How to add social media share buttons in wordpress blog?

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Do you want to add Social Media Share Buttons to your blog so that your visitors can easily share your content on all social media platforms, because if you are a blogger and have your own WordPress website or blog then you can understand How important is the contribution of Social Media Platforms to the success of a blog in today’s time.

The more your content is shared socially such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp by the readers visiting your blog, the more it is beneficial in its ranking.

Keeping this in mind, in today’s important article, I will tell you step by step how you can add Social Media Share Buttons to your WordPress blog?

Why is it important to add Social Media Share Buttons to Blog?

In any blog, whether it is made on WordPress or on Google’s Free Platform BlogSpot, Social Media Sharing icons are very important for both. As if:

1. If the readers who come to your blog like any information and want to share it with others, they can easily share it due to the presence of Social Media Share Buttons.
2. Social Media Sharing Buttons set up on the blog provide a professional interface to any blog.
3. They help in building external links of your blog.
4. Help in getting traffic to the blog. Due to which the ranking of your blog improves.
5. When someone shares your blog on any platform, then your blog is advertised for free and your blog gets promotion for free.
6. Social Media Sharing Buttons are also very helpful in SEO of your blog because the more traffic that comes to your blog, the more SEO Ranking will improve.

How to Add Social Media Share Buttons to WordPress Blog?

By the way, if you want to put Social Media Share Buttons in your WordPress Blog, then many plugins come for this, but here I will tell you only about 3 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress, how you can help them with your WordPress Blog or Can you add social features like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin etc. to the website? Which are as follows:-

1. Jetpack
2. Social Pugging 
3. Sassy Social Share

Let us now understand step by step about these three impressive WordPress plugins one by one:

1. Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most recommended WordPress plugins for WordPress in my opinion. This is a very important WordPress plugin not only for social media but also keeping in mind the security of your blog. By the time of writing this post, its 5+ Million Active Installations had been completed.

To add Social Media Share Buttons to your WordPress Blog through JetPack Plugin, follow these steps:-

STEP-1: installing JetPack Plugin: First of all, you have to install JetPack Plugin yourself, for this, after logging into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins → Add New.

Type JetPack in the top right corner and click on Install Now → Activate after the WordPress Plugin Show.

STEP-2: Setup JetPack: As soon as you activate this plugin, some kind of page comes in front of you as you can see in the image below. For JetPack Plugin to work on your site, you have to connect your site to For this, click on Set up JetPack here.

Now here after filling your details like Email Address, Username and Password correctly, click on Create your account. Wait a bit after clicking here takes some time to add a connection to your site.

After this some such page comes in front of you where you get to see 3 types of Pricing Plans as you can see in the image. Here you get an option at the bottom “Start with free” click on it.

Your Free JetPack Setup is completed as soon as you click on “Start with free”. Click on Continue here.

STEP-3: Setup Social Sharing Buttons: After clicking on Continue, you come to the dashboard of of your site, here in the left sidebar click on WP-Admin at the bottom. Which redirects you to the Dashboard of your site.

Now click on JetPack → Settings here. After this, after clicking on Sharing, enable “Add sharing buttons to your posts and pages”.

Now click on Settings → Sharing in the left side bar.

Now, inside Sharing Settings, drag whatever Social Media Share Buttons you want to your blog from the front of Available Services and take it down towards Enabled Services.

Along with this, whatever you keep inside the Gray Color available on the Right Side, it will remain hidden inside the More Button. After setting, you can see the Live Preview of how these Social Sharing Buttons will appear on your blog below.

Now after scrolling down a bit, do the rest of the settings according to you, such as Button Style, Sharing label and where you want to show Sharing icons etc.

After this, save the settings made by clicking on Save Changes.

With JetPack, you can not only put Social Media Share Buttons on your blog, but this Multi work WordPress Plugin also works very important for your blog such as:

  • Very helpful in speeding up the loading speed of your blog.
  • You can check the traffic of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly on the blog.
  • Helps to take full backup and restore of blog. (Premium)
  • Provides Firewall Protection to your blog.
  • Also monitors the Uptime and Downtime of the blog.
  • You can add related post inside your blog post.
  • You can create Contact Form for your blog through JetPack Plugin.
  • You can publish Blog Post through Email.
  • You can automatically share Blog Post on all your social pages.
  • Helpful in getting site verification and generating sitemaps.

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2). Social Pug:

Social Pug is another important WordPress plugin to add Social Media Sharing Buttons to any blog. Its user interface is also very simple, which anyone can easily setup. And it is specially made only to add Social Media Sharing Buttons to the blog. Let us understand for the time being how you can add Socially Features to your blog through this?

Adding Social Pug Share Buttons on Blog:

1). First of all you have to install and activate Social Pug Plugin in your WordPress Blog just like Step-1 of JetPack.

2). After the plugin is activated, click on Social Pug → Toolkit at the bottom of the left side bar of WordPress.

3). Here you get 2 types of Social Share Tools, Floating Sidebar and Inline Content. Activate the toggle bar in whatever way you want to ADD Social Media Share Buttons on your WordPress blog, you can add both ways if you want. After activating the toggle bar, now click on Settings.

4). Now from here you can do the settings of Sharing Buttons according to your own. You also have the option to add other Social Buttons by clicking on Select Networks. After that scrolling down, you can customize them through options like Display Settings, Buttons Share Counts and Post Type Display Settings. Finally click on Save Changes at the bottom.

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3). Sassy Social Share:

Sassy Social Share WordPress Plugin is a very interesting and unique Social Plugin for your blog. The Display Style of its Buttons can provide a very Unique Look to your blog. The best part is there are more than 100 Social Share Buttons available to add to it.

Along with this, you can apply Floating Share Bars, Before Content Share Bars and After Content Share Bars in all three ways Social Buttons can be applied to your blog. And the feature of Social Share Counts makes its recommendation for any WordPress blog even stronger.

Adding Sassy Social Share Buttons on Blog:

1). First of all installs and activate the Sassy Social Share Plugin in your WordPress Blog just like Step-1 of JetPack.

2). After this click on Sassy Social Share below in the Left Side Bar.

3). Now you can control all the settings as per your convenience from here. Which Social Social Share Buttons you have to add, choose from more than 100 given Social Buttons. After doing all the settings, finally click on Save Changes.

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Conclusion: How to add social media share buttons in WordPress blog?

By the way, out of the above mentioned three plugins, you can choose any one to add Social Media Share Buttons to your blog. But if I talk about the plugin used for my blogs, then I often use JetPack WordPress Plugin.

Because in addition to adding Social Share Buttons, you also get very good Advance Features for your blog, which is very important for the smooth performance of your blog. And by the way JetPack WordPress has its own official plugin.

I hope you got this information “How to put Social Media Share Buttons in WordPress Blog?” Must have liked it! How did you like this post, do tell us your thoughts about it through the Comment Box. And you can also share this information with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and WhatsApp.

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