Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips 2023 – Killer Guide

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Google AdSense is the only platform to earn money online on the Internet, for which every new blogger wants to apply to earn money from his blog.

Because Google AdSense is one of the best Ad Networks to monetize your blog. It also gives the highest CPC (Cost Per Click) for its publishers as compared to all other Ad Networks.

That’s why every new blogger wants to get Google AdSense Approval for his blog as soon as possible, but most of the blogger’s AdSense Application gets rejected due to not meeting the things that are necessary for the Right Approval of Google AdSense in the rush. Huh.

Compared to before, Google has become much stricter for AdSense Approval nowadays. Due to this, it is not so easy for new bloggers to get approval for Google AdSense.

But I believe that if you run your blog according to the guidelines and requirements of Google AdSense from the beginning, then Google has no option to reject your AdSense application.

In today’s very important article for all the new bloggers, I am going to tell you about all those special things which are necessary to get Google AdSense Approval for any blog, that means apply for Google AdSense Account. Before doing this, how should you prepare your blog so that Google AdSense Approval can be found in a very fast and easy way. Let’s read Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips more details

Some of the main reasons for getting Google AdSense Approval Reject:

Before proceeding, it is important to consider the main facts which are the most common and main reason for the rejection of Google AdSense Approval.

1). Insufficient Content

If sufficient amount of content is not available on your blog and you apply for Google AdSense, then surely in this situation Google can also put your AdSense Approval in Rejection. Therefore, before thinking about Google Adsense, you must make sure that your blog has proper content according to Google AdSense Requirements or not.

If you have made Grammatical Mistakes while writing posts on your blog, that means you have made spelling mistake, then Google can reject your AdSense Approval.

Not only this, it is very important to have quality content with details on your blog so that it can provide some value to the readers visiting your blog. Your AdSense application may be rejected even if you do not have Valuable Content on your blog.

2). Page Type and Design of Your Blog:

The design / look of your blog can also become a main reason for the rejection of Google AdSense Approval. If you search for something on Google and reach a blog whose background color is very bright and the visibility of the text is also of very poor quality.

Due to which your eyes are feeling quite uncomfortable in reading it. So would you like to stay on such a blog for a long time?, Would you like to come back to such a blog again? I believe not at all. Google thinks the same way. Try that the design of your blog is very simple, neat & clean and always keep the background color of your blog white.

3). Absence of pages like About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy:

For the proper approval of Google AdSense Account, having some important pages in your blog also plays a very important role such as About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Pages.

Such pages provide a professional interface to your blog and Google also feels that you work according to the guidelines of AdSense. The Privacy Policy page inside the blog is one of the main requirements of Google AdSense.

Let’s read Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips more details

4). Not following Google AdSense Policies:

If your blog does not meet according to any one of the policies of Google AdSense, then AdSense can disapproval your approval. Such as Duplicate Content (Copy/Paste), No Organic Traffic, Less Words Count in Posts, Paid Traffic etc.

That is why before applying for Google AdSense Account, you should list all the necessary things.

10 Important Tips for Google AdSense Approval

1). Write High-Quality Content:

High-Quality, Unique and Your Original Content works like a herb to get Google AdSense Approval. You cannot ignore it at all. Yes, you read it absolutely right, having Unique and Original Content on your blog is #1 Trick for Fast Approval of Google AdSense. Your content should not be copy/paste, copyrighted from anywhere.

Google most likes such blogs which provide valuable content to their readers. Remember, when you send your blog for Google AdSense Approval, your blog is reviewed by a person like you and not by any machine. In such a situation, if he does not like your content, then getting the green signal for your AdSense application can be a bit difficult task.

Try to write your content in a little detail. I believe that it is a bit difficult to tell in detail about any topic in just 100 to 200 words, so try to write every post at least 700 to 1000 words. I try to write my every blog post in at least 1500 to 2000 words.

Let’s read Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips more details

2). Add Clear Navigation Menu:

Navigation Menus have a big role to play in order to easily understand the niche and category of any blog. The right navigation menu helps your blog readers understand the pages and content inside the blog.

Before applying Google AdSense Account, connect all the important Categories, Pages and Posts in your blog to the Navigation Menu. for example
Top Menu: About us, Contact us and Privacy Policy
Header/Main Menu: Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing etc.

3). Sufficient Content and Post should be:

While applying for Google AdSense Account, make sure whether you have put successful content on your blog or not. By Sufficient Content, I mean that at least 20 to 30 blog posts should be necessary on your entire blog. And whatever the niche of your blog is, according to the category of that niche, definitely keep 3 to 4 posts inside each category.

Keep in mind that there should not be any category and page blank on your blog. Along with this, the number of words in every blog post should be at least 700 to 1000. The more and more you can write a post in details, the more it will be easier at the time of Google AdSense Approval.

4). Blog Domain must be at least 6 Months Old:

According to the policy of Google AdSense, to apply AdSense in some countries such as India and China, the domain name of your blog should be at least 6 months old. However, if your blog is completely and completely perfect according to all other AdSense policies, then there are chances that you will get the approval of Google AdSense before 6 months.

