Increase your Organic Traffic with Google Search Console

Welcome to AiTechtonic, let’s know Increase your Organic Traffic with Google Search Console, Increase Traffic through Google Search Console: Today we will tell you about a way to increase organic traffic, which is used by very few people, but all the pro-bloggers, with the help of this, they double, triple and take the traffic of their blog up to ten times. Yes! This is true.

You must have heard about Google search console, it is a free tool of google, when you create your blog, you also register it in google search console but have you heard that the help of google search console With this you can also increase the organic traffic of your blog.

No no! Very few people know this trick and very few of us bloggers use this method but I am sure that all the pro-bloggers, they definitely take the help of google search console to increase their blog traffic.

Because this is such an organic method by which you can increase a lot of organic traffic in your blog, let us understand in detail:-

Increase your Organic Traffic with Google Search Console

What do bloggers do to get their blog top ranking in google SERP and to bring their blog articles to 1st page of google? From keywords research to writing good articles and making quality backlinks, blog SEO and much more.

But they miss one thing that is their Google Search Console. Yes! You do not even know what is not hidden in Google Search Console.

Here you will get ranking and traffic, if you look carefully and understand, then let me tell you how you can increase organic traffic in your blog with the help of google search console.

See, Google search console gives you information about the articles being ranked in your google, how many articles of your blog were indexed in google, on which impressions and how many clicks you are getting.

Also, if you look below, you will know by which keywords your blog post is being ranked. It is not necessary that your main focus keywords are only those keywords which rank your blog post.

google search console

Here you will also find many keywords from which the impressions of your blog post are coming and you are also getting some clicks.

But those keywords are not optimized properly in your blog that means you have not covered them properly in your blog post but the user is also searching content like yours from those keywords. Now what you have to do is to set your search console to 6 months or 12 months.

After this, you have to go to the page of the search console, by selecting the pages below, you have to see which articles are getting ranked in your google.

By clicking on any one page URL, you have to see the stat of that particular page, how it is performing in google SERP.

After opening the stat of that page, you have to go to the query section on its side and here you will find keywords for that post.

Believe me, these will be many keywords that your audience puts on google to search your blog post and you have to use them natuarlly in your post.

After that you will get ranking and traffic double from multiple keywords and three times maybe even ten times.

Because if your blog’s main focus keywords are 1000’s of searches, then the rest of the keywords you will find here also have their own search volume and you have already made the ranking.

So brother, to rank quickly in google, to maintain your ranking and to get a lot of organic traffic by ranking with multiple keywords, you will find this method useful.


Today we learned how you can bring traffic to your blog with the help of google search console. You can rank your blog post with multiple keywords.

In google search console, you get the keywords for your blog article that your audience is searching. Not only the old blog post, here you also get some such new keywords, on which you can publish by writing a whole new post that is also very relevant to your niche.

You have to optimize the relevant keywords related to the post you are getting in your old blog post and rank the blog with multiple keywords.

To earn from the blog you see, you need traffic and audience in your blog. The more relevant and quality audiences and readers come to your blog, the more chances you have of earning from your blog.

And with the help of Google Search Console, you will get more and more organic traffic, which is very relevant traffic which comes to your blog after searching google.

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