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If you are finding best hosting service, it is best choice FastComet Hosting Review, Best Could Hosting Server, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting in Details we read in this article. Keep read till last.

Are you looking for a web hosting that has a top ranking in the market and has the best plan and offers some different and more plans than other web hosting? So let us help you choose the best and best hosting for you with the help of this article here.

In today’s time, there are many loopholes in the web hosting industry, and poor quality is also seen in some places. With the advent of many types of companies, it becomes very difficult to understand which web hosting should be trusted or not.

Today in this article we will give complete information about fastcomet which is a web hosting site, so that you can choose better for yourself.

FastComet Hosting Review 2024

Fastcomet is a hosting company which is new in the market. That’s why people want to know about it whether it will be appropriate to buy it or not.

When it comes to fastcomet, it would not be wrong to say that its features are more reliable than any other company.

On coming to system administration, Fastcomet started its business with cloud hosting in 2013. It may not be as popular as other hosting company, but with their service quality, they have made a very good place in the market.

Fastcomet provides its service to small to big businessmen. One plan is offered to all through fastcomet. Fastcomet also provides free trial to its users.

From a small businessman to an e-commerce store, it promises to provide all its services completely at a good price.

Like the rest of the company in Fastcomet, you get all the plans of shared hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress hosting. Here you are given a free domain along with hosting. And along with this, if you have a domain, then you can transfer them for free.

A complete spectrum of hosting options

Fastcomet can be called notable because it provides all types of hosting that you need.

Some special options of Fastcomet are wordpress, joomla etc. Apart from these, they also have many features. And the price of all these is the same as the standard hosting plan.

But only for those who are looking for the standard solution for their website, according to the size of your website, you can choose these 3 big sites for yourself, shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

Full Feature-Packed Shared Hosting Fastcomet

If we take a look here, it will be understood that web hosting site appears as one of the best bargain market. Mostly all hosting site provides domain free for one year. But if fastcomet is seen, then this web hosting site provides domain registration for free forever. And along with this, if you have a domain, then you can transfer them for free.

Here we see the feature of some fastcomet shared hosting which looks like the following.

  1. cPanel hosting
  2. softaculous 1 click installer for apps like WordPress and Joomla
  3. 4/7 support and access to step-by-step tutorials
  4. 45 days money return policy
  5. Drag and drop site builder
  6. free domain transfer
  7. Site transfer
  8. Fixed renewable fee
  9. Daily backups
  10. SSL certificate
  11. Cloudflare CDN
  12. Unmetered traffic
  13. Fastcomet free trial
  14. Fastcomet coupon

Apart from these, Fastcomet also offers many more and more services. Which makes it even better.

Fastcomet claims that its hosting services provide better services than godaddy, bluehost, and hostgator.

Unmetered traffic services are available on taking any service of Fastcomet. There is nothing new in this, but this service is free for everyone on taking any kind of plan.

FastComet Shared hosting plans Review

FastComet Shared hosting plans

If seen in comparison to everyone else, then this is a very cheap plan. In this, the charge is also more to take more options, in which plans for more SSD (solid-state drive) space, and advanced add-ons like more RAM and unlimited domains are given.

Apart from all this, fastcomet hosting offers many plans, so that they force their customers to take their service.

Fully managed VPS and dedicated hosting FastComet Review

Fastcomet offers the option of dedicated hosting plans and cloud vps plans for those who are looking for hosting plans that have both a more resource intensive website and a higher level of traffic.

Both types of hosting sites are fully managed. If you want to install an aap for yourself, and are very eager to administer the system, then you can sit relaxed. And all this fastcomet web hosting will handle for you by itself. And you can trust it.

Overall, the features of all those areas are not available in fastcomet hosting which are available in shared plan. But still we can say that fastcomet hosting can prove to be a very good option in the mid range price.

The feature of money back guarantee is available in both cloud vps and dedicated hosting in 7 days.

If seen then free domain for whole life and for all your services.

Cloudflare provides some extra services like CDN, fastcomet. By which we can believe that there is no harm in investing money in fastcomet hosting, rather these services make it worthy that they can be bought.

Fast Comet Cloud VPS hosting Review

Fast Comet Cloud VPS hosting Review

Fastcomet vps hosting plan does not look like much like their shared hosting plan, but still it can prove to be a very good option for medium traffic website.

The price of these hosting plans is very reasonable, neither too little nor too much. Anyone can easily buy these. And even after their plans are very less, they offer very good service and more plans.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is available with all types of Fastcomet VPS plans. Which provides service of higher speed than traditional HDD drives. And when it comes to business, speed is considered the most important in the hosting market.

