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What should be a Best Blogging Niche for my Blog? On which topic should I start blogging? What can be the popular blog niches to start blogging? This is an All-in-One Detailed Blog Post to answer all your such questions.

Do you want to start a Blog? But you just do not understand that with which blogging niche should I start my blog? Because it is the most pressing topic for anyone before starting blogging for the first time.

And even if you have a little knowledge of your blog Niche Idea, then this question will click in your mind again and again whether this blogging idea will actually work properly or not? Are you not?

Do not think that How to Choose Best Blog Niche? You are the only one worried about this, before starting blogging, almost every blogger does a lot of hard work about his blog subject.

There must be many such Blogging Niche ideas in your mind too, but starting blogging with any one is the most difficult task. To make this difficult task easier for you, I have written this detailed article related to selecting Blog Niche.

Even if you do not have any idea about your blogging subject right now, but if you want to come in the field of blogging, then do not take tension at all because after reading this whole article you must have decided a niche for your blog or Then you will get so much idea that I can start my blog with this blog niche.

So if you are serious about the fact that I also want to do blogging, then this article is very important for your upcoming blogging journey.

Why Niche Blogging is Necessary?

Generally, bloggers do only Niche Blogging while starting a blog. But as time passes and articles related to their knowledge have been written, then they start writing articles outside their blog niche. Many times bloggers go astray even when the number of visitors is low or the income is low.

There are two major benefits of doing Niche Blogging. like –

Visitors related to your Blog Niche get trust in you. And when there is a problem related to your Niche, they read your blog. Because they consider you an expert of that Niche.
Advertisers related to your Blog Niche only give more priority to your blog when the budget is less. Due to which you earn more.

Which Blog Niche do Advertisers pay more for?

Advertisers have different Cost Per Click (CPC) on different niches. Some bloggers choose to choose a niche with high CPC even though they are not interested. But they are not able to stay on that niche for long and stop blogging.

Because the more profitable the niche is, the more the competition is also there. So according to me it is not appropriate to choose Blog Niche on the basis of CPC. Read more How to Choose Best Blog Niche

What are Blog Niches? Or who is called Niche Blogging?

How to Choose Best Blog Niche: Every blog has a special article area, which means that for every blog there is a topic related to which most articles are found on that blog. As all the posts on Technology Blog are related to Tech and if there is a Health Blog, then all the posts are written on it keeping health in mind.

So if explained in very simple words, then that category of any blog, around which most of the articles of that blog are there and keeping that particular field in mind, all the articles are written, it is called Blog Category or Blog Niche. Huh. That is, the primary category of any blog is the niche of that blog. And handling your blog in this way is called Niche Blogging.

If you look at this blog of ours, then you get most of the articles related to Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Hosting, Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online, which are all sub-categories of Blogging in a way. With which you can say that the Niche of this blog is Blogging.

Why is it important to choose a right Niche for Blog?

How to Choose Best Blog Niche: After starting any blog, you can convey your thoughts and ideas to the people in a written form in a digital way. Now it is not even that a person should be interested in every field. Some like to read and talk about technology, some are interested in health and some in politics.

Similarly, everyone has their own area of ​​interest, according to which they also search on the Internet. Now it is not so that you create a blog and start writing all kinds of articles on it, by doing this you will not be able to target any type of audience properly, nor will you build trust in their heart towards your blog. Will find

Now let’s assume that a user has read an X category post on your blog and also subscribed to the blog through newsletter, but after that you put a Y category post on your blog, then does it have a little in that post? Would be interested? Not at all.

He will not read that post at all and his User Experience will also get spoiled which will never allow your blog to come under the category of a successful blog.

That’s why it is necessary that you start your blogging with Niche Blogging. So that you can be successful in targeting only one type of audience and whenever a user comes to your blog, he can read other posts apart from just one post because all of them will be according to his interest. Here are some more Niche Blogging Benefits:

  • When your blog is based on any one niche, then your Radars and Google itself also start treating you like an expert in that specific field.
  • When you do Niche Blogging keeping in mind a Targeted Audience, then the traffic of Returning Users coming to the blog is very high because all the posts on the blog are of their use.
  • When you have targeted traffic on your blog, then you can monetize your blog according to their interest, where Affiliate Marketing is a Highly Profitable Monetization Method. next read How to Choose Best Blog Niche

How To Make The Best Blogging Niche Selection?

A keyword is needed to write any blog post because keywords are the most effective factors for the ranking of your blog and that keyword also depends on what is your blogging niche? That’s why you should choose your blog niche very carefully.

If seen, there can be two main reasons for a person to start blogging:

  • 1st. Blogging can be your passion and interest.
  • 2nd. Along with blogging being your passion + interest, you also want to make online income from it.

Passion and Interest

How to Choose Best Blog Niche: Blogging If you are only Passion and you like to write but it does not make any sense for money, then you can write about the topic which you like. You can also write about your daily routine, use it as your personal diary and keep it private by not keeping it public.

Passion Plus Interest and Money

In blogging, where the desire for money with passion and interest is entered, then it becomes necessary for you to start with a Niche Blogging.

