Top Searches Art Keywords 2024 List 500+

As an artist or art enthusiast, you want your artwork to be seen and appreciated by as many people as possible.

One way to increase your online visibility is by optimizing your art website for search engines using keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search for specific topics on search engines like Google or Bing.

By including relevant art keywords on your website, you can increase your website’s chances of appearing in search results and attracting more visitors.

What are Art Keywords?

Art keywords are words or phrases related to art that people use to search for information or products related to art.

There are different types of art keywords, including short-tail keywords (one or two words), and long-tail keywords (three or more words). Examples of art keywords include “abstract art,” “watercolor painting,” and “landscape photography.”

How to Choose Art Keywords

To choose the right art keywords, it’s important to do your research and understand your audience. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to research popular keywords related to art.

You should also consider your target audience and what words or phrases they might use when searching for artwork online.

Finding the right balance between popular and relevant keywords is key to attracting the right visitors to your website.

Top Searches Art Keywords List 500+

Sr. No.Art Keywords (A to Z)Search Volume MonthlyCPC
1zombie art3,600$0.35
2yoga art3,600$0.85
3works of art8,100$0.90
4work of art6,600$1.68
5word art maker5,400$1.56
6word art74,000$1.10
7wood art18,100$0.91
8wolf art12,100$0.71
9wire art5,400$0.62
10wine art4,400$1.15
11wiki art3,600$2.21
12why is art important2,400$2.51
13where art thou romeo1,900$0
14where art thou meaning2,900$0
15what is visual arts4,400$3.06
16what is vector art1,600$3.62
17what is value in art1,900$0.02
18what is pop art6,600$1.55
19what is modern art2,400$1.52
20what is liberal arts8,100$5.49
21what is language arts1,900$0.60
22what is form in art1,600$2.53
23what is fine arts4,400$1.22
24what is contemporary art3,600$1.76
25what is art therapy2,400$1.80
26what is art deco3,600$1.03
27what is abstract art4,400$1.46
28what is a medium in art1,000$0
29what is a liberal arts degree1,600$13.61
30what is a liberal arts college2,900$12.25
31what does liberal arts mean1,000$9.51
32what are the elements of art2,900$1.72
33what are liberal arts2,400$1.36
34welding art6,600$0.84
35weird art4,400$0.20
36web gallery of art6,600$3.46
37wave art3,600$0.60
38watercolor art12,100$1.43
39water art4,400$0.82
40wallpaper art201,000$0.76
41wall art prints6,600$0.76
42wall art201,000$0.76
43visual arts40,500$1.95
44vinyl wall art6,600$0.57
45video art12,100$1.37
46unique art4,400$1.21
47types of martial arts9,900$1.23
48types of art22,200$1.25
49turtle art3,600$0.95
50tree art9,900$0.95
51train clip art8,100$1.28
52traditional art4,400$1.04
53tile art3,600$1.25
54tiger art3,600$0.89
55thread art4,400$0.17
56the art of travel8,100$0.33
57the art of sex6,600$0.78
58the art of seduction22,200$2.17
59the art of living9,900$0.86
60the art of happiness8,100$0.56
61the art of electronics5,400$0.27
62the art of computer programming8,100$0.61
63the art newspaper5,400$2.79
64the art institute14,800$14.13
65texture art3,600$1.13
66textile art5,400$1.11
67text art74,000$1.86
68teen art6,600$1.30
69tattoo art22,200$0.77
70sword art22,200$0.30
71sweet art4,400$2.46
72surf art4,400$0.89