Despite having so many fully managed plans, you can access them yourself, which will be an administrative task for you. (But if you are not interested in doing this, then it depends on you. Even if you do not want to do so, there is no problem.)

Fastcomet provides 4 different types of vps hosting plans, from which you can choose any one. Each of its plans has a number of CPU cores in the CPU, which varies, allocates bandwidth and RAM, as well as provides the disk space that you need. This feature is there in all its four plans.

Fastcomet makes provisioning on vps server within minutes, so that you can start working on your website immediately after signing up with any company.

In this way we can say that fastcomet has bundles of features for any or all types of vps hosting packages. So that you can work well on your website. We can see the features of vps hosting packages as follows.

  • cPanel control panel
  • Rapid scalability
  • Free backups restoration, and snapshots

These are some typical assets plan for vps hosting. But some providers also charge some money separately to give these plans.

Fast Comet Dedicated hosting plans Review

You can read here what is dedicated hosting 

Fast Comet Dedicated hosting plans Review

Dedicated hosting is such hosting where you are given a complete server. Which means that that server will host only your website.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of web hosting. This type of web hosting is generally good for high traffic websites. You get many dedicated resources in this type of hosting. You can read about 16 free web hosting here.

In this, no user can work on your server and also the best privacy is available.

If we talk about fastcomet web hosting, then dedicated hosting works like vps hosting. Or rather, some of its features are similar to vps hosting.

In this, four different types of servers are provided, out of which you can choose any type of server.

In this, each server performs the number of cores in the CPU, allocates RAM and bandwidth, along with it also provides disk space.

Along with Fastcomet service, you are provided with a hardware which is not given in the deal. This service is provided to you at a very reasonable price. If seen, other dealers provide it very rarely for free or do not provide free as the fastcomet website does.

WordPress hosting

For those who want to advance their website through the WordPress ecosystem, fastcomet WordPress hosting can prove to be a very good option for them.

If you want to advance your website through WordPress, then it provides you a very good service.

Many plans are also available with cloud-based, WordPress-specific hosting, which we can see as follows

  • Free domain name – Fastcomet provides free download name for lifetime, for which you do not have to charge any separate fee. Like everything else is charged in other websites. Rest of the website traffic only provides domain name free for 1 year.
  • Easy one-click WordPress installation– All apps are installed in WordPress on one click, for this you do not have to do any separate effort by yourself.
  • SSD drives (solid-state drives) – which provide faster service than any HDD drives. And apart from this, it can increase the performance of any WordPress site by more than 300%.
  • Cloudflare CDN – With the help of this, you can cache your website and server from one location to another, wherever you have it.
  • cPanel Control Panel – cPanel is a unix based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automatic tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site.
  • Hence, it provides very user-friendly interface to the users so that they can use it easily.
  • Daily and weekly backups – Daily and weekly backups are also provided in fast comet’s WordPress hosting.
  • Support from WordPress experts – Fastcomet also provides WordPress experts for this so that its users do not face any kind of problem, whatever problem they have, they can be solved by the experts.
  • Virus scan and malware removal – This feature is also provided in fastcomet’s WordPress hosting.
  • Fixed price renewable – The price is fixed in fastcomet’s WordPress hosting to renew their service.

So if you are not sure whether the WordPress hosting of Fastcomet service is for you, then you should consider once here that their service also provides 45 days money back guarantee to your company.

So there is no problem in using it once, it does not harm your company. It can be used.

Does FastComet Hosting offer additional services?

Fastcomet provides us with many services which we can see as follows.

Domain services

Fastcomet As we have already mentioned that it provides domain registration free of cost for any site. And other sites charge separately for this. But Fastcomet doesn’t charge any cost for it.

The Fastcomet site offers its customers plans for second level domains, new extensions, country codes, and many more.

In this way, we can consider the domain service of Fastcomet to be very good, which provides us such good service at such a low price.

Need a website? Try the DIY Site Builder

Fastcomet also provides you site builder offers. Which you get when you buy it with shared hosting. The templates are very nice and modern in that they are provided with a large image and white space that otherwise looks like a standard drag-and-drop builder.

Free SSL certificate

SSL is an encryption protocol used in the Internet. This protocol provides a secure connection between Internet browsers and websites that allows Internet users to securely exchange their personal data with other websites.

So after all it also provides the services of ssl certificate. In this all plans are given free. But apart from that if you want to add something more to it, you can also get an expensive certificate by paying more for it.

Still not clear why a $70 personal SSL certificate is better? While all have the same characteristics.

