WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which is Best for Blogging?

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If you want to create your own blog on WordPress, then before taking any initial step it is very important to decide that on which platform of WordPress you should create your blog/website?

Now reading all this may seem a bit confusing that brother, if we want to create a blog on WordPress itself, then what is the point of choosing the right platform in it? The point of choosing a right blogging platform on WordPress is also true because there are two platforms for blogging on WordPress as well, WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

So in order to choose the right WordPress platform according to your need, it is very important to know here that what are the differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org? WordPress.com and WordPress.org This question is a bit confusing for every beginner.

Often whenever a beginner wants to create a website or blog on WordPress in the early stages, without knowing that WordPress also has two parts, they choose Wrong WordPress Platform.

So that is why in today’s article we will know what is the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org? On which of the two should you create your website or blog?

What is WordPress and why should you use it?

What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Before throwing light on this, let us quickly understand in brief what is WordPress and why should you use it for your website?

WordPress is an open source CMS (open source of content management system). On which you can create and control your website or blog. Being an Open Source, it is a Free Website Creating Platform and it is not managed by any one company, it is managed by millions of Volunteers (Volunteers) sitting in every corner of the world.

Now it is not even that WordPress is the only CMS platform on which you can create a website, apart from this, you can also build your website on website building platforms like Joomla, Drupal and Wix.

However, out of all these website building platforms, WordPress is the easiest website building platform, on which you can easily create any website. You do not even need 1% of coding to create any kind of website on WordPress.

You can create the best website on WordPress even without coding knowledge. WordPress is a suitable platform for creating all types of websites such as Small Business Website, Online Portfolio, Blog and Website, eCommerce Website, Forums and Mobile Apps Website etc.

WordPress works on PHP and SQL Technology and you can create a Mobile and SEO Friendly WordPress Website. For these reasons, WordPress has become the most used CMS platform and its usage graph is increasing continuously.

So now you must have understood what WordPress is, let’s now turn to our main topic WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What is the Difference?

Well, as you must know that WordPress is the most suitable way to create any website, but which one is better between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, let’s understand its main difference.

Hosted WordPress and Self hosted WordPress


WordPress.com was started by Matt Mullenweg, the owner of the Automattic company. Whereas Matt Mullenweg is also the co-founder of WordPress Software. To create a website on WordPress.com, you do not have to buy hosting separately, but whatever content you put on your website built on wordpress.com is stored on the server of wordpress.com itself.

WordPress.com is not like a separate software (WordPress) and no it is the owner of WordPress, but if we also call WordPress.com a Hosting Service Provider then it will not be wrong at all. Such as Tumblr and Blogger. Because the website you want to create is made on WordPress itself, but if you do not want to take web hosting separately, then that is why you have to create a website on wordpress.com or rather on its hosting.

By the way, whatever website you create on wordpress.com is live on the server of Automattic Company, this is just to show that your website is hosted on the server of wordpress.com.


It is a Self-hosted WordPress Platform. To create any kind of website or blog on this platform of WordPress, you first need a domain name and web hosting for your website. You cannot even start building a website on this WordPress platform without a domain name and web hosting.

Anyone can download and install WordPress for free from WordPress.org and use it for whatever purpose they want. You have complete control over the website built on WordPress.org, you can customize your website as much as you want. You cannot host your website on WordPress.org’s server, for this you have to take External Web Hosting.

Website Cost on both WordPress.com and WordPress.org

If you create your website on either WordPress.com or WordPress.org, then there is a lot of difference in the cost for you here. Let us know what is the role of cost in creating a WordPress website.


If you want to create a website absolutely free on wordpress.com, then the first plan is available for absolutely free users. With this plan you can start your website without spending a single penny. But you get very limited and basic features in its free plan.

If you choose this plan for your website, then you get your website with a subdomain of WordPress.com such as (http://mysitename.wordpress.com). You cannot use a Custom Domain Name for your website. such as (http://mysitename.com).

In WordPress.com, you get a few free themes, basic design customization options, and only 3GB of storage capacity to store your content on the website. Which means that you cannot put much content on the website made with this plan.

And if you want to go with a little more advanced features then you should take its paid plan. After this you can also connect your website with a custom domain name. To create a website on WordPress.com, users get 4 different plans which come with $0, $4, $8 and $25 monthly charges.


To create a website on WordPress.org, you have to install WordPress separately. Which is a free software, you do not have to pay any charge to install it. On this platform, you can create as many websites as you want for free. By the way, you can download WordPress for free from the website of WordPress.org, but to install it, you need some more things.

As we have told at the beginning of this article that WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform for creating a website, so if we talk about the total cost to build a website on it, then it is the web hosting and domain name taken by you. depend on the cost.

There are many such Best Web Hosting Providers on the Internet from which you can take an Affordable Web Hosting and Domain Name such as Bluehost, A2Hosting, Hostinger and FastComet etc. But as far as WordPress is concerned, WordPress only recommends web hosting from Bluehost and A2Hosting. Because Bluehost is the Official Web Hosting Partner of WordPress, WordPress has always given the highest priority to Bluehost’s web hosting. And I am using A2 Hosting myself, whose experience has been very good with me.

With Bluehost you can start your site with only $2.75 Monthly Charges. Which is not only much cheaper than WordPress.com, but you also get a lot more Advanced Functionality in it, so that you can give a Professional Awesome Look to your website.

