Top Web Traffic Generation Marketing 2024 Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog

59% marketers also say that traffic generation is the biggest challenge for them.  These questions are also bound to come, because just making a website or blog does not work – you have to bring Relevant Traffic on it as well.

Unless the traffic does not come, you will not be able to monetize it and will not be able to fulfill your business objectives.

So what are those Traffic Generation Techniques through which traffic is brought to the website?

Actually, to bring traffic, you have to resort to all the strategies like searching Trending Topics, writing High Quality Articles on them, Implementing SEO Strategies, Promoting Blog through social media.

Today’s blog has been written to explain what all these techniques are, how they are implemented and how traffic is brought to the blog through them.

So let’s start this blog without much delay, whose name is How to get traffic on Blog – 21 Top Traffic Generation Marketing Tips.

Blog Traffic Meaning

What is Blog Traffic – Are you also worried about this question?

Actually, both Blog Traffic and Traffic are the same term which means how many people are coming to your website.

For example, if 100 people are visiting your website every day, then Blog Traffic is 100 Per Day.

Similarly, if 50,000 visitors are coming to the blog every month, then Blog Traffic becomes 50,000 Monthly.

You must have heard many people saying that there is Monthly Traffic of One Lakh on my blog or Monthly Traffic of One Million, these people only talk about Blog Traffic.

The more Blog Traffic is, the more the Authority of your website increases, Reputation increases and earning happens.

Stay tuned till the end of this blog to know How to get traffic on blog or Increase Traffic on Website.

Web Traffic Types

Web Traffic Types

There are many types of traffic on a blog or website, for which different Digital Marketing Strategies have to be used.

Talking about some major types of traffic, it includes:

Organic Traffic: When your website ranks on the first page of Search Engine for some keywords, then Organic Traffic comes on it.

Organic Traffic often includes those visitors who have come to your website by asking their questions on Search Engines like Google.

Because about 71% of Search Traffic comes only on the First Page, your effort should be to make a place on the first page by implementing some Powerful Strategies.

The name of one of these Powerful Strategies is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Direct Traffic: When people land on your website by typing the website URL directly in the Google Search Bar, it is called Direct Traffic.

Referral Traffic: When any other Website or Third-Party Platform publishes a link to your blog on its website, then some percentage of the traffic coming to its website also comes to your blog and it is named as Referral Traffic.

Social Traffic: Social Traffic is called that which comes to your website from Social Media Platforms (Like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora).

Whenever you create your profile or post any content (such as Image, Video, Artwork) on these platforms, you also give a link to your website, by clicking on which people reach your website.

Paid Traffic: The traffic that comes to the website through Paid Ads is called Paid Traffic. Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads are often used for this.

Hope you have understood Traffic Types and now you will be completely ready to understand How to get traffic on blog.

Top Traffic Generation Ways

web traffic by blogging

Today’s era is a digital era where many such ways have come through which it has become very easy to earn money sitting at home.

Blogging is included in such methods.

In Blogging, you can publish Quality Blogs on it by creating a website according to your Niche and monetize it by bringing good traffic.

But, here comes the biggest and important question that How to get traffic on blog.

But, this question does not end here, when the traffic does not come on the blog as expected, then the next question is prepared that How to get traffic on your blog or how to increase the traffic of the blog.

Apart from this, some people search that what are the Best Traffic Generation marketing tips, by implementing which we can increase the traffic on our blog.

Hundreds of other similar questions are searched everyday on Google.

But, many times Searchers do not get Satisfactory Answer to their questions.

Therefore, through this blog, we have tried to answer all these questions related to increasing traffic on the blog in detail.

So let’s talk about those two important ways through which the traffic of your website can be increased.

The names of these two methods are – Organic And Inorganic (Paid)

Organic Traffic Generation Marketing Tips – How to bring free traffic to the blog.

You can use the following strategies to bring free or organic traffic to your blog:

Organic Traffic

1. Target Trending Topics 

This is the first step of How to get traffic on blog.

First of all, you should think on which topic you want to write a blog. After this, search the Trending Subtopics related to that topic with the help of Tools & Features like Google Trends, Answer The Public, Google Auto Suggest, Quora.

These are such topics that many people are searching. In such a situation, if you write your blogs on these topics, then the possibility of getting organic traffic increases significantly.

2. Write High-Quality Blogs 

High Quality Blogs can also give you Organic Traffic.

For this it is important that you analyze your competitors and see what topics they have targeted in their blogs.

To make the blog High Quality, write To The Point Content in it, Use Keywords Properly, Optimize Headings & Subheadings, Use Quality Images & Infographics, Linking, so that Visitors can spend some time on your blog.

3. Start with On-Page SEO Strategies 

After selecting Topic and writing a blog, now is the time to optimize it for Search Engine.

For this, optimize the Heading & Subheadings, Meta Tags / Description, Alt Text, Keyword Placement, etc. of the blog.

