What is Bounce Rate? Secret Tips to Improve It 2024

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If you are a blogger then do you know what is Bounce Rate in the world of blogging? How important is the bounce rate considered to be a factor in the SEO of a website or blog? And do you want to reduce the Bounce Rate (Reduce) of your blog?

So today you have made the right article a medium to get this information because it is very important for every blogger, in this article today we will discuss in detail about what is Bounce Rate? What do you need to do differently on your blog to reduce the bounce rate of your blog?

If you are constantly putting quality content on your blog, but still visitors are not coming to your blog to read those articles and whatever comes, then you are not giving much time to the blog and the blog bounces. Rate is increasing continuously, so somewhere you are doing something wrong in it.

The high bounce rate of the blog and increasing continuously becomes a very worrying topic for a blogger because it affects the ranking of the blog very badly. The high bounce rate of any blog means that the user experience of that blog is not good.

If a blog is new and its bounce rate is high, then it is not a big deal, but if your blog is very old and still its bounce rate is more than Avarage, then you need to think deeply about this topic and work smartly. Is required.

But if you read this article carefully, then I can say with the claim that you know What is Bounce Rate and Blog’s Bounce Rate Reduce means what important work needs to be done to reduce this thing. You must have understood very well and will definitely be able to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

Its quality contributes a lot to the high level ranking of any site. If you are constantly trying to increase the Search Ranking and Visibility of your blog but are not getting success in it, then somewhere there is some deficiency in your plan, you are doing something wrong with your content.

When a Visitor visits your blog through Search Engine and after stopping for a while, goes back from your blog without reading any other post, then it is called Bounce for your blog.

If you try to understand it in very simple words, then it is as if I came to a post on your blog to get information about something through Google Search Results and without reading the post due to the lack of good content. Or due to some other reason immediately went back that means I bounced from your blog.

Now if we talk about Bounce Rate, then it is the total percentage of those visitors to your blog who come to your blog without reading the post and go back immediately without clicking on another post.

If something similar is happening with your blog that users come but are unable to give much time to your blog post. Due to which the Bounce Rate of your blog is increasing rapidly, so much so that you can only assume that there is something inside the blog that your visitors are not liking.

Maybe you are not putting such a valuable content that the user can be satisfied after reading. They may not like the design of your blog. You may not have used Headings properly to explain the information given in your blog post. Or there may be some other reasons behind this, which we will talk about in this post.

If you try to understand the Bounce Rate of a blog in mathematical language and understand the Bounce Rate Formula, then some can easily understand like this. Suppose 100 visitors came to your blog in a day and 70 of them were such visitors who went back immediately after coming to your blog. So in this situation the total bounce rate of your blog will be 70%.

What should be the correct Bounce Rate? how to reduce the bounce rate of your website

What is Bounce Rate, After knowing this, if we talk about the percentage of a correct Bounce Rate of the website, then it is at least as good for the site as it is, but still you must be thinking that how much % is very good. What % is Average and what % is correct and what % is a very bad bounce rate? Let’s understand this:

  • 70% or more – very bad.
  • Up to 50 – 70% – Not even bad, just right.
  • 30 – 50% – remains good.
  • 10 – 30% or less – excellent (awesome)

You may also think that if the bounce rate of all types of websites and blogs is the same, then the simple answer is not at all. Different types of websites and blogs also have different bounce rates. Below I have shown some statistics of Standard Bounce Rate for different types of Websites and Blogs.

  • Content provider Websites: 40 – 60%
  • Websites with Lead Generation: 30 – 50%
  • Business Websites Related to Retail: 20 – 40%
  • Service Providing Websites: 10 – 30%
  • Blogs: 70 – 98%
  • Websites with Landing Pages: 70 – 90%

Even after reading carefully, you must have understood that what is Bounce Rate? What should be the Standard Bounce Rate for which type of site? Now let’s talk about how you can find the bounce rate of your blog?

How to check the BOUNCE RATE of Blog?

What is Bounce Rate: Google Analytics is the best tool to find the exact bounce rate of your blog, but for this it is necessary that your blog is connected to Google Analytics.

After this, you can get information about the Bounce Rate of the blog by logging into your Google Analytics account through Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages >> Bounce Rate.

You can check bounce rate with the help of alexa.com. www.alexa.com/siteinfo Click on it and then search after typing the address of your site in the search bar.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Blog?

Being a responsible blogger, let us also shed light on which important steps you should follow to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

1. The Design and Look of the Site should be good:

It is human nature to be attracted to every beautiful thing. If something is good, I want to see it again and again. The same goes for the design and look of your site.

If the design and look of your site is not user friendly then visitors do not take much interest in such site and move to another site. If the design of your site is good, then users will like to visit your site again and again and they will also enjoy reading the content.

While choosing the theme for your site and after that while customizing the theme, keep in mind the color combination. Select Font Size and Font Color very well. If you change the text color, background color to red or yellow in your site, then users will have a lot of trouble in reading your contact.

Apart from this, keep the text size of your content correct so that your users can read it easily. If you keep the text size small, then users will have to zoom in and zoom out again and again to read it, which is not the right way at all.

You can also add this CSS Code to set Body Font Text:

body { font-size: 18px; ,

2. Your Content Should Have Quality:

What is Bounce Rate: From the very beginning, you should focus on the quality of the content you publish on your site. Only quality content can make your site a brand. It definitely takes a little more time to write a high-quality content, but if you take a little more time and pay more attention to writing such content that helps in giving accurate information to the users, then it will take less time to achieve success. .

