What is Adsense and How Doe’s it Work ?

What is Adsense and How Doe’s it Work ?:Who does not want to be rich, but being rich is not so easy. If there is hard work then there is success, and if there is success then there is fame and money. So to earn money you have to work hard. Many people are also earning money online, and their earning is so much that they leave their job and give full time to their blog or their website.

How so? Can I earn money from website or blog? If yes then what to do? How to start? There are many such questions, to find the answer to which Google searches, I did too, and I also got to know how, when and what should be done.

To earn money online, it is very important that you are in front of the world, that means the world likes your idea and experience. But how can it happen that the world knows you, the simple answer is ‘website and blog’.

Today there are many people who are earning so much money through their website and blog that you will not believe it. India’s top blogger is Shri Amit Agarwal ji, he earns more than 15 lakh rupees every month.

What to do if you have a website or blog and you want to earn money through it. Today we are going to tell you about Google Adsense, you can earn money through Adsense, so let’s know about Adsense.

What is Adsense?

15 years ago Google launched a program called Adsense. Adsense is paying its customers for the last 15 years.

Adsense is an advertising service that earns money by advertising the advertiser’s advertisement and gives money to the publishers. A bit confusing didn’t you?

OK, listen to a short story. I am a businessman and opened a shop for my business which is full of girl’s things, dress, cosmetic product, shoe, ladies bag etc. My shop is doing great. I have an uncle, Vupul, who publishes new products in the market, or rather, the product manufacturer gets the publicity of his product from Vupul. Now Vupul comes to me with the product and publicizes the product by placing it in my shop or putting up a banner because many people come to my shop.

Vupul keeps some of the money he earns and gives it to me. So friends, I earned from my shop because many people come to my shop.

In the same way shop is our website where many people come to visit our website. Vupul is Google Adsense which advertises us to publish. So you must have understood that what is Adsense, now let us know what does Adsense do?

What does Adsense do?

Adsense only gives ad which will appear on your website, it is not just that Adsense knows which ad will be suitable for which website, like if your website is for boys then ad related to boy’s will be given in your website, if your website If it is only for girls, then Adsense will only give ads related to girls on your website, and if there is a website for children, then ads with children will be given in your website.

Adsense also monitors the clicks on any ad seen by your visitors. Winning more people will come to your website, more will be your earning.

Adsense is best

Google Adsense is the best way to earn money online, you can make your dreams come true through Adsense, but to make every dream come true, it is necessary to have hard work, patience and dedication, and changing the destiny is in your hands, Whatever you want, it will happen if there is truth in your wish. No work is difficult, just have courage.

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