How to Create a Blog on WordPress – Set Up a Blog 2023 Guide

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Friends, through this article, anyone can create a new blog of their own, so if you are serious about blogging, then I welcome Vidyut Jha to come to blogging and would like to request you that you should complete this blogging guide. And should be read carefully so that you can easily understand every little thing related to blog starting.

Do you also want to start a blog of your own? If you are reading this article, then somewhere you must have thought that how can I start blogging? Nowadays, every information about blogging is available on the Internet, whether it is through videos on YouTube or through articles on thousands of blogs. With the help of which anyone can easily start blogging by creating a blog of their own.

Who does not want that he too has a means of some extra income source from somewhere. If this thought has come in your mind, then you can take this best thinking of yours in the field of blogging.

Whether you are doing 9 to 5 jobs in a private office or you are still in your studies, you can start blogging by starting a blog. For this, neither do you need to leave your main source of income, job nor study. You can start your Blogging Journey along with them as well.

And later with the passage of time when you started understanding blogging well. If you start getting decent revenue from blogging, then you can gradually make blogging your full-time earning source and start a boss free life.

By the way, whenever you start any work for the first time, it is not easy to adjust with it so quickly. In the same way, there is blogging which is not easy to understand but it is also necessary to start learning about anything. So if you want to make a right start in learning blogging, then this detailed article related to starting your blog, How to Start a Blog can be a very important step for your blogging journey.

Because in this article, we will know in great detail about all those important things, after reading which you will definitely be able to give a right direction to starting your blog.

To start blogging, in this detailed article, I will tell everything step by step, with the help of which you will be able to create your own blog. If you get a website or blog made by a Blogging Expert or Developer, then at least you will have to pay 5 to 6 thousand rupees only for making a blog.

And for the domain name and a good web hosting, it will take about 3 to 5 thousand rupees more separately. In which the total expenditure of about 10 thousand will come. But if you follow this A Ultimate Step by Step Guide for Start a Blog to create your blog, then only you will have to spend money for getting Domain Name and Web Hosting here. You can create the rest of the blog yourself for free.
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Through this article, you will be able to prepare a blog at least website cost around Rs 5000 only.

To know well about any topic, it is very important to understand its basic, so before proceeding, once let us know what is blogging?

What are Blog and Blogging?

Blogs are a type of website on the Internet on which you share your thoughts and your knowledge with others through articles. If you want to know what, how and why about something, then after searching on Google, you reach a page on which everything is written in details about that topic.

By reading it, you get information about it. Such pages made on the Internet are called blogs. And the one who writes these articles is called blogger. And writing such articles on the internet by creating a blog is called blogging.

Here the article describe more – What is Blogging

Best Platform to Start Blog

Starting blogging simply means creating a blog of your own and there are many platforms on the internet to create your own blog such as Blogspot (Blogger, A free Blogging Platform), WordPress, Wix, Drupal and Joomla etc. You can create your own blog on any of these. But if there is any best, popular and most used platform to create a blog, then it is WordPress.

Being an Open Source CMS (Content Management System), it is the most suitable CMS for Blogging. About 34% of the websites and blogs available on the Internet are based on WordPress. On WordPress, you get all the necessary tools to customize your blog, which are enough to give a professional look to any blog.

Whereas in any other CMS you do not get so many customization options. Within WordPress’ own Official Theme Directory, you have more than 7000+ Free Themes available for you to use on your blog.

That’s why you should also make your blog only on WordPress. That is why in this article to start a blog, we will only know how to start blogging by creating your own blog on WordPress.

Now before starting to create a blog on WordPress, it is very important for you to keep in mind that there are two platforms to create a blog on WordPress as well. One and the other What are the main differences between these two, before making any decision related to creating a blog, it is important to take a look at this too.

WordPress. com VS

If we talk about the biggest difference between these two platforms of WordPress, then the main difference is in web hosting. Web hosting is the place on the Internet of any blog where all the data of your blog is stored.

If you want to create your blog on then you have to buy web hosting for it and on the contrary if you create your blog on then you will not need to take web hosting separately.

