What is PPC Marketing Model? What is PPC Marketing? 2024

What is PPC Marketing Model? What is PPC Marketing in google ads? 2024 Definition, Strategy and more details we have given in this article.

If you are familiar with digital marketing then you must have heard the name of PPC marketing too, if you want to understand it well then, this article is only for you because in this article, I have read what is PPC? And how it works All these questions are answered.

If you have a business or you want to grow any business, then you have to understand completely from PPC Advertising because in today’s time many businesses are making profit of their business using this marketing model.

So, let’s understand what is PPC marketing?

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PPC Marketing

What is PPC Marketing Model? What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing in google ads?

The full form of PPC is Pay Per-Click i.e., payment of money after every single click on Ad.

PPC Marketing Example

PPC Marketing Example

PPC is a part of internet marketing in which people create Ad using Google Ads to promote their business or website and then that Ad appears on different website and Google and when anyone clicks on that Ad then whose Ad is it pays Google for every single click.

You must have seen Ad on every single website too, if you click on it, then the company whose Ad is there will pay Google for every single click.

This is called PPC marketing, by the way, apart from Google Ad, there are many companies that work on the PPC marketing model.

Let us understand with an easy example.

Suppose you have a “Digital Marketing Course” and you want to reach your course to the rest of the people, then you can use two methods for this, one Organic and the other Inorganic.

In organic, you  can promote your course using SEO , social media, and YouTube without spending any money.

In Inorganic you can run Ad by spending money like PPC Ad which you can run with the help of Google Ads.

Suppose you want that whenever someone searches the keyword “Digital Marketing Course” on Google, then your Ad should appear there, for this you will create PPC Ad on Google Ad.

Now you will create your Ad campaign on Google Ad to run PPC Ad and then your Ad will be enabled.

Now whenever someone will search “digital marketing course” on Google or YouTube and if the quality score of your ad is better than the rest, then your ad will appear on the top and when a visitor clicks on that ad, then you will have to give some money to Google.

But what is your advantage in this?

Your advantage in this is that whenever a visitor clicks on your ad, suppose a click costs Rs 200, but if that visitor comes to your website and buys your course worth Rs 5000, then it is your advantage.

If you do not know what Google Ads is, then let us also know this.

What is Google Ads? how does it work?

Google Ads is the world’s most popular PPC advertising platform where many businesses promote their products or services.

Whenever a business runs an Ad campaign on Google Ads, its Ad appears on Google, different websites that are partners of Google, other Google properties such as App and YouTube.

When you run an Ad campaign, you are not alone, your competitors also run Ad campaigns related to your own keywords, so the keywords on which the competition is high, you have to pay the most for one click.

But if your Ad Rank is better than all your competitors, then your one clicks money will cost less than the rest and your Ad will also appear at the top.

But what is this Ad Rank? Let’s know this too.

Ad Rank is a metric that Google uses to determine the ranking position of everyone’s Ad.

Ad rank is mainly calculated from two aspects:

1) Bid

2) Quality Score

Bid: Bid means that an advertiser wants to pay as much money as possible to click on his ad, so the bid would be the highest in the insurance and technology field.

Quality Score: To calculate the Quality Score, Google looks at three main aspects:

1) Keyword Capability – How many people search on your keyword and is it usable

2) Landing Page Quality – Will the visitors get value when they visit your landing page?

3) Quality of your Ad campaign – How accurate and attractive is the ad you have created

Now because your entire ad is dependent on keywords, you should also do keyword research in the right way.

How to do PPC Keyword Research?

If you want to run your ad on the keyword “Digital Marketing Course”, then you should also research the keyword related to the same and add it to the Ad campaign.

Long Tail Keywords: Whenever you do keyword research, you should also do long keyword research like “How to do digital marketing course?” This keyword is a bit long and people are searching for it so that they can get information about how to do digital marketing course.

You should include only such keywords in your Ad campaign that is not completely related to your Ad, otherwise if you include the wrong keyword in Ad campaign, then your Ad will be visible to the people on the same wrong keyword, it will not benefit you.

How to Manage PPC Campaign?

