How To Create Free Business Email ID With Domain Name?

How To Create Free Business Email ID With Domain Name?: Do you want to create a free business email ID for your blog or website that is connected to the domain name of your blog? If you use a Business Email ID anywhere, it shows your professionalism. By the way, you and I normally use an email ID like [email protected] or [email protected].

There is no problem in using such emails, but when it comes to brand name, it becomes very important to have a business email ID that is associated with your domain name.

If you have put this type of email ID on your blog or website, then it shows how professional you are for your work and the trust of visitors to your blog increases.

If you also want to create a Professional Free Business Email ID for your blog, then in today’s very important article I will tell you how you can create a Free Business Email ID for yourself that will also connect with your Domain Name.?

What is Business Email ID? If you work in any company then you must have seen that the email id of all the people working in that office is made with the name of that company i.e. with the domain name like [email protected], hr@infosys .com, [email protected] etc. The name of that company also comes at the end of such emails.

So this type of email ID that represents your Brand Name, Company Name or Domain Name is called a Business Email ID. For example, if I talk about the Business Email ID of my blog, then it is [email protected]. At the end of which the domain name of my blog also comes.

How to Create a Free Business Email ID for Blog?

We will use an online tool ZOHO Mail to create Free Business Email ID with Domain Name. With the help of which you can easily create a Business Email Address for free. In this you get 5GB free space for email storage. And if you want more storage than this, then you will have to adjust a little bit with your pocket.

We understand step by step that Create Zoho Mail Free Business Email ID for your blog or website? For this follow all the steps given below very carefully.

Note: Once you start creating a custom email address with your domain name on Zoho, then I would suggest that you complete it in one go because if you leave the middle and login again to Zoho. If you do, you will get to see a little change in the interface. Which can confuse you, so start all this only when you have enough time.

Step 1 – Sign-up on ZOHO

To create your Blog ke Liye Custom Free Business Email ID, first click on this link

By clicking on it, you will have come to the home page of website as you can see in image-1. Here click on Free Sign Up in the top right corner.

1. Enter your Email ID here to sign up.
2. After this, type whatever password you want to set.
3. Check Mark “I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy”.
4. After filling all the details correctly, click on “SIGN UP FOR FREE”.

Step 2 – Select Free Business email service

After coming here, click on TRY NOW under the option of Mail.

Now click on ACCESS ZOHO MAIL.

Now two types of options will come in front of you, where you have to select the option with Create domain based email account in Zoho. And then click on Proceed.

Step 3 – Choose the Right Plan

At the bottom you will see the option of Try Now, you have to click on it.

Step 4 – Add and Verify Your Domain Name

Now two types of options come out in front of you “Add an existing domain” and “Buy a new domain”. And as we are going to create a free business email address with our existing domain through this post, then here you have to carefully click on the option “Add New” given below “Add an existing domain“.

1. Enter the Domain Name with which you want to create Business Email ID here.
2. Type whatever is the name of your blog or company.
3. After entering the domain name, click on Add.

Click on Proceed to domain verification to proceed.

Some types of information come as soon as you add your domain name. Now here you have to work very carefully because now you have to add the given information (1 and 2) in the DNS Management of your domain.

If you have taken your domain from GoDaddy, then also login to your GoDaddy account in a new tab.

After logging into your GoDaddy account, click on your name in the top right corner and then click on My Product.

  • Next to the domain name, click on DNS.
  • Now after scrolling down a bit, click on Add.
  • After clicking on Select, click on TXT.
  • Now you have to copy the information here and put it.

Step 5 – Add Username to Business Email

After completing the above steps correctly, your domain name gets verified.

Type here whatever username you want to set for your Business Email ID, such as contact, info, admin, support etc.

After that click on Create.

Now some kind of interface comes in front of you, where you can see that the email address we had created in the last step is ready and the name you see above it, if you want, it should also be in the right side. With the help of the 3 dots that are visible, you can also change which I have already done. After doing all this now click on Proceed To Setup Group below.

If you want to create more than one user means that you want to create more than one Business Email Account, then Create your first group now! Click to create. But we want to create only one ID now, so click on Proceed to DNS Mapping.

Step 6 – Add MX Records to DNS Settings

Here too, by copying the three entries (MX Records) given one by one, you have to add them to the DNS settings of your domain name.

Step 7 – Open Your ZohoMail Inbox

When you come to the Inbox of your Business Email ID Very First Time, then some kind of pop-up comes in front of you where it is written “Welcome to Zoho Mail. If you want, you can also skip it from here and With the help of the arrow given on the right side, you can also change the name of your ID, as in my case Lyricsri Support is written.

Now you reach the inbox of Zoho Mail. Where a Welcome Mail is also received from Zoho in your inbox. Now from here you can fully control your Business Email Account. Inbox, Sent, Outbox, Draft, etc. are all available for you to access just like Gmail.

Step 8 – Send & Receive Test Mails

After creating the Business Email ID I just created a Test Mail on my second Email ID by sending this Business Email ID from “[email protected]”.

So by following all these steps mentioned above, you can also create a Business Email ID for yourself with your domain name for free.

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Conclusion :

If you create or are thinking of making your blog on WordPress, then you need to take web hosting for this, in which many web hosting providers also give you the option to create a free business email ID with hosting and nothing else. But if you have made your blog on Google’s Free Platform Blogger (BlogSpot), then in this you do not get any option to create a free business email address using your domain name.

So in such a situation, ZOHO MAIL becomes a very important option for you if you want to create a business email ID for your blog.

Hope today’s information that “How to Create Free Business Email ID with Domain Name?” You must have liked it! And by following these steps, you will definitely be successful in creating a Free Business Email Address ID for yourself. If you have some other questions related to this or you have any confusion while following the steps, then you can contact us through Comment Box.

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