You can also read the AdSense official statement related to it below:

In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

Note:- Always apply for Google AdSense from Root Domain Name only. Such as, not

Let’s read Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips more details

5). Create Privacy Policy Page:

Most of the new bloggers do not create a privacy policy page in their blog and apply for Google AdSense without it. But by doing so they make a big mistake. According to the guidelines of Google, it is mandatory for every blog to have a Privacy Policy Page. Without this your AdSense application is almost certain to be rejected.

Privacy Policy means that you are not doing any scam. Google will check the rest of the things for your blog only when you have a Privacy Policy page. A Privacy Policy tells the readers visiting your blog what they can get from this blog, what they should and should not do on this blog?

I agree that if the Privacy Policy page is so important in the eyes of Google and there is no harm in any way due to it being on our blog and it also affects the approval of your Google AdSense Account somewhere. What is the problem in adding this page to your blog before applying for Google AdSense. But most bloggers do not apply it.

If you create your blog on WordPress, then WordPress has this feature, you can easily create a Privacy Policy Page for your blog yourself. And if you create your blog on Google’s Blogspot Platform, then you can use Online Privacy Policy Generator Tools for this.

6). Create an About us page:

Like the Privacy Policy, the About us page is equally important for your blog. The About us page enhances a sense of trust between you and the readers. This also lets Readers and Google know who are actually the people behind this blog.

However, even if you are not applying for Google Adsense account, then the About us page must be on your blog and if you are applying for Google Adsense then it plays a huge role in your Google Adsense Approval.

Let’s read Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips more details

7) Create Contact us page:

Like Privacy Policy and About us, Google Adsense also gives great importance to the Contact us page. If the visitors to your blog are not liking something on the blog, they want to give some feedback about your blog, what are their likes and dislikes about your blog? If a company wants to advertise something on your blog, then for all these things it is necessary that you do something on your blog so that someone can directly contact you.

That is why a contact us page should be necessary on your blog. Try to mention your business e-mail on the Contact us page as well. such as

After doing this, when you apply for Google AdSense account, Google gets the message that you take care of the visitors coming to your blog and you are always ready to help them. Which plays a very important role in your Google AdSense Approval.

That is why before submitting your blog to Google AdSense, make sure to create pages of Privacy Policy, About us and Contact us.

8). Check Your Content Type:

While applying for Google AdSense Account, keep in mind that what kind of content are you publishing on your blog? Because it matters a lot for Google and for AdSense Approval of your blog. Below are some common content types that Google does not accept:

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking and Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

9). Do not use any other Ad Networks:

If you use ads from any other Ad Networks such as, Infolinks etc. on your blog, then remove all such ads from your blog while sending the application to Google AdSense.

Although according to Google, you can use Ads of other Ad Networks along with AdSense on your blog but I would suggest you not to take any risk at all. Send a clean blog to AdSense and do not place any kind of ads until the confirmation of Approval is received from Google AdSense.

10). Improve Your Blog Design:

When a reader comes to your blog, the second thing that is important to him after the content is your blog design and structure, which should be very clean and user-friendly. Employees of Google also check your blog for AdSense Approval from the point of view of Visitors/Readers.

Keep the Top Header Area, Content Area, Sidebar, Footer Area of ​​your blog well organized. For which you can use any good Professional WordPress Theme for your blog. And if you have created your blog on Google’s BlogSpot Platform, then there are a lot of (Free + Paid) Professional looking templates available for this too.

Let’s read Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips more details

What to do if Google AdSense is not approved.

Even after doing all this on your blog, if for some reason your Adsense Approval gets rejected, then the first thing is that you should not be disappointed at all, do not lose courage at all.

1 – Take time and re-study those negative things due to which your AdSense Approval has been rejected. Whatever has been the reason for the Approval Fail, you can find out from the mail received from AdSense. Fix whatever the issue is and apply for Google AdSense again. If disapproved, you can apply for Google Adsense again and again.

There is no problem in this. But it is worth noting here that whenever you apply again for Google Adsense, your email ID should be the same as the one you used while applying Google AdSense first.

2 – It is not that only Google AdSense is the only means by which you can earn online from your blog. Apart from this, there are many Google AdSense Alternatives such as

Apply to any of these Ad Networks and you can place their ads on your blog just like Google AdSense. The best thing is that their policy guidelines are not as strict as AdSense to get approval.

Conclusion : Let’s read Fast Google Adsense Approval Tips more details

Getting Google AdSense Approval for Blog is not a difficult task at all if you setup Quality Content, Good Design, Good Number of Posts etc and all the things mentioned above on your blog before applying AdSense.

It is also not that if you want to start blogging seriously, then being a blogger it is not so difficult to do all this that you cannot do. And if your blog gets disapproved for Google Adsense, then do not let this thing dominate you at all that now you cannot do anything with your blog.

Apart from Google Adsense, if I talk about other Online Earning Platforms such as Affiliate Marketing Program, Offer Services and Selling your own products, then you can earn more money from them than Adsense.

Hope you have liked this information “Fast or 100% Google Adsense Approval Trick”! Do tell us your experience related to this post and about Google AdSense Approval through comment.

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