73studio arts8,100$6.98
74stone art8,100$0.72
75stencil art14,800$0.68
76sports art8,100$0.90
77sound art4,400$1.33
78snowman clip art9,900$0.60
79sketch art12,100$0.71
80skateboard art5,400$0.62
81shape art3,600$1.58
82shadow art8,100$0.95
83sexy art8,100$0.66
84sexual art74,000$0.81
85sex in art5,400$1.39
86sex art74,000$0.81
87sell art online8,100$3.18
88sell art4,400$1.49
89scratch art8,100$0.38
90science clip art9,900$2.97
91science art3,600$0.96
92sci fi art3,600$1.03
93school of visual arts18,100$3.95
94school of arts4,400$6.12
95sand art27,100$0.74
96sad art4,400$0.13
97romantic art12,100$0.77
98representational art5,400$1.78
99renaissance art40,500$1.94
100realistic art14,800$1.20
101rainbow art3,600$0.50
102public art6,600$2
103providence performing arts center6,600$0.65
104print art14,800$0.92
105principles of art18,100$1.37
106poster art8,100$1.02
107play arts8,100$0.30
108pixle art5,400$9.26
109pixel art450,000$2.52
110pictures art33,100$0.69
111photoshop art5,400$2.27
112photo art74,000$1.14
113pets art3,350,000$0.06
114performing arts center12,100$1.52
115performing arts22,200$2.81
116performance art18,100$1.88
117pencil clip art12,100$1.17
118pencil art22,200$0.54
119pen art5,400$0.37
120paper cutting art9,900$0.74
121paper art110,000$1.24
122painting art14,800$0.74
123paint art14,800$0.74
124outdoor art3,600$0.90
125original art4,400$1.66
126optical art90,500$1.47
127online art gallery5,400$2.27
128old erotic art12,100$0.60
129office art5,400$2.63
130nude art model8,100$1.72
131nude art90,500$1.52
132nose art4,400$0.17
133newspaper art4,400$1.86
134net art4,400$0.92
135neon art5,400$0.77
136nature art8,100$1.03
137naked art18,100$1.14
138naive art3,600$1.15
139nail arts823,000$0.94
140nail art tools6,600$0.26
141nail art supplies9,900$0.60
142nail art stickers5,400$0.40
143nail art kit27,100$0.15
144nail art gallery8,100$0.76
145nail art designs165,000$1.31
146music clip art8,100$0.15
147music arts14,800$0.92
148music and arts60,500$0.36
149museum of fine arts14,800$1.60
150movie clip art5,400$0.06
151mountain clip art8,100$1.32
152moon art4,400$0.60
153modern wall art6,600$1.08
154modern art museum6,600$1.68
155modern art90,500$1.24
156mobile art4,400$0.79
157mirror wall art5,400$0.90
158mirror art5,400$1.07
159metal wall art49,500$0.97
160metal art27,100$0.94
161medical arts press9,900$0.91
162medical arts9,900$1.12
163media arts8,100$3.12
164math art5,400$0.48
165master of arts18,100$4.19
166mass art4,400$1.87
167martial arts games9,900$0.90
168martial arts165,000$1.98
169map art5,400$1.27
170love art12,100$0.98
171living art4,400$0.37
172lip art5,400$0.70
173line art60,500$1.38
174liberal arts74,000$6.64
175letter art8,100$1.19
176lesbian art5,400$0.88
177leaves clip art12,100$0.70
178league of legends art5,400$0.80
179leaf art5,400$0.84
180knife art5,400$0.41
181kitchen wall art9,900$0.78
182kitchen art14,800$0.92
183kids clip art6,600$2
184kids arts and crafts5,400$0.55
185kids art table6,600$0.82
186kids art12,100$1.25
187junk art3,600$0.48
188joker art5,400$0.17
189institute of contemporary art6,600$2.88
190inspirational art4,400$1.57
191ink art4,400$0.74
192industrial art5,400$0.87
193illusion art3,600$0.55
194how to sell art online1,900$3.63
195how to sell art2,900$2.10
196how to make youtube channel art3,600$1.96
197how to make string art1,300$0.23
198how to make pixel art3,600$0
199how to make latte art2,900$0.72
200how to make channel art2,900$2.77
201how to draw 3d art2,900$1.09
