Rank Math SEO Review 2024 – Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO

Welcome Friends, In the post we will talk about Rank Math SEO Review, Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO, What is Rank Math SEO, Rank Math SEO is best, which SEO is best for blogging

Friends, if you are a blogger, then you can understand how important SEO is to be successful in blogging. And if you are a WordPress blogger, then you must have used some SEO plugin to make your blog post SEO friendly.

By the way, if there is any one of the most popular WordPress SEO Plugin for any WordPress blog, then it is Yoast SEO. But for some time now, such an SEO plugin has been attracting the user towards itself, which seems completely capable of giving competition to Yoast SEO.

We are talking about RANK MATH SEO Plugin. Which fulfills almost every need related to your SEO. And it has gained a lot of popularity among bloggers in the last few days.

Rank Math SEO Plugin is getting a lot of positive reviews as compared to Yoast SEO and that is why its popularity is also increasing very fast.

Therefore, in today’s very important article from SEO perspective, we will talk about Rank Math SEO Review and Rank Math vs YOAST SEO.

Because it cannot happen at all for any WordPress blogger that he should use both SEO Plugins. Only one SEO Plugin can be used on a blog at a time. Therefore, through this post, we will try to know who is the WordPress SEO King among these two?

If you are using Yoast SEO then should you stick with it or should you switch your blog with Rank Math SEO Plugin? By the end of this post, you must have got the answer of this question.

In this article, we will know in detail about almost all the important features of Rank Math SEO according to SEO and along with it Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO means that these features given below will be compared with Yoast SEO as well. .

1. User Interface
2. Look & Style
3. Focus Keywords का Use
4. Content Optimization Techniques
5. Rank Math Special Features
6. XML Sitemap Integration
7. On-Site SEO Analysis
8. Keywords Position Tracking
9. Image SEO Automation Mode
10. Redirection Manager
11. .htaccess और Robot.txt Editor
12. 404 Monitor
13. Social Media integration
14. LSI Keyword Suggestions
15. Modular Framework
16. Role Manager

What is Rank Math SEO?

Rank Math is one of the best SEO WordPress Plugin for WordPress users developed by My Theme Shop. This is by far the best Free SEO Plugin that helps to make your content fully SEO optimized for ranking well in Search Engines.

If we talk about its users, so far there are about 500,000+ Active WordPress installation and Star Rating of 4.9.

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1. User Interface of Rank Math Plugin

Talking about the user interface of Rank Math, it is designed by its developers with very simple, well-defined categories and user friendly interface. Functionality has been more focused in its UI. In which almost all its important settings are shown by big blocks which are very easy to understand for any new user.

At the time of its installation, you get three different modes:

1. Easy: In this mode, the user has to do only a few basic settings related to SEO and all the advanced SEO settings are handled by Rank Math itself.
2. Advanced: In this mode, you have to do the complete SEO settings of your blog yourself. It is for Professional SEO Users.
3. Custom Mode (Pro): It is currently at Developer Stage which will be available in its Pro Version.

On the other hand, if you talk about Yoast, then you do not get any setting like Mode in it, there are same settings and interface for everyone from Beginners to Experience. So if you look here, Rank Math is quite friendly for users as compared to Yoast.

2. Look and Style

After installing Rank Math and configuring it in WordPress, when you see it for the first time, then all the major settings of SEO will appear in front of you with big Blocks, Icons and Headings in such a way that even one who does not know much about SEO Can easily understand what are the uses of which tool.

You can also enable and disable Tools from here. By the way, Rank Math along with its setup wizard gives you the option that if you were using any other plugin like Yoast or All in one SEO before then you can import its settings in it but if you skip that step If you do, then you also get the option of Import & Export in its Dashboard.

You can also switch between its Easy Mode and Advanced Mode from its Dashboard. If we talk about Yoast, then it comes with Old Looking Style which is a bit difficult to understand as compared to Rank Math.

3. Focus Keyword Feature in Rank Math SEO

For most bloggers who migrate from Yoast SEO to Rank Math, the biggest reason I feel is that it gives users the freedom to add 5 focus keywords at once to optimize your blog post. But if you want to target more than five keywords, then you can do so by adding the below code filter to your page editor.

On the other hand, in the free version of Yoast SEO, you can target only one focus keyword in your blog post and up to 5 keywords can be added in its premium version.

Features like SEO Title, Meta Description and Permalink Setup work equally well in both Yoast and Rank Math plugins. You can also see Preview of Mobile and Desktop snippets in both.

4. Content Optimization Scoring

When you optimize through Rank Math Plugin to make any of your blog post SEO Friendly, then you have to travel from 0-100. If your score is above 80 then the scoring button changes to Green Color. Which means that you have completed all the necessary things according to rank math to optimize the post.

If we talk about Yoast SEO’s Content Optimization Techniques, then it decides the optimization level of your post by the light of RED, ORANGE and GREEN Colors. To fully optimize it, you need to have Green Light in it.

