How to Increase CPC of Google Adsense? Best Tips 2024

How to Increase CPC Rate of Google Adsense? Best Tips 2024 – When Google Adsense is approved, there is no happiness as much as looking at the CPC, because how low the CPC of Adsense is that this question always keeps on running in the mind that how to improve the CPC of Adsense. Despite writing quality content, Adsense’s CPC is not as high as we expect. Whenever a blogger searches on Google that “how to improve CPC of Adsense”, it seems that the career of blogging is on the verge of ending. We get very little from what we expect from Adsense and the reason for this is only the content of your blog.

Today we will tell you all the reasons due to which the CPC of your Adsense is so low, and you can easily increase the CPC of your Adsense by making some changes in your blog.

How to increase CPC of Google Adsense?

By making some small mistakes, your Adsense CPC keeps on decreasing and you get very low CPC (0.01$). Follow the suggestion given below and improve your CPC.

1. Niche of Your Blog – Select Profitable Niche

Whenever someone thinks of creating his own blog, he starts writing articles on many topics on his blog and this is the biggest reason why Adsense CPC on your blog is very low. We told in our previous article that how important is its niche for a blog.

Your blog earning depends on your blog topic itself. If you publish articles related to health, then write only on health topics. It is better to write articles related to the same topic on your blog than writing articles on many topics like – health, technology, relationship, parenting, education etc.

But if you have already written articles on many topics on your blog, then you have to monitor that visitors come to your blog to read which topic. This will let you know which topic is performing best on your blog. Now you have to focus on the same topic and publish articles on it.

You can monitor the top posts of your blog with the help of Analytics, and find out which articles people never read. Suppose you have published 1000 articles on your blog, out of which no one reads about 200 articles, then you delete these articles or modify them, because the article which no one reads, such article is of no use.

Always try that your blog belongs to the same topic, due to which the ranking and CPC of your blog can be improved.

2. Content that Google does not like – Don’t Post

If you are putting such content on your blog that Google does not like, then the Adsense CPC of your blog will be low. Such as – information about hacking, copyright material, adult content, gambling, wrong information etc. Google never admires such articles and due to which your Adsense CPC is low.

So make your blog family friendly so that people of any age group can read your article. If your blog has content that contains hacking, gambling, adult content, copyright image, then you will have to modify your article.

3. Do not use Adult Image

Many bloggers use adult image in their article to make it eye catching, due to which their CPC is reduced. By using adult image, your CPC will be reduced as well as your Adsense may also be disabled.

In order to get more likes and shares, you can get your Adsense account closed. Do not do this, never use an adult image in your blog article and if you have done so, then immediately remove those pictures from your blog post.

4. Do not post article on useless topic at all

If you publish content like shayari, whatsapp status, image gallery, jokes, wishes, sms on your blog then your Adsense CPC will be less. Many people publish such content on their blog which is used only for entertainment, Adsense CPC is less in such content.

Four years ago today, I had published many motivational articles on this blog, but in order to improve traffic, I started publishing articles related to whatsapp status, jokes also. The traffic of my blog got improved but Adsense CPC decreased.

We only need to focus on how to improve our CPC and not the traffic.

5. Avoid changing the location of the ad again and again

Your Adsense CPC is low even after repeatedly changing the location of the ad unit. If you do, don’t do it. Because it takes about 7 days for an ad to perform well. You can monitor Adsense ad unit and see which ad unit is performing well. But you have to monitor it for 7 days, due to frequent change of ad unit, the performance of your ad becomes weak, due to which only low CPC ads are displayed on your blog. Due to low CPC ads, your Adsense CPC is low. So do not change the ad location again and again.

6. Changing the Theme of Your Blog

Theme works to give a unique look to your blog, if you are not satisfied with your theme then you will change it, and use another theme, and after some time the third one. Many bloggers keep changing the theme of their blog frequently, due to which it has a bad effect on their Adsense ad.

By changing the theme again and again, the quality of your Adsense ad starts decreasing and low CPC ad display starts, and because of this your Adsense CPC decreases. So try not to change your theme again and again.

7. Having more Ad than Content

There are many bloggers who keep displaying more ads than content in their blog posts. Doing this increases the chances of invalid click, due to which your Adsense CPC is reduced. If you do the same on your blog then your Adsense CPC will be less. Therefore, keeping in mind the content of your blog, get Adsense ads displayed.

8. Check Adsense Policy Center

Many times it happens that we publish an article that does not follow the terms & conditions of Google Adsense, due to which Adsense ads are not displayed on those articles. In such a situation, Google Adsense tells you through email that you modify your article so that Adsense ad can be displayed.

In such a situation, you have to open your Adsense account and check which page of your blog is affected, you will have to modify that page of yours.

The effect of all these affected pages is on your Adsense CPC, so always keep checking the policy center in your Adsense account, and modify or delete it whenever any page is affected.

9. Creating a Relationship Blog

The CPC of a relationship blog is less, if you have also created a relationship blog, then your Adsense CPC will be 0.01-0..03 $. Adsense CPC never improves in Relationship blog.

My Last World:

All these reasons affect Adsense CPC and we have to do something to improve Adsense CPC. You should also implement our given points on your blog so that your Adsense CPC gets improved. If you have any questions related to Adsense, then definitely tell us through comment.

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