What is meant by digital marketing? Full Guide

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In today’s time everything has become online, such as shopping, ticket booking, food ordering, banking etc. People are spending more time online in different platforms. That’s why now companies also market their products online, because companies get most of the customers online on a digital platform.

Today’s youth also prefer to work at home online instead of going to office. Like Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate marketing etc., all this is possible only through digital marketing.

Technology is developing very fast, if you do not keep up with the times, you may be a little behind other people, this applies to both a company and an individual. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to have knowledge about Digital Marketing while updating themselves with time, because if seen, Digital Marketing is the future and it is continuously expanding rapidly.

If you do not have knowledge about Digital Marketing, then there is nothing to worry because through this article today we are going to give you complete information about Digital Marketing. If you read this article till the end, then we are sure that you will learn the basics of digital marketing very well.

In this article you will get to know what is digital marketing, what is the history of digital marketing, types of digital marketing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing. Apart from this, you will also get important information related to digital marketing courses and careers in this article.

So friends, without taking much of your time, let’s start this article and know what is digital marketing in detail.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is such a marketing strategy, by which a company or person promotes its product and service online or through the Internet.

Through digital marketing, companies can find customers for themselves online and increase the sales of their products. Through digital marketing, companies can show their products on people’s mobiles, computers or other internet devices.

Digital marketing is very different from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, the company uses banners, pomplates, television advertisements etc. to promote its product, which are very expensive and neither can it reach the right customer.

On the other hand, in digital marketing, companies use social media, search engine, email etc. to promote their product. Such as showing advertisements in search engines or social media, publishing articles, showing content in the form of images, videos, text etc., sending emails etc. all come under digital marketing.

Digital marketing is very beneficial as compared to traditional marketing, through this companies can reach their target audience even in low budget.

Definition of Digital Marketing

According to Wikipedia, digital marketing is a marketing component by which a company or individual uses Internet devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones or other digital media and platforms to promote their products or services.

Other Name of Digital Marketing

Other names of digital marketing are online marketing or internet marketing. If you will find these two words used in place of digital marketing somewhere, then they all mean the same thing, do not get confused in it at all.

History of Digital Marketing

Looking back in history, digital marketing technology started in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email to the ARPANET network. This was just the beginning but digital marketing was not prevalent at that time.

Actually digital marketing started expanding in the 1990s, people started getting familiar with the term marketing. In the year 2000, with the increase in the number of Internet users, digital marketing took a new turn. Because till now many search engines had come in the market, through which companies could reach their products to people’s devices.

Digital marketing expanded further in the 2010s as social media had taken an integral place in people’s lives. Even today, digital marketing is expanding continuously, many new technologies are coming, through which digital marketing has become even easier.

How to do Digital Marketing?

To do digital marketing, you need a digital asset. Only through digital asset you can reach your product to the customer. We have told you below about some Digital Asset.

  • Blog or Website
  • Landing page
  • Social media page
  • Youtube channel
  • E-book
  • Mobile Application etc.

These are some of the digital assets through which you can promote your product. To understand how the product is promoted through Digital Asset, we will know the types of digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing?

On the basis of the technology of doing digital marketing, it can be classified into many parts. We have told you some of the major types of digital marketing in this article.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is such a digital marketing technique by which you can rank your website in the top position in the result page of search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and get traffic to the website.

Like if the user searches a query in Google, then Google shows the user 10 results i.e. website on the first page. Usually all the users click on the website shown on the first page, which leads to more traffic on these websites. So the websites which are ranking in the top are ranked by SEO only.

SEO is absolutely free process but it takes some time. If you do not have much budget then you can get more customers for your business by bringing traffic to your website through SEO. Some important things come under SEO.

To learn more about SEO, you can read the article on SEO Category of our blog.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is marketing by which companies create a content on their product and attract more and more audience to their product. Content marketing is very beneficial in today’s time, so competition is also very high in it.

Content can be in the form of text, image, video, audio, infographics etc. You can do content marketing in the following ways.

  • writing a blog
  • via podcast
  • by sharing image
  • By sharing videos on different platforms

To promote your product through content marketing, you should keep one thing in mind that your content should be of high quality and effective which can convert the user.

3- Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is such a technique in which you promote your product through social media and find customers for your business. Some of the popular platforms for social media marketing are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.

In today’s time, almost everyone is on some social media platform, so this marketing technique is one of the best techniques.

Social media platforms have inbuilt engagement metrics, through which you can find out how well you are reaching your customers, whether your customers are liking your product or not, etc. Can get it.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also a very powerful digital marketing technique through which you can reach your right customers with the help of search engines like Google, Bing etc.

