What is Brand Marketing? Types, Definition, Strategy

What is Brand Marketing, Types, Definition, Strategy and more details we know in this article please keep read till last.

Brand marketing is used by any brand or company to promote its product or service, if you want to know what is brand marketing? How does it work? And how many types are there? So this blog post is just for you, after reading this you will get the answer to all your questions easily.

What is Brand Marketing?

What is brand marketing to you ? Before understanding this, you have to understand that what is a brand?

What is a Brand?

Brand is an image of any company in the eyes of the people so that it differentiates itself from its competitor company. Brand is the personal quality and image of a company that uses its logo, voice, name, tag line and music to connect with people.

How many types of brands are there?

There are mainly 3 types of  brands

1) Company or Corporation brand

2) Product Brand

3) Personal Brand

The rules of brand marketing are applicable to all brands irrespective of the brand type. By now you must have understood that what is a brand? So let us now understand how to make a brand marketing strategy?

What is Brand Marketing? How do?

Brand marketing is a process in which a relationship between the brand and the consumer is created and enhanced. In brand marketing, marketing is not done by highlighting a single product or service, but marketing is done by showing a company as a brand.

The goal of brand marketing is to increase the value of the company in the market. Digital, social, and advertising channels are used to market the brand.

What are the characteristics of a brand?

Just as we humans have certain qualities or traits, in the same way, brands also have certain qualities. Using qualities, customers can understand the value of any brand such as the name associated with the brand, tag line, color, music, honesty, innovative etc.

Why is branding important?

Branding has become very important in today’s time as there are so many businesses on the marketplace so it becomes difficult to make a real connection with the customer.

Branding helps a company to get its idea across to the customer rather than what are the features of the company’s product. The customer is told that what is the core of the company i.e. its mission and how much it can connect with the customer.

With this, the customer remains attached to a company for a long time by considering it as a brand, so it is very important to do branding of the company.

How to create a Brand Marketing Strategy?

Brand strategy is a roadmap using which companies build their brand, so creating a good brand strategy is very important.


The very first step in building a brand is to research what and how the competitors are doing. And tell the customer how we are solving your problem in a different way. This gives the brand an understanding of how they can keep their goals real and make themselves a big brand.


When the company has an objective or goal, they can measure their growth by how much their brand value is growing. What does a brand do for its customers? What are the experiences that a customer expects from a brand? It is very important to have answers to all these questions, so that your customers connect with you even more.

Know your customer

While creating a brand strategy, you must have the persona of your customer, for this you must have the demographics of your customer such as age, location, likes, dislikes etc. and information about their behavior.

Create brand identity

Identity in branding means every single element that the customer can see such as name, tag line, logo, color, image etc. When customers recognize your brand, their awareness of your brand increases.

Convey the message of the brand

What is the message of your brand using which you will tell about your mission to the customer. You also tell your customer through message that what you do, how you are solving their problem.

Create brand guidelines

It is important that you make the guidelines of the brand like what will be the voice of the brand, what will be the style of the image? What will be the style of the content? How will the logo be, etc. This increases the value of your brand in the eyes of your customers.

Also determine when and why your brand will engage with customers using digital channels such as email, social media, websites, etc.

Measure brand success

It is important that you build success metrics based on long term goals and short term success metrics to measure the success of your brand. You should measure brand satisfaction which shows how loyal and passionate a customer is to you.

In the beginning, you might find brand marketing a bit of a headache, but always keep the following three things in mind:

1) Branding and marketing are two different things: The personality of the company is its brand and how they convey it to the people is marketing.

2) Spend more time in research: By spending more time in research, it will help you to make strategies.

3) Show and not tell the quality of the brand: It is important that you do not tell your customers that you are trustworthy, but show them that you are a trustworthy brand by giving them products and services.

In today’s time, brand marketing is more important than product marketing because when you market your brand, not only one of your products gets recognized in it but people get to know your whole company.

Let us know about the trends of brand marketing which are being used more.

Using Programmatic Advertising

You can monitor and analyze ads in real time by using digital ads, so people use digital aids for their brand marketing.

Use of content marketing

Content marketing is the best way to increase brand awareness in which you can use marketing of content in the formats of video, blog, audio, and image. 

Using Omnichannel

You can market your brand using omnichannel approach like OTT, email, social media, blog etc. 

Examples of brand marketing

Many companies, while interacting with their customers, tell a purpose about their brand so that the customer can connect with that brand properly. When big companies target their customers, they target them personally so that they do not feel that they are being sold.

Let us know some such examples of brand marketing that you must use.

Combining Analytics and Brand Marketing

Companies that use analytics to market their brand, their sales and ROI increase a lot because the company can check on which page they get more clicks and conversions along with marketing the brand. and then they can optimize it accordingly.

Combine Brand Marketing and Product Marketing

You can market your brand as well as product marketing using  Google Ads search aids and display aids, so that both your brand and product can easily reach new customers.

What is the difference between Branding & Marketing?

If you want to do marketing and branding of the company, then you must know what is the difference between branding and marketing? So let’s understand.
Marketing:  When you bring leads and sales by increasing the awareness of your brand to the people, it is called marketing.

Branding:  Branding is how you express who your business is for and what your company is about. You can also say that marketing is a toolkit to generate business and branding tells what is your approach to reach the customer.

Branding is the most important thing to do marketing so branding comes before marketing.

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By now you must have understood that what is brand marketing? (What is Brand Marketing in Hindi) How does it work? What is the difference between branding and marketing? You will get the answer of all these questions easily.

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