How to Apply for Google AdSense Account 2023 By Steps

Hi friends, today we will talk about How to Apply for Google AdSense Account, How can I open Google AdSense account, how to create adsense account for youtube, how to create adsense account for blogger.

All the websites / blogs on the Internet and all the channels on YouTube, there is definitely some source for earning online. By the way, apart from Google AdSense, there are many other websites, there are Ads Network Platforms, by placing ads, you can earn online like AdSense from your blog or YouTube channel.

But among all these, Google Adsense is the only platform that pays the most money to the publishers for placing ads and it is very easy for the users to understand it. Anyway, being a product of Google, you can trust it completely.

What is Google AdSense? And how does it work? We have already understood about this in many details. And how to create google adsense account? (Google AdSense Account Create in Hindi?) To know about it step by step with pictures, keep reading this post carefully from beginning to end.

What is needed to apply Google AdSense Account?

Google Adsense Account Requirements in India: Before applying Google AdSense, you should read all the rules of Google AdSense carefully because Google is very strict about its policy and guidelines. If you do not follow the guidelines of AdSense set by Google, then Google can block your AdSense account at any time, along with you can apply for only one AdSense account. Creating more than one Adsense account is against Google’s guidelines.

To sign up or apply for Google AdSense, you must have the following things:-

1). An Email (Gmail) Account
2). a blog or website
3). or a YouTube channel

1). E-mail ID with G-Mail

In today’s time, almost every person using internet and Smartphone has a G-Mail ID. Gmail ID is the first and main step to apply in Google Adsense account. But still, if you have not yet created a Gmail ID for yourself, then before thinking of applying for Google Adsense, you must have a Gmail Id. You cannot apply for Google Adsense without a Gmail account.

2). Blog or Website:

The second and most important requirement is that you should have your own blog and website. If you are thinking about applying AdSense Account, then it is obvious that you must have a blog or website of your own. If not, then “How to Create a Website on WordPress? Step by Step Full Guide for Beginners” In this post, I have explained in very good and easy words about how to create a blog or website.

Before applying for Google AdSense account, your blog should be completed according to the basic requirement of AdSense. If this is not the case then your Google AdSense approval may also be rejected.

1. Your blog or website should have proper amount and original content, not copy/paste.
2. Your blog should be well optimized navigation menu.
3. Pages like About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy must be made in the home page of the blog.
4. Your blog should continue to follow Google’s Content Policy.
5. Apply Google AdSense Account only when Blog is Fully Developed, not during Under Construction.
6. Apply for Fast Approval of Google AdSense only after at least 6 months.
7. Your domain name should also be at least 6 months old.

3). YouTube Channel

If you do not have a blog or website of your own but have a YouTube channel on which you put quality videos for your viewers, then you can also apply for Google AdSense from your YouTube channel. AdSense ads are shown on YouTube channel’s videos only when monetization of your channel is enabled and you have to apply for AdSense only to enable monetization.

And if you want to sign up Google AdSense for Blog, then keep reading this post carefully from beginning to end.

Google AdSense Account Create

Before applying Google AdSense Account, you have to work according to the policy of Google AdSense on your blog so that you can get Approval of Google AdSense in the first time after applying. For this, definitely read this post:-

If you have given all those things mentioned after reading this post to apply on your blog, then now you can apply for Google AdSense Account with the help of one step by one mentioned below.

To create a Google AdSense account, you have to follow all the steps given below. Keep in mind that you have to enter the correct information here. If you do not enter any wrong information, then you may have to face a lot of trouble in getting payment through AdSense later. That is why fill all the details correctly. Let us now understand step by step how to create Google AdSense Account?

To apply Google AdSense Account, first click on this link

Now Google AdSense website will open in front of you. Here click on Sign UP Now.

Here you have to enter the address of your website or blog under Your Website. If you do not have a website, then you can create a Google AdSense Account through YouTube Channel.

And if you want to create an Adsense account through the website itself, then definitely read this post for its step by step information on how to create Website.

Let’s say you have a website of your own.

1). Enter the URL of your website at the bottom of Your Website.
2). After this, below your email address, enter the email ID from the Gmail ID you want to apply for Google AdSense.
3). And after this, after choosing any of the two options according to you, click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.

After clicking on SAVE AND CONTINUE, now you have to sign in by entering your GMail ID and Password.

One such page of Google AdSense will open in front of you.

  • Here you have to select your country.
  • After this, mark the checkbox of “Yes, I have read and accept the agreement” at the very bottom.
  • Now click on CREATE ACCOUNT.

Now something like this a small yellow color pop up comes in the middle of the screen, here click on “GET STARTED”.

As soon as you click on “GET STARTED”, you come to the page with the payment address details. Here every information related to your account type, name, address and mobile number etc. has to be filled correctly, do not fill anything wrong.

Remember, whatever address you fill here, an AdSense Pin will be sent to your home by post from Google Adsense on the same address.

After putting that pin in your AdSense account, you will have to verify your address, only then you will be able to get payment from Google AdSense in the future. If you give any wrong information here to Google AdSense, then in future you may have to face a lot of trouble. After filling all the details correctly, click on SUBMIT.

Now here you have to work a little carefully. After reaching this step, you get a JavaScript code which you have to copy and paste it between the <head> and </head> sections inside your website. I know all this must be going a little over your head now, isn’t it? But it doesn’t matter “what’s the sorrow when we are there?” Let me tell you very easy way how to do?

If you have built your website on WordPress then your

1). After coming to the WordPress Admin Dashboard, click on Plugins > Add New.
2 ). Type “Insert Headers and Footers” in the search bar of the top right side.
3). Now the first plugin that comes there, click on Install Now and click on Activate. (The option of Activate comes only after installation.)

After activating the plugin, click on Settings > Insert Headers and Footers.

Now go back to the AdSense tab again and copy the given JavaScript code.

After copying the code, come back to WordPress and paste the copied code under Scripts in Header.

After doing this click on Save.

Now again come back to the AdSense tab and mark the checkbox with “I’ve pasted the code into my site”.

After that click on DONE.

On clicking Done, a little processing starts. In which AdSense finds out whether you have placed that code correctly in your website or not. If the code is copied / pasted correctly and in the right place, then “The code was found” comes under which you have to click on GOT IT.

As soon as you click on GOT IT, a message appears on your screen that “We’re reviewing your site” means that Google AdSense will now review your website, which may take up to 2 weeks and if everything goes well. If so, then you are informed by giving mail from Google AdSense.


By the way, if you have read this article very carefully from beginning to end, then it is obvious that you want to apply for Google AdSense Account, but if you have just created a blog and you will soon after that in Google AdSense. If you want to create an account, then I would suggest that for the first 6 to 7 months, you should only work hard on your blog without any greed.

You should focus on quality content for your visitors on your blog. When your blog will have good content from your competitors, then only then visitors will come to your blog and if traffic is not coming to your blog and you apply for Google Adsense and your Google AdSense account also gets approved, then what? In such a situation, without traffic, will you be able to earn even $1 from Google Adsense?

No, it is not like that at all, without visitors, you cannot earn money from your blog through any kind of online earning source, whether it is Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing. Prepare your blog for your visitors in such a way that if a visitor comes to your blog for the first time, then for the first time he should feel that yes there is some good content on this blog and he must think about coming to your blog again. .

That’s why my advice is that before applying Google AdSense Account, you should try to make your blog the best for the visitors and apply for Google AdSense only after at least 6 to 7 months.

I hope you have liked and understood this information “How to Create Google Adsense Account”! By the way, tell us your thoughts about how you liked this post through Comment. If you have any question related to Google AdSense So you can also ask us through comment.

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