How to earn money from blog without AdSense 2023 ?

How to earn money from blog without AdSense, Make Money Blogging Without AdSense, Can bloggers make money without Google AdSense

How To Earn Money From Blog Without Google Adsense: All The Websites Or Blogs Are Active On The Internet, All Have Different Ways To Earn Online Earning Through Their Blog But If Talking About The Most Popular Online Earning Way In Blogging. Google AdSense is the only method on which almost 80 to 90% of blogs are dependent.

Now it is not even that if anyone is blogging, then he does not want to earn anything from his blog, it is obvious and you and we all also know that in any work, hard work is done only to get something. Goes.

If we talk about Online Money Making through Blog from Adsense Service, then any new blogger has to first apply for AdSense from Google in order to place AdSense ads on his blog and getting approval is a very difficult task. In such a situation, due to not getting Google AdSense Approval, many people leave blogging in the initial stage itself, which according to me is not the right decision at all.

It is also not that only Google AdSense is the only platform through which Online Earning can be done from Blog. Keeping this in mind, I have written this article for all the new bloggers that how to earn money from blog without Google AdSense?

In today’s article, I am going to tell you 6 ultimate ways to earn money from blog without Google Adsense, so that even if your Google Adsense Approval is rejected, there is no need for you to leave blogging. Despite this, you can still earn a lot from your blog.

How to Earn Money Online in Blogging without AdSense?

If you have worked hard on your blog, you have applied for Google Adsense after doing keyword research and writing 15-20 articles very well and for some reason it gets rejected, then do not lose heart at all.

Do not let this feeling come in my mind at all that now I cannot earn at all from my blog, but if you do it with hard work, then without Google AdSense you can earn more money than that. To earn money from blog without Google AdSense, you can do online earning through blog from any of the 6 methods given below.

Best Ways to Earn Money Without Google AdSense Blogging

1st Display Ads

After getting the approval of Google Adsense for a blog, you can earn money from the blog by placing ads on the blog. But here the main topic is that how can I make money from blogging without AdSense approval? So there are many other Best Google AdSense Alternatives (Ad Networks) for this.

Like Google Adsense, there are many other Ads Networks whose ads you can apply on your blog. To place their ads also, you have to first get approval for your blog.

As soon as you get the approval, you can place ads on your blog just like Google Adsense and you can also earn. Below I am giving the names of some of the best Google AdSense Alternatives:

1). Adsterra



4). OIO Publisher

5). Viglink

6). Skimlinks

7). Infolinks


9). Adflare

2nd. Sponsorship for Products & Posts

Sponsorship is the second best way to earn money from blogging. By which you can earn a lot from your blog. Promotion of its Products, Software, Apps etc. by any company through Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram etc. and giving some money in return is called Sponsorship for bloggers and Youtubers like us.

However, before getting sponsorship from any company, you need to work very hard on your blog. The number of visitors and followers on your blog should be very high. Along with this, your blog should have a high ranking in Google.

I am telling all this because if a company wants to promote something of its own, then it is obvious that it would like this information to reach as many people as possible. Only then the company will get some benefit, will it not? If you have all this on your blog, then you can also charge very well from the company for sponsorship.

Although companies themselves contact you for sponsorship after seeing the performance of your blog, but if you want, you can also contact companies for sponsorship yourself. Famebit is a very well known website for bloggers and Youtubers to get sponsorship.

3rd. Earn money from Affiliate Marketing Program.

If you want to earn more and more from your blog in less time then Affiliate Marketing is the perfect platform for you. You can do Affiliate Marketing on your blog along with Google Adsense or any other Ad Networks as well.

When you promote a link to a company’s product or service on your blog and visitors to your blog after clicking on that link, buy that product or sign up for that service, in return for that. The company gives you some commission which is called Affiliate Marketing.

If you have a blog on which you write articles about WordPress, Web Hosting, Domain, SEO Services etc., then you can join many Web Hosting Affiliate Programs. After joining, you promote web hosting, SEO services etc. through your articles.

If any person buys web hosting or signs up for any of their services through your given link, then you will get a good commission in return. Web hosting companies also offer from ₹ 4000 to ₹ 5000 in lieu of 1-1 sign up.

Below I am giving the names of some Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs, if you want to do Affiliate Marketing on your blog, then you must join them:

4th. Earn money from blog by selling Affiliate Products.

If you tell about Gadgets on your blog, review them such as: Best Smartphone Under 10,000 to buy, Samsung Galaxy S10 Review etc., then you can put Affiliate Link of that Gadget with your article.

You must have seen that whenever someone reviews a product on YouTube, they give its link in the description, which is an affiliate link, on which you click on the page of Amazon or Flipkart. You can do the same thing with your blog as well.

If someone purchases that product from your link, then in return you are given some commission. For this you have to first register on Flipkart and Amazon Affiliate Program.

5th. Make money from blogging by creating your own course.

If you have been blogging for a long time, you have become a master in blogging and you have a huge fan following in the field of blogging, then you can share this experience with your audience.

You can launch an Advance Paid Course related to Blogging and you must give information about it on your Blog and Youtube Channel (if you have it). Course such as

  • How to Start Blogging ?
  • Advanced SEO Course for Beginners
  • The Hidden Key To Success In Affiliate Marketing

Now whatever your follower believes in your work, he is serious about blogging and wants to learn a lot in blogging, then he will definitely buy this course.

Many big bloggers offer similar paid courses on their blogs for their visitors such as, etc.

6th. Offer your Services

Offering services related to blogging for new bloggers through your blog is also a very popular way of Earn Money from Blog. If you have a good hold on WordPress, SEO etc. then you can do your own advertisement on your blog such as:

1). Build a new blog or website in just $ 60.
2). Get awesome On Page SEO of your blog for 35$.
3). Speed ​​up your blog’s loading speed, in just $ 20.
4). Get the hacked blog recovered, only 100$ only.

If you want, you can start a dedicated blog only for similar blogging services. Which should be categorized well according to different services. If you want, you can make 5th and 6th method a part of the same blog.

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So friends, if you are confused in blogging about not getting Google AdSense Approval or due to some reason AdSense’s monetization has been banned, then now how do we earn from our blog, then maybe the above mentioned “Best Ways to Make Money from From “Blogging”, you must have got the idea that there are many options to earn money from blog even without AdSense.

If I talk about myself personally, in case I do not have AdSense, I will make Affiliate Marketing the source of earning from my blog out of all the above mentioned methods. Although I still use both Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing on this blog.

I hope today’s article “Earn money without AdSense – Best Ways” has been very important for you! How did you like this information, do express your views through the comment box. If you want to ask anything else related to this article, then you can also ask through the comment box, I try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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