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If you newbie in website maker then you need to know about Best WordPress Plugins, Best WordPress Plugins for Blog, best wordpress plugins free, Top WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins also have the same role as WordPress Themes in the Beauty, Customization and Functionality of every blog made on WordPress. Within the Free Plugin Directory of WordPress, all types of Best Free WordPress Plugins are available according to every niche and category of blogging.

Whether your blog is on any Blogging Niche, you can install Plugins according to the need of that Niche. By the way, whenever someone starts blogging for the first time, he does not have the idea that after installing WordPress, what are the necessary Best WordPress Plugins he should install for his blog?

Keeping this in mind, through this article, I will share information about all the necessary Best Essential WordPress Plugins for Blog, which you must install in WordPress as soon as you install WordPress in your web hosting or you can say that as soon as you create a blog. .

Because WordPress Plugins do a very important job in the security of the blog, in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in making user friendly, earning and increasing Affiliate Sales. Therefore, to keep your blogging experience perfect from the very beginning, it is important that you install all such best WordPress plugins in your WordPress blog. let’s know about Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins 2023 for Blog

1. Jetpack by

If we talk about Top Plugins first in this list of Best Plugins for WordPress, then I would like to give Jetpack Plugin first place because it is one of‘s own Official Plugin. This is the reason why some web hosting companies such as A2Hosting and BlueHost install this essential plugin in their hosting along with WordPress installation.

JetPack Plugin is a WordPress Security Plugin, but in addition to keeping your site secure, you get many more features such as:-

1. Helps to improve the Page Loading Speed ​​of your site.
2. You can add Social Sharing Buttons to your site.
3. With the help of this plugin while publishing the post, you can share that post on all your social pages in One-Click.
4. It is also helpful in generating Sitemap of your website.
5. Optimizes the images of your website.
6. Helps in tracking the details of the traffic coming to the website.

Download JetPack Plugin

2. Akismet Anti-Spam:

Best WordPress Plugins2 : Akismet Plugin is also the official plugin of its own company Automattic in WordPress. This is an anti-spam plugin that controls the spam comments coming to your site. This plugin is also mostly installed at the time of WordPress installation.

Some of the main features of this plugin are as follows:

1. Automatically filters Spam Comments out of all the comments coming to your site.
2. Out of all the comments coming on the site, which comments do you want to be publicly approved, its Comment Moderation feature helps a lot.
3. If someone adds a link in the comment, then you can check its preview without clicking on that link.
4. You can also check the full details of Spam and Total Blocked Comments in your WordPress Dashboard itself.

Download Akismet Anti Spam Plugin

3. Yoast SEO:

Best WordPress Plugin 3 : Yoast SEO is one of the top recommended best WordPress plugins for WordPress users. This is an SEO Focused WordPress Plugin. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a very important role for the success of any blog or website. Yoast SEO helps in optimizing your site.

To optimize your site, it works on the following SEO Techniques:-

1. You can target the Main Keyword of your post.
2. Controls how many times your Focus Keyword should appear inside one of your posts.
3. It tells whether Meta Description is added inside the post or not. If not, then you can also add Meta Description through this plugin.
4. Apart from the post title, you can also set a separate SEO title in your blog post.
5. Manages internal linking and external linking for every post.
6. Guides you to add Post Headings correctly.

So if you want to do On Page SEO in a perfect way for every post of your site or blog, then you must install this SEO Plugin of WordPress. Apart from the features that I have told you, there are many other features of this plugin. here know more about Yoast SEO Plugin

Download Yoast SEO Plugin

4. Site Kit by Google:

Best WordPress Plugin 4 : This is the only Official WordPress Plugin from Google. Google Site Kit Plugin helps to connect your blog to all the necessary services of google such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, PageSpeed ​​Insights etc.

After installing this plugin and configuring all the necessary services, you will be able to see their details directly in your WordPress dashboard. You will not need to go to different sites like AdSense, Analytics etc.

Some of the main features of Google Site Kit Plugin are as follows:-

1. You can know the details of Daily Traffic coming to your site.
2. Helpful in giving information about the total visitors coming to each post.
3. You can see the total earning done by AdSense on the blog only in your WordPress dashboard.
4. How much earning is being done through every post, it is known.
5. Information about the most read posts (Popular Posts) is available on the blog.
6. You can check the Total Bounce Rate coming on the whole blog and the Total Bounce Rate coming on every post.
7. Through its PageSpeed ​​Insights tool, you get to know the page loading speed of the blog on mobile and computer.
8. You can check the details of Direct, Referral and Organic Traffic coming to the blog.

Download Site Kit by Google Plugin

5. AMP for WordPress:

Best WordPress Plugin 5 : In today’s time, people access the Internet on their mobile more than on the computer. For this now it has become very important that your blog should be mobile friendly so that people can easily read the content on your blog on mobile too.

Along with this, the higher the page loading speed of your blog on mobile, the more benefit will be in the search ranking of your blog. AMP For WordPress Plugin is used to make your blog mobile friendly and to speed up the loading speed of the page.

