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Do you also want to create a blog of your own? Because nowadays many people are earning lakhs of rupees a month by creating a blog on the internet and doing online earning. But you do not even know its ABC, who should make a blog?

You can create a blog on the Internet in two ways, first in a free way and second in a paid way. But in today’s important post for those who want to create their own blog, how will I make you a free blog step by step? I am going to give information about this.

By the way, there are many online blogging platforms to create a blog on which you can create your new blog such as Blogger (Blogspot),, and Wix etc.

But if we talk about a How to Create Free Blog on Blogger, then you can create only WordPress dot com and Blogger Par Free Blog very easily. Because to create a blog on Wix and WordPress dot org, you will have to adjust your pocket.

By the way, if we talk about the best Blogging Platforms for Blog, then is the best platform so far. And if you want to start a blog without any cost in the beginning and want to understand blogging well first, then you can start your Online Blogging Journey through Free Blogging Platform Blogspot.

What are bloggers? What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free online platform to create a website or blog, on which you can start a new blog with zero investment in the beginning. Blogger is also known as Blogspot.

This is a product of Google itself. Although Blogger was developed by a company of Pyra Lab which was later bought by Google from 2003 onwards and then all its services were run by Google itself.

Most of all new bloggers start their blogging journey from Blogspot itself, I too had made my first blog on this in my early days.

Google’s Blogspot means that you do not have to take separate hosting to create a blog on Blogger because all the content of your blog is hosted on Google’s server only.

Whereas if you create a new blog on then you need hosting which is the main reason for being free and paid in both Blogger and WordPress.

You get a sub-domain on WordPress dot com and Blogger, although you can also change it later with the main domain, whereas for you have to buy a domain name and web hosting before creating a blog.

Pros. and Cons. of creating a blog on Blogger?

How to Create Free Blog on Blogger: Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are also necessary to know before getting started. Let us understand about some Pros and Cons related to Blogger:

Pros of Blogger:

  • Its biggest advantage is that it gives absolutely free service to create a blog, due to which you can create a blog on it.
  • Absolutely Free SSL Certificate is also available from Google for every blog made on it.
  • You can create a blog in it only through your Gmail ID.
  • Its user interface is very easy, on which it is very easy to create a new blog as compared to WordPress.
  • Being a product of Google, it is more secure than any other blogging platform.
  • Problems like Server Crash, Not Loading etc. are rarely seen on a blog made on Blogger because all the data of your blog is hosted on the server of a big company like Google.
  • You do not even need to take tension about the security and speed of your blog, all this Google handles itself.

Cons of Blogger:

  • In a blog made on Blogger, you cannot do much customization according to your wish. In this, you get very limited functionality compared to WordPress.
  • You cannot set a separate custom homepage for your blog on Blogger, whereas nowadays there is a unique homepage set on almost all blogs and websites.
  • Despite being a product of Google, updates are rarely seen in it. Read more about How to Create Free Blog on Blogger

What are the requirements to create a blog on Blogspot?

How to Create Free Blog on Blogger: If you want to create a free blog on Blogger, then it is very important to have a Gmail account which means that you have a Gmail ID. Because as I said, this is a Google service and to access any service related to Google, you must have a Gmail ID.

How to Create Blog on Blogger Free ?

If you do not know about blogging at all, you are going to start from zero level, then I would advise you to start with Blogger and then after some time you can shift to WordPress.

Let us now understand step by step how to create a free blog on Blogger?

STEP-1: For this you have to first go to or Here you have to click on CREATE YOUR BLOG.

STEP-2: After clicking on Create New Blog, you have to sign in with your Gmail email ID. As I told above that you cannot create a blog on Blogger without Gmail ID. If you do not have any Gmail ID, then you should first create a Gmail ID. Only after that you can follow all the further steps on blogger.

STEP-5: Now you have to enter a name for your blog. While choosing the name for the blog, it is very important to keep in mind that here you type the same name for the blog that you want to get the domain name for your blog. So first check whether the domain is available with this name or not? Because it is not necessary that the name you have thought of for your blog should be available.

By the way, if you want to create a free blog along with Blogspot sub-domain, then you do not need to take a domain. But it is also true that if after some time your blog starts ranking very well, then a lot of traffic starts coming on it, then it will become your need to buy domain name from your blog name.

And when you want to take a domain from the name of your blog, then you may not get it. So you should have already registered the domain for yourself by spending RS.600-700.

Because if you run a blog under the name of Sub-Domain, then your Unique Blog URL will be something like this:

And if you go with a custom domain then something like this will happen:

Which will be like the URL of a Professional Blog.

How to Create Free Blog on Blogger: After clicking on Next, now you have to set a unique URL for the sub-domain of your blog. Meaning that no one has already created a blog with that URL. Just you also have to enter a unique address for your blog which is available and then click on Next.

In the next step, you enter your name here which will be used as Blog Author. After that click on Finish.

By clicking on Finish, you will have come to the main Dashboard of your Blogger Blog from where you can control your blog such as Posts, Pages, Stats, Comments, Earnings, Layout, Themes, Settings etc. You get all these options in the left side.

You can check your blog by clicking on View blog at the bottom of the Left Side Options, how is your blog looking? Because we have not put any content on this blog so far, there’s nothing here on clicking View blog. are written.

You can write your first blog post by clicking on + NEW POST at the top of the options given in the left side of Blogger Dashboard.

After clicking on + NEW POST, you get to see a interface in front of you.

How to make a new blog post?

  • Write the title of whatever blog post you want to write at the top.
  • There are many tools given below this which will help in customizing your blog post.
  • Now start writing your post in the center screen.
  • On the right side, options have been given to make Blog Post SEO Friendly.
  • After typing the post correctly, you can click on Preview in the top right side to check how your post will look to the visitors?
  • After checking the preview, if everything is fine, then you can make your blog post live by clicking on its Just Next Publish.

So in this way you can create Blogger Par Free Blog through these simple steps. Now just keep working on your blog with constant hard work and keep putting good value for content visitors. As time passes, you will start to understand things better and then you will find it all very easy.

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I hope you must have liked this information “How to Create Free Blog on Blogger”, if you face any problem in this process, then you can ask your point through the comment box below. Trust me, I take great pleasure in answering your questions.

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