How to earn money from blogging in 2024? 10 Best Ways

How to earn money from blogging in 2024? 10 Best Ways: How Online Money Work? Blogging is one of the best ways for this. You can earn money in many ways from blogging. Here I have given 10 such ways to monetize your blog from how to earn money from blog.

Friends, before starting blogging, this thought definitely comes in everyone’s mind that how to earn money from blogging, yes friends, how to earn money from blogging? These are the questions that definitely knock once in the mind of almost every person who wants to earn money online.

Nowadays everyone wants to take their business online, so the trend of online payment is increasing very much. And if we talk about How to earn money from Internet, then only two platforms are the most popular. The first is to earn money from YouTube and the second is to earn money from blogging.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about how to earn money from blogging. There are many ways to earn online from blogging, through which you can make your blog a good online earning source.

How to Monetize Blog? I am going to tell you 10 ways for this. If I talk about any new blogger, then most everyone feels that Google AdSense is the only option to earn money from blogging.

Because about 90% of the people do online earning from their blog only and only from Google AdSense. He either does not think about other methods or he has never tried for them.

How to earn money from blogging ?

But I would like to advise all such bloggers who work day and night on their blog only by relying on Google Adsense that they should not rely only on Google Adsense because if for some reason your Google Adsense account gets suspended. So in such a situation you may have to face a lot of difficulties. Because Google has become very strict about policies nowadays.

But if you have any other option other than Google Adsense to monetize your blog, then you will be able to continue earning your blog through it. That’s why you should keep monetizing from AdSense as well as any other blog monetization option from the beginning.

It is not that everyone is aware of Google AdSense because those who have not yet started their blogging journey and their desire to earn money from blogging, then it is obvious that they may not even know about AdSense. .

So first of all what is Google AdSense and how do I earn from blog through Google AdSense? Will shed some light on this too. And if you know about Google Adsense, then you can scroll down the page a little and move towards another way.

1. How to earn money from blogging through Google AdSense?

As I mentioned earlier in this post that AdSense Platform is the most used to earn money online from blogging. The biggest reason for this is that it is the platform of the most trusted company Google and also the largest online advertising company.

For this you have to create a Google AdSense Account. After this Google reviews your blog, on the basis of which you get the approval of AdSense.

After getting approval, you can apply Google’s Different-Different Ads on your blog. In return, Google gives you money. However, money is not available for placing ads but for Ads Clicks.

Google gives you money in the ratio of 60 and 40. Meaning that 60% of the money Google takes from the Advertiser Company, you and 40% Google keeps it with you. You must read some important posts related to Google AdSense.

2. How to earn money from blogging through Affiliate Marketing?

After Google AdSense, if we talk about the second most used online earning method by bloggers, then it is Affiliate Marketing.

If you help a company in selling its product, then in return you are given some commission by that company. In the language of the internet, it is called Affiliate Marketing.
What is Affiliate Marketing how to earn money with affiliate marketing

You get a Unique Affiliate Link to sell the products of companies. Which you have to link in your blog posts. And by clicking on that link, when a visitor buys that product, then your commission is generated.

Let us understand this as an example, suppose you have given a link to Amazon Affiliate on your blog and after clicking on that link the user buys that product from Amazon, then you will be given some commission from Amazon.

Whatever Blogging Niche your blog is on, you have to join Affiliate Programs related to that. Only then can you be successful in generating good income from Affiliate Marketing.

And yes a very important thing that you should keep in mind to make income from Affiliate Platforms is that you will also read articles on your blog that can convince users to buy your Affiliate Products. Nothing will happen just by joining Affiliate Programs and putting Affiliate Links on the blog.

Here I am giving a list of some very popular Affiliate Programs related to Blogging Niche, which if your blog is also related to Blogging Niche then you can join them.

     Best Hosting Affiliate Programs That You Should Join.

     Best SEO Tools Affiliate Programs You Should Join

  •          SEMrush
  •          LongTail Pro
  •          Ahref
  •          Answer The Public

3. Earn Money From E-Book Selling

You can also earn money from Blog through E-Book Selling. Many popular bloggers also earn a lot through this medium. For example, Anil Agarwal (BloggersPassion), Syed Balkhi (WPbeginners) Harsh Agrawal (Shout Me Loud). All of them sell E-Book on their blog.

Whatever your blogging niche is, prepare an E-Book that provides a good value for the visitors to your blog related to it. For example, if you have Niche Blogging, SEO and WordPress

Like you can create E-Book. Suppose you keep the price of an E-Book at $ 20 and 10 such E-Books are sold from your blog in a month, then you will easily withdraw $ 200 of the month through it. But on your blog, you can make good earning from such E-Books only when your blog is very popular and a lot of visitors come to it.