Apart from this, after creating a blog on, you get very limited options for customization and if you create a blog on then you are free to do all kinds of customization in your blog.

How To Choose The Best Niche For Blog?

To start a blog, first of all it is very important to consider that what do you want to give information about on your blog? Many bloggers have the same problem later that they do not choose Blogging Niche according to their interest in blogging before starting a blog.

There is always some topic for every person, about which he likes to know, read and understand. So something about which you know very well. If you choose your blogging niche according to the field in which you have a lot of good information, then you will never have any problem going forward.

Many bloggers initially start their blogging journey with any niche, but just think for yourself and see how much you can write about something that you are not interested in? Tired of one day, you will stop writing about it yourself.

You may choose any blogging niche, but you should have complete knowledge about it and your interest in it. Choose any topic about which you like to take information and write, then only you will be able to stay in blogging with that niche for a long time.

The article you should read – How to choose best Niche

Select a domain name for your blog.

To create any blog, first of all its name means that a domain name is required. Domain name is the main identity of your blog through which people access your blog. As is a domain name for this blog. With the help of this name or simply this address, you reach this blog of ours.

Similarly, to create your blog, first of all you have to take such a domain name, with the help of which people will reach your blog. A domain name is a unique address for each blog.

Whatever domain name you give for your blog, after registering that domain name, only you can use it, after that no one else can use it for your blog. Because only one person can register a domain name at a time.

GoDaddy, NameCheap and Bigrock are the best and most popular domain name registrars to register a domain name. You can register your domain name with any of these three, you have to pay some fee to register a domain name.

Some Best Tips for Choosing a Domain Name:

Choosing a right domain name for your blog plays a very important role in blogging. Some of the topics related to what should be kept in mind while choosing the right domain name are given below.

  • The domain name should always match with the name of your blog. It should not happen that the name of your blog is something else and the domain is not matching correctly with the name of the blog.
  • The domain name should be such that it can be easily remembered. Do not register any such domain name which is a little difficult to remember.
  • Do not use any special characters or numbers with your domain name such as hyphen ( _ ), dash ( – ), 123 etc.
  • Try that your domain name is also like a keyword like,, etc.
  • Do not link your domain name with any big site like, etc.
  • Do not add extra word with domain name like extra o in coooltriks.

How much does a Domain Name cost?

If we talk about the minimum cost of a domain name, then it can be up to 1 $ (Rs 71) and maximum up to 15 $ (Rs 1200) which is the promotion going on at the time you are buying the domain name. Depends on offers etc. Along with this, it also depends on the domain name extension such as .com, .in, .net, .org etc.

But if I talk about this Easy Step by Step Hindi Tutorial 2022 to Start WordPress Blog, then according to this you will not have to pay a single rupee to buy a new Domain Name. According to the guidance of this article, you can buy absolutely free domain name.

Because for your information, I would like to tell or maybe you would also know that in addition to domain name, web hosting is also required to create a blog on WordPress and in this article I will tell step by step the way by which you can create your WordPress website. Along with web hosting, you can also claim a free domain name.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the mainstay of your entire blog. On which all the content store of the blog resides. Just like we need some space to live which we call home. In the same way, your blog also needs some space to live on the internet, which is called web hosting in the language of the internet.

After creating a blog, whatever content you put on your blog such as articles, images, videos etc. All of them are stored on your hosting server. To get web hosting, there are many companies on the internet from which you can buy hosting service according to your budget.

Best Web Hosting Providers for Hosting

As I just mentioned above, there are many best web hosting providers on the internet to buy web hosting such as Hostinger, A2Hosting and BlueHost, all three of them are best for their hosting services in themselves. But if looking at the best services / review among these three, choose one hosting company.

How to Buy Web Hosting from Hostinger?

To buy web hosting from Hostinger, follow the steps given below 1 by 1.

Step-1 Visit Hostinger Official Website

To buy hosting from Hostinger, go to Hostinger’s website by clicking on the Start Now FOR HOSTINGER link above. After reaching the site, click on Start Now.