Apart from this, the BEST certificate also covers all the sub-domains. However, these are provided by Fastcomet at a very low cost.

What are the disadvantages of FastComet?

The hard thing about Fastcomet hosting. Because it has few drawbacks.

Minor security issues

Technical issues in this regard. These include downtime, DDoS attacks, and spam blacklisting.

This problem will appear. Has been seen far and wide. No one will be stopped for hosting any kind of spam attack or for preventing every type of attack. ️ Thing Thing ️️️️️️️.

Uptime and Service Level Agreement

Fastcomet provides information regarding the availability of any type of uptime and service level agreement of any kind.

If you make an overtime service level agreement, it may consider any of your host websites.

This is not the cheapest web hosting

If we talk about the cost of fastcomet web hosting, then this is the cheapest hosting site? ,

Fastcomet price are stable to compare with. There is something that shows that the price is the cheapest.

odd technical support policy

Fastcomet’s support policy provides 24/7 support

This service makes sense to me.

Never look at Fastcomet’s support policy. Macro has one drawback which is the picture ahead.

Get support via phone and email

If you belong to the Fastcom service, it is important that you do so by phone.

Awards Received by Fastcomet Web Hosting

Awards Received by Fastcomet Web Hosting

It will be very easy to tell something good about fastcomet after negative so that

you can clear all your doubts and knowing about the reviews of fastcomet will help you a lot in choosing your hosting site.

Many companies have come to know that they have benefited a lot by taking the service of fastcomet. And fastcomet has done full justice to its services and has provided better service to its costumers. And they have proved themselves to be the best hosting site.

Free, Quality Extras

I feel very happy to tell you that the feature of their hosting site is very awesome. Their free domain name ranges from providing full life to cPanel, backups, or a CDN for free. But 1 in 1 time not all three at once. It’s all worth it. By purchasing fastcomet, you will be with a very good deal.

Their cloud hosting service is very good, their server is also very reliable and fast.

Is. The packages of their plans are also available at a very good price.

Extremely High Ratings

It is rarely seen that when someone’s ratings and reviews are so solid. fastcomet rating is 9.8 and fastcomet reviews are seen around 400.

Complaints are found in the reviews and comments of most of the people.

But it is rarely seen that the ratings and reviews of any hosting company are so good.

This proves that Fastcomet suits all types of company whether it is top or big. According to the costumer, it makes its services more fast. And this is the best host.

Great Tech Support

Yes, we have already told about the support system of fastcomet. But some postive reviews are also seen in this. In fastcomet reviews, you get to see very good reviews of their 24/7 availability. Its user friendly and polite behavior is very good. What do you need more than this?

Fastcomet also responds to negative reviews, and knows what kind of problems they are facing so that they can further improve their services. And also provide them solutions to their problems.

Believe me, even if you live in India, you can buy this site, which will benefit you a lot and you will not be at any loss by buying it.

Awesome Hosting for Everyone

Honest, quick, and quality are the main features of Fastcomet. If said in a small form, fastcomet provides its services to all the customers from small to big and provides very good quality and fast service at a very reasonable price.

So if you buy its hosting, then according to me your right decision will be because their hosting will hardly get such good hosting at such a low price and many big bloggers are shifting to their hosting.

Siteground vs Fastcomet

Siteground vs Fastcomet If you compare in this, then you will get to see many additional features of fastcomet and you will also get to see the difference in price and when it comes to security and speed, then fastcomet is ahead in that too.

Hopefully I will have given you correct and well information about fastcomet and the fastcomet review given by me will help you in choosing the hosting site.

FastComet Hosting FAQ’s

Here some common frequently asked questions are being told. Which is like this.

Q. Is cPanel hosting used in fastcomet?

Ans. So yes fastcomet provides the offer of cPanel hosting. cPanel hosting is used by many web hosting industries. This turns out to be a very good option. If you have never used cPanel before, then its services make you user friendly.

Q. Is Fastcomet’s web hosting plan best for WordPress?

Ans. Fastcomet also offers WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting offers a very good package of apne plan and fastcomet coupon with a solid feature.

Controls the speed of WordPress hosting site with the help of fast comet Cloudflare CDN. WordPress hosting plans also provide the feature of advanced security features and access to expert support.

Q. What are the options for fastcomet vps hosting plans?

Ans. Fastcomet offers many vps hosting plans. And this plan is very expensive when taken with CPU, RAM, Bandwidth and SSD space.
All vps plans use cPanel hosting. And support all types of unlimited websites. And you access the features of shared hosting plan such as free site transfer and domain name which depends on the business site to which you belong.

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