change your name                                    6,600$1.68
344how to legally change your name after marriage                                       390$1.66
345how to legally change your name in california                                       390$1.56
346how to legally change your name in florida                                       210$2.01
347how to legally change your name in nc                                       210$1.25
348how to legally change your name in nj                                       170$4.19
349how to legally change your name in ohio                                       210$1.31
350how to legally change your name in pa                                       170$1.76
351how to legally change your name in texas                                       480$1.22
352how to legally separate                                       320$2.35
353how to make a dirt bike street legal                                       880$0.21
354how to make a legal contract                                       260$0.93
355how to make a lot of money fast legally                                       320$2.29
356how to make a will legal                                       390$2.03
357how to make fast money legally                                       320$1.34
358how to overcome divorce                                       260$1.02
359how to prepare a will                                       480$2.10
360how to survive a divorce                                       720$0.88
361how to terminate an employee                                    1,000$3.28
362how to write a legal brief                                       590$0.93
363how to write a legal contract                                       210$1.32
364how to write a legal letter                                       320$0.99
365how to write a legal memo                                       880$0.25
366how to write a will                                    8,100$2.07
367i need legal advice260$3.98
368immigration legal services590$4.38
369in house legal jobs1,900$1.38
370inhouse legal jobs1,900$1.47
371is a stepparent a legal guardian                                       390$3.40
372is abortion legal in all 50 states                                       320$5.14
373is abortion legal in all states                                       590$2.11
374is abortion legal in california                                       590$2.28
375is abortion legal in canada                                    1,300$3.90
376is abortion legal in florida                                       480$2.87
377is abortion legal in ireland                                       720$2
378is abortion legal in nc                                       140$2.83
379is abortion legal in ny                                       260$6.96
380is abortion legal in ohio                                       260$3.15
381is abortion legal in pa                                       170$3.05
382is abortion legal in texas                                       880$5.57
383is abortion legal in the us                                       880$3.58
384is absinthe legal in the us                                    1,000$0.18
385is airbnb legal480$1.87
386is airbnb legal in nyc                                       590$1.07
387is animal testing legal                                       140$1.82
388is assisted suicide legal                                       480$2.14
389is bitcoin mining legal                                       720$1.82
390is body armor legal                                       260$0.25
391is bounty hunting legal                                       210$0
392is cannabis legal in california                                       390$2.17
393is cannabis legal in canada                                       720$2.77
394is cannabis oil legal                                    1,600$1.43
395is cbd oil legal                                    1,600$0.31
396is cbd oil legal in all 50 states                                       390$0.06
397is cbd oil legal in texas                                       320$0.03
398is corporal punishment legal                                       390$0
399is dbol legal480$0
400is death penalty legal                                       140$2.17
401is dumpster diving legal                                       590$0.14
402is dumpster diving legal in florida                                       260$0.03
403is dumpster diving legal in ohio                                       210$0.04
404is dumpster diving legal in texas                                       320$5.08
405is gambling legal in texas                                       210$4.10
406is gay marriage legal                                    1,900$3.33
407is gay marriage legal in alabama                                       140$1.57
408is gay marriage legal in america                                       260$1.98
409is gay marriage legal in australia                                    1,600$1.71
410is gay marriage legal in canada                                    1,000$2.76
411is gay marriage legal in colorado                                       110$4.30
412is gay marriage legal in florida                                       480$2.39
413is gay marriage legal in france                                       320$2.81
414is gay marriage legal in germany                                       480$0
415is gay marriage legal in indiana                                       210$2.13
416is gay marriage legal in ireland                                       260$2.58
417is gay marriage legal in italy                                       320$1.69
418is gay marriage legal in kansas                                          90$2.27
419is gay marriage legal in nc                                       210$2.38
420is gay marriage legal in nevada                                       110$1.77
421is gay marriage legal in new york                                          70$2.05
422is gay marriage legal in ohio                                       390$1.48
423is gay marriage legal in oregon                                          50$2.40
424is gay marriage legal in texas                                    1,000$2.18
425is gay marriage legal in the uk                                       880$0
426is gay marriage legal in usa                                       320$2.82
427is gay marriage legal in wisconsin                                       140$4.57
428is hemp oil legal                                       480$0.64
429is income tax legal                                       320$3.54
430is it legal to buy cigarettes online                                       260$1.50
431is it legal to buy cuban cigars online                                       170$0.01
432is it legal to carry a gun in california                                       140$4.75
433is it legal to collect rainwater                                       590$2.37
434is it legal to film police                                       170$4.63
435is it legal to grow hemp                                       260$0.18
436is it legal to grow tobacco                                       480$1.90
437is it legal to have a pet fox                                       390$0.15
438is it legal to marry yourself                                       480$5.09
439is it legal to open carry in missouri                                       210$0.47
440is it legal to own a fox                                    1,000$2.86
