WordPress vs Wix – What is Best for Blogging 2024? Best Blogging Platform

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Are you thinking of making a website but you are not able to decide properly on this topic, which of the two Wix VS WordPress Website Building Platform will be the right and right decision for you to create a website?

By the way, apart from these two, there are many other website builders in the Internet Market, but among all of them, WordPress and Wix are the most popular in the Internet world.

In this detailed article related to Wix VS WordPress, today we will know about the main difference between these two and will also highlight the Pros and Cons of both. Hope this article will help you to understand the main differences of WordPress vs Wix in depth.

NOTE: For your more information, I would like to tell you that WordPress also has two main categories WordPress.com and WordPress.org, so in this article we are going to talk about WordPress.org VS Wix and not WordPress. About the .com Platform.

We have divided this comparison of Wix VS WordPress into the following main differences:-

1. Wix VS WordPress Cost:

While choosing the Website Builder Platform for yourself, the total cost of building a website is a very factor. The total cost related to the development and maintenance of the website completely depends on your requirements towards the site.

Let us understand what is the difference in cost in building a new website on both Wix and WordPress.


Website Building Platform The free version of Wix allows you to develop only a basic website. But its free version has two main flaws.

First: Wix displays its own brand advertising at the top and bottom of your site.
Second: You cannot use Custom Domain Name for your site, so if you create a free website on it, then the Site Address will be something like this – username.wix.com/sitename

Apart from this, with its Basic Plan, you cannot configure Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. in your site. To connect your domain name, remove Wix advertisements and add special features, you must take one of their premium plans.

You get different storage and bandwidth limitations in each plan offered by Wix. You can choose Monthly and Yearly Payment Options for this.

wix premium plans

Inside Wix’s best value plan comes its Unlimited plan which costs ($12.50 / month) and if you want to create an eCommerce store website on Wix then it is available with its eCommerce plan ($16.50 / month). Apart from this, its most premium plan is available for users with VIP ($ 24 / month) price.

If you want to make your website on Wix Platform, then while choosing these plans, it is also important to keep in mind that the prices of the plans shown here do not include any app that you can use while creating your website. Would like to use it for your site from the Wix App Store. For that you will need to pay separately.


WordPress is an open source website building platform that is available for free download and use for all users. WordPress is like a software that you need to take separate web hosting and domain name to install and build a website on it.

There are many companies on the Internet for web hosting and domain names. The total cost for web hosting depends on the need of your site and your budget.

Apart from this, if your budget is fine then you can go with Managed WordPress Hosting Provider such as A2Hosting which costs ₹ 910/Month. If you use WordPress Premium Themes and Plugins for your site, then this can increase the cost of your WordPress site.

However, for WordPress users, there are thousands of such plugins and themes available inside WordPress’s Free Official Theme Directory and Free Official Plugin Directory that you can use absolutely free of charge for the best customization of your WP site. Whereas with Wix this is not the case.


According to the hosting cost of different web hosting providers, the plans of Wix seem quite expensive. And in Wix there are no free apps for customization of your site, whereas in WordPress you will get all this (Thrmes + Plugins) absolutely free. So if you look at the money, here it is more beneficial for WordPress users than Wix. Winner – WordPress

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2. Ease of Use

It is not possible to hire a web designer and web developer in everyone’s budget, so many beginners choose Wix and WordPress to build a website. Because both WordPress and Wix platforms allow you to create a website without any coding knowledge.


There are many powerful and easy-to-use tools available to create a website on Wix. While signing up on Wix, you are asked what type of website you want to create, according to which you are redirected to the template collection of the website related to it.

Wix’s User Interface is very simple, which you do not need to be very technical to understand. With its drag and drop feature, you can place any web element anywhere on your site. Which is a very amazing feature for any new user and non technical person.


WordPress comes with a visual editor to write and edit content for your website or blog. Along with this, option is also available to edit the theme in WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) environment through the theme customizer of WordPress.

Although WordPress does not have Drag and Drop Page Builder feature by default like Wix, it requires technical learning and understanding of different sections of WordPress such as Navigation Menus, Theme Customizer, Visual Post Editor, etc.