In search engine marketing, you have to reach the right customers by using the right keywords . For SEM, you can run Ad Campaign in Google or Bing or do SEO. SEM is a good option to get Quality Traffic.

5- Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

PPC is a paid marketing in which you have to pay for every click. You can run ads for your product on platforms like Google, Facebook and reach your customers instantly. When a user clicks on your ad, you have to pay for it.

Google or Facebook delivers your ad to the right people through many algorithms such as keyword relevancy, ad quality, landing page, your budget, etc.

You can track across platforms how many people saw your ad, how many people clicked, how much money each click cost you, etc.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is marketing in which you promote your product by sending an email to your customers. Email marketing is also powerful to grow your business.

In email marketing you can get your customer’s email id by running ads or through SEO and then send email in bulk through email marketing tool.

Most of the email marketing is done on automation, in which you can receive emails through email marketing software and then send emails in a fixed schedule. It will only take time for you to create and set up the email in the beginning.

7. Application Marketing

Such marketing in which you can reach your product or service to the people through mobile application is called Application Marketing.

Nowadays almost every person has a smartphone in which he downloads many types of applications, so the app is also used a lot in marketing. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart took their company to new heights through App Marketing.

Apart from these, there are many companies who use App Marketing extensively and get more customers for their business.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is such a marketing technique in which you can promote your product to other people, who are called affiliates, and you have to pay some percentage of commission on selling the product to them.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that in this you will end the hassle of marketing the product, and you will have to pay commission to the affiliate only when they successfully sell your product.

9. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the rapidly emerging marketing techniques in the present time, in which you have to promote your product from Social Media Influencer and in return have to pay them. Social Media Influencers create a content on your product in their profile and ask their followers to buy your product.

10. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation means that you can effectively market your product to every single customer without investing much time.

In the growing age of technology, marketing has started on automation. Through automation, you can reach the right customer at the right time, there is no need for your presence here. All this work is done on automation. Many softwares help you to do marketing on automation.

The biggest advantage of Marketing Automation is that you can present your product in a better way to the people without any big team and at the same time you can save your precious time.

Digital Marketing Jargons

By reading this, you must have understood that what is digital marketing, now let us understand some words used for digital marketing.

The words used in digital marketing are called Jargons. Although many words are used in digital marketing, but here we have told you about some popular words used in digital marketing.

  • Conversion Rate. This refers to the percentage of customers who took the specific action. Like signing up, giving email, buying a product etc.
  • Impression. Impression means how many times people have seen your content.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR). Out of the number of impressions received on your content, what percentage of people have clicked on your content is called CTR.
  • Return of Investment (ROI). ROI means how much return you got out of the money you had invested in marketing.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC). The amount of money you had to pay on one click by the user is called CPC. This term is used more in PPC marketing.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – CRM is the process of building a relationship between a company and its customers and maintaining it in the future as well.
  • Lead. The data (name, number, email, address etc.) of a specific category of customer is called a lead.
  • Viral – If your content reaches millions of people in a very short time, then it is called viral. If people like any of your content, then they share your content to as many people as possible.

Similarly, different terms are used for different types of digital marketing techniques. When you start learning digital marketing, then you will also start to understand many types of digital marketing jargons.

Digital Marketing Tool

Such tools or software through which you can do digital marketing are called digital marketing tools. By the way, the tools are also different for different types of digital marketing. Following are some of the popular Digital Marketing Tools.

  • Tools for SEO. SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest.
  • Tools for Content Marketing. WordPress , Social Media Pages, Blogger.com, YouTube etc.
  • Tools for PPC Marketing. Google AdWords, Facebook Ad manager, Bing Ads etc.
  • Tools for Email Marketing. AWeber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign etc.
  • Social Media Marketing Software. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linking, Twitter etc.
  • Tools for creating landing pages. Clickfunnel, Builderall, Grrovefunnel etc.
  • Market Analytics Software. Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc.
  • Tools for Marketing Automation. Marketo, HubSpot etc.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

There are many benefits of digital marketing, so most of the companies are getting attracted towards digital marketing. Following are some of the advantages of digital marketing.

  • Through digital marketing, you can promote your product worldwide. It increases the reach of your business.
  • For digital marketing, you do not have to spend a lot of money as compared to traditional marketing. You can market your product even in low budget.
  • Since through digital marketing you can show your product to the selected people, so there is a possibility of getting good results in less budget.
  • You can also immediately reach your new product to millions of people by running ads.
  • Your product will be sold 24 hours a day, because people spend most of their time online.
  • You can track your customers, and track the activity of each of your customers through web analytics tools.
  • You can take your customer’s data and market your other products to them in future.

