How to start blog writing 2024? Best Tips

Today in this article we will talk about how to start blogging. How to start blog writing? How to write Blog article and will understand in detail about how to write a good blog.

Before you start writing a blog, first of all you have to create a blog, after creating a blog, you can publish it by writing an article according to your blogging niche.

See, there is a lot of difference between writing a blog article and giving information by writing a normal article, when we write articles in our blog, then we have to take care of many things in that.

Like the blog post we are writing:

  • It should be user friendly, due to which the user should read it completely, like the article, comment, share it with the people, as well as read other internal linked articles of the blog.
  • The second should be SEO Friendly article so that Google’s crawler can crawl your article properly, indexing them and giving them the correct ranking in Google SERP.

Which means when you write an article for your blog, then you have to write that article keeping in mind all the important things to make it user friendly and SEO friendly.

So let’s start and know how to write your blog article? How to write article on google? And how do you write articles for the blog from beginning to end?

How to start blogging?

To write any blog article, first of all you must have a keyword or a blog idea on which you will write the article.

After that you have to take out all the LSI keywords, heading, sub heading and information related to that keyword, how you are going to write that article, you have to prepare a complete format.

After preparing the format of the blog post, you have to start writing that article, let’s know how:-

Blog Title

First of all, you have to prepare the title of your blog post, you have to write a title that is both SEO Friendly and User Friendly.

Meaning that your main focus keyword should also come in your blog title (not necessary, but it has a positive impact in SEO).

And your blog title should also be attractive for the user, so that anywhere after seeing your blog title, the user can click on it and read your posts.

Blog Format

See, when a user comes to read any blog post, he first reads the first paragraph of your blog article, after that he scrolls through the entire post once and sees it till the bottom.

This means that you have to make the format of your blog post correctly

First 100 Words

You have to write the first paragraph of your blog post in such a way that the user gets to know what benefit he is going to get from reading this article, mix it with his feelings, emotions and excitement in your first 100 words.

Try to tell in short what they are going to get in this article, so that they can read further.

Use proper heading

Divide all the information into the heading and their sub-heading, so that the user does not find it easy to read your article and read that article completely.

Short Paragraph

Write all the information in short paragraphs, do not write all the information of the same big, long paragraph, otherwise the user skips them and does not read.

Accurate Information

Do not say anything in the confusion of lengthening the length of the blog post, it spoils your user’s experience, give correct information, write accurate information and write in as many words as you should.

SEO Friendly

You should always write a blog post SEO friendly; this gives you a quick ranking in the google SERP page and more and more users come to read your blog post, due to which you get direct organic traffic from google.

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Today we learned How to start blog writing? How to write articles and write posts for your blog?

See , the main work of blogging is to reach the information through your blog to the people about which you know better and people are searching for that information on the internet or that information is very important to reach the people and for the people. Very useful or in their interest.

This means that in blogging, you have to write that which is better for the user, your blog audience will get some information, gain knowledge and get satisfaction.

And a good article is said to be the one that the user is satisfied after reading that the search he did, he got the very right information about that topic in a very correct way.

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