What is Needed to Start Blogging? 2024 – Secret Tips

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Do you want to become a blogger and after that you are thinking of starting blogging by creating a blog of your own. Seriously, if you answer yes to this question, then keep reading this very important article very carefully from beginning to end. Because this article is specially written for you only.

And if your answer is no, then I would like to request you to leave this post here. Because this post is useful only for readers interested in blogging.

The main purpose of writing this post is that before you start blogging, what are the special things you need to know? What are the requirements for blogging? What things do you need to start blogging?

If you have decided to read this post completely, then I am only assuming that you want to move ahead in blogging but I would also like to make it very clear that it is not at all as easy as it appears. .

For this you have to work very hard. It may take you a long time to get success. I am saying this because it took a long time for a full 1 and Half ​​years to get my first income from blogging.

But I believed in myself and in the above, meanwhile I did not give up at all and I kept on adding content. So if it takes you some time to achieve success, then in that case you should not give up at all. Keep working hard and you will definitely get success.

What is Needed to Start Blogging? 2023 – Secret Tips

Just you have to follow some important things mentioned in this article which are very important for a blogger to know.

1. Must be interested in writing.

Blogging means writing. If you want to do blogging then having interest in writing is the most important thing to get success in blogging. If you do not like to write, then blogging will be a very challenging and difficult one for you.

To write well about any subject, you must have good writing skills. When you write well then people will like to read it. If you feel right now that writing is not a difficult task, then you are mistaken. It’s not going to be easy at all.

Remember you have to write well, users like your good writing and follow you. No matter how good a blog you make, design it, if your writing skill is not good, you have not put good content on the blog, then no one will like to read it for a long time. Due to which your blog will never be able to rank.

Try that every article written on the blog should be informative and engaging the user so that he can read the given information for a longer time and completely. People like to read and share this type of articles more.

So if you have the art of writing something like this and later on you can write very well gradually, then you will definitely be able to achieve success in blogging.

2. Adequate means required for blogging

To complete any work, it is also necessary to have some necessary tools. In the same way, to write an article on a blog, you also need to have some sufficient means such as Desktop Computer or Laptop and or Smartphone.

If you have even one important blogging device out of these three, then you can start blogging. But if seen, blogging is much better with desktop computer and laptop than with Smartphone because the bigger the display, the easier and quicker you can work. Anyway, in blogging sometimes there are some tasks for which you need a big screen.

But if you do not have a desktop computer or laptop, then you can also start your blogging journey from your Smartphone and then later whenever your budget is made then you can get a right computer.

3. You need a domain name to start a blog

The third most important thing to start blogging is the domain name for your blog. Domain name is a separate identity of your blog by which people who reach your blog know and recognize it.

Just as the domain name of our blog is aiTECHTONIC.com, similarly a different domain name will be required for your blog as well. For more information about Domain Name you must read this post:

While choosing a domain name, you must take some precautions such as the shorter the domain name, the better it is as well as it should be brandable. Because the shorter the name is, the more it is easy to remember and brandable means take the domain related to the work and category of your blog.

The type of information you want to give to the people on the blog, the domain name should also be taken accordingly. This will help you a lot in building Audience related to your Blogging Niche.

4. Get a Web Hosting for Blog

After the domain name, the fourth most important and important thing to make a blog is web hosting. Web hosting is in a way the home of your site. On which all the content of your blog stays on the Store.

Both free and paid web hosting are available on the internet. If you do not have the budget in the beginning then you can start with Free Web Hosting but later you should take Paid Web Hosting because Free Hosting has many problems, it is only right for learning, with it you will not go long. Can.

Well the two biggest platforms on the internet to start blogging are Blogger and WordPress. If I talk about Blogger, then it is a product of Google itself. To create a blog on this, you only need a domain name, not web hosting. All the data of the blog created on Blogger is hosted on Google’s own server.

And if I talk about WordPress, then to create a blog on it, you need a domain name as well as web hosting. aiTechtonic.com is built on WordPress itself and the domain name is from NameCheap while it is hosted on A2Hosting’s servers.

5. Don’t give up – wait for the right time.

Suppose you started blogging according to all the things mentioned above. Now your Blogging Journey has started. Now you don’t have to look back. Just keep working hard with your heart.

If you move ahead with money in your mind in the beginning, then you may get demotivate very soon. Initially, just keep this in your mind that how can I put better content on my blog than others? Nothing else.

And yes, never cheat with your visitors. Never put copy/paste content on your blog from anywhere. Try to develop your own style and brand through your blog and content. Write your own SEO Friendly Content with honesty.

As soon as your blog starts ranking then you apply for Google AdSense. Due to which a little earning started happening through the blog.

I consider it very important to mention one more thing here. That is, before starting blogging, you should think about which topic you can write well? Which topic do you know very well about? Make your own blog related to that.

I am saying this because if you make a blog about any topic without thinking, then you will not be able to write much about it. Due to which you can get very difficult later.

On the contrary, if you choose a topic of your interest, then you will be able to write about it very well and you will also enjoy writing. Blogging is difficult but if you add your interest area to it, then it may not be that difficult for you.

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