What is Domain Authority in SEO? DA Guide 2024

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Do you know what is the domain authority of a blog? How do you check it and what are the criteria to improve DOMAIN AUTHORITY of any blog? Etcetera. If not, then this post has been published for you only.

It is the dream of every blogger that his every post ranks in the top on the first page of Google. This can be the most appropriate result of day and night hard work done by any blogger. But is it so easy to reach that point?

I believe that this is not an easy task at all for any blogger. To rank the page, only important factors like Keyword Research, High Quality Backlinks, On Page SEO do not work, apart from this, many factors of SEO are important to target the post on the first page of Google.

Out of all these SEO Factors, Domain Authority is also a very powerful factor by which the high ranking of any blog is calculated. After starting a new blog for most of the bloggers, how to do SEO, create backlinks, get Adsense Approval? More attention is paid to all these things. The domain authority of the blog gets the attention of very few people.

But this is a very negative point for ranking your blog in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It is very important to focus on this. Therefore, you need to understand this in some detail, which today I am going to tell you through this important article that What is Domain Authority? How to check DA (Domain Authority) of your blog and some important tips to improve DA of Blog.


Developed by MOZ, a very popular USA company, Domain Authority is a ranking metric that ensures how any site will rank in Google? According to Moz, the Domain Authority Scale ranges from 1 to 100. The higher this scale is, the higher the ranking is in the SERPs and the more quality traffic your site will get.

The lower the DA (Domain Authority) of your site, the lower will be your ranking. This is not a good sign at all for the high ranking of your site. Therefore it is very important that the Domain Authority of your site is very high. Apart from writing SEO Friendly Blog Post, you must also think about DA.

When you create a new blog, its DA is very less in the beginning, which increases with time as your domain gets old.

But is just being old of your blog or domain name enough to improve the domain authority of the blog? No, it is not like this at all, apart from this, there are many things that are necessary to boost the Domain Authority of any blog, which will also be discussed further in this post. For now, let us know how much is the DA of your blog, how can you find out?

How to check the domain authority of your blog?

After knowing What is Domain Authority in SEO: For how much is the Domain Authority (DA) of any blog, there are only a few limited tools available on the Internet, in which Moz open site explorer is the best Domain Authority Checkers Tool which has been officially created by Moz Company only. Here only you have to enter the URL of your site and after that what is the latest Domain Authority (DA Score) of your site, it will come out in front of you.

The DA of any site is never the same, it can be more and less sometimes. In such a situation, the thing to note is that if your DA is being boosted, then there will be a lot of improvement in the ranking and if DA is low, it is a matter of concern for you, it will have a very negative effect in the ranking of the blog.

To calculate the Domain Authority of any site, 40+ Signals work according to MOZ SIte. On the basis of which, how much DA of your site is determined by MOZ Company. No one knows who all those 40+ factors are?

However, some common factors such as how old is your blog or domain name, internal linking of your blog and how many DA websites your blog is getting links from are some such important terms. Which plays an important role in the criteria of DA of the site.

Let us now talk about some such important factors, which by applying for your blog, you can greatly increase the domain authority of your blog.

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How to Increase the Domain AUTHORITY of Blog?

If any blogger wants to increase the domain authority of his blog, then it simply means that he is very serious about the blog’s high ranking in search engines. Improving Domain Authority means improving your ranking, but for this you have to work hard as well as have patience. You cannot increase DA in one night, it needs time.

That is why some important tips are given below to increase Domain Authority, which will be very helpful in boosting the Domain Authority of your blog.

1. There should be high-quality content on the blog:

Only a Valuable-Content on your blog can leave its mark in the heart of the visitor. People do some search on the internet so that they can get accurate information in less time. If you publish such content on your blog that the user does not need to go to any other blog after reading it, if he is satisfied with the information given by you, then only your content is a high-quality content.

To further increase the quality of your content, you must use media such as images, videos and info-graphics inside it, it helps to make your content more fun and understandable for the user. Also pay attention to the length of your post. Tell as much detail as you can about any topic. Try to keep the number of words in each post to at least 1,000.

Link-Building works like a Brahmastra to increase the DOMAIN AUTHORITY of any blog in less time, so you should pay more attention and work on it too. Add at least 2 to 3 external links in each of your posts, meaning that in your post, link such a post of another blog which is related to that topic.

But keep in mind that those links should be from such blogs whose DA is very good. Along with this, keeping linking old posts in your new post is a very smart step in improving domain authority.

Backlinks play a very important role for the high ranking of any site. That’s why you should try to make more and more backlinks. Guest posting is considered the best way to create high quality backlinks.

Always choose sites with good DA for backlinks, only then they will work well for your site. If you take backlinks from any such websites whose DA is very low and Spam Score is high, then such backlinks will be harmful instead of beneficial for you.

4. Make Blog Fast Loading:

You should also pay special attention to the loading time of your blog. Meaning that after clicking, how long does it take to open your blog page, it is very important for the good health of the blog. Google gives highest priority to the ranking of those blogs in the search engine whose page loading time is very less.

Now think for yourself, if the page loading time of your blog is less, then your blog posts will rank highest in the search engine, your blog will get full organic traffic. This will also increase the online earning from your blog and you will see improvement in your domain authority very soon.

5. Keep Publishing Content on the Blog Regularly:

Regularity plays a major role in the success of any blog. To keep your blog updated at all times, you must be regular towards it. One of the main questions of most of the new bloggers is that how many blog posts is it right to do in a month? If I tell it right, there can be no right answer according to the numbers, you just have to keep your blog updated with fresh content as much as possible.

The more you write, the higher will be the ranking and the number of visitors. Revenue will increase and most important DOMAIN AUTHOURITY will also increase.

6. OLD is GOLD – Allow the domain to get old:

You must have heard this for Songs OLD is GOLD. It is also perfect in blogging because the older your blog is, the more its search ranking will increase. And as your domain gets old, its DA will also be +.

So if you have started your blog some time back, then have some patience and let your domain name get old with some time.

7. Improve On-Page SEO:

You must be aware that what is the important role of SEO in blogging, so do on-page optimization of your entire blog and every time before publishing a new blog post. Ranking any post without On-Page SEO is a very difficult task.

Keep the following things in mind for On-Page Optimization:

1. Be sure to add Meta Title and Meta Description to the homepage of your blog.
2. Submit the SiteMap of your blog to all WebMasters Tools like Google Search Console and Bing.
3. Linking SiteMap in the Footer section of the blog is a great idea. This helps a lot in making Search Engine Bots crawl quickly.
4. Set Noindex Rules for Tag, Categories, Author archives pages.
5. Add Heading Tags, Internal-External Linking, Focus Keyword, Meta Title and Meta Description etc. to Blog Posts well.
6. Place as much media (images and videos) as possible in the blog post.


I hope today’s information “What is Domain Authority” has been very important for you! To improve the DA of your blog, you can follow these initial steps mentioned above.

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