So if you see, Rank Math divides your post into 100 pieces, so that you know how much your post has been optimized? But calculating % in Yoast is a bit difficult task because only Colors are shown instead of Score. So in terms of Content Optimization Scoring, RANK MATH provides more transparency to users than Yoast.

5. Features: Yoast vs Rank Math

Both SEO Plugins provide very good features to the users but still Rank Math comes with more SEO features than Yoast. Let us here know about some such important features which are available only in Rank Math for free while in Paid Version of Yoast and any other SEO Plugins:

1. 404 error monitor: You can fix all the “404 Not Found” errors on your blog in just a few clicks.
2. Role manager: If more than one person works on your blog, then this plugin also helps you in assigning role according to their work.
3. SEO Analysis tool: With the help of this tool, you can analyze your entire blog, what are the problems inside your blog and how to fix them?
4. No-follow all external links: This tool allows you to no-follow external links in one-click.
5. Incorporates with Local SEO: If you have a local business site then this tool is very helpful in getting your local business ranked fast.
6. Add missing Alt attributes: This is a very amazing feature that automatically adds Alt attributes to the images used in your blog post.
7. Redirects (301, 302, 307, 410, etc.):
8. Advanced Custom Fields & AMP support:
9. Modular Framework:

6. XML Sitemap Integration

Sitemap has a very important role for ranking in the search engine of any blog and website because the XML file of the sitemap itself helps in fast indexing of your blog’s posts in Google.

Without a Sitemap, there are many chances that some of your blog posts may not be indexed in Google. And if there is no index, then the meaning of being ranked does not arise.

But Rank Math completely ends this problem of yours because Rank Math automatically generates Sitemap for your blog. You can generate different Sitemaps for Post, Pages, News, Images, Tags and Categories etc.

By the way, in the case of Sitemap Generation, Yoast and Rank Math both come with the same features. But still I think that using and understanding this feature in Rank Math is easier than Yoast.

7. On-site SEO Analysis

The most unique feature of this plugin is SEO Analysis which can do One Click Analysis to your blog. After clicking on SEO Analysis in Rank Math Tab, click on “Start Site-Wide Analysis”.

After this, your blog’s Total SEO Score, what are the drawbacks in the blog, what are the good things, put in front of you in all the detailed information which is out of 100.

As you can see in the above image that after complete analysis, three types of categories appear, Passed Tests, Failed Tests and Warnings Tests. According to which you can improve the overall search rankings of your blog by fixing whatever issues are there in your blog.

8. Tracking the Position of Your Keywords in Search Results

You can also connect Rank Math with Google Search Console which gives you the freedom to track the performance of your blog from within WordPress itself. As if

1. On which keywords your blog is ranking in Google.
2. How many clicks are being received on which keyword rank for the blog.
3. Whatever keywords are ranking in Google, they are ranked on which position.
4. How many total impressions are being received on those keywords.
5. How much is the total CTR (Click through rate) on the blog.

In this way, you get a lot of help in keeping an eye on the Present Ranking Condition of your blog. According to which you can plan to further improve the ranking of those keywords.

9. Automation Mode of Image SEO

You must be aware that how important is the role of images in the ranking of the blog? And in the ranking of images, there is a big factor of Alt attributes. Rank Math allows you to automatically add Missing Alt Attribute and Missing Title Attributes to your blog images.

If there are already many such images on your blog in which Alt and Title attributes are missing, then after installing Rank Math SEO Plugin adds Missing Alt and Title attributes automatically. Which helps a lot in WordPress Image Optimization.

So if you have a website of images or you use a lot of images in your blog, then this feature of Rank Math can help you a lot in your time and ranking.

10. Redirection Manager in Rank Math

Apart from Rank Math, the feature of redirections is not available in Yoast SEO and any other Free SEO Plugin. This premium feature is also available in the free version of Rank Math. You can use the following redirections in this:

301 Permanent Move
302 Temporarily Move
307 Temporarily Redirects
410 Content Deleted
451 Content Unavailable etc.

11. .htaccess and robots.txt editor feature

If you carry your blog with Rank Math, then you do not need to go to your cPanel again and again to edit .htaccess and robots.txt files, you can directly access .htaccess and robots.txt from Rank Math Dashboard. You can create and edit files.

The most important thing is that before saving any kind of changes, it automatically saves the backup so that any kind of accidental issues can be avoided in the site.

On the other hand, you do not get these two important features in the free version of Yoast SEO, for this you have to take Yoast Premium.

12. 404 Monitor – Fix 404 Error Quickly

404 Error has the most negative effect on SEO of any blog or website and it also spoils the User Experience of your blog. That is why a blogger should always fix the 404 error coming on the blog as soon as possible.

But Rank Math reduces your problem completely with the help of 404 Monitor feature. This tool is very helpful in scanning and redirecting all the 404 errors that come on the blog.

