What is Blogging – How to Start Blogging? Guide 2024

Welcome friends, let’s learn today What is Blogging, How to Start Blogging, How to become blogger, How to make a blog, How to made blog, How to start a blog.

If you are also curious to know that what is blogging and how to do blogging, then your search query has brought you to the right post because for any new blogger who wants to blog, in today’s post we will help you from blogging. We are going to share the related information in depth and in detail.

Such as What is Blogging? What are the requirements for blogging? How can you start a blog of your own? How can you be successful in this? And which are the Best Blogs on the Internet? etc.

What are blogs?

If said in a single line, then blogs are only a kind of website available on the Internet, on which a lot of articles are written and it has to be updated continuously.

Every day on the Internet, many people search Google or any other search engine to find a solution to their problems or to learn something new. Now what do you think that Google shows them all that they are searching, no, it is not so, Google collects their information from different websites or blogs and displays only the links of results related to Search Queries.

And whatever result you like, you click on it and then a post opens in front of you which is written on some blog or the other. Aitechtonic is also a blog which you can consider as a good example for a blog.

Who is blogger?

You must have understood what a blog is! Now the person who writes, publishes blog posts continuously on that blog and also keeps updating them with latest information from time to time is a blogger.

Now it is not even that you wrote two or four blog posts after looking from somewhere and you became a blogger as soon as you put them on the blog. It is not like this at all because becoming a good and successful blogger in the true sense is not an easy task at all.

For this you have to keep working hard night and day. This is not a work of 6 months or a year, it may take you up to 3–3 or even 4–4 years to have good earning.

And you will have to constantly keep learning things related to your blog because it is very important for you to be proficient in your field, otherwise you will be left behind. And it is not even that it is very important for you to have knowledge of coding to become a blogger, nowadays there are platforms available on the Internet, with the help of which you can start your own blog without coding. Which we will talk about later in this post.

What is blogging?

All the content that is published in the form of articles through blogs on the Internet comes under Blogging. The article you are reading right now is also a content of the blogging category.

If you have a blog and you are continuously working on it, publishing content, then it simply means that you are blogging. You can also understand this as Aitechtonic is a blog of mine and being a blogger, I constantly publish new posts here which means that I am blogging on this blog.

What are the essentials for blogging?

If you also want to get into blogging or just want to make a blog of your own, then it is very important for you to have some things in the very beginning such as

Domain Name

To visit any blog or website, there is a URL address which is called domain like Google.com, Facebook.com etc. To come to this blog also you have to type aitechtonic.com which is the domain name of this blog.

Web hosting

Just like the domain is the name of any blog, similarly web hosting is its home for any blog, where all the content of your blog is stored. Web hosting is necessary to keep any blog live on the internet.

What is the Best Platform for Blogging?

By the way, there are many Paid and Free Blogging Platforms available in the internet market to start blogging. Out of which you can start your blogging journey through any platform.

But if I talk about the most popular and most used platform for blogging, then only and only WordPress has got the top position.

But before going towards WordPress, it is also very important for you to know that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different platforms. Of which I am talking about its WordPress.org Platform.

WordPress.org is the most used CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet. About 32% of blogs and websites are owned by WordPress. You can easily create any type of website on it, from a normal blog to an online business.

Advantages of WordPress.org

There are many benefits of using WordPress.org for blogging such as:

  • You can install WordPress in One Click.
  • You can create your new blog on this even without any coding knowledge.
  • There are many premium and free WordPress themes available to give a beautiful and professional look to the blog.
  • Thousands of Plugins are available to add any kind of Advanced Functionality.
  • Being an Open Source CMS, you have complete control over your site.
  • You can also learn WordPress by installing it on your computer (LocalHost).

Disadvantages of WordPress.org

1. You have to take care of the security of WordPress yourself, which is a bit difficult for any beginner.
2. Due to the excessive use and popularity of WordPress, hackers always keep an eye on it.

How much does it cost to create a blog on WordPress?

By the way, if you want to create a blog on your computer on WordPress, then you can create it absolutely for free because WordPress is absolutely free software, which you can download and install on your computer’s local server and create any number of sites.

But when you move any site from the LocalHost Server of the computer to the Live Server, then at that time you will have to look towards your pocket. Because to make any site live, you need Web Hosting (at least $ 2.75 / Month) and Domain Name ($ 7.99 / year).

Therefore, if you calculate roughly, then you may have to spend around 3 thousand to 3200 to create a live blog on WordPress. But if you take web hosting from either Hostinger or BlueHost, then you will get the domain name absolutely free with hosting. Due to which you will have to pay only for hosting.

How many types of blogging are there?

After knowing all this above, by now you must have got a lot of idea about blogging that what is blogging? Now it is also important to know here that how many types of blogging are there? Because if seen, if someone knows how to write his words well and explain it to others, then he can become a blogger.

