YouTube VS Blogging – Which is Best for Make Money Online

YouTube VS Blogging: First of all, many people do not know that we can earn money online through internet sitting at home and those who have come to know recently or it has been some time then this question comes first in their mind. It is that which of Youtube vs Blogging will be right and which one can earn more money from Youtube vs Blog and make their future.

Because these two methods are the most used to earn money online, so if you are also worried about both of these Youtube vs Blogging and are not able to choose which one you should choose between Youtube vs Blogging and for you. Which platform will be right then you should read this post completely.

There are many ways to earn money online and the most popular of them all are Blogging and YouTube. Beginners always get confused in these two as to which is the right platform for online earnings. Here we are going to share YouTube VS Blogging comparison with you so that you will be able to choose the right platform for yourself.

If you have a creative mind, then YouTube is much easier than blogging. First, we will tell you a little bit about YouTube and Blogging.

What is YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing website developed by Google, on which we can earn a lot of money by uploading interesting and unique videos.

You can make videos on any topic on YouTube.

To upload videos on YouTube, you must have a YouTube channel and creating a YouTube channel is not a difficult task. For this you must have a Gmail account.

Earn Money With YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site. You can upload your videos on it and monetize through Google Adsense and earn good money. In addition, you can earn more money by sponsorship and affiliate marketing.

Earning Opportunity

  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing

What is Blogging

Blogging is also like YouTube, we have to publish our article on it. In this, we share our opinion and knowledge with people through writing.

You must have a blog to share your opinion and knowledge with people. Creating a blog is not a difficult task. You can easily create your own blog by reading this article.

But do you know, you can earn more money by affiliate marketing in blogging. Apart from this, you can also earn through sponsorship.

Earning Opportunity

  • Google Adsense
  • Other Ads Network
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Many More…

Similarities in YouTube VS Blogging

YouTube and Blogging is a great way to earn money. If you start a blog or YouTube, then you must have original content for both because people always like to watch or read original content. Besides, you have a lot to learn in this.

In YouTube and blogging, you cannot achieve success in one night, both of which require time and patience.

YouTube VS Blogging Reviewed and Compared

So let’s start the comparison of Blogging vs YouTube…..

What happens if AdSense gets disapproved

YouTube – If you have a YouTube channel with less than 5000 subscribers and due to some reason your Adsense account gets disapproved then you cannot even sponsorship through your channel, it means your earning will be zero.

Blogging – If your Adsense account gets disapproved in blogging, then you can use Adsense alternative ads on your blog. Apart from this, you can earn extra through affiliate marketing and sponsorships. There are many more ways to make money in blogging than you might think.

What is good Adsense CPC in Blogging or Youtube

In YouTube, CPC rate is very low and if you make YouTube video targeting Asian country then CPC rate will be very low.

Whereas in blogging, you buy domain name with .com extension then your blog will be able to get traffic from all country and CPC will be very high.

Youtube vs Blogging which is better

The two best ways to earn money online are Blogging and Youtube. With the help of both of these, you can earn thousands and millions of rupees every month, but some people are worried about Youtube vs Blogging, whether to start Youtube Channel or start blogging, so we Have brought you a complete analysis of Youtube vs Blogging.

Youtube vs Blogging Find Your Interested

First of all, reach yourself whether you like to write or like to make videos. Because as we told you it is a long journey which has to be worked in the beginning without earning money.

And how long it can take to earn money is not fixed, so choose between Youtube vs Blogging, in which you have fun and enjoyment so that you can work for a long time and achieve success.

Do not choose just thinking that who you can earn more money because earning money from Youtube and Blogging completely depends on your work, the better way you work, the sooner you get success.

Youtube Channel Requirements

Although you can create your Youtube channel absolutely free with the help of Gmail account, but you need a lot of things to run Youtube channel and make it successful.

1.Camera : To make Youtube videos, you must have a camera, if you have a Smartphone and its camera is good then you can use it.

2. Talk With Camera :To build a relationship with your subscriber, you must be able to interact with the camera.

3. Lighting setup : It is very important to have the right lighting in Youtube videos when you record videos in a closed room so that your video quality looks good or you can record videos in outdoor.

4. Voice Quality  : It is very important to have good voice quality in Youtube videos, for this you need a Mic.

5. Video Editing : It is also very important to have knowledge of video editing so that you keep your audition connected with the video, so you should have knowledge of video editing.

6. Youtube SEO : To make your video reach as many people as possible and rank in Youtube Search Engine, you must have knowledge of Youtube Seo.

Blogging Requirements

If you have made up your mind to do blogging, then you must have some things for blogging by creating a blog.

WordPress vs Blogger Platform : Although you can start your blogging career by creating a free blog like Youtube, but today it has become very difficult to achieve success by creating a free blog, so you have to use a paid platform like Woedpress, for which you have to buy web hosting. Is.

Domain & Hosting : If you use the blogger platform, then you get the sub-domain with it, but if you use the paid platform, then you have to buy the domain name separately.

Article Writing Skill : To earn money from blog, you have to write articles and this article is written by you because you cannot copy-paste someone else’s article, so you should come to write articles.

Search Engine Optimization : To earn money from any blog, it is very important to have traffic on that blog and to bring traffic to your blog, you should have knowledge of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

Youtube vs Blogging Name and Fame

There are many people who want to earn money as well as earn their name and both these platforms do this work for you, because if you connect with many people, then your chances of becoming famous also increase.

But compared to Blogging, today you can make your acquaintance with Youtube very quickly and many times with Blogging and can become famous all over the world from the Internet world.

Because most of the people like to watch videos instead of reading articles and you are yourself in the video, whom you add face to face with your views, so you can easily earn name with fame on Youtube.

Youtube vs Blogging Easy to Success

Now finally the thing comes here that we can get success on either of Youtube vs Blogging as soon as possible, although it completely depends on your work and hard work.

But if we talk according to today’s time, it seems easier to get success on Youtube than on Blogging because according to Youtube Algorithm your Youtube Video can go viral at any time whereas it is not so in Blogging.

Because to create a blog and bring its article / post to the search engine, it becomes very important for you to have knowledge of SEO because the search engine is the only medium to lane maximum traffic on the blog and to learn SEO you have to 3- It takes 8 months.

Whereas even if you have basic knowledge of Youtube SEO, your Youtube video becomes viral and Youtube also keeps on taking many steps to promote its new creator.

Youtube vs Blogging Both !

Yes it is absolutely right that you can do both Youtube vs Blogging together, but as we told in the beginning that to earn money from Youtube vs Blogging, you have to work for a long time only then you can earn money.

If you do both together and if you are not able to earn money then you become demotivate and you start feeling that you cannot earn money from internet so first of all you should work on a platform which you can start earning money. Get it

By doing this, you will be able to focus your full attention on the same platform and will be able to work in a better way, but if you believe that you can do both Youtube vs Blogging together, then it is a icing on the cake.

So friends, now you must have understood that which platform out of Youtube vs Blogging is good and which will be right for you because if you choose the right platform once, then your chances of achieving success increase.

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