What is Buzz Marketing? Strategy – Example

What is Buzz Marketing, Buzz Marketing Strategy, Buzz Marketing Example – Do you also use digital marketing to market your business, then Buzz Marketing is very important for your marketing campaign. After reading this blog post your question is What is Buzz Marketing? How does it work? And how many types are there? You will get the answer of all these questions easily.

What is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is a viral marketing technique that aims to generate buzz so that target users can speak and convey a message about your campaign or product to people.

When you do buzz marketing in the right way, then people discuss your marketing campaign and product among themselves, social media platforms and each other.

Talking about the example of Buzz Marketing, something will happen that you promote your product in such a way that people can use your product and share about it online so that about your campaign and product in the market. Buzz starts.

Buzz marketing is mainly used by using Influencers who have many followers on social media. Because customers accept their influencer’s point of view quickly.

How does Buzz Marketing work?

By now you must have understood that what is Buzz Marketing? So let us now know how Buzz Marketing works?
The main part of buzz marketing is social media such as Twitter and Facebook as most of the companies are present on these two platforms.
Brands use the following methods to do buzz marketing using social media:

  • Product and service promotion
  • Trying to resolve customer concerns
  • take customer feedback
  • maintain contact with the customer

Companies can create such content that can be shared and then customers keep visiting their website continuously and share their content.
Buzz marketing is quite different from today’s outbound marketing method, as in outbound marketing, the company shows ads to the people and thinks that there will definitely be interest in some product.

But in Buzz Marketing, the customer is made to feel as if the company is talking to them one-on-one, by doing this people also tell others about the company and the person in front also trusts that company.

The biggest challenge of Buzz Marketing is keeping the surprise element in a marketing strategy. Pop up ads and banner ads are also used a lot for buzz marketing.

Examples of Buzz Marketing

There are many online videos that are a bit ridiculous, unusual, and controversial, companies do this so that people talk more about the video and share it on social media, then companies use the same content to promote their product. Is.
Let’s look at some examples of buzz marketing.

Dell:  In the year 2016, Dell company sent the company’s brand ambassador to the college to increase brand awareness, which made this time very memorable for all the students.

Google Search Reunion:  Google had launched an Ad campaign named “Google Search Reunion” in which it told how two friends met you using Google, in which one friend was in India and the other friend was in Pakistan.

So let us now know how many types of Buzz Marketing are there?

What are the types of Buzz Marketing?

All the buzz marketing methods have only one job, running such a marketing campaign so that people tell people about the brand as well.

1) Outrageous Buzz Marketing (Brutal):  Shocking the audience is one way to create buzz and something similar is done in outrageous buzz marketing that leaves the audience in a tizzy like in this video putting an  iPhone in a mixer grinder Blended was shown.

2) Taboo Buzz Marketing (Restricted):  Controversial atmosphere is created in Taboo Buzz Marketing so that people talk about it a lot but if Taboo Buzz Marketing is not done properly then sometimes it also leaves a bad impression on the people. gives.

3) Secret Buzz Marketing:  Creating an atmosphere of mystery also creates buzz. When any such marketing material is used which gives some clue about something unknown, then people are very interested in it and also tell people about it. Some such punch line is used in this buzz marketing is “I don’t want to show this to you but…” This people think they can’t know anything and they tell people about it too.

4) Unusual Buzz Marketing:  This type of buzz marketing is used when a company has to differentiate its product or service from others, like in 2012 Apple told its iPhone apart from others.

5) Enjoyable Buzz Marketing:  In this way, buzz marketing is used to create an environment that people enjoy and also tell people about that company.

6) Amazing Buzz Marketing:  This type of Buzz Marketing is the use of Buzz Marketing in this way to make the customer appear more and more unique than what he thinks.

How to Create a Buzz Marketing Campaign?

People do not directly trust the company as much as they trust the social media campaigns of that company so Buzz Marketing is one of the best marketing methods to create enthusiasm among the people. When people speak about a product to others, people buy it quickly.

Let us know how you can start Buzz Marketing.

Understand your target audience

Before creating any marketing campaign, it is important to know that what is the age, gender, place, occupation of the audience you are going to target? Only then can you make your campaign successful.

Create strategy

Once you have made a list of your target audience, now you should create a strategy for buzz marketing.

Choose the Right Buzz Marketing

Now as we told you to create a marketing strategy, then it is important that whatever buzz marketing strategy you choose, it should be absolutely right.


When you start your Buzz Marketing campaign, give some reward to any audience that responds to your campaign so that they will stay connected with you for a long time.

Influencer Marketing

The influence of any Influencer is more on the people, so you can also take the help of Influencer in your Buzz Marketing.

Monitor Result

Once your campaign has started for some time, then monitor its result and increase the result of correcting your mistake.

My Last World:

We hope that after reading this blog post your question is What is Buzz Marketing? (What is Buzz Marketing in Hindi) and how many types are there? You will get the answer of all these easily.

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