But is it necessary to know only good writing to become a blogger? Just because of this, categories of blogging are created, which in my opinion should be divided into two types of blogging categories.

1. Personal Blogging
2. Professional Blogging

Personal Blogging

Some people also use their writing skills as a hobby. They do not have any purpose behind this such as earning from their blog, not running after SEO etc. In a way, they do blogging only as a time pass. Which you can also call Hobby Blogging.

Just like some people are fond of writing diary, some people use Digital Platform means Personal Blogging for their same hobby.

Professional Blogging

About 95% of the blogs available on the Internet fall in the category of Professional Blogs only. These are bloggers whose purpose is to earn online from blogging. And some of these successful bloggers earn so much from their blogs that they do not need to do anything else. Blogging is their full time business.

Some people who have heard about blogging for the first time can now also think that how do such bloggers earn money from blogs. So for their information, it becomes very important to tell that the ads that you see in between while reading any blog post are just the most popular way to earn money from blogging.

By the way, apart from Display Ads, there are many other methods that are used to generate revenue from blogging, some of which are popular methods as follows.

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Online eBooks Selling
3. Online Course Selling
4. Membership Websites
5. Content Subscription
6. Coaching or Consulting Services

How to earn money from professional blogging?

As I mentioned above, if you want to earn online from your blog, then it comes under Professional Blogging. And there are many ways to generate income from blogging, about which it is important to understand in little detail. So that you can get the right idea that you can actually earn money from blogs.

1. How to earn money from Blog through Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the most well-known way of earning online in the blogging field. For which first you have to create a Google AdSense Account or say that you have to apply for Google Adsense.

And after getting the approval of Google Adsense, you have to display ads on your blog, as soon as a user clicks on those ads, then you are earning.

2. How to earn money from Blog through Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the second most popular way to earn money from blogging after Google AdSense. In this way, good earnings can be made even in low traffic, whereas for good earning from AdSense, it is necessary to have a lot of traffic on your blog.

For Online Earning from Affiliate Marketing, you have to keep putting such content on your blog which can generate Lead because to earn from Affiliate Marketing, you need to sell any product so that you earn as Affiliate Commission. .

How to become a successful blogger? Best Tips

Friends, if you want to become a blogger then it is not a big deal. Anyone can become a blogger very easily but becoming a successful blogger has the advantage of blogging.

Achieving success in blogging is not just a journey of a few months, for this you may have to work continuously for years. Believe me, blogging is not for the lazy person at all, if this is the case with you, then I would just like to tell you that brother blogging is not made for you, it is better if you stay away from it.

But on the contrary, if you believe in working hard only and you have the passion to do something different and bigger, then welcome to Blogging. To become a successful blogger, it is very important to follow some important things such as

1. Proceed with Right Blogging Niche.

It is the most difficult task for any new blogger that after which topic he should make his blog? The success of your blog also depends to a large extent on the basis of a Right Blogging Niche.

Therefore, before starting blogging, it is very important to make sure that what kind of content will you publish on your blog for your readers? Many things are kept in mind to choose the right Blogging Topic.

2. Get Started with the Right Blogging Platform.

A good start contributes a lot to being successful in any task, in the same way, moving forward with a right blogging platform in blogging becomes very important for the success of your blog.

By the way, there are many blogging platforms available on the internet to start a blog such as Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, Zoomla, Shopify etc. But the most popular and most used platform is WordPress.

But here it is very important to keep in mind that WordPress also has its own two blogging platforms, due to which many bloggers go towards the right direction.

Yes, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are both different blogging platforms. Of which I am talking about WordPress.org.

3. Get started with the right web hosting.

As much as a Right Blogging Niche and Right Blogging Platform are necessary for the success of your blog, the selection of a good web hosting is also very important. Web Hosting is everything for your blog or say that web hosting is its home for any blog.

4. Be Consist about Blog.

Consistency is like a Brahmastra to be successful in any task. So always be Consist about your blog. Keep writing and publishing blog posts continuously.

It is also true that in the very beginning you will not have income from blog, so do not let the idea of ​​non-income dominate your blogging passion and do not demotivate at all. As time passes, you will slowly start earning income and after that you will get tremendous motivation and enjoy blogging.

And yes one more thing if you want to move forward then you always need to keep learning from others. Always keep reading other best blogs like yourself.

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What did you learn today? Conclusion

Friends, if you were thinking of blogging before reading this article and you have read this article very carefully, then it is enough that you must have understood the basics of blogging such as what is blogging and blogging.

I hope you got this information about “What is Blogging?” It must have been understood very well and if you do blogging, then there will definitely be a little contribution of this post in it.

How did you like this article, do tell your thoughts through the comment box. And if you want to ask anything else related to blogging, then you can also ask through comment. I try my best to answer your every question as soon as possible.

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