13. Social Media integration

As much as On-Page SEO is important for the ranking of the blog, as much Off-Page SEO is also a big factor. In which social media is very important. And if the rank is Math then it becomes even easier to handle social media.

The power of Social Media integration is also available in the Social Tab of Rank Math, in which you can currently manage only the two most popular Social Media Platforms “Facebook and Twitter”.

What should be the image, title and description for the blog post in Facebook Posts, you can manage it directly from your WordPress through Rank Math’s Open Graph Tool.

14. LSI Keyword Suggestions

I liked this feature the most in Rank Math. When you enter a Focus Keyword for your blog post in Rank Math, a lot of LSI Keywords related to that Keyword start appearing in the Suggestion below it.

You can use those LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Keywords) in your blog post, which will also help your post to be ranked on different keywords and traffic will also increase on your website. I use them very well in my blog posts.

15. Offers Modular Framework

This Plugin comes with quite Attractive Modular. As you can see in the image, many modules have been given in the Rank Math Dashboard, according to your need, you can disable and enable any of them in One-Click.

This Plugin comes with quite Attractive Modular. As you can see in the image, many modules have been given in the Rank Math Dashboard, according to your need, you can disable and enable any of them in One-Click.

16. Role Manager

If you handle a multi-author blog, then Rank Math’s Role Manager Tool can make your task even easier. With the help of this tool, you can assign Responsibility to the rest of the Authors, SEO Manager, Content Writers etc. working on your blog according to their work and can also change at any time.

For this you do not need to install any other plugin separately. This important feature is not in any SEO plugin other than Rank Math.

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math SEO: What are the Main Differences?

So far you have learned and understood in detail about the main features of Rank Math, although in between we have also mentioned about Yoast SEO, but now below we are mainly talking about Yoast VS Rank Math SEO. Because of which you should use Rank Math in place of the free version of Yoast, the oldest and most popular SEO plugin for WordPress so far. Let’s understand:

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math Keyword Optimization

If you talk about Yoast SEO, then in its free version you can use only one focus keyword to optimize your blog post whereas in its paid version it allows you to use 5 focus keywords.

On the contrary, in the free version of Rank Math SEO, you can optimize your content through 5 Focus Keywords. You do not need to spend any money for this.

Winner: Rank Math

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math Content Analysis

Yoast SEO only tells you while optimizing blog post that your blog post optimization is good and bad. But when you optimize your blog post with Rank Math, it shows you SEO Score in % out of 100 and a score above 80 indicates that your blog post is well SEO optimized.

So here there is a little confusion with Yoast that to what level we have optimized our blog post because in that you do not know any % whereas in Rank Math you know the score from 0 to 100 with full transparency. To what level you have optimized the post and how much to do.

Winner: Rank Math

Google Schema integration

Rank Math comes with in-built Schema Rich Snippets for different categories of your blog. Categories such as Articles, Reviews, Books, Product, Event, Job Posting etc. Whereas you will not get this amazing feature in both Free and Paid versions of Yoast SEO.

Winner: Rank Math

Speed ​​and Performance

Rank Math is quite a Light Weight WordPress SEO Plugin as compared to Yoast SEO. Yoast’s file size is 26.4 MB while Rank Math doesn’t make your site too heavy with only 8.5 MB in size.

Along with this, Rank Math uses very little coding and PHP requests, due to which it also offers very fast speed in comparison to Yoast. So if you want a very Light Weight and Fast SEO Plugin then Rank Math is the best option.

Winner: Rank Math

Free and Paid

All those features are available absolutely free in Rank Math, which Yoast SEO provides to users in its premium version. Rank Math SEO has all the features free till now (as of the writing of this post) because it does not have any premium plan whereas Yoast is available in both Free and Paid versions.

To take the paid plan of Yoast SEO, you will have to spend up to $ 89 every year. Now think for yourself that if you have to pay $89 in a year for the things and if someone gives you more than that for free, then what would you like to take? There is no need to think too much in taking a decision because any free one will only choose Rank Math.

Winner: Rank Math

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Our Verdict

So if you have reached here while reading this post from the beginning, then you must have understood for yourself which plugin to go with. Whether a beginner or an SEO expert, Rank Math is the perfect choice in both the methods.

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Although it is not a bit digestible that despite having more and better features than Yoast SEO, how is Rank Math still absolutely free? Rank Math Pro has become available to all users from November 2020.

Although the features that were in the free version are free, whatever features are in its Paid Plugin are different from them. So it is clear that whenever its Paid Version is launched, its free feature and SEO of your blog will not make any difference. So without any doubt I would like to recommend Rank Math to every blogger.

Read more article here:


So in this post we understood that Rank Math is actually capable of taking-over Yoast SEO completely and its free features are more pro than Yoast SEO’s $89 pro features.

I hope you have liked the post “Rank Math SEO Review. Yoast SEO vs Rank Math“! Which SEO plugin are you using right now and which feature of Rank Math SEO did you like best? Do tell in the comment box.

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