In the first condition, you were writing only for yourself, that no one should read, it did not make any sense to you because there was no factor like money there. But in this condition, you would like a lot of traffic to come to your blog and read whatever you have written.

Only when the traffic will come, then there will be income from the blog, will it not? But if you enter any blogging niche without thinking, then you may have to face a lot of problems later on and you may not be able to continue your blogging journey.

Do not start blogging lightly, it is not easy at all, in this you have to work hard day and night with a right Niche to make your identity and blogging your career.

Therefore, if you want to earn money along with having passion and interest in blogging, then it becomes very important for you to read the post because after reading this I can say with certainty that you must have finalized which one you want. Want to move forward with Blogging Niche?

Which is the first step of blogging to keep your passion and interest in blogging for long term and for recurring income. So how to choose a right Blogging Niche? For this stay tuned with this post.

5 Best Tips to Select Blogging Niche:

Friends in this topic How to Choose Best Blog Niche: This is the part of this entire post which will decide the importance of this post because you are going to get answers to these questions in this part of this entire post.

Follow the main 5 topics given below carefully to select Blogging Niche:

Knowledge and Interest

Remember, whatever blogging niche you choose for your blog, you should have good knowledge in it and you must also have interest in that field. It is very important to have both these things together, otherwise you will not be able to keep pace with blogging for a long time. Now let’s talk about interest first,

  • Which topic do you search the most on the Internet? Or what kind of videos do you like to watch the most on YouTube? (For example: Technology, Motivational, Traveling, Stock Market, Designing, Sports, Health etc.)
  • What do you talk about the most with your friends or what do your friends consider you as a PRO?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Any one topic in which you think that yes, I can talk to someone about this for a long time and can also explain it to others well, what are they?
  • Whenever you get free time, how do you spend it?

When you consider these points given above, you will probably get different answers in your mind. In such a situation, you can also be a little confused, so keep writing the answer for each point in a coffee. In the end, it will help you to choose a good Blogging Niche from these answers.

Do Monthly Traffic Analysis

Now check the search volume one by one of the topics you have according to the answers given above. Because if you select such a blog niche, which is searched a lot on the Internet, then there will be no use of working on such a blogging niche.

You can use Google’s Free Keyword Research Tool “Keyword Planner” to do Search Traffic Analysis. When I checked topics like Travel, Fashion, Stock Market, Technology and How to in Keyword Planner, you can see in the image that all different Monthly Search Volumes were seen.

For example in this post I have chosen a blog Niche Travel and you can also see in the image that Monthly Searches of Travel Tips are from 10K to 100K. And let’s assume that this is the best of a Best Blog Niche Ideas for me or for you too.

Can you write 50+ posts on this blog niche?

How to Choose Best Blog Niche: But now one of the biggest questions here is to ask yourself whether you have a good knowledge about this blog niche you have chosen, will you be able to do 50+ Quality Blog Post this blogging in the coming time without any trouble. Can you write related to Niche?

If yes, then now you can try and analyze some such keywords related to this niche on which you would like to write a post.

Income Way – How to Monetize Blog?

Now whatever niche you have chosen for blogging, is it right for you to earn online from blog, this is also a very important question before taking any decision.

Because if you also want to earn money from blogging and you have selected a blog niche which does not have many options for blog monetization such as Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship etc. Then you also have to pay attention to this aspect of Blogging Niche.

And if you do not want to make affiliate income from blog, then you can monetize your blog through Google AdSense. But still, if you choose such a blogging niche in which you can monetize the blog in multiple ways, then it is very good for the future.

Because if for some reason you do not get Google AdSense Approval or the AdSense Account gets suspended, then even in that case you will be able to do Online Earnings from your blog through Affiliate Marketing.

Whichever blog niche you have chosen, open other blogs related to it and see how they are doing online earning from their blog?

1. Are Adsense Ads displaying on those blogs?
2. Are they selling any Courses and eBooks through Blog?
3. Has he also written some review articles on his blog? In which Affiliate Links are engaged.

So according to the first condition, you can earn money by placing ads on your blog with the help of Google AdSense. According to the second condition, you may not in the beginning but later on according to the interest of your audience, you can create any courses and eBooks, which you can generate a lot of revenue even by selling.

And in the third condition, you can also join those Affiliate Programs about which reviews are written on other blogs and you can also monetize your blog in the same way with Affiliate Links.

So friends, if you want to start a new blog in this way, you can start by finding Best topic for Blogging. If you are still having trouble in choosing a perfect Blogging Niche for yourself, then to help you further, I have given some more 70+ Best Blogging Niche Ideas below.

Even out of these, if you think that I have good knowledge on this niche too, then you can start your blogging journey with that too.

70+ Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2022 for Blog

FOOD Blog (01-07)

How to Choose Best Blog Niche: Who doesn’t eat food now? Some like to eat food and some like to cook. You must have seen hundreds of such YouTube Channels that teach only and only to make new recipes and whose Millions also have Subscribers.