Hostinger Official Website

Step-2 Choose Your Web Hosting Plan

choose hosting plan

After clicking on Start Now, the page will scroll a bit and reach the section containing Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans. Where you will get to see 3 types of Hosting Plans as you can see in the image above.

  • Single Web Hosting
  • Premium Web Hosting
  • Business Web Hosting

Whichever plan you want to go with according to your budget, click on Add to Cart. In my case, I have chosen its Premium Web Hosting Plan.

After clicking on Add to Cart, now according to your chosen hosting plan, you will have some kind of interface in front of you as you can see in the image below.

Step-3 Choose Web Hosting Period

Here you get options to choose a hosting plan from 1 Month to 1 Year, 2 Years and 4 Years. Therefore, after reaching this step, it is very important for you to take care of some important things such as:

hostinger plan purchase

1. If you select only 1 Month Plan then you will not get Free Domain Name.
2. The less time you buy hosting from here, the more expensive you will be and the more time you buy, the cheaper it will be. As if

  • If you take it for a month, then 400 rupees a month.
  • If you take it for a year, then 250 rupees a month.
  • If you take it for two years, then 200 rupees a month.
  • And if you take it for 4 years, then 139 rupees a month.

So if you want maximum web hosting discount then you should buy hosting for 4 years only. Like in my case I had bought hosting for 4 years only.

(According to the Offers and Promotions going on at that time, this hosting cost can be slightly more or less.)

Step-4 Creat an Account with Email ID

After choosing the hosting time period, you have to enter your email ID, here if you want, you can also login with your Facebook account or Google account. You get all three options.

Step-5 Select Payment Method

Now how do you want to make payment to buy web hosting, in this step you have to choose that option. Here you get about 6 to 7 platforms to make payment such as Credit Card, UPI, PayTM, Net Banking and PayPal etc. Out of which you can pay from anyone according to your convenience.

I have selected the option with credit card here to buy hosting. After selecting your payment method, scroll down the page a bit and click on Submit Secure Payment.

Now according to whatever payment option you have chosen, the page will come out in front of you, you will have to pay accordingly as you can see in the above image, I had chosen the option with Credit Card, so I have to pay my credit here accordingly. Payment has to be made by filling the details of the card.

Step-6 Set New Password for Hosting

As soon as you complete the payment process, you will reach some such page as you can see in the above image. Here you have to set a password to access or control your hosting so that you can login with your email ID which you entered while purchasing hosting and with this password at any time. After entering the password, click on Confirm.

Step-7 Verify Email Address

Now open your Registered Email ID and a Verification Email will be received from Hostinger on that ID, open it and click on Verify Email.

As soon as you click on Verify Email, you will reach the login page of Hostinger, here you have to login with the same email ID and password that you had set in STEP-5.

Step-8 Start or Setup Web Hosting

hostinger hosting start

After logging in, some kind of interface will come in front of you as you can see in the above image. Here click on Start Now.

hostinger dashboard

Now after coming to the interface given in the above image, there is an option of Skip below, click on Skip for now.

Step-9 Clam your free domain

claim your domain

After clicking on Skip, ignore whatever options appear in front of you and Click on this link to reach the Main Dashboard of Hosting. Where some such page will come in front of you as you can see in the above image. Here click on Claim Domain.


Now the option will come in front of you to do Domain Name Search. Search whatever domain name you want to take, if it will be available for registration, then some kind of interface will come in front of you as you can see in the above image, after that once again click on Claim Domain.

Hosting dashboard next step

Now you have to enter your details like in the screenshot shown above:

1. First of all select your country.
2. After this, you want to take this domain for personal use or select it for any company / organization.
3. After selecting all this, click on Next Step.

contact details for domain registration

Now after reaching here, after entering your personal details like name, email, address, mobile etc., click on Finish registration.

domain registration done

Now click on Continue to proceed.

domain setup pending

After clicking on Continue, you will come to some such page as you can see in the above screenshot where Pending Setup will be written next to your domain name and below Status.

verify doman registration

Now you open your email ID and check that a mail will have come for verification of your domain registration as per the above screenshot. To verify, click on the link given in that mail.