202how to do string art1,600$0.38
203how to do nail art8,100$1.19
204how to do nail art8,100$1.19
205how to become an art teacher1,300$3.08
206how to become an art director1,600$5.94
207how to add album art to mp32,900$0.23
208how to add album art to itunes1,300$0.96
209how great thou art youtube2,400$1.08
210how great thou art sheet music1,300$0.61
211how great thou art lyrics40,500$1.37
212how great thou art elvis2,400$0.07
213how great thou art chords9,900$0.73
214how great thou art carrie underwood5,400$0.43
215how great thou art74,000$0.58
216horror art3,600$0.79
217history of art9,900$1.66
218hand art9,900$1.49
219halloween art5,400$0.92
220hair art8,100$1.02
221graphic arts18,100$3.87
222glass art14,800$0.79
223garden art9,900$0.78
224game art9,900$2.16
225funny art3,600$0.62
226fruit art6,600$0.72
227free clip art images18,100$1.72
228free clip art74,000$1.79
229free art5,400$1.57
230fox art4,400$0.91
231food art18,100$0.93
232folk art18,100$0.90
233flower art14,800$1.05
234floral art4,400$1.04
235fish art6,600$0.95
236fire art3,600$1.17
237finger art5,400$1
238fine arts90,500$0.65
239fine art prints12,100$0.76
240fine art printing12,100$0.76
241fine art photography14,800$1.81
242fine art nude4,400$1.62
243fiber arts4,400$0.82
244feminist art5,400$1.46
245fashion art6,600$0.71
246fantasy art18,100$1.26
247face art8,100$0.89
248eye art6,600$0.82
249erotic art60,500$1.36
250erotic 3d art6,600$0.96
251elephant art9,900$0.89
252elements of art40,500$1.94
253elements and principles of art6,600$1.38
254electronic arts1,220,000$0.51
255easy art9,900$0.44
256easter clip art12,100$5.71
257earth art3,600$1.26
258dog art6,600$1.15
259disney art9,900$0.60
260digital arts49,500$1.87
261different types of art5,400$1.53
262depression art6,600$2.86
263dental arts9,900$0.54
264definition of art12,100$1.06
265define art8,100$0.99
266deer art3,600$1
267deco art9,900$0.38
268dance clip art8,100$1.37
269cupcake clip art9,900$4.16
270culinary art27,100$8.17
271creative arts agency301,000$0.24
272creative arts18,100$1.29
273crayon art18,100$0.84
274cow art4,400$0.96
275contemporary arts center5,400$2.49
276contemporary art museum5,400$2.07
277contemporary art60,500$1.49
278conceptual art18,100$1.46
279concept art49,500$2.67
280computer arts9,900$0.31
281communication arts9,900$1.80
282comic art9,900$0.89
283color pencil art5,400$0.68
284color art8,100$0.62
285collage art27,100$1.29
286coffee art14,800$0.80
287clip art pictures9,900$1.70
288clip art368,000$1.50
289clay art22,200$0.85
290classic art9,900$1.16
291city of arts and sciences6,600$0.61
292city art4,400$0.95
293circle art4,400$1.01
294cinema arts6,600$2.31
295cheap wall art6,600$1.15
296cheap art5,400$1.06
297ceramic art8,100$1.03
298cat art8,100$1.02
299cartoon art8,100$1.82
300car art6,600$0.54
301cake art9,900$0.37
302cafe art5,400$0.79
303buy art online5,400$2.24
304buy art4,400$1.97
305bubble art3,600$0.47
306book art12,100$0.75
307body painting art8,100$1.32
308body art60,500$0.69
309black nail art5,400$5.60
310black art27,100$0.82
311black and white wall art4,400$1.11
312black and white art14,800$1.02
313bird art5,400$1.32
314best martial arts9,900$1.63
315best art5,400$1.27
316bedroom wall art5,400$0.71
317bedroom art4,400$0.79
318beautiful art9,900$0.95
319beach clip art8,100$1.67
320beach art6,600$1.02
321batman art9,900$0.49
322bathroom wall art9,900$0.80
323bathroom art9,900$0.84
324balloon art8,100$0.59
325bad art3,600$1.44
326bachelor of fine arts4,400$5.07