If you do not manage your PPC campaign properly, then all your money will be wasted, so set up your campaign according to the rules mentioned below.

  • Add Keywords: Make sure that any keywords you add to the campaign are related to your business.
  • Add negative keywords: If you do not want your Ad campaign to be visible to people on a keyword, then you can add that keyword to the negative keywords list so that your Ad will not show on that keyword.
  • Remove expensive keywords: If you don’t want your ad to show on expensive keywords, then you should remove expensive keywords.
  • Landing page: Whenever visitors go to whatever landing page after clicking on your ad, they must have that thing or information there, otherwise they will go back.

Below we given how to make money through PPC Marketing at home.

Make Money as a Freelancer by Running Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

If you are planning to grow as a PPC expert, you can find first clients as a freelancer. You can find dozens of clients on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. But keep in mind that, for newcomers, this can be daunting—clients shouldn’t be too quick to trust their campaigns to freelancers with no reviews and ratings.

Alternatively, you can attract customers from your immediate surroundings. For example, if you are running SEO campaigns for clients, you can provide PPC services to them as well. Since you already know about their online performance, you can give them suggestions on how to improve their online presence.

Of course, looking for customers in this way takes some time. This is why you can use lead generator websites to scale your lead generation operations. This will help you find potential customers in your target location and industry.

You have many options when it comes to choosing a payment model for your services. The simplest option is to ask for a fixed fee, but this requires you to have some industry experience. That way, you can get an idea of how much time and effort you need to put into a particular account or project. For small and medium sized local businesses, the flat fee is usually somewhere between $500 and $2500.

You can also charge a certain percentage of the client’s advertising spend budget. Generally, PPC agencies charge around 10-25% for their campaigns. But for you, it can be problematic if your client’s budget is minimal. Another option for a freelancer is to charge based on cost and performance, however, things can get complicated with this model, so it might be better to choose the second option.


  • You have flexible working hours.
  • Working as a freelancer gives you valuable industry experience.
  • You can choose who to work with.


  • The contract can be terminated without any notice.
  • Many companies do not want to hire freelancers citing lack of experience.
  • Managing multiple clients at the same time can be challenging.

Make money creating ad copies for pay-per-click advertisers.

PPC ad copies can have a significant impact on Quality Score, click-through rate and other metrics. Writing good copy takes a lot of time and experience, and there are some rules and regulations you need to know about. PPC platforms have different formats for their ads in addition to having a unique set of rules. You need to study the structure of visual creative and text ad copies. You can also use ad extension to know more details about ad.

Writing good ad copy requires you to do thorough research, be transparent, and use the appropriate keywords. Additionally, you should ensure that you use appropriate sentence case and punctuation, as well as proofread and spell-check your work.

Taking a look at Upwork’s offers, we can see that ad copy freelancers earn an average of $40-60/hour. The fees mostly depend on the experience of the professional. As a beginner, you can expect to earn at least $15/hour by creating ad copies for PPC advertisers.


  • You can choose who to work for.
    The work is quite simple and good for beginners.


  • Creating ads can be very routine and boring.
  • Salaries are usually much less for flat fees.
  • This job will not give you the potential for growth.

Become an in-house pay-per-click professional.

When you work as an in-house PPC professional, you become a part of a marketing department with other people working towards the same goals. Since you’re working with a team and have the support of the organization, you can coordinate with different marketing departments, get ads approved faster, and test your landing pages faster .

Of course, to work as an in-house professional, you must be an expert about FB, Microsoft, and Google ads and have a certification or two. As a PPC professional, you will get to create campaigns for various digital channels, monitor existing campaigns and suggest optimizations. You also need to present data to different audience groups and generate detailed reports about campaigns.

In the European Union, you can find jobs as a PPC professional with salaries starting from €32,000 per year. The average salary for this profession in the US is around $50,000.


  • You have a fixed salary, social guarantees, medical insurance and other bonuses.
  • You have the opportunity to work within a team and grow in related areas.
  • You don’t need to find clients on your own.


  • In-house PPC professionals are often overworked, so it is challenging to make extra money in ways other than working in-house.
  • Some people feel chained working for companies, prefer to work as a freelancer or start their own PPC agencies.

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