After clicking on that link, a message like this will appear on your screen by writing “Your email address has been verified successfully. Thank you.” (Seen above image-1). Now you go back to the page with My Domain again and refresh that page. After refreshing, now it will come next to your domain name and below Status by writing Active. (Seen above image-2).

Step-10 Add Website or Connect Domain With Hosting

1. Now click on Hosting from the above menus.
2. After this click on + Add Website.
3. Type the domain URL below the domain name.
4. Type any Strong Password as per your wish.
5. Click on Add Website.

Note: If you have taken the domain from any other company and you want to connect that domain to Hostinger to create a blog, then for that also you can follow the above three points.

Now scrolling down the page a little bit, you will see that your domain name will be listed under the List of Websites. Here click on Manage next to Domain Name.

Step-11 Install WordPress in Hostinger

Now you must have come across many different options according to different categories. From here, now you have to scroll down the page and go to the option of Websites, below which you will see an option of Auto installer, click on it.

So as in How to start a blog in this Step by Step Tutorial, we are going to create a new blog on WordPress, then you have to first select the option WordPress itself.

Now an interface will come in front of you as shown in the screenshot below, here you have to fill the details related to whatever site you want to create:

1. Select https:// because SSL Certificate is available for free with Hostinger’s hosting.
2. Select the domain name of your site.
3. Type the Administrator Login Username for the site.
4. Now type Administrator Login Password.
5. Here enter the Admin Email for the site.
6. Fill in the name of your site.
7. Let it be what it is.
8. Let English remain here too.
9. Create a new database or select those that are.
10. Type Password for Database.
11. Select the option with Update only to minor version.
12. After filling all the necessary details mentioned above, click on Install.

hostinger hPanal

Now the WordPress installation process will start in front of you, which may take some time. As soon as the installation process is completed, some kind of interface will come in front of you as you can see in the above image.

hello word page

Now if you search the URL of your site in the new tab, then your default WordPress site is created as per the screenshot shown above.

Congratulations! You have created your first WordPress website/blog.

Now you should read Hostinger Hosting Review – The best hosting provider for Blogger

Here you can see the starting interface of your blog right now. However, after creating any WordPress blog, this is the default home page of the blog, which we can customize according to us, which we will learn further.

To customize this Default Blog, we have to login to the main WordPress Admin Dashboard of our blog. To login, you just have to type wp-admin in front of the domain name of your blog. As my domain is yourdomain .com then you can see in the image below I have typed

Let us proceed after coming to the login page:

1. First of all, press Enter by putting wp-admin in front of the domain name as I mentioned above.
2. Type your Username.
3. Enter your admin password.
4. Click on Login.

As soon as you login, you come to the WordPress Admin Dashboard of your website, which is almost the same for any WordPress website. From here you have to do all the work like Posts, Pages, theme installation, customization etc. inside your website.

Now it comes that WordPress has been installed and it has also been connected with the domain name, but now if we look at our blog, it looks very simple, inside which there is nothing. So in the coming steps we will learn that

1. How to Change WordPress Theme?
2. How to Customize WordPress Theme?
3. How to Add Menu to WordPress Blog?
4. How to add Post and Pages? Etcetera

Let us first understand how to change the theme in WordPress.

How to Change Theme in WordPress?

Step-1: To change WordPress theme, after coming to WordPress Admin Dashboard, click on Appearance>Themes in the left side and after that click on Add New above.

Step-2: Click on Add New, more than 7 thousand Free WordPress Themes are available in front of you which is available only inside the directory of You can do Theme Search here using Filters like Featured, Popular, Latest and Favorites.

If you already have a theme of your own, then to use it, click on Upload Theme above and choose and install that theme from your computer.

If you want to use any of these free WordPress themes from for your blog, then click on install by moving the mouse over that theme.

After installing any theme, it also has to be activated to use it on your blog, so immediately after installing the theme, click on Activate also.