327bachelor of arts60,500$5.46
328baby art14,800$0.35
329aviation art3,600$0.78
330auto art5,400$0.29
331associates of arts6,600$10.30
332ask art4,400$0.08
333arts rental8,100$0.28
334arts music8,100$0.95
335arts journal18,100$0.72
336arts jobs49,500$1.34
337arts institute40,500$18.69
338arts erotica8,100$0.04
339arts education9,900$2.67
340arts council12,100$1.88
341arts camera8,100$0.77
342arts brush6,600$0.66
343arts box40,500$0.65
344arts and crafts movement9,900$1.36
345arts and craft stores22,200$1.71
346arts and craft165,000$0.80
347art world3,600$1.11
348art works27,100$1.03
349art words6,600$1.49
350art websites14,800$3.02
351art wallpaper18,100$0.71
352art wall6,600$0.88
353art videos8,100$1.41
354art tutorials5,400$2.29
355art tools4,400$0.73
356art themes4,400$1.67
357art theatre6,600$1.09
358art theater4,400$1.19
359art terms4,400$0.87
360art techniques6,600$2.40
361art teacher jobs4,400$0.85
362art teacher5,400$1.77
363art tattoos12,100$0.61
364art tablet6,600$0.85
365art tables12,100$1.03
366art synonym8,100$0.66
367art supply warehouse8,100$2.19
368art supplies online4,400$1.16
369art supplies90,500$2.23
370art styles14,800$1.64
371art stuff3,600$0.59
372art studios40,500$1.51
373art stores27,100$1.73
374art station18,100$1.73
375art space12,100$1.86
376art song3,600$1.29
377art socks3,600$0.32
378art smock4,400$0.62
379art smith3,600$1.07
380art sketches4,400$0.71
381art shows6,600$1.95
382art shop14,800$0.92
383art shoes9,900$0.41
384art sex22,200$1.16
385art sets14,800$0.41
386art search6,600$1.27
387art science3,600$0.82
388art schools22,200$10.38
389art room9,900$1.05
390art review4,400$1.15
391art rage5,400$0.46
392art prompts3,600$1.56
393art projects22,200$1.85
394art projector3,600$0.63
395art programs4,400$5.19
396art prize9,900$0.37
397art printing40,500$1.30
398art posters12,100$1.44
399art portfolio12,100$0.91
400art pop9,900$1.21
401art pieces5,400$1.06
402art pictures27,100$0.89
403art pics6,600$1.19
404art photos14,800$1.10
405art photography14,800$1.87
406art pepper6,600$0.45
407art pens6,600$0.68
408art pencils6,600$0.53
409art party3,600$0.94
410art partner4,400$0.95
411art paper9,900$0.76
412art paintings8,100$1.08
413art painting14,800$0.85
414art pad6,600$0.79
415art online12,100$1.04
416art of tea3,600$0.58
417art of sex12,100$0.94
418art of seduction12,100$2.36
419art of noise12,100$0.15
420art of living74,000$0.56
421art of glow9,900$1.13
422art of charm6,600$0
423art of animation27,100$0.64
424art nudes33,100$1.38
425art newspaper5,400$2.46
426art news22,200$1.92
427art net5,400$0.66
428art naturals8,100$0.44
429art nails14,800$0.56
430art movement18,100$1.79
431art monk3,600$0.23
432art money8,100$1.44
433art models14,800$0.91
434art meme8,100$0.58
435art mediums8,100$1.15
436art media4,400$0.79
437art meaning9,900$1.10
438art materials8,100$0.74
439art mart4,400$0.85
440art market6,600$0.80
441art markers6,600$0.59
442art maker4,400$2.02
443art majors3,600$5.52
444art major3,600$5.52
445art magazines14,800$1.14
446art lingerie12,100$0.90
447art line6,600$0.97
448art light6,600$2.91
449art lessons4,400$1.51
450art kits8,100$0.49
451art journals14,800$0.72
452art is dead3,600$0.34
453art institutes40,500$20.19
454art inspiration8,100$2.02
455art in motion5,400$0.63
456art in action4,400$0.27
457art images12,100$0.97
458art ideas18,100$1.60
459art hub8,100$0.50
460art house27,100$0.71
461art history18,100$2.41
462art grants3,600$2.04
463art glass8,100$1.31
464art games free3,600$1.66
