Does Changing Blog Post Title Tag Affect Google Ranking?

Welcome dear readers, in this article we will talk about Does Changing Blog Post Title Tag Affect Google Ranking? Title tag is the most important part of a blog post. If you write a good blog post but do not pay attention to optimizing the title, then people will never click on your content. The reason for this is that the visitor sees the blog post title before reading an article.

Title tag helps in increasing the click-through-rate on the content.

Simply put, title tag plays an important role in improving website traffic. But here we will discuss, does changing Blog Post Title Tag affect Google Ranking?

In this post we will learn How To Right Perfect Title Tag For SEO i.e. how to write the right title tag for SEO.

If you are a blogger and you are running a blog, then you must have published by writing a blog post, but do you know that the title tag inserted in that post should be inserted according to SEO so that it helps in ranking in the search engine.

Many of our readers ask us a question that How To Right Perfect Title Tag For SEO i.e. how to choose the right title tag for SEO.

What is Title Tag?

Title and Tag is the name of our blog post and in the search result people can only see the title and meta description of your post, then after opening that page, anyone can read that entire post.

Title and Tag are not only visible in the search results, but when someone shares your post on any social platform, only the title tag and meta description are visible on that platform, through which people can understand what things have been put in your post. Is.

If your title and tag have been entered well, then the chances of getting clicks on it increase and social sharing or organic traffic starts increasing.

How To Right Perfect Title Tag For SEO

What is the percentage of keywords in a title and tag, what is the percentage of the category, apart from this, what other things can we put inside the title and tag, we will get information about all these things in this post.

The Number of Characters Recommended For Title Tag

To create a perfect title tag, we have to see how many characters should be in our title, although Google has never told how many characters should be placed inside the title.

Some popular SEO service providing sites like Semrush, ahrefs etc. have been advised to write title and tag within 50 to 70 characters in their blog articles.

I myself also advise my readers to keep the title and tag within 60 characters or 560 pixels.

In search results, the title of our page appears in only one line in the screen of desktop and appears in only two lines in the screen of mobile, if the title is bigger than this, it gets cut.

When you have a title bigger than a limit, then Google cuts off the extra characters and a dot appears in its place.

In the eyes of Google, the title of our page should be related to that page and within a limit, we write the whole story of our page inside our title.

When Google indexes our page, it divides our page into smaller parts and converts them into tokens based on their pronunciation.

If you have just started blogging and you do not have much knowledge about SEO, then you should keep the title of your page within 60 characters and if you are SEO expert then you can increase it to a whole line.

By the way, you keep the title in one line or in three lines, Google will not penalize you for this, but more than the limit will not appear in the search result.

SEO Title Examples

Now we will talk about what should be in a title, what should be the percentage of keyword and category.

Whatever keyword you are targeting in your post, that focus keyword must be in your title.

Having a keyword in the title sends a strong signal to the search engine and readers can also understand that the content they are looking for can be in this post.

Long Tell Keyword in Title

It is important to have Long Tell Keyword, not only the keyword in the title of our post, that is, you can lengthen the target keyword of your post and write it in the title.

For example, the target keyword of your post is Title Tag For SEO, then you will convert it to long tell keyword and write it in the title like How To Right Perfect Title Tag For SEO and if you want, you can also add Hindi or English language of your blog to it. Huh.

Keep in mind that the main keyword of your page should be within the first 5 words of the title, lest you make the title long and keep the main keyword exactly in the last, then it is also not good for SEO.

We should make the title of our page enthusiastic and not laziness, it means to say that after reading the title, more and more people click on it, should keep an attractive title of this method.

In the title of our post, we can create a passionate title by keeping the words like Get, Top, Find, What, How, Make, Affordable, award winning etc.

Do not put stop words in the title?

We should not put Stop Words inside our title like But, So, A, The, Kintu, Parantu etc. We should not put this type of word.

You will find a list of Stop Words in this way on the Internet, although many people think that how to write a title without stopwords, but you have to spend your mind to remove Stop Words from the title in this way.

Brand Name

It is necessary to have a brand name or company name in the title, this gives an identity to your site and makes your site popular as well as a positive message to the search engine.

If your site is new now no one knows it, then it is not so important to have a brand name in the title of the post, but still it is necessary to have a brand name in the title of the homepage.

What is the Title Tag Ranking Factor?

Many of our readers ask that what is the title tag ranking factor, then the answer is both yes and no.

Title tags are technically a ranking factor, but it is not that if you create a very good title and tag, then your page will start to rank in the top, but it is definitely a small factor for the ranking of our page.

Just a few days ago, Google has announced that if you do not create a good title tag for your page, then Google can automatically change the title of your page and show it in the search engine.

When you do not put an exact title according to your page, then the post on your site will have the same title but will show the changed title in the search result.

Does Changing Blog Post Title Tag Affect Google Ranking?

If your blog post title is not relevant, readable, or does not reflect your content value to the visitor, then you can rewrite or change your title again.

In fact, what Gary Illyes said,

We will never quit rewriting titles. We’ve seen so many sites whose title really suck.  A lot of sites have no title; a lot of sites have a title saying “Top Page”.

In fact, Google almost always rewrites titles. We couldn’t provide useful results to our users if we quit rewriting titles. Experiments showed us users preferred written titles. So, we’ll continue to write titles. – Gary Illyes (Source)

But one thing should be kept in mind while changing the title tag, your title should be 100% match with the page content.

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Apart from this, you also need to pay attention to the length of the title tag.

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