Disadvantage of Digital Marketing

Along with the advantages of digital marketing, there are also some disadvantages, we have mentioned some of its disadvantages as follows.

  • You need training to do digital marketing. You have to learn about all kinds of tools.
  • There is a need to stay up to date, because all the tools come with new updates regularly.
  • Initially it takes time to optimize your ads or content.
  • Digital marketing is effective and possible in low budget, so there is very high competition in it. You have to think of a unique idea to present your product in front of people, or you have to be creative.
  • Your disappointed customers can comment on your posts and highlight the shortcomings of the product, which can cost you a loss.

How to Learn Digital Marketing

You can learn digital marketing both online and offline.

To learn digital marketing online for free, you can watch videos of digital marketing in YouTube channel, read blog or take any online paid course which you will get very easily.

Whereas, to learn offline digital marketing, you can join a digital marketing institute or you can learn by taking digital marketing books.

But if you are learning digital marketing, then keep one thing in mind that along with learning, try things on your own, only then you will be able to learn digital marketing in a better way.

Digital Marketing Course Fee

It is very difficult to tell the exact fees of digital marketing. Because the fees for almost all institutes and online courses are different.

But broadly speaking, you may have to pay 30 to 50 thousand to learn digital marketing in the institute, you can buy the same online course for 10 thousand or less. But the cost of many courses can be more than 10 thousand.

Digital Marketing Career

If you want to make a career in digital marketing, then let us tell you that there are different positions in digital marketing too. You can learn any one digital marketing skill like PPC, SEO, SMM etc., and then make a career in digital marketing based on that. Following are some of the terms of digital marketing.

1 Digital Marketing Manager

This is the biggest post in digital marketing. In this you have to manage the team and plan how to market which product, where to market etc.

2 SEO Person

All the tasks related to SEO are handled by the SEO Person. SEO Person makes a complete plan to rank the website on the keyword.

3 Social Media Expert

Social media experts take the product to the right customer through social media. Such people are experts in social media and they have deep knowledge of social media.

4 PPC Marketer

Digital marketers who use paid advertisements to take the product to the right customers are called PPC marketers. PPC Marketers specialize in running ads in each platform, and help the company to increase the sales of the product.

5 Copywriter

Copywriters work to improve the content, because content is most important in digital marketing, and people buy the product only after seeing the content. If you do not have the power in your content, then you cannot sell even a good product. Therefore it is also important to have a copywriter in the field of digital marketing.

6 Market Analytics

Market Analytics are very important in digital marketing, they are experts in understanding the data. Market Analytics can make continuous growth of the company.

Because it can find out which type of customer buy more product, which product is selling more, details of customer buying the product like their age, interest income etc. And then based on them make plans to increase sales.

Digital Marketing Salary in India

The salary of digital marketing depends on the positions and the company. The salary of a digital marketing manager is 1 lakh or more per month, while on the other hand the salary of an intern is 10 thousand per month, in many companies it is even less.

If you are starting your career then your salary is maximum 10 or 20 thousand per month according to different post and as your experience increases then your salary also increases.

Future of Digital Marketing

Today all the companies are hiring experienced digital marketer at hefty salary to take their business online. The demand for digital marketer is increasing in the market. So the future of digital marketing is very bright.

Competition in the field of digital marketing has started increasing in India too. The new generation is getting more attracted towards digital marketing, because by doing freelancing through digital marketing skills, work can be done from home and good money can be earned as compared to jobs.

Overall, digital marketing is the future, because we are living in an era in which most of the jobs are being threatened by technology and many people have lost their jobs due to the global pandemic like Corona. Therefore, keeping the future in mind, making a career in digital marketing is a good option.

Ever since the beginning of Digital Marketing, this industry has been growing continuously till now, and it will continue to grow more. That’s why we can say that the future of digital marketing is going to be golden.


Q. How long is the digital marketing course?

Generally, the course of digital marketing is of 6 months, but in some institutes its time duration can also be longer.

Q. What do you understand by digital marketing?

Digital marketing is such a marketing plan in which you can reach your product or service to the people through digital media.

Q. What is another name of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is also called internet marketing or online marketing.

Q. How much is the fee for digital marketing?

The fees for digital marketing are also different in different institutions. You can learn complete digital marketing in 30 to 50 thousand rupees.

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