Using WordPress is not as easy as Wix. Its user interface is a bit technical compared to Wix. It needs a little technical learning for users.


As far as the easy to use interface is concerned, Wix wins here. Because you do not have to spend much time to understand the interface of Wix, just with its drag and drop feature you can create a website.

On the contrary, WordPress needs to understand it a little before making a website for any new user. Before starting any website on WordPress, you also have to install some necessary plugins, whereas with Wix this is not the case at all.

Although you can add Drag and Drop feature to WordPress through some third party page builders such as (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Page Builder by SiteOrigin etc.) just like Wix, but for that you need to have some technical knowledge of WordPress. Winner – Wix

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3. Design and Layout:

Its good design and layout is an important role in the success of any site. The design of your site should not only be good to look but its interface should also be user friendly.


On Wix Platform, you get 500+ Pre-Made Templates to give a nice design look to your website which are fully Responsive Templates for both Computer and Mobile. All Wix Templates come with HTML5 Coding Key Support.

You can rearrange and customize the selected template through Wix’s built-in tool. In its Official Template Design Gallery, you will get the layout for every type of website such as Business, eCommerce, Hobbies, Arts & crafts, Personal, etc.

But here the biggest negative point of Wix is ​​that once you choose a template / theme for your website, you cannot change it. You can edit and customize it as much as you want through its built-in tool but once selected cannot be changed.


You will find about 7 thousand + Free and Paid Themes to use in the Official Theme Directory of WordPress. In Free WordPress Themes you get limited Support and Features whereas Paid Themes provide Unlimited Support and Features to your site.

Themes suitable for every type of small and large website are available in WordPress. Through which you can create the largest eCommerce site from your personal site.

Most of the WiredPress themes come with the support of their own customization settings for customization. Apart from this, you are also free to add new styling features to the theme through the thousands of Styling Plugins available in WordPress’s Free Plugin Directory.

By the way, within the WordPress software installed in your hosting, you get to use all types of free themes of WordPress, but if you want, download Directly Free Themes from the official site of WordPress.org and use them for your site. You can

Apart from this, you can go to Theme Store for Paid Themes like Themify, CSSIgniter, StudioPress etc. WordPress also allows you to use a custom theme.


WordPress has a lot more theme templates and customization options available than Wix. Like Wix, there is no restriction to switch themes in WordPress, you can change the theme of your website as many times as you want.

In Wix, you can only use your own Official Templates for the site, whereas in WordPress apart from its Official Theme Directory, you can download the theme from the Third Party Theme Store and use it for your website. Winner: WordPress

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4. Plugins and Apps

Plugins and Apps are third party extensions that are used to add extra features to the website. These are called Apps on Wix Platform and Plugins on WordPress Platform. Let us see by comparing the capabilities of the Apps and Plugins available on both the platforms separately.


You get around 200+ apps to use on the Wix App Store. Through these apps, you can add many features to your website such as Contact Forms, Gallery, Comments, Social Media Buttons, Email Marketing etc.

Most of these apps are free and lite versions. Apart from this, there are some apps premium which come with Monthly Payment Plan. Nevertheless, if seen, there are very limited apps available on the Wix App Store, from which only some common features can be added to the website.


WordPress.org has more than 55,000+ plugins in its Official Plugin Directory, which you can use for free for customization of your site. There are also many premium plugins that you can download from third party sites and use them in your WordPress site.

Plugins allow you to do limitless customization on your site. Plugins are available in WordPress for all types of site functions such as creating a contact form, creating a membership website, online store, social media features, image gallery etc.

In WordPress, you are free to do whatever you want on your site through plugins. According to the features, you can choose both free and premium WordPress plugins.

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Wix lags far behind even here compared to WordPress. There are a lot of limited apps to use on Wix App Store which can give you limited functions whereas 55,000+ plugins available on WordPress give you the freedom to do anything. Although the Wix App Store library is constantly increasing, but even if you compare, it is not visible even near WordPress. Winner – WordPress

5. Wix Vs WordPress – Blog Post Writing Feature:

In the beginning, most of the new bloggers think that which are the easiest blogging platforms for blogging, with whom should I start? By the way, a new blog can be started on both Wix and WordPress. Let us see what features are available on whom according to Blog Post Writing and Editing?


