YouTube New Monetization policy 2023

YouTube New Monetization policy: Many people are earning millions by creating their channel on YouTube and if you are also one of them then definitely read this article because YouTube is going to change the YouTube Partner Program policy from 20 February 2018. If you are also a Youtuber then definitely read this article. Here we will tell you about YouTube New Monetization Policy.

So let’s know about YouTube new monetization policy rules….

Important updates to YouTube Partner Program 2022

Earlier, YouTube had made this change in its monetization policy that ads will be displayed only on those channels which have 10,000 views and if the views are less than 10,000, then monetize will not be enabled on those channels.

Now in 2018, YouTube has made a big change in its youtube partner program. If your channel does not have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months, your channel will lose all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program. Click here to get information in details.

Due to changes to the YouTube Partner Program

Earlier earning money on YouTube was very easy and anyone started uploading videos by creating an account on YouTube whether the video was useful or not. After this, by enabling monetization, he used to start earning money easily. Due to which many unwanted videos had accumulated on YouTube. Keeping this in mind, YouTube has changed its Monetization Policy.

Due to the change in YouTube Partner Program policy, there will be many such channels whose monetization will be disabled and they will not be able to earn through their channel and that is why they will stop uploading videos on YouTube. YouTube has changed the YouTube Partner Program (Monetization Policy) to deal with such bad creators.

How to get monetization approved

Here are the minimum requirements to get Monetization approved,

  • 4,000 hours of watch time in last 12 months
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • Follow Youtube Policies and Community Guidelines

Update given by youtube in January 2022:-

If you are a youtuber and want to earn well then you must be aware of youtube’s policies related to earning, and also follow them. These policies of Youtube include Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, Google AdSense and Program Policies.

These policies apply to people who have joined the YouTube Partner Program. If you want to enable the facility of earning money by showing ads on your channel, then for that you have to follow adsense worthy videos and their guidelines.

Youtube Monetization Rules 2022, all the policies will be told in this post of ours. It is from these policies that it is decided whether your channel is worth earning or not! The reviewers of Youtube regularly visit all the channels to see how much they are following the policies for monetization or not!

What is watched on the channel for Youtube Monetization

Youtube reviewers see the content which gives best information about your channel according to youtube policies, youtube reviewers cannot check your every video, but have complete information on the following things:

  • Most viewed video
  • Main theme
  • new videos
  • most viewed video
  • Video title, thumbnail and description

On these given examples, the reviewer of youtube can check your channel at any time. Keep in mind that apart from these, you can check many other things, this lets youtube know whether you are following their policies properly or not!

  • Follow all YouTube community guidelines
  • Adhere to the AdSense Program Policies
  • Good information for kids and family
  • Youtuber’s Responsibility

How to earn money from video

The policy of these Youtube shows that the videos from which money is being made, whether the viewers are getting benefit from them or not, if a viewer is able to know the difference in the videos on your channel, all your videos should be different. It is important that your video should help people. Due to which the facility of earning is given on your channel.

Videos on which monetization facility is started

Content that violates Youtube’s community guidelines

If many videos have been uploaded on your channel in the same way, then the viewers get disappointed because they come to your channel to know good information, it means that there are different videos on the channel but there is some difference between them. It is not allowed to earn money on such a channel. Do not upload the video made using any copy or template on your channel on youtube, you should upload the video with the best information.

Videos from which you can’t make money

  • You do not have to use this type of video to which you do not contribute, such as – text of website or news feed
  • Do not use such a video, which is shown the same video again and again, so that there is no benefit from watching anyone.
  • Any video made with the help of computer program.

Content from another YouTuber

Youtube says that if you put someone else’s video on your channel, then it will be considered copyright which is against our policy, you do not have to put any youtuber’s video on your channel, the purpose of such people is to earn money from adsense. It happens. For such people, youtube monetization rules have been made by youtube.

What should be the video to earn –

If your channel is related to comedy category, then you can add funny scene by editing any video made then this video will not be considered as copy, because you have given new look to that video which you can upload on youtube. Is. Youtube allows you to put the video of another channel on your channel after converting it into other words. This is possible only when a viewer speaks this video differently from that video.

what kind of video is worth earning

  • Using clips in a video the right way
  • Any movie scene, whose dialogues you have written, and its voiceover has also changed
  • Making a video on the topic of a comment seen on someone else’s video
  • Edit your video on another youtuber’s topic

Youtuber’s Responsibility-

Youtube says that if you violate our policies, then we can stop your earnings. Maybe you can even close your channel forever. When the trust of the advertising brand is broken, then youtube all youtubers earn less.

YouTube Channel Monetization Policies

YouTube says that if you want to earn money from this platform, then it is very important for you to follow our policies. If you violate these policies, YouTube may take the following actions against you.

  • Ads may stop showing on your video
  • YouTube will suspend your channel.
  • YouTube may shut down your channel

Get rid of problems coming on Youtube channel

If you have joined youtube program partner, then you can contact youtube’s support team. With the help of these, all the problems coming on your channel or using the mentioned methods of youtube, you can move your channel forward, in which your youtube support team is always ready to help –

We are always ready to help you:

  • use youtube properly
  • Get answers to questions related to YouTube’s service and technology
  • Know how to navigate the policy and copyright guidelines
  • Know all the answers related to the management of your channel and account
  • Troubleshoot Content ID and rights management issues
  • To fix a problem with your account

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Youtube wants to free itself from bad creator. This is the reason why YouTube has brought changes in its YouTube Partner Program and it will also be applicable to the existing monetized channel from 20th February 2018.

If you have any question regarding YouTube new monetization policy, then you can comment.

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