This plugin helps to open the web pages of your blog faster on mobile. Just as you install a theme for desktop in WordPress, you can also use a different theme for mobile with the help of this plugin.

In its free version, you get 4 types of different AMP Mobile Themes. And if you take its Pro version, then you get a lot of professional themes which provide a professional looking interface to your blog on mobile.

Nowadays Google also gives priority to keeping such pages which are AMP enabled at the top of the search results, that is why you must install AMP For WordPress plugin in your WordPress blog.

Download AMP for WordPress Plugin

6. Wordfence Security:

Best WordPress Plugin 6 : Because WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), you also have to take care of its security yourself. That is why it has always been a targeted CMS for hackers, for this reason every website or blog owner must use a dedicated Best Security WordPress Plugin separately inside their WordPress.

Although WordPress has very good security plugins inside its official plugin directory, but according to my own experience, Wordfence is a very good WordPress security plugin. Which provides security to your WordPress in a very advanced way.

Some of the main security features of Wordfence Plugin are as follows:

1. To keep the WordPress website secure, you can apply strong security like two-factor authentication through this plugin on the login page.
2. Controls the status of installed plugins in your blog. If there is no Plugin Update, then you get Notifications on Email for this.
3. To keep your site secure from threats like brute force attacks, there is also a feature like limiting failed login attempts.
4. Keeps the login page secure through Google’s reCAPTCHA feature.
5. Keeping it safe from Comment Spamming filter.
6. Monitors Real-Time Hacking Attempts.

Download Wordfence Plugin

7. UpdraftPlus:

Best WordPress Plugin 7 : If your site ever breaks during Updation or due to any mistake of yours for some reason. And God forbid that there is a danger of hacking on your site too, then in such a situation it becomes very important for you to have a backup of your entire site.

You can restore your site again only through Full Website Backup. UpdraftPlus is a great plugin to deal with similar situations. With UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugins you can easily backup and restore your site.

With UpdraftPlus, you can also store your site backups at remote locations. Following are some of the major remote locations of UpdraftPlus for remote storage backup:

1. Google Drive
2. Dropbox
3. Amazon S3
4. RackSpace Cloud
5. Updraft Vault
6. DreamObjects
7. OpenStack Swift
8. Email

You can use any of these remote locations to back up your site. Its Migrator Option is a very important tool to transfer a site from one web hosting to another.

Before any small or big mistake, all your hard work becomes completely zero and you do not have even 1% of its backup, so keep this WordPress Backup Plugin installed so that in case of need in any situation. You can restore your site again in exactly the same way with its latest backup.

Download UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin

8. WP Forms:

Best WordPress Plugin 8 : Contact form is the best way for the administrator of any website or blog to make contact with its visitors. If any visitor coming to your site wants to contact you directly, then for this it is necessary that you must create a Contact us page on your site.

WP Forms helps you easily create Contact Form for your blog. With the Drag and Drop feature of this plugin, you can create a contact form for your Contact us page in just 1 minute.

Along with this, if you want, it also helps in creating a good Subscribe us and Newsletter Form for your visitors.

Download WP Forms WordPress Plugin

9. WP Hide & Security Enhancer:

If an unknown person or hacker wants to hack a WordPress website, then he first tries to hack it through Brute Force Attack method. In which attempts are made to access the WordPress dashboard by accessing the login page of your site by entering different username and password.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer WordPress Plugin helps to reduce such threats to your site almost completely. After installing WordPress, all websites have the same default login URL (wp-admin and login) such as or
After applying wp-admin or wp-login with the domain name of your site, anyone can access the login page of your site.

But through this plugin, you can change this default WordPress login URL of your website so that no one can even access the login page of your site. By applying this security tool, you must have been successful in keeping your site safe from any unwanted threats up to 70%.

Apart from changing the default WordPress login URL, you can also hide and change all the default URLs in other default WordPress directories such as wp-themes, wp-plugins, wp-admin and wp-content etc.

Therefore, keeping WordPress security in mind, you must also install this Best WordPress Plugin.

Download WP-Hide WordPress Plugin

10. Thirsty Affiliates:

If you use Affiliate Marketing for Online Earning on your site, then you must use Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin.

Through this plugin, you can optimize your Affiliate Links which is a very important thing for your Affiliate Earnings. This plugin helps to easily insert affiliate links and images to make your every post affiliate friendly.

Read more article here:


Not every plugin is necessary for every website or blog to be useful, but all the plugins I have selected in this article must be installed in almost every website or blog.

By the way, the lesser number of plugins you use in your WordPress, the better it is for the healthy performance of your WordPress website. By installing more plugins, your site becomes slow. But all these plugins are such that you will have to install them in your WordPress if not now or then. Because all these Best WordPress Plugins are like the essential need of every site.

Hope this information “Best WordPress Plugins for Blog” has been very helpful for you, you must have liked it! How did you like this post? Do let us know via comment below. Do not forget to share this information to reach more people because knowledge grows only by sharing.


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