If the content is good, then users will enjoy reading it and they will be able to stay on your site for a long time, apart from this, due to the useful content, they will also show interest in reading other posts, which is a panacea in reducing the Bounce Rate. will work like

On whatever topic you want to write, first do a little keyword research on it, do not start writing anything on your own. This will help you in writing the right content. If you do not give a value content to your readers, then remember there are many other sites on the Internet that will have better information than you. In such a situation, users will start taking more interest in such sites and the bounce rate will increase and the ranking will go on falling.

While writing a blog post, there must be at least 600 to 1000 words in the content. Write SEO Friendly Blog Post and use very simple language while writing so that what you are writing can be easily understood.

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3. Also take care of the loading speed of the page:

Your Page Loading Speed ​​also makes a big difference in increasing the Bounc Rate. If your blog post takes more time to open, then many visitors will return before the post is fully loaded. Which will be counted in the Bounce Rate.

Therefore, take great care of the fast loading speed of your blog. Fast Web Pages is not only a factor in reducing the bounce rate, but according to Google, it is also a very important factor for SEO and ranking.

  • If a web page takes 1 second or less to load, then it is perfect loading speed.
  • Loading times from 1 to 3 seconds are slightly higher than average.
  • 3 to 7 Seconds means that Average is the same.
  • If it is more than 7 Seconds then it means Very Poor.

That’s why you have to keep in mind that the first two points should keep the page speed only for 1 second or 1 to 3 seconds. For this, use AMP and Cache Plugins and use only those images inside the post which is necessary, do not add unnecessary images, this makes the pages heavy.

4. Use Headings Properly:

While writing any blog post, you should use Headings properly. Through headings, it becomes easier to understand the information given in any content. Do not use Clickbait Headings at all inside the content. This is a very negative point according to SEO.

By Clickbait Headings, I mean, do not use Headings in such a way that Headings are something else for ranking and the content given in it is not related to it. With this, the word trust between visitors and your blog will have no meaning.

If you do something similar with the headings, then this can also be a big reason for the increase in the bounce rate of your site because after the visitors read your blog post a bit, when they do not get the right information, they immediately go back. Due to which the Bounce Rate of the site is almost certain to increase.

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5. Updated the Old Content from time to time:

The problem with many bloggers is so much that they only think about putting fresh content on their blog but never look back and care about their outdated blog post. Which is very wrong.

One of the basic mantras to get success in blogging is that you have to keep your new content as well as old blog posts completely fresh. If you wrote a blog post 6 months or 1 year ago in which you told what is Keyword Research?

So the old age of such posts does not make much difference because what is keyword research. Its definition was the same even 6 months ago and it is the same even today and it will remain the same in the days to come. Yes, if you want to write it better according to you, then the matter is different.

But if you have written a post in which you have told about the tutorial of any App, Software or Plugin like how to setup Yoast SEO? So it may be that due to updates in the setup process 6 months ago and now a lot has changed. So there is a need to keep updating such articles continuously.

Because there are many visitors who go on doing that work step by step according to the tutorial mentioned in the post, but if your post is not updated then there can be a lot of trouble in following them. Due to which they leave your blog post and go to another site and the Bounce Rate of your site starts increasing.

6. Use Internal Linking Smartly:

Internal linking is also a very important factor to write any SEO Friendly Content and to reduce Bounce Rate. By internal linking, I mean linking other posts related to that post in the middle of the article.

If you want, you can also link some such articles in the middle which the user shows interest in reading. This method is one of the best ways to keep visitors on your site for a long time.

While doing internal linking, also keep in mind that whatever blog post you are linking should open in new tab after clicking. So that the post the user is reading can read that post completely and then go to the second tab and read the linking post as well.

By doing this, you will be able to reduce the Bounce Rate of the blog to a great extent.

7. Make Blog Mobile Friendly:

In today’s time, any type of website has the highest number of mobile users. About 70% of visitors visit the site through mobile. Therefore, you should also pay special attention to optimize your site according to mobile.

Well nowadays almost all WordPress Themes come mobile friendly but if you have installed a Custom WordPress Theme in your blog, then definitely optimize it on mobile. For this you can use AMP WordPress Plugin which is the most useful WordPress Plugin for making any site Mobile Friendly and for Fast Loading Web Pages on Mobile Screen.

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8. Use Table of Contents in Blog Post:

You can use WordPress Plugins to add this feature to each of your blog posts. For this, you will find many plugins inside the Official Plugin Directory of WordPress.

It gives a brief overview to the visitors about your blog post, which topics have you given information about inside this blog post? Along with this, it also benefits a lot in the ranking of the post in the search engine.

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So friends, if you want to achieve success in blogging by working hard and smart in blogging, then you should give importance to every small aspect related to blogging.

Visitors are coming to your blog but if the bounce rate is increasing continuously then it is not a good sign at all. You should get it under control as soon as possible.

I hope guys “What is BOUNCE RATE?” And how to reduce the bounce rate of your website? This information must have been very important to all of you!

All the methods that I have told inside this post, try to bring them inside the site. You will definitely be able to get the bounce rate of your site. And if you still have any question in your mind regarding this topic, then you can feel free to ask us your point in the comment box below.

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