When you install any theme on WordPress for the first time, in order to make that theme work fully on your blog, there are some inbuilt plugins inside that theme or you say that there are some such supportive things which are very much to activate. It is necessary.

As soon as you activate the theme, immediately after that click on Being installing plugin above the theme. As you can see in the image below.

  • Click on install.
  • Click on Return to the Dashboard.

After completing all the above steps and once the theme is fully activated, now it is time to customize this WordPress theme.

How to Customize WordPress Theme?

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard.
2. Now click on Appearance >> Customize.

Now many options related to the installed theme come in the left side and the live preview of your blog is visible in the right side. From here you can fully customize your blog along with Live Preview. It is not necessary that you need to do all the settings of your blog now.

First try to put some content on your blog because unless you have some information on your blog, I mean articles, then you will not be able to customize your blog as it should be.

If you look at any website or blog, you see a lot of information on it, only then it looks good. So try to first prepare 10 to 15 articles for your blog, after that with a little customization, your blog will start looking good. Only then such a look will be seen on your blog website.

You can see the Live Demo of this WordPress Theme “unos Magazine VU” by clicking on this link:- unos Magazine VU WordPress Theme Live Demo

If you want to make your WordPress website exactly like Live Demo, then you will have to install its Demo Content. After which the entire content of that theme will be installed in your WordPress site, after which you just have to replace that content with your content such as Logo, Menus, Blog Posts, Pages, Categories, Colors etc.

To install Demo Content, after clicking on Appearance >> Customize, click on Demo Install/Support.

1. Demo: Click to view Live Demo.
2. Click Installation: You can click on their official blog for information related to Click Demo Installation.
3. Documentation / Support: You can click for complete documentation and technical support related to this theme.

Follow the following steps for 1 Click Demo Installation:-

After right clicking on all the three links given below, click on Save link as. And save these three files in your computer.

WordPress Data (.xml) (Posts, Pages, Menus, Images)
Customizer Settings (.dat)
Widgets (.wie)

After this click on Plugins>>Add New in your WordPress Dashboard.
Now type One Click Demo import in the search bar of the right side.
After that click on Install Now >> Activate.

Manual demo files upload in WordPress

1. Click on Appearance>>Import Demo Data.
2. Browse the downloaded file named unos-magazine-vu-content-free and select it.
3. Select the downloaded file named unos-magazine-vu-widgets-free.wie by browsing to Choose file.
4. Select the downloaded file named unos-magazine-vu-customize-free.dat by browsing to Choose file.
5. After selecting all the three files from the computer, click on Import Demo Data.

Now wait a bit here, it may take some time for the entire demo content to be imported. As soon as the complete Demo Content is imported, your site will start looking exactly like the Demo Site.

Now it comes to how to put your own content on WordPress Blog? Because if you have created a blog then it becomes very important to know this. To do this, follow all the steps given below carefully.

How to put your content on WordPress Blog?

There are two categories to put content on WordPress, 1st Pages and 2nd Posts. Whatever information you read in the form of articles on any blog, it comes in the category of posts as if you are reading this article. And about us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc. of any blog or website are included in the category of all these pages. Let us first understand how to create a new blog post on a blog?

Follow these steps to create posts on blog

  • First of all go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now click on Posts >> Add New.
  • Write whatever title of the article you want to put here.
  • Start writing articles here.
  • Add category for whatever article you write.
  • Here add the tags related to the article.
  • Put a featured image for your article.
  • Check Preview.
  • After all the details are completed correctly, now click on Publish.

How to Add Pages to WordPress Blog?

Follow these steps to create pages on blog

  • First of all go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now click on Pages >> Add New.
  • Here enter the title such as About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc.
  • Here, write in details about whatever title you have about About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc.
  • Whatever is written here, if you want to see its preview, then you can see it by clicking on Preview.
  • After completing all the details correctly, click on Publish.

