How Much Earn per 1000 Views – How much money Earn from blogging

Hi friends let’s learn How Much Earn per 1000 Views, How much money Earn from blogging : Have you ever thought that how much money a blogger earns from blogging , how much money does blogger earn – how much does blogger earn him how much money can be earned from a blog? Why do people shout on YouTube and other social media channels to earn lakhs of rupees a month from blogging Is this true?

In today’s article, we will tell you how you can earn money from blogging and how much money can be earned from a blog, how much money do you get from blog? And how to earn from blog.

So let’s know How many page views do you get paid? And how to earn from blogging? Understand carefully this is a very important article:-

How much money Earn from blogging

How much money you will get from blogging depends on your blogging niche and secondly it also depends on how you have monetized your blog

Although there are many ways to earn money from blogging, but among them the most popular programs are Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing .

If you have monetized your blog by getting it approved with Google Adsense, then you will have to earn according to CPC and RPM in the blog .

CPC means Cost per Click and RPM means Page revenue per thousand impressions .

See, when you get your blog approved with google adsense, then adsense sees your advertiser’s ads in your blog .

Advertisers are those people who promote their product, services, brand and company online through google and google reaches those ads to the relevant user through your blog.

Google’s algorithm is so accurate that to give good ROI to its advertiser, its ads are visible to their relevant audience and for this google uses two methods.

  • Cookies
  • Keywords

What a user searches from his mobile, computer or any device, his data remains with google and google understands what is the interest of that user? And according to that, that user sees the same Ads which he can take or is useful for him. This is possible with the help of cookies, whatever you search is saved with the help of cookies with Google.

Second, what kind of content do you write in your blog, what are the keywords that you target and how much CPC has the advertiser bid on those keywords?

Both these things decide what kind of Ads will be seen in your blog, some Ads are of very high cups and some are cheap.

If ads of very high CPC come in your blog and good organic traffic also comes in your blog then you can earn a lot of money from blogging.

Let us understand in the form of a quote:-

Suppose your blog is getting CPC of .30$ which you will also get to see in blog and your daily page views are 1000 and your CTR is 5-6% which we currently consider as 6%. Very correct CTR.

6% in 1000 page views means you get 60 clicks on your Ads so according to 60 clicks you have earned 60x.30$ = 18$ on your daily basis.

$540 in 30 days which if seen in Indian rupees Rs.38800

In just 1000 page views .30$ CPC and 6% CTR you can 35000-40000 You can earn among thousand from blog too, so think if you increase more traffic then how much money you will be able to earn from blogging

According to me, now you must have understood that how much money you can earn from blogging, people ask if How many page views do you get paid? then brother is blogger or wordpress money then your niche and users coming to your blog will talk to you how much Will get money

How much money you get on one like How many page views do you get paid? or how much money you get for blogging, it all depends on all of them :-

  • How much traffic and page views of the day comes to your blog
  • What is the niche of your blog
  • How much is the CPC of your blog
  • What is the CTR of your blog


Today we learned that How Much Earn per 1000 Views – How much money Earn from blogging How much money do you get on 1000 views on the blog? I hope that after reading this article, you must have guessed how much you can earn from blogging.

And now it will be easy for you to plan how to take your blogging journey forward, in many blogs very little CPC is seen and if CPC is good, then you get less organic CTR for this if you have any problem. If yes, then we will definitely talk to you by commenting.

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Q. How much money do you get for writing a blog 

If you write a blog for others, then you can charge money like a content writer, in which you charge per word and if you write by creating your own blog, then with AdSense you can earn money according to CPC.

Q. How much can I earn from a blog website?

Ans. ​​​​​​​You can earn as much as you want from blog website, it all depends on your blogging niche, blog traffic, page views and CPC and CTR of your AdSense.

Q. What is the limit to earn money from blog website?

Ans. No, there is no limit to earn money from blog website.

Q. In how many days does one start earning money from a blog?

Ans. If I tell you the truth, then it takes you at least 6 months to earn money from a blog, if blogging is done in this way, then any blog becomes a blog making money after 6 months.

Q. How much money do you get for 1000 views on blog

Ans. In Google AdSense, you get paid only for 1000 page views in RPM, as much as your AdSense’s RPM is, you will get after 1000 pages.

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