So why can’t you do this on the blog. You can also start your own blog related to food. And if you create a YouTube channel with the same name along with the blog, then you will benefit from both the sides. In Food Blogging Niche, you can start with some such Sub-Blogging Niches:

1. Wine
2. Recipes
3. Fine Dining
4. Food Culture
5. Food Discovery
6. Restaurant Reviews
7. Food Photography / Food Videography

Art Niche (Art) : 8 – 18

If you have any artistic achievement and you feel that your achievement can be useful to others. So you can create a successful blog by expressing the nuances of Niche and your experience in it. Major Art Niches are like –

8 : Dancing
9 : Drawing
10 : Hand-Writing Building / Calligraphy
11: Iron Work
12 : Knitting
13 : Painting : Water Painting / Oil Painting
14 : Photography
15 : Sewing
15 : Singing
16 : Toy Making
17 : Videography
18 : Wood Work

Fashion Blog (19-22)

Fashion is a very demanding topic in today’s time. Almost every human being is associated with fashion. So if you have a lot of knowledge and interest in this field, then you can start your blogging with it too. This is also a Best Affiliate Blogging Niche for Affiliate Marketing. In this, you can start a blog with some such Micro Niches Blog Categories such as:

19. Wedding Fashion
20. Girls Fashion
21. Boys Fashion
22. Kids Fashion

Lifestyle Blog (23-30)

Nowadays, the way of life has changed completely as compared to before. In this blog you can write about your daily routine about your lifestyle. Which can also work towards a Multi Niche. Because you can cover your daily routine as well as your food, fashion. So if you can handle such a blog well then it can also be a great Blogging Niche.

23. Culture
24. Religion
25. Beauty
26. Parenting
27. Relationship Advice
28. Mental health awareness
29. Professional Development
30. Personal Development / Self-improvement

Business Niche (Business) : 31-39

If you do any business? Or you have done business studies and have experience in taking decisions related to business in a company.

So you can give better tips to users who start business or who are doing business by creating a business blog. Business Blog can have specialization. like –

31 : Business Ideas
32 : Business Tips
33 : Entrepreneur Startup
34 : Human Resource Management
35 : Marketing Management
36 : Production Management
37 : Promotion and Advertising
38 : Project Management
39 : Sales Management

FITNESS & SPORTS Blog (40-43)

A healthy body is the biggest wealth for any human being, don’t you believe it? That’s why humans keep looking for new ways on the Internet to keep themselves healthy. Well, Fitness and Sports can be two different niches, but even if you create the same blog, there is no problem.

There are also many options available in Affiliate Marketing for this type of Blogging Niche. You can sell Affiliate Products related to Fitness and Sports. You can start a blog with the following categories of Micro Niches in it:

40. Yoga
41. Running
42. Weight Loss
43. Personal Training etc.


Health is also a very Trending and Money Making Blogging Niche. You can make people aware of their health in this. You can write on Health related Tips and Tricks. You can also create a Health Blog by categorizing it into different Micro Niches such as

44. Diets
45. Skincare
46. Meditation
47. Herbal remedies
48. boosting confidence
49. Self-care and self-worth
50. Nutrition and supplements etc.

TECHNOLOGY Blog (51-57)

If there are most blogs on any niche on the Internet, then it is Technology Blogging Niche. The illusion of technology is spread everywhere in the world. If you are also a Pure Techie person then you do not need to think about any other Blogging Niche because Technology Micro Blogging Niche has immense possibilities for writing Blog Post such as:

51. Latest Gadgets
52. Mobile Tips & Tricks
53. Internet Tips & Tricks
54. Computer Tips & Tricks
55. Computer Software Reviews and How To’s
56. Android and iOS Apps (Like Best, Top, Free, Paid, Compare etc.)
57. Gadgets Reviews (Smartphones, Computers, Home Appliances etc.)

News Blog (58-65)

This is such a blogging niche in which there is never a shortage of content? Because like a news channel, you have to publish the currently running news through your blog. By the way, every news is news for a News Blog, whether it is from any Niche, but still if you want, you can cover all the news on any particular Sub-Niche.

58. Health
59. Politics
60. Science
61. Celebrity
62. Business
63. Technology
64. Entertainment

65. Industry Specific etc.

If you have any such skill in whose knowledge you are a PRO, then you can start your Blogging Niche with that too. Whatever comes to you, through your blog, you can share that knowledge with your visitors.

SKILLS Blog (66-72)

With this type of blog, you can be successful very soon because you have full knowledge of that thing, you do not need to read or write from anywhere. You are the expert of that Niche of yours. Some of these types of niches can come in Self-Skills such as:

66. App Development
67. Graphic Designing
68. Fashion Designing
69. Computer Learning
70. Software Development
71. Video and Photo Editing etc.

72. Coding (HTML, PHP, JAWA etc.).

Read more article:


So friends, out of all the above How to Choose Best Blog Niche, in whichever niche you feel that you can do it till PRO level, then you can do Keyword Research on that Niche in the way mentioned in this post. Start your Blogging Journey.

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