Google Search Console 5 New Features 2024

Google Search Console 5 New Features Update 2024: Google has told on its official bog that the old search console will be dropped by March 2022. Some features will be replaced by the new Search Console Me Move, and the rest will be removed. Which new search consoles are to come, which will be replaced, and which features will be removed.

Google has announced on its official blog that there will be several updates to Search Console in the coming few months.

Along with this, Google also told which features will be removed and which features will be moved or replaced or which new features will be added.

This post me we will know about 5 new features that are added to the new search console and 7 features to be removed.

Google Search Console 5 New Features

Google said that the features mentioned below will be fully implemented in Search Console by March 2022. New features of Google Search Console in Hindi.

1. Search Analysis in Performance Reports

The Google Search Console Search Analytics report has been converted into a performance report. Now you will get Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Status Report New Search Console Me Display Feature.

2. Crawl Error in Index Coverage Report

Google is working on making the Search Console crawl errors list a more actionable one, and very soon this feature will be in the new Search Console’s index coverage report.

3. Sitemap Data in Index Coverage

Sitemap data will also be added to the index coverage report. Google says it will make it easier to focus on URLs that the site owner cares about.

4. Get as Google in URL Inspection Tool

Site owners can check the crawling of their site with Fetch as Google, but this feature is not available in the new Search Console. It has been replaced by the URL Inspection Tool.

It not only shows the report of Fetch as Google but also tells about HTTP headers, page resources and JavaScript console.

5. User-Management is now in Settings

The User Management Interface of the Search Console has been merged into the Settings section. This user-management feature replaces the old Search Console.

7 Remove New Features from Google Search Console

The old feature will be removed from the new Google Search Console. Some of these can also be moved or replaced.

1. Crawl Error Report

The crawl error report will be completely removed along with the crawl error report in the index coverage report.

2. Crawl Errors API

Google is removing the Uncrawl Error API, which was based on the same internal system as the old crawl error report. There is currently no replacement for it.

3. Property Group

This service will be removed, as it is used by very few webmasters. For a replacement, Google will soon add the option to manage the entire domain in the new Webmaster Tools.

4. HTML Suggestions

Google’s algorithms have improved me better over the years. Accordingly, Google will no longer provide abbreviated and duplicate title and description information.

5. Android Apps

This feature will be removed, as most of the relevant functionality has been replaced by the Firebase console.

6. Blocked Resources

This standalone section will be removed as the blocked resource has been added to the URL Inspection Tool.

7. Structured Data Reports

Structured data types with rich results features will no longer report in the new Search Console. This feature will be removed completely.

If you are not satisfied with the changes from within Google, then you can give your feedback by sending your feedback on the Google Webmaster Help Forum.

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