To understand in detail, definitely read these On Page SEO Activities.

4. Focus on Link Building (Off Page SEO Strategies) 

Along with On Page, Off Page Activities are also necessary which help in increasing the Authority of your website.

Off Page SEO mainly includes Link Building Activities under which you link your website on different Websites and Platforms.

With this you get Organic Traffic as well as Referral Traffic.

So, if you wanted to know how to get referral traffic on your blog, then Link Building is the answer.

5. Start Guest Posting 

The next step of How to get traffic on blog is Guest Posting.

Guest posting means posting a blog on a website of your industry whose authority is better than yours.

“Authority or Domain Authority is a Ranking Score developed by Moz that tells how the quality of the website is and how likely it is to rank.”

The more Authority the website has, the better its Reputation will be and there will be good traffic on it.

In such a situation, by posting your Guest Blogs on these websites, you can give backlink to your website, so that some percentage of the traffic coming to these websites starts coming to your website as well.

6. Start Collaborating with People in Your Industry 

This is a great way to increase traffic on the website.

You have to collaborate with people doing good work in your industry, interview them or mention them in your blogs.

This increases your networking  and those people also link your website on their websites, due to which you get a lot of traffic.

7. Submit Website in Online Directories 

Online Directories give you the facility to list your business or website, which gets millions of traffic.

In such a situation, by linking your website on these directories, the possibility of traffic coming to you also increases.

Popular Directories Names –  JustDial, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Glassdoor, Bing Local, Etc.

Find here the best Directory Submission Sites List

8. Create Google Web Stories 

Google Web Stories is a new feature recently released by Google which is very popular today.

Just as you create Instagram & Facebook Stories, in the same way you also have to create Google Web Stories.

By creating different Slides on these Stories, you can give your Niche Relevant Information and you can Drive Traffic by putting a link to your website.

This is one of the best Traffic Generation Marketing tips, which is currently being used by very few people.

9. Keep updating your old posts from time to time 

In today’s era of competition, you cannot just write a blog and leave it, you also have to update it from time to time.

Because Google likes Updated & New Content, you should keep doing some Updates in your Blogs in a span of a few days.

By not updating, your competitor can derank you, due to which the traffic of your website can be down. 

Hope you are understanding all these methods of How to get traffic on blog very well.

10. Optimize Google My Business (GMB) Profile 

By listing your business on Google My Business, you can gain visitors to your website.

If you do any business, then you have to enter its details on GMB, optimize through keywords & tags, install Google Map and link the website.

Because GMB is considered in Local SEO, this leads to Local Visitors reaching your site.

Also, if you operate your business physically along with the website, then new people start coming to your physical store as well.

11. Share Blog on Social Media Platforms 

Whenever you publish a blog, try to share it on various Social Media Platforms.

You can directly share the link of your blog or share some important piece of information from the blog in the form of Carousel, Reels or Shorts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

In this way, some of the viewers who will see your Social Media Post will also visit your website and you will get Referral Traffic.

Social Media Sharing is the best way of How to get referal traffic on blog.

12. Put social share button on your website 

Readers always like a High Quality Content.

This is because they are getting the information for which they have visited the blog.

In such a situation, they also like to share the blog. That’s why you should also use Social Share Button to increase traffic on your blog.  

13. Promote your website in YouTube Videos 

When you make your YouTube Videos, you can ask the Viewers to visit the website as a Call to Action.

This is called Web Mention Technique, as a result of which you get Referral Traffic.

14. Use Social Bookmarking  

The next number in How to get traffic on Blog is Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a great way to increase the number of visitors to the site and rank in the top 5 results on SERP.

On Social Bookmarking Websites (Viz. Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Digg,, etc.), you can share Blog Post Link, Web Page Link, Image, Video etc.

By doing this you get Backlink as a result of which some visitors of these sites also come to your website and your Organic Ranking Improve.

Find here best social bookmarking sites

15. Use Content Marketing Effectively 

Content Marketing means creating your Niche Specific Content on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

This content can be in the form of Textual, Audio & Video Form, Reels, Carousels etc.

If you want, you can repurpose the same type of content and share it on different platforms.

By effectively implementing  Content Marketing, people start knowing and recognizing you and traffic starts coming to you.

This strategy works better for those people who often keep thinking that How to get traffic on blog.

16. Focus on building reputation 

With Reputation Building, you start to be recognized among your Target Audience and people start coming to the website by directly typing your Website URL.

This method is effective to increase your Authority and Improve Organic Ranking.

Hope you have understood all these Organic Traffic Generation marketing tips and also got the answer to your question How to get traffic on blog.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about How to get traffic on blog though paid traffic.

Strategies To Bring Paid Traffic On Website.

Inorganic Traffic Generation Technique – Get Paid Traffic on Website

paid web traffic

Investment is most important to bring Paid Traffic to your website.