By the way, WordPress by default shows all the posts of your blog on the home page of the blog, but if you want, you can fix any page of your blog on the home page. How to do this for you, follow the following steps:

  • First of all go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now click on Settings >> Reading.
  • Select A Static Page.
  • Now select Page for Home Page.
  • Click on Save Changes.

How to Change Site Title and Tagline?

When you install WordPress, you also get the option to choose what should be the Title, Tagline and Admin Email of your blog? You can also enter all these details at the time of installation. But what happens quite often, if you want to change the title, tagline and admin email of your blog later, then you can do it in the following way:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now click on Settings >> General.
  • If you want to change the title of the blog, then change it from here.
  • Write the tagline for the blog here. If you want, you can also keep it blank.
  • Change email address.

How to Add Navigation Menus in WordPress?

Navigation Menus have a very important role to play in the beauty of any blog or website. Viewers can easily read the content available on your blog only through Navigation Menus. To categorize the content of the blog, it is very necessary to add menus inside the blog. In WordPress, you can easily create a menu for your blog and website.

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now click on Appearance >> Menus.
  • Write the name of the menu such as Main Menu, Top Menu.
  • Click on Create Menu.

After creating the menu, now you also have to add pages to it, so remember that before creating the menu, you should create some articles and pages for your blog. Follow these steps to add Pages to Menu:

  • Click on Appearance >> Menus.
  • Select the pages you want to add.
  • Now click on Add to Menu.

After doing all these steps, whatever pages you have added to the menu are added in such a way as you can see in the image below. Now where do you want to show this menu on your blog Menu Settings Select that location. Such as Topbar, Header and Footer. After that click on Save Menu.

What are Plugins in WordPress?

Just as there are applications inside Smartphones, similarly there are plugins inside WordPress. We install apps according to our needs in our Smartphone and do the same thing as plugins in WordPress.

Plugins help in customizing your blog in a smart way. Plugins are very helpful in SEO optimizing your WordPress blog, providing security and doing a lot of things like speed-up your blog.

Through plugins, you can add features like Contact Forms, Photo Gallery to your WordPress blog. There are more than 50000 plugins available on WordPress to make your blog awesome, some of which are free plugins and some are third party paid plugins too.

It is very important for any new blogger to know which plugins he should use for his blog. That is why below I am going to tell you about some important Best WordPress Plugins that you must use for your blog.

Best Plugins for WordPress Blog?

Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO:

If we talk about SEO for WordPress Blog, then Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO are the most used plugins in WordPress. It is available in both free and premium versions, but you should use the free version first.

Jetpack by

This is the official WordPress plugin for your blog from WordPress. Through this plugin, you can add multiple functionalities to your blog such as Social Sharing Feature, Related Posts, Contact Form, Business Hours, Slideshow and Google Map Location etc. You must also use this plugin for your blog.


This is also a default plugin for WordPress that comes inbuilt with any WordPress installation. It is basically an anti-spam plugin which filters each and every comment coming on your blog according to Spam and Genuine. This is an important plugin from the point of view of security of your blog.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin helps a lot in improving the performance of your blog. It reduces the loading time of your blog so that your website or blog loads quickly. W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin is the best and popular caching plugin for WordPress.

Wordfence Security

If you are the owner of a blog or website, then the security of your blog is one of the most important tasks for you. Wordfence Security Plugin is very effective in dealing with a big problem like Hacking your blog. This plugin is loaded with features like firewall protection, live traffic monitoring, login security, blocking, malware scan etc. Using this plugin is also a must for your blog.

Google Site Kit Plugin

This plugin is Google’s own official plugin for WordPress. Through this plugin, you can use very important tools for blogs like Google Adsense, Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed ​​Insights in your WordPress Dashboard only.

Read more… 


Friends, in this way you can start blogging by following all the steps mentioned above. I hope if you have read this article “How to Start a Blog 2023” completely, then very soon you too will be able to start your own blog on WordPress.

By the way, I have tried to explain all the above mentioned steps in great detail so that you do not face any problem in starting a new WordPress blog, but still if you have any problem then you can ask us through Comment Box. . Your every question is very important for us.

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