441is it legal to own a sloth                                       590$2.76
442is it legal to own a wolf                                       720$2.09
443is it legal to own an owl                                       390$2.14
444is it legal to sell breast milk                                       170$2.99
445is it legal to smoke weed in california                                       390$2.67
446is it legal to smoke weed in oregon                                       140$0.54
447is it legal to smoke weed in texas                                       110$2.88
448is it legal to spank your child                                          70$0
449is it legal to travel to cuba                                       170$1.66
450is jailbreaking legal2,400$1.60
451is kratom legal in florida                                       390$1.94
452is kratom legal in the us                                       170$2
453is lane splitting legal in ca                                       210$1.58
454is lane splitting legal in texas                                       590$2.89
455is late term abortion legal                                       390$3.58
456is legal shield worth it                                       390$4.26
457is legally blonde on netflix                                       320$10.52
458is mace legal in nyc                                          90$0
459is mandatory overtime legal                                       390$4.99
460is marijuana legal1,300$1.98
461is marijuana legal in alaska                                       880$1.95
462is marijuana legal in amsterdam                                       590$0.72
463is marijuana legal in australia                                       720$1.23
464is marijuana legal in california                                    5,400$2.03
465is marijuana legal in canada                                    5,400$1.93
466is marijuana legal in colorado                                    1,000$0.22
467is marijuana legal in costa rica                                       320$3.68
468is marijuana legal in england                                       210$5.48
469is marijuana legal in france                                       210$0.40
470is marijuana legal in germany                                       390$1.01
471is marijuana legal in jamaica                                    2,400$2.09
472is marijuana legal in japan                                       170$0.02
473is marijuana legal in mexico                                    1,000$0.46
474is marijuana legal in nevada                                    1,300$2.01
475is marijuana legal in new york                                    1,300$2.27
476is marijuana legal in new zealand                                       260$0.49
477is marijuana legal in oregon                                    2,400$2.71
478is marijuana legal in the bahamas                                       210$3.04
479is medical marijuana legal in alabama                                       170$2.65
480is medical marijuana legal in arizona                                       260$2.75
481is medical marijuana legal in florida                                    1,600$2.43
482is medical marijuana legal in illinois                                       390$0.69
483is medical marijuana legal in indiana                                       260$3.27
484is medical marijuana legal in maryland                                       320$2.13
485is medical marijuana legal in nevada                                       210$2.85
486is medical marijuana legal in new jersey                                       170$1.23
487is medical marijuana legal in new york                                       390$1.23
488is medical marijuana legal in ny                                       390$1.16
489is medical marijuana legal in ohio                                       880$0.09
490is medical weed legal in pa                                       390$1.21
491is medical weed legal in texas                                       320$2.40
492is online gambling legal                                       880$3.43
493is online poker legal                                       880$9.93
494is online sports betting legal                                       320$6.32
495is open carry legal in florida                                       210$1.37
496is open carry legal in texas                                       260$0
497is partial birth abortion legal                                    1,300$2.50
498is pepper spray legal in florida                                       140$0
499is pepper spray legal in ny                                    1,300$0.93
500is polygamy legal2,900$0.34
501is polygamy legal in the united states                                       320$0.02
502is polygamy legal in the us                                       480$0.13
503is polygamy legal in us                                       170$0.96
504is polygamy legal in utah                                    1,600$1.32
505is popcorn time legal                                    1,900$1.28
506is porn hub legal                                    2,400$0
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1498who legalized gay marriage                                       140$2.21
1499who operates the internet                                          40$0
1500why abortion should be legal                                    2,900$2.92
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1502why drugs should be legal                                       480$2.49
1503why euthanasia should be legal                                    1,300$2.03
1504why gay marriage should be legal                                    1,000$2.45
1505why gay marriage should not be legal                                       170$1.90
1506why guns should be legal                                       320$2.30
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1508why is alcohol legal                                    1,000$1.64
1509why is gay marriage legal                                          90$2.88
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1511why is tobacco legal                                       390$2.84
1512why marijuana should be legal                                    2,900$2.28
1513why marijuana should not be legalized                                    3,600$2.29
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1515why medical marijuana should be legal                                    1,600$2.41
1516why prostitution should be legal                                    1,000$0
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1518why same sex marriage should be legal                                       590$1.96
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1526why should same sex marriage be legal                                       390$2.10
1527why should the death penalty be legal                                       260$2.05
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1529why should we legalize weed                                       390$2.20
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1533why the death penalty should be legal                                       260$1.78
1534why we should legalize weed                                       320$2.42
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1536why weed should not be legal                                       480$2.20

