What is Agile Marketing? Types, Strategy Definition

What is Agile Marketing? Types, Strategy Definition : Software is developed using Agile Method, but at the same time, Agile Method is also used to do Digital Marketing if you want to know what is Agile Marketing? And how to do it, then definitely read this blog post completely – What is Agile Marketing, Types

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile Marketing is a marketing method by which Agile Method is used while marketing. It has a self-organized cross-functional team which keeps on working with constant feedback in repeated iteration. In this, short, medium, and long term planning are kept in mind while formulating the strategy.

The Agile method is quite different from the traditional method, in that it:

  • Consistent release is focused on
  • is used intentionally
  • Unbelievable commitment to audience satisfaction

In the year 2012, the Agile Marketing Manifesto was created so that marketers can do marketing using the Agile method.

The Agile Marketing Manifesto contained the following key points:

  • Customer centric collaboration on silos and hierarchies
  • Adaptive and Iterative campaigns for large-scale campaigns
  • Focusing on customer discovery beyond prediction
  • adopt any plan changes
  • flexible vs rigid planning
  • Many small experiments at big stakes
  • learn valid things

There are some different methods used to do  Agile Marketing in every company, if you want to become a good Agile Marketer then you have to understand the characteristics of Agile Marketer.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Agile marketing starts with the team itself, so it is important that every member of the team remains connected in some way or the other with all the projects and while communicating amongst themselves, encourage each other.

data based decision making

Agile marketers make decisions based on data before running any campaign, agile marketers always experiment with something new, which increases the performance of their team.

Rapid Iterative Release

Agile marketing team always finish their small tasks using sprint, sprint cycle gives the marketer the opportunity to do a certain task in a given time.

Stick to the manifesto

The team of Agile Marketer always sticks to the Agile Marketing Manifesto which has 7 Core Values ​​and 10 Principles which guide the way to do Agile Marketing in the right way.

Advantages of Agile Marketing – Benefits of Agile Marketing

Speed ​​and Productivity

Agile MarketingThe best advantage of

In addition to rapidly implementing customer feedback, the agile architecture provides a significant productivity boost without having to add anything extraneous inside.

Transparency and collaboration

Agile marketers maintain transparency in everything by using visualized workflows and consistent touchpoints. Instead of keeping everything in a spreadsheet, the Agile team uses visualization to keep it open to all team members.

Along with this, the Agile team also holds regular meetings so that the doubts of all the people are over. To know the priority, progress, and issues of the day, there is a daily stand-up meeting.


While doing agile marketing, you can change your plan according to the need, this is called flexibility, which is the biggest advantage of agile marketing.

In the old methods of marketing, the target was made for one year, in which you did not get any opportunity to make changes, due to which it became very difficult to bring the right results but Agile Marketing gives you the flexibility so that you can change the plan according to the time. can.

In Agile Marketing, teams focus on defining the long term goals they aim to achieve and figuring out the details along the way. This lets them easily change course based on data and customer feedback.

Data-driven success

Agile Marketing team uses data to measure our success because without data you cannot know how close we have come to our goal.

Agile marketing team should be aware of KPIs so that they can measure their performance according to that KPI at each step of the process but all this cannot happen without data.

Agile marketing teams run small tests to prove or disprove assumptions, measure results, and improve campaigns over time. This helps teams make informed decisions about the type of campaigns they will deliver as well as how, when and where they enter the campaign market.

What are the frameworks of Agile Marketing?

A framework is a particular set of rules, ideas, or beliefs that you use to tackle problems or decide what to do.


Agile software development is also done using the Scrum Agile method. It is a framework that creates a culture of transparency, oversight, optimization and laser-focus on a subset of the team’s high-priority work through the practice of timeboxing.

The 2 most important parts of Scrum are Events and Roles.

The Event Framework is used to coordinate communication in the  Agile Marketing Team, which is described below.

1) Sprint Planning

2) Daily Scrum

3) Sprint Review

4) Sprint Retrospective (Retrospective)

The job of the Scrum Master and Marketing Manager is to manage all the processes in the Scrum Framework. In the Scrum Marketing Team, the Scrum Master and Marketing Manager work together as a team.


The Kanban Agile Framework is used to manage all the knowledge process, the work of this method starts after scrum.

The Kanban process is used for continuous improvement, in which the marketing team works together to understand all the stages and improve its process.

There are 6 important practices used in the Kanban process:

1) Visualizing the Workflow

2) Putting limits on ongoing tasks

3) Managing the Flow

4) Clarifying the manage policy

5) Setting up a Feedback Loop

6) Continually improving


Scrumban method is a combination of scrum and kanban method, depending on your company you can change the marketing strategy by using the scrumban process.

Only those teams who have experience in Agile method can use the scrum process. Some of the main processes of kanban are present in the center of the scrub.

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How to start Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing was created decades ago, so marketers have been using it for a long time and you should start using it too.

If you want to start Agile Marketing then you have to start all the above mentioned process step by step but first you should have a software with which you can start Agile Marketing.

Jira Software is the best software to start Agile Marketing, using which you can easily start Agile Marketing.

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