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Anna Stubblefield was a philosophy professor at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. Her parents both held PhDs in special education and were early practitioners of facilitated communication (FC), a technique claimed to aid communication for people with disabilities. Anna herself worked with FC, including with a man named Derrick Johnson, whom she described as a fast learner.

Personal Life

  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: Two
  • Current Status: Lives privately following her involvement in a controversial legal case.

Legal Case

Anna Stubblefield’s personal life became public when she was convicted of aggravated sexual assault in 2016 for her relationship with Derrick Johnson, a nonverbal man she worked with using FC. Despite being married with two children at the time, she engaged in a sexual relationship with Johnson. Her conviction was later overturned, leading to a new trial. Ultimately, she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of criminal sexual contact and accepted a deal that resulted in her serving time already spent in custody. Since then, she has divorced her husband and kept a low profile.

Relationship with Derrick Johnson

Anna Stubblefield first met Derrick Johnson in 2010 through Johnson’s brother, who was in one of her classes at Rutgers University. She introduced Johnson to facilitated communication after showing a film about a nonverbal girl using the method. Over two years, she assisted Johnson in typing by physically supporting his hand. Their relationship evolved beyond academic work and became romantic, culminating in sexual activity at her Rutgers office. This relationship sparked significant controversy and legal issues, leading to her 2016 conviction for aggravated sexual assault, which was later overturned.


The documentary “Tell Them You Love Me,” available on Netflix, explores the legal case involving Anna Stubblefield. It details her conviction in 2015 for sexually abusing Derrick Johnson, the nonverbal man she worked with using facilitated communication. The film delves into the complexity of their relationship, the impact on her academic career, and the ethical questions raised about consent and disability rights. The case drew significant attention due to its controversial aspects and the broader debate surrounding the validity and ethical implications of facilitated communication.

Current Life

After accepting a deal that resulted in her being sentenced to time served, Anna Stubblefield has since divorced her husband and lives out of the public eye. She maintains a low profile following the legal proceedings and the intense media attention surrounding her case.

Derrick Johnson’s Current Status

According to The Telegraph, Derrick Johnson now lives with his mother, Daisy. He attends an adult daycare where he participates in various communication exercises.


What does Anna Stubblefield do now? Anna Stubblefield lives a private life out of the public eye after her legal issues. She has divorced her husband and keeps a low profile.

Is “Tell Them You Love Me” based on a true story? Yes, it is a documentary based on the true story of Anna Stubblefield and her relationship with Derrick Johnson.

Where is Derrick Johnson now? Derrick Johnson lives with his mother and attends an adult daycare where he participates in communication exercises.

Social Media

Anna Stubblefield does not maintain a public presence on social media following her legal case and subsequent low profile.

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