Top Legal Keywords to Use in Your Blog

Now that you understand the different types of legal keywords, here are some specific terms and phrases that you can use in your content to improve your blog’s SEO:

Personal Injury Keywords

  • Personal injury lawyer
  • Car accident lawyer
  • Slip and fall lawyer
  • Medical malpractice lawyer
  • Wrongful death lawyer

Criminal Defense Keywords

  • Criminal defense attorney
  • DUI lawyer
  • Domestic violence lawyer
  • Drug defense attorney
  • White-collar crime lawyer

Family Law Keywords

  • Divorce attorney
  • Child custody lawyer
  • Adoption lawyer
  • Spousal support lawyer
  • Paternity lawyer

Estate Planning Keywords

  • Estate planning attorney
  • Probate lawyer
  • Trusts and estates attorney
  • Wills lawyer
  • Elder law attorney

Business Law Keywords

  • Business lawyer
  • Contract lawyer
  • Intellectual property lawyer
  • Employment lawyer
  • Securities lawyer

Immigration Law Keywords

  • Immigration lawyer
  • Visa lawyer
  • Green card lawyer
  • Deportation defense attorney
  • Asylum lawyer

Location Keywords

  • [City/State] personal injury lawyer
  • [City/State] criminal defense attorney
  • [City/State] family law attorney
  • [City/State] estate planning lawyer
  • [City/State] business attorney

Long-Tail Keywords

  • How to file for divorce in [State]
  • What is the penalty for a first-time DUI in [State]?
  • Do I need a lawyer for a car accident?
  • How much does a personal injury lawyer cost?
  • What is the process for creating a trust?

How to Include Legal Keywords in Your Blog

Now that you have a list of legal keywords to use in your blog, it’s essential to know how to incorporate them effectively. Here are some tips for using keywords in your content:

Use keywords in your headlines

Using keywords in your headlines can help improve your blog’s SEO by signaling to search engines what your content is about. Make sure to use a mix of general and specific keywords to attract a broad range of readers.

Use keywords in your content

In addition to using keywords in your headlines, make sure to include them throughout your content. However, avoid “keyword stuffing,” which is when you use too many keywords in your content, which can actually hurt your SEO.

Use keywords in your meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the short snippets of text that appear beneath the headline in search results. Using keywords in your meta descriptions can help attract readers who are searching for specific legal information or services.

Use variations of keywords

Don’t be afraid to use variations of your keywords throughout your content. For example, instead of just using “personal injury lawyer,” you could also use “personal injury attorney” or “accident lawyer.”


Incorporating legal keywords in your blog can help improve your search engine rankings and attract more traffic to your site. By following the tips above and using a mix of general and specific keywords, you can optimize your blog’s SEO and attract more readers.

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