465art games74,000$1.97
466art gallery fabrics4,400$0.35
467art galleries74,000$0.87
468art furniture8,100$1.78
469art frames8,100$1.70
470art forum22,200$0.94
471art forms9,900$0.98
472art for sale18,100$1.57
473art for kids27,100$1.91
474art festival8,100$0.63
475art fair6,600$1.34
476art factory8,100$0.54
477art exhibit9,900$2.08
478art elements4,400$1.82
479art effects6,600$0.56
480art drawings18,100$0.76
481art director33,100$3.68
482art desks12,100$0.89
483art designs33,100$1.39
484art department9,900$1.33
485art degrees3,600$6.77
486art definition33,100$1.38
487art decor9,900$0.62
488art deco wallpaper8,100$0.34
489art deco style5,400$0.54
490art deco patterns5,400$0.57
491art deco lamps5,400$0.85
492art deco design5,400$0.75
493art dealer3,600$1.33
494art daily6,600$1.56
495art crafts18,100$0.28
496art contests5,400$1.10
497art competitions6,600$1.34
498art colleges9,900$8.90
499art club22,200$0.35
500art classes for kids8,100$1.78
501art classes18,100$2.90
502art cinema4,400$1.34
503art center14,800$2.03
504art careers6,600$3.85
505art cards5,400$0.49
506art canvas8,100$1.06
507art camp4,400$1.86
508art cafe14,800$0.62
509art brush6,600$0.65
510art books18,100$0.91
511art board8,100$0.52
512art blogs9,900$2.25
513art block5,400$0.98
514art bell40,500$0.17
515art beads18,100$0.12
516art bar9,900$0.34
517art background8,100$1.27
518art auctions6,600$1.51
519art apps6,600$2.78
520art appraisal4,400$1.69
521art angels18,100$0.55
522art and soul6,600$0.95
523art and science9,900$1.59
524art and design8,100$2
525art and culture18,100$1.78
526art and commerce4,400$0
527art and architecture4,400$1.58
528art after dark4,400$2.09
529art activities3,600$2.19
530art academy9,900$2.75
531anime art18,100$0.88
532animal clip art9,900$1.94
533animal art6,600$0.87
534angel art5,400$0.87
535ancient art5,400$1.76
536amazing art9,900$1.27
537alien art5,400$0.98
538airbrush art5,400$1.02
539acrylic art4,400$1.10
540academy of arts12,100$2.26
5413d wall art8,100$0.67
5423d nail art5,400$0.34
5433d art40,500$0.91

Using Art Keywords on Your Website

Once you have chosen your art keywords, it’s important to use them effectively on your website. You can place keywords in various areas of your website, such as in the title tag, meta descripti on, and header tags (H1, H2, H3).

You should also use keywords naturally in your content, without overstuffing them. Overusing keywords can hurt your website’s SEO and make your content appear spammy.

Finally, using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest can also help you attract more visitors to your website.

Measuring Your Success

After implementing your art keywords and other SEO strategies, it’s important to measure your website’s performance.

You can use tools like Google Analytics or SEMrush to monitor your website’s traffic and keyword rankings. If you notice that certain keywords are not performing well, you can make adjustments and try different keywords to improve your website’s SEO.


In summary, art keywords are a powerful tool that can help you increase your art website’s visibility and attract more visitors.

By choosing relevant and popular keywords and using them effectively on your website, you can improve your website’s search engine optimization and reach your target audience. Remember to also create quality content, build backlinks, and use social media to further optimize your website’s SEO.

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