How to Increase Traffic to New Blog – Best Tips to Promote Your Blog 2024

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Friends, if you are a blogger and you have started blogging some time ago, then after creating a blog, the most frequent question that comes to the mind of every new blogger is how to increase traffic on blog? This question will come in your mind again and again!

Have created a blog and have put some posts but visitors are not coming, what should be done so that visitors start increasing on my blog too? This thinking remains a matter of great concern for many bloggers and when traffic does not come to the blog, then they continue to demotivate.

Because for the success of any blog, it is very important to have Google’s Organic Traffic on it. The more and more organic traffic that will come to your blog from Google, the more your blog will rank in the search results.

It is the dream of every blogger to earn online from his blog which is also true. But if only visitors are not reaching the blog, then earning does not make any sense.

That is why today in this article I will tell you 10 such methods for how to bring traffic to the blog, if you follow them correctly, then gradually you yourself will feel that Traffic Boost is happening on your blog.

But the problem is that very few people follow the information given here, due to which visitors do not even visit their blog. Therefore, I request you that if you are reading this blog post, then definitely apply all the methods mentioned below on your blog.

How to Increase Traffic to New Blog 2024 – Best Tips to Promote Your Blog

Below one by one, I am going to share 10+ such Tips to Increase Blog Traffic 2024 which will help you a lot in increasing Organic Traffic on your blog, so try to read and understand one method well so that read this entire post. After that you can use all these tips well for your blog. Let us now move on to our main topic.

1. Use Long Tail Keywords

The most important thing that is done to rank the published blog post in any new blog quickly is that you should always write Blog Post on Long Tail Keywords only.

Anyway, whether the blog is old or new, Long Tail Keywords are always ranked faster in Search Engine than ShortTail Keywords.

For example, SEO friendly blog post is a short tail keyword while how to write an SEO friendly blog post? This is a Long Tail Keyword.

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2. Create YouTube Videos for your Blog Post.

YouTube is also one of the very important factors to generate traffic on the blog. Almost all Pro Bloggers bring a lot of traffic to their blog through this medium as well.

You create a YouTube channel in the name of your blog and also make a video related to whatever post you write for your blog and give a link to that same blog post in the description of YouTube video.

In this way, your YouTube viewers will also know about your blog, which will increase the branding of your blog as well as people will also visit your blog.

Therefore, if you want to make your blog sit in the mind of people as soon as possible, then you should start working on Blogging as well as YouTube from today itself.

3. Pay attention to Social Media Branding as well.

Even you cannot deny that in today’s time, if the maximum traffic comes anywhere, then it is social media. Nowadays people spend most of the time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Keeping this in mind, you have to create a page on all these popular social media platforms in the name of your blog, whenever you write a new article, share it on all these social pages, from where you will get some initial traffic for your blog. will help to obtain.

By doing this, Google reaches Social Signals for your blog, which is a very important factor for the ranking of any new blog.

If you want Traffic Badhana on your blog, then you should join some of the Best Fourm Websites from now on. People ask questions on these types of sites, by answering their questions you can bring visitors to your blog.

4. Join Forums Sites

Quora and Yahoo Answers are some such popular websites. After creating an account on these, select the topics related to your Blog Niche and subscribe so that you can get the same questions about which you are aware.

While answering the questions asked, you can inter-link your blog post in the middle which is related to that question, as if you link your other post in your blog post.

So that if someone reading that answer wants to read that post by clicking on that link, then he will visit your blog, which will increase your visitors.

But while answering the questions, also keep in mind that he should not add too many links. Add only one or two post links and those links which are related and important to that question. Otherwise, there will be every possibility of your account being suspended.

This will also give you backlinks and when you answer the questions asked by other new bloggers, it will also help you to identify with those bloggers.

5. Join Bookmarking Sites Also

Bookmarking sites are also a very good solution to increase traffic on blog. I also use this technique to increase traffic to my blog.

Here I would like to suggest two such very important sites which get ranked very quickly.

Here’s what you can do, after registering on these, write 15 or 20 paragraphs of whatever posts you have written on your blog here and add a link to that blog post to continue reading below.

6. Start Collecting Emails

Email marketing is a very important and popular factor in blogging. Very big Pro Bloggers bring a lot of visitors to their blog through Email Marketing and that too Targeted Visitors.

But for this you should have a very big email list, only then you can get this email marketing from traffic. To collect visitors’ emails, there are many such email marketing tools on the Internet, any one of which you can use for your blog.

Such as One Signal, Convert Kit, Push Engage, MailChipm etc. With their help, you can add Push Notification, Blog Newsletter Form, Landing Page, Subscription Pop-up etc. to your blog.

Now if visitors allow for Push Notification after visiting the blog or subscribe to the blog through Newsletter and Subscription Pop-up, then you have two advantages in this condition.