Bluehost is currently hosting more than 850,00 WordPress websites, so Bluehost always brings good offers for WordPress. Its customer support is also amazing so that you can get 24/7 support.

Now it is also worth noting here that as your website grows, so does your hosting cost, but it depends on you that with what type of hosting you host your website.

Anyway, if your main goal is to earn money from the website and you become successful to a great extent in it, then you should not hesitate to take any good web hosting because more than what you are spending on your website. Also doing return.

Apart from this, as the popularity of your website increases, visitors start coming to your website in large numbers, then there are many other optional things that increase the cost of your website such as Premium Themes and Plugins etc.

Although you get more than 5000+ Free WordPress Themes and Plugins within your official directory of WordPress, but we recommend you that if your website is ranked very well, a lot of visitors start visiting your website. If so, then you should use Premium Themes and Plugins only.

By the way, overall, the cost of your WordPress website depends entirely on what kind of website you want to create and what kind of features you want to add to it.

Website Setup and Management

Although both Hosted Site and Non-Hosted Site are built on the same software WordPress, but still there is a lot of difference in the way they are managed. Such as Site setup, management and maintenance.


Creating a website on WordPress.com is very easy or to say that creating a blog on it is as easy as signing up on Facebook. According to me, if you can create an account on Facebook, then you can also setup a website on WordPress.com.

You just have to register to create a blog / website on WordPress.com, everything else is cooked for you. You neither need to go to any type of Hosting Control Panel, nor do you have to configure anything in the data base, nor do you need to connect any FTP server.

All this is already managed by WordPress.com at its end. You just have to work on how you want to design your website after going to the customization option. The security, performance speed of your website/blog, everything is handled by WordPress.com itself. Now all you have to do is keep creating content for your website/blog.


If we talk about creating a website on WordPress.org, then creating a website or blog on this platform of WordPress is a bit more mind-playing task than WordPress.com. As we told at the beginning of this article that WordPress.org is a Self Hosted Platform, you need a Domain Name and Web Hosting to create a website on it. Only after this you can start any website or blog on WordPress.org.

If you want to install WordPress manually in your web hosting, then it can be quite difficult and time-consuming process for you in the beginning, but many web hosting providers like Bluehost only give you the facility of One Click WordPress installation in their web hosting. You can install WordPress within 1 minute only. Which makes your work very quick and easy.

You are the owner of every condition of the website made on WordPress.org, you are responsible for the security, backups, speed performance, maintenance etc. of the website.

If you want all these activities to be controlled automatically, then for this you have to provide a service like WordPress Managed Hosting to your website, after which you will get the same experience as WordPress.com on WordPress.org. Responsibility of website security, speed performance, backups, maintenance etc. will continue to be done by your hosting provider only.

Customization and Control Options

Whenever you want to make a website, there is definitely some kind of image in your mind that my website should look like this. With WordPress, you get the freedom to customize your website in every way. Anyway, customizing your website also depends on which platform of WordPress you are going to make your website?


On WordPress.com, you get a lot of plugins, themes and inbuilt features, with the help of which you can control the security, backup and customization of your website.

But within its Basic Plan, you get some limited features, if you want to increase the customization of your website or if you want to install a third party plugin, then for this you have to turn to Business Plan ($ 299 / year for one website). Will have.

For example, if you want to configure tracking features inside your WordPress.com website, such as Google Analytics, then you have to pay separately for this, you cannot configure these features in your website within a basic plan.

Limited themes are available to design your website in its basic plan, which is currently only 91, even if you take its premium plan, you still get about 200 themes to design your website. But with premium plans, you can use custom CSS and custom fonts on your website.


If we talk about website customization on the wordpress.org platform, then it is completely different from wordpress.com. WordPress.org Being a Self Hosted Platform, you are absolutely free for any kind of customization in it, you can install any WordPress Theme and Plugin without any extra cost.

Although Free WordPress Themes and Plugins have more or less features than a Premium WordPress Theme and Premium Plugins. If you want, you can also take their premium version and use it for your WordPress website.

Within the official directory of the WordPress website, you get thousands of Free WordPress Themes and Plugins. You can create whatever design you want for your website, inside it you do not get limitations like WordPress.com, you are free for all kinds of customization.

If said in short words, if you create your website on wordpress.org platform, then you can add features to your website as per your wish, you can design it as you want, everything is under your control. You can create a professional website without any coding.

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WordPress.com and WordPress.org – Which Are Right?

From the above mentioned differences, you must have understood that both the platforms, despite being on WordPress, differ a lot from each other. Which, if we look at the requirements, then both the platforms have their own importance.

If you want to do personal blogging, you do not wish to earn any kind of earning from your website, then WordPress.com is perfect for you, you can choose this .com platform of WordPress. And if you want that you keep getting money from your website, then you can make wordpress.org the basis of your website.

However, if it comes to creating a website on WordPress, then the most popular platform is wordpress.org, on which almost 32% of the websites of the entire internet are available. Almost all the advanced features of wordpress.com are available by default in wordpress.org.

If you want to make wordpress.com an advanced level website then you will have to take its business plan ($299 / year for one website), while on the other hand if you want to make your website or blog on wordpress.org then you will have to take only one year. For one, you can start a professional WordPress blog for less than $100.

So I would recommend you to start your website or blog with WordPress’ wordpress.org platform.

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