How To Choose Best Domain Name For Blog? Top Tips

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Choosing a Best Domain Name for any New Blog or Website is a very important task because everyone’s real identity is from its name, whether it is your name, the name of something or any blog or website. be the name of

Domain name is the main identity of your website, through which visitors can access your site. There is a different domain address for each website.

When you want to choose a name for a blog / website or a brand website, then choosing a domain name is not an easy task, it is like a brand for you, so you do not have to be heeded or hasty at all about the name of your brand. Should do

While taking a domain name, you need to keep some important things in mind, so in this article I am going to share with you some tips related to taking a domain name, which will help you to choose the best domain name for your WordPress blog or website. Will help

What are the things you should keep in mind while registering a Best Domain Name for your site, this is the main topic of this entire article.

Best Tips To Choose The Best Domain Name?

How To Choose Best Domain Name For Blog: When you start a new blog for yourself, you want to keep everything perfect from the very beginning, so choosing the domain of the blog is a bit mind-boggling. To make this slightly difficult task easier for you, I have shared some great tips below which will be helpful in selecting the best domain name for you.

By the way, if you are thinking of making your new blog or website on WordPress, then you will have to take web hosting for this. Let us now understand how to do the Best Domain Name Search for your blog?

1. Focus on Top-Level Domain (.com):

Try that whatever domain name you want to take for your blog is available with Dot com extension. Remembering domain names is the easiest with .com. Most of the people who do not have much knowledge about the internet, then they normally think that after the name of any website, only .com is there.

If you take a domain name such as,,, etc. Believe me, you can lose a lot of traffic due to the habit of users having .com.

2. Keep Keywords with Domain as well:

While taking the domain name, try that keywords related to your niche have also been kept in it. This will help a lot in getting your blog ranked quickly. Having keywords with domains makes it easy for search engines to know what your blog is about. Such as howinwordpress, wordpressguide, healthytips, etc.

However, with keywords related to your niche, it is quite difficult to find a domain name that has not already been registered. For this you have to play creatively with words. You have to check the domain name by adding keywords.

3. Keep the Domain Name Short:

The third most important tips for selecting the best domain name is that whatever domain name you want to take, keep it as short as possible. Do not take too long to add the keyword with the domain. Try that the domain name should not exceed 15 characters.

There is also a lot of potential for spelling mistakes when typing in a longer domain name. So try to keep the domain name to a minimum of words.

4. Don’t Add Special Characters:

The topic How To Choose Best Domain Name For Blog : You should not use any special characters such as hyphens ( _ ), dashes ( – ) etc. in your domain name. For example, etc. This type of Site Name looks like Spammy type. Which is also not right for your search ranking in the future.

Along with this, do not add any number to your domain name. Such as, etc. If you keep some such numbers in the domain, then it may be that when you tell the domain to someone, he should type Techtwenty instead of Tech20 or write hifive in place of hi5. So avoid taking any such domain name for this kind of confusion.

5. Take Easy to Type Domain.

By taking Easy to Type Domain, I mean that you do not play with spellings to make the domain stylish. Like express and express, Tech and Tek one can get confused in typing both these spellings. So try to use common spellings with domains.

6. Do not mix with any other site.

Some people make the biggest mistake while taking a domain name that by mixing it with any big website like progadgets360, facebooktips, etc.

Apart from this, some people already book the domain of High Ranking Sites from another extension which is not at all right for the growth of that site. Think for yourself that the site which is already Top Ranked, then in such a situation you will not rank your site, but will rank it more on the other site with the same name. Therefore, do not make this mistake at all while choosing the best domain name.

7. Do not use Double Letters:

While taking a good domain name for a blog, double letters should never be used in spelling. Doing this greatly increases the chances of the traffic coming to your site being lost. For example:, etc. Here sss is coming thrice simultaneously, in which the chances of getting a mistake increase at the time of typing.

8. Keep Social Pages In Mind Also:

The social pages connected to it have a very important role for any blog. So whenever you take a domain name, before buying it, check the Usernames of Social Media Pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

If there is already a username with the domain name you want to take, then in this case you will not be able to use that username for your domain. You can use the KnowEM Tool to easily find out on which social platform this username is available or not.

9. Use Domain Name Generator.

You can also use a Domain Name Generator such as NameMesh Nameboy to select the right domain name for your blog or website, because if you check the domain names one by one, it is quite a headache and time-consuming task.

With the help of this tool, whatever keyword you enter related to the topic of your blog, many domain names related to it come, out of which you can choose a good domain name for yourself.

10. Do not delay in getting the domain name.

If you choose a perfect domain name according to the information given above, then there should not be any delay in registering it. Do not keep in mind that it is okay that this Dominion Name is available, now we will take it after some time. It should not happen that before you take it, someone else registers that same domain and you have to do all this research again.

Therefore, as soon as you find a best domain name for you, try to book it immediately.

Best Company to Register Domain Name:

Although there are many companies on the Internet to register a domain name, but the most popular and right companies for this and the ones I would also like to recommend are GoDaddy and NameCheap. You can search and register a Best Domain Name for your blog from any of these two.

The cost of a domain can range from around $10 (RS. 700) to $15 (RS. 1050) for the first one year.

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Hope the above mentioned tips will help you in choosing a best domain name. After taking a domain name, if you want to create your own blog on WordPress, then for this you can do this Ultimate Blog Post “How to Start Your Blog on WordPress? You can follow “An Ultimate Blogging Guide”.

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