  • 1. Whenever you publish a new blog post, a notification is sent on their mobile and email that you have published this new post and on clicking on the notification, they will reach your blog post.
  • 2. When you gradually have a very long email list, then you can send any custom mail to your subscribers. In which you can also promote Affiliate Products by adding links and Affiliate Links to your blog post.

That is why add this Email Collecting Feature to your blog from today itself so that in the coming time you will have a good email list ready which will be of great use to you in the future.

7. Keep updating your Old Articles from time to time.

The biggest mistake that most new bloggers make is that once they have published the blog post on their blog, then they do not pay any attention to it again, which is not at all right for the ranking of their blog. You should keep updating the published posts from time to time with fresh information.

For example, suppose you wrote a post about Google Search Console a long time ago, but since then, the interface, features, etc. of Google Search Console have completely changed, but if you change that article to its new interface and features. If you do not update with Google, then it is a negative point for Google.

Due to this, Google thinks that there is no updated information on your site, so it starts down the search ranking of your site and shows the site on which the updated information is above in the search results.

That’s why it is very important to keep on increasing the traffic on the blog, you should also keep updating your old blog posts. And after updating, publish it with today’s date.

8. Guest Post for Other Blogs

Guest Blogging is a very surefire solution for the fast growth of any new blog. You have to find out about some such blogs related to your Blog Niche, which have very good traffic and along with that they also accept Guest Post.

Now you write a good High Quality Guest Post for them. With this you will also get a Do-Follow Backlink for your blog, and you will know how important Do-Follow Backlinks are for any blog.

9. Increase Blog Traffic by Commenting on Blog Post

Many bloggers also increase traffic on their blog by commenting on the posts of other blogs, you can do the same. But comment on the same blog post which is related to your niche only then you will get traffic from there.

While commenting, add the URL of your blog or any blog post in the website option so that when people click on your name while reading the comment, they reach your blog.

Keep in mind, make some such comment which is giving some value to that post and is also interesting to read and is completely different from other comments, only then there will be chances of getting more clicks on it.

Do not even do that you start commenting on 10-12 or more blogs in a single day. It can also have negative effects. It would be good if you make only one or two comments in three to four days.

10. You can interview Bloggers or YouTubers related to your Blog Niche

This method is a bit difficult for everyone, but you must try to do it because if you succeed in interviewing some bloggers or YouTubers of your niche and then you can publish their interview on your blog as a blog post. can do

Who does not want to give his interview! If you ask someone for an interview, they will probably be ready. Often people want to know about the personal life of any big blogger or YouTuber, about their blogging and successful journey of YouTube etc.

Which they will get to read on your blog. This will bring visitors to your blog and will increase your acquaintance with other bloggers and YouTubers as well. He will also share information about his given interview on his blog or on YouTube channel, so that his visitors and subscribers will also get to know about your blog.

11. Speed ​​up the loading speed of the blog.

Many bloggers do not even pay attention to this matter. They are busy only in writing blog posts, doing on-page SEO, creating backlinks, etc.

But if you do not pay attention to the page loading speed of your blog in time, then all your hard work is going to be in vain because those sites are ranked very quickly in Google whose web page loading speed is good.

If your blog post takes more than 3, 4 or 5 seconds after clicking, then it is certain that many visitors will not wait for that long and they will go back to another site.

Due to which gradually the ranking of your blog will go down and visitors would not like to come to your blog again. That is why it is very important that first of all you should focus on speeding up the loading speed of your blog.

Nowadays, most web searches are done on mobile, so to speed up the loading speed on mobile device, you must use AMP for WP WordPress Plugin, this plugin is specially designed to open web pages fast on mobile.

You can use Google SiteSpeed ​​and GTmatrix to check the speed of your blog.

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So how to increase your Blog Par Traffic? If you are really serious about this question, then I hope that you will try to follow all the above-mentioned Blog Traffic Increase Techniques.

Ho to get Visitors on blog Before this question, it is also necessary for you to understand that how to write a good article and an SEO friendly article?

Because if you do not have the power in your content, the user is not enjoying reading at all, he is not getting that accurate information, then no matter how hard you try, it is going to be very difficult to stop visitors to the blog.

And if visitors do not stay on your blog for a long time, then the Bounce Rate of your blog will also increase rapidly, which is a matter of concern for any site. If the bounce rate of your blog becomes very high, then the above-mentioned tricks will also not be effective.

And if you have written for a good value content user, then there is nothing to worry about, you just pay attention to the above-mentioned methods for blog traffic increasing, soon traffic will start increasing on your blog too.

I hope this information “How to increase blog website traffic” would have been helpful for you! How did you like this post, do tell us about your thoughts through the comment below. And also share it with others on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

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