Wix users get a very simple editor to write and edit blog posts, in which all the features that are available in a common editor such as Categories and Tags, Photos and Videos, Archives, etc.

But Wix does not have its own default comment system, as in WordPress, the Facebook Comment feature is used in it for the comments coming on your blog posts.

Apart from this, some important features such as Featured images, Backdating posts, Creating private posts etc. are also not part of Wix Editor.


WordPress’s Blog Writing interface comes with Block Editor (Gutenberg). It not only has all those common blog editor features that you get in Wix, but also has all the important features that were missing in Wix. Such as Featured images, Backdating posts, Creating private posts etc.

In its Blog Post Editor, you can add a lot more Advance Functionality through Plugins which play a very important role while writing Blog Post.


There are very few and common features in Wix’s Post Editor. Whereas in WordPress Block Editor Gutenberg all those advanced level editor tools are available which are necessary to write any SEO Friendly Blog Post and User Friendly Content.
Winner – WordPress

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6. Wix VS WordPress eCommerce Comparison:

If you want to open an online eCommerce store, then first of all you have to choose a right eCommerce Platform. To create an online store website, let’s see what are the differences between both Wix and WordPress website building platforms:


If a user wants to open an online store on Wix, then it is possible only with Paid plans of Wix. With the free plan you cannot run any eCommerce store. If you create an online eCommerce website on Wix with Paid Plan, then PayPal and Authorize.net are the only two mediums you get to take online payment from customers.

You can also take the help of some third party apps to sell things online, but for them you have to pay a lot of monthly charges. According to a website with an online store, you get very limited payment gateways and functionality in Wix.


It is very easy to create an online store website on WordPress. More than 42% of online websites on the Internet are on WordPress. For this there is no separate paid plan on WordPress for which you have to pay. You just have to spend money for your web hosting, which is an essential thing to make any type of site on WordPress.

You get a lot of eCommerce plugins on WordPress that you can use to make selling your online products easier. To take online payment, you are free to use many payment gateways such as PayPal, UPI, Wire Transfer, Net Banking etc. on WordPress.

You will find many eCommerce themes to use in the Official Theme Directory of WordPress. Along with this, you can also use eCommerce themes of your choice for your online store from third party websites such as Themeforest etc.


If you want to open an online store with a proper and all advanced functionality, then choosing WordPress will be the right decision for you. You get more Flexibility, Freedom, and Choices in WordPress than in Wix.
Winner – WordPress

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7. Data Portability Options in Wix vs WordPress

Data Portability allows you to move the entire content of your website to another place. That means transferring the entire content of your website from one platform to another. Let us see how much flexibility you get to move full site data in both Wix and WordPress?


You get very limited options in Wix to transfer the entire data of your website to any other platform. You can only export Blog Post in XML format. You have to manually download the pages, images, videos etc. of the site.

According to Wix’s documentation, all the content of your site is hosted on Wix’s servers, so Wix does not allow you to transfer it elsewhere.

That is why it is a bit difficult task to transfer the content of a website built on Wix to another content management system at the time of need.


It is very easy to move the content of a website built on WordPress to any other platform. In WordPress, you get One-Click Exporter by default, through which you can export the entire content of the site in one go in XML format.

You can also take a complete backup of your site, for this you will also find many Website Backup Plugins on WordPress.

Being a Self Hosted Platform, you can also download the entire database manually from Hosting cPanel so that if you want, you can also move from your current Web Hosting Provider to any other Web Hosting Provider.


WordPress gives you the freedom to move your site however you want on any platform, whereas Wix works within a few limitations.
Winner: WordPress

Post Conclusion

According to the differences mentioned above, WordPress has been ahead of Wix in almost every field. For a beginner, learning WordPress is a bit technical in comparison to Wix in the beginning, but if you give it some time, then it is a right decision according to the long term.

We hope that this article “Wix vs WordPress – What is Best for Blogging? Pros and Cons” must have been helpful for you in choosing a right blogging platform. It might have helped you to understand Wix VS WordPress Pros and Cons!

How did you like the information given in this article, do tell us through comment. And still you have any questions related to Wix VS WordPress, then you can also ask through the comment box given below.

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