And yes, another very important thing is that there should be such information in that E-Book that after reading the user can learn something different. He should not feel that his money has been wasted.

4. Selling Own Services

Through blog, you can also earn money from blogging by selling your services to your visitors. Because if you are a Graphic Designer, Web Designer or Web Developer apart from Blogger, then you can use this skill of yours very well in blogging too.

You can design the website of the logo. You can optimize the site of clients such as SEO Optimization, Speed ​​Optimization etc. You can help new bloggers. You can get such orders from your blog itself. In return, you can charge them.

But for this you also need to have some extra time because you have to take special time for them to talk to the users or clients and to understand the needs related to their site.

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5. Monetize Blog with Sponsored Content

When a company contacts you for writing posts or advertising related to its product, services or brand and gives you money in return, then such an offer is called Sponsorship and such content is called Sponsored Content.

When a blog becomes very popular, then you can also Blogging Se Paise Kama Sakte Ho through Sponsored Content on it. If a lot of traffic comes to your blog, then you can earn big money from Sponsored Content.

Most of the big brands resort to sponsorship for their product promotion. When the blog is popular, you start getting many such offers through email, which give you money in exchange for promoting their products or services on the blog.

For example, if you charge $100 for a month for a Sponsored Post or Ads and you also get 5-6 such offers in a month, then $ 500 to $ 600 then you can earn only from Sponsorship.

6. Earn money from blogging by selling online courses.

Like I told above in this post that you can earn money from blog through E-Book Selling too, but if you cannot create any such E-Book of your own then you can share other online courses available in the market on your blog. But you can also earn by selling.

According to your Blogging Niche, you can promote many Online Courses and E-Books available on Store and Udemy through your blog, which in return you get commission from them. However, this is also Affiliate Marketing in a way, for which you have to join their Affiliate Network first.

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7. Earn Money From Freelancing

Freelancing is also a good way to earn money from blogging. Although for this you have your own blog, it is not necessary at all. You can do freelancing for other blogs. There are many bloggers who do blogging not for themselves but for others.

Big blogs and websites do not write content themselves, get others to write content and give them money in return. If you want, you can talk to them according to the content or even according to the month (salary). You also get money from 25 paise per word to 1 rupee per word in the market.

If suppose you get .50 paise per word and you write any high quality content of 1000 words, then you will get 500 rupees for it only. Apart from writing blog posts, you can also earn money by solving problems like Blog Optimization, Google Ads Placement, Design for other bloggers.

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8 . Sell ​​AD Space

You can also earn money from blogging by giving Ad Space to Advertisers on your blog. Don’t get it! Let’s understand.

Whatever place you feel is appropriate in the Sidebar, Header or Footer of your blog, you can give it on rent to another company. Promote in that place through your banners.

Suppose you charge $ 300 every month from a company to display your ad in that space for a year, then imagine yourself, you will continue to get $ 300 every month for a whole year. You don’t need to do anything more.

But you can also use this method when a lot of traffic comes to your blog. No company will agree to this deal without traffic.

9. Earn Money From Blog By Guest Posting

This method is also used by some big bloggers to earn money from blog. For this, you have to create a Guest Post Page on your blog and add all the necessary Terms & Conditions that you want to tell the users such as

Which Blog Niche do you want Related Guest Post from? What will that user benefit from guest posting? How to accept Guest Post. How much and according to what will you charge for a guest post? e.t.c.

But for this also your blog should be quite popular on the internet. Although this method is not very effective because you will find many such blogs on the internet which accept Free Guest Post.

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10. Through Other Advertising Platforms

In this post, I told the first way to earn money from blogging through Google AdSense Ads which is the most used method but if for some reason you do not get Google AdSense Approval then you do not need to be upset. You can monetize your blog by applying in other advertising companies like AdSense like


2. PropellerAds

3. Adversal

4. Infolinks

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My Last Word:

So friends, it is not that only Google AdSense is the only support that is used to make income from blog, apart from this you can also use the above mentioned methods. By the way, if the medium through which you can earn the most money in all these and that too in a very short time then it is Affiliate Marketing.

You can use both Affiliate Marketing, and AdSense methods simultaneously on the blog. I myself have monetized this blog through both these options. But remember that earning will not happen only by monetizing the blog, if you want to become a successful blogger , then you will have to work hard day and night for this.

You must have a passion for blogging. In the beginning, you do not have to think about money, just keep putting good high quality content on the blog. Only when you write well then visitors will come to the blog and read. And the more visitors you get, the more your earnings will also increase.

I hope this information “How To Earn Money From Blogging​​​​​​​?” You would have liked it! If you want to ask anything else related to this, then you can write your point through the comment box below, I try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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