Yes, here you have to invest some money only after which you can bring Paid Traffic.

1. Implement Search Engine Marketing 

Search Engine Marketing means running your ads on Search Engines like Google, YouTube, Bing.

Many times you must have seen some such websites during Google Search whose URL is written in front of “Ad”. Not only this, but you must also have seen many ads on YouTube as well – all this is amazing of Search Engine Marketing.

Some keywords have to be targeted to generate traffic by placing ads on the website. The more CPC you decide for Keyword, the more the chances of your website appearing on the first page will increase.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is also important 

In Social Media Marketing, Ad Campaigns are run by optimizing Social Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora etc.

You can successfully run these Paid Ad Campaigns by selecting your Audience on the basis of Location, Age, Gender, Profession etc. and can Drive Paid Traffic on your website.

People who want Quick Result often to search that How to get traffic on blog. In such a situation, SMM can prove to be a better option.  

3. Use Display And Banner Ads 

If you are a Business Owner then you can use Display & Banner Ads to bring traffic to the website. 

Display & Banner Ads are often created with the help of Google Ads, under which Google shows your ads on all the websites that your Target Client frequently visits.

In this way, by showing your ads on every platform, the possibility of clicking on the ad increases significantly and paid traffic starts coming on the website.

4. Create Landing Page 

Landing Page is a standalone page whose job is to divert visitors from collecting leads to other pages.

You can also divert your Paid Traffic to the website by creating a Landing Page.

5. Invest in Influencer Marketing 

In Influencer Marketing, your business is often promoted with the help of Influencers.

In such a situation, if you have a product or service selling business, then you can promote your website by contacting some of the top influencers of your industry.

Due to this, their followers start coming to your website and Inorganic Traffic starts increasing with you.

Hope you have liked all these Inorganic Techniques and got the answer to your question “How to get Paid Traffic”.

Let us now go ahead and know about those Secret Ways which are helpful in getting more clicks on your website.

Some Secret Ways to Increase Clicks and Engagement on Website

All the above methods are used to bring traffic to the website, but it is also necessary to implement some secret ways to increase clicks on the blog.

web engagement

We are explaining these secret ways here.

1. Write Attractive Headlines: With this you will be able to attract a Stranger to your blog.

It has also been claimed in a study that writing Attractive & Catchy Headline can lead to 500% Traffic Growth.

2. Use Appealing Font, Color And Theme: After coming to the blog, if the user does not like your Theme, Font etc., then he will not stay on the page for long, which will increase your Bounce Rate.

Therefore, use Appealing Fonts, Color and Theme to keep New Visitors Engaged.

Make 3. Website Mobile Responsive: The number of mobile users is continuously increasing and today it has crossed the figure of 7 Billion.

That’s why it has become necessary to make the website mobile friendly.

Making Mobile Responsive gives good User Experience, Increases Engagement, Increases Dwell Time and Organic Ranking Improve.

4. Use Hook in Content: Hook in Content means writing some such Sentences at the beginning of the blog, which makes the Reader eager to read your blog completely.

Some Stats are often given in Hook, people’s problems are targeted, some Powerful Quote is written and many other methods are adopted.

5. Use Lead Magnet: Lead Magnet is such an Incentive or Free Product in which you give a lot of information about a subject.

It can be anything from Free E-book to Free Course, Event Tickets, 30 Days Challenge Series.

Due to this, the user coming to your website remains engaged, due to which the Bounce Rate of the website does not increase and the ranking of the website increases.

6. Put Push Notification Button And Email Newsletter Subscribe Form on Blog: By using this feature, Notification reaches all those users who subscribed to your Newsletter or Push Notification.

This not only increases traffic, but also increases engagement on the website.

7. Can also use Online Chat Bots: The work of Online Bots is to Interact with New Users.

By installing Online Chat Bots on the website, you can also solve almost all the queries of the user online, for which you do not have to do anything yourself, rather your Chat Bot interacts with the users.

In this way, you can increase Paid Traffic on your website by implementing all these Paid or Inorganic Ways.

Hope that by reading this blog, you have got the proper answer to Common Questions like how to bring traffic to the blog, How to get traffic on blog, What are Paid & Organic Traffic Generation Techniques.

Final Thought:

How to get traffic on blog and how to increase traffic on Blog – These are the two most common questions that thousands of people search daily.

There are mainly two ways to bring traffic to Blog or Website – Organic Traffic Generation Technique and Inorganic (Paid) Traffic Generation Technique.

In today’s blog, we have understood both these strategies closely and know in detail how to increase the traffic of your blog and how to increase the CTR of the website & engagement on it.

If implemented properly, in both these ways, you can get very good results in a few months, so that you can easily monetize your website.

Good traffic opens the way for your earning, and you start getting a brand rating.

If you like our described methods, then you will definitely tell us by commenting.

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