How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2024?

In today’s digital world, people are spending more of their time online, so now it has become necessary that you also bring your business online and grow it and for this it is very important for you to know digital marketing strategy – How To Make Digital Marketing Strategy

In this post you will learn how to create a digital marketing strategy. To do digital marketing of business, mainly social media, SEO, email marketing and Ads are used the most, so it is very important for you to understand it too.

So let’s know how you can create a digital marketing strategy for your business.

How To Make Digital Marketing Strategy

First of all you need to know what is digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is a step by step process using which any business can achieve its digital marketing goal.

social media in digital marketing strategies are created to achieve goals such as , website traffic, conversions and lead generation.

How to Create a 7 Step Digital Marketing Strategy?

The 7 steps mentioned below to make you a digital marketing strategy have to faithfully

1) set a goal

Before leaving home, you set a goal of where you want to go, such as college, office, or school. , before doing digital marketing , you have to set your goals such as how much website traffic in the next one month or one year, Followers, and leads are needed.

You can use SMART method to set your goal,

SMART means here

  • S specific _
  • What you can measure ( Measurable )
  • What You Can Get ( A maintainable)
  • Right target ( R element)
  • be completed on time ( Timely Goal)

2) Understand the current digital marketing goal

If you are already using any digital marketing method, then you have to make sure that how much you have benefited from it, this will help you to know the best marketing channel.

First of all you have to understand your main marketing channel such as:

Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization,  Email Marketing , Content Marketing  PPC Ads

You have to understand the digital marketing channel mentioned above, which one is bringing the most leads or business for you and whichever marketing channel is bringing the most business, you have to focus the most on that.

3) Understand the Digital Sales Funnel

When a new customer buys your product more than once, then this whole journey is called the sales funnel. If your business has an online presence then it is much easier for you to do this than the rest.

To complete the sales funnel i.e. the journey of a stranger buying your product properly, you have to complete some important steps of digital marketing as mentioned below.

In a complete sales funnel, do you have to complete all the steps mentioned below?

Make the customer aware 

To tell new customers about your product, you have to make them aware about the product, that is, you have to give information. You can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads to make the customer aware.

Raise interest 

After making the customer aware of your product, now tell such things about your product so that their interest in your product starts increasing, such as what is there in your product that is not in the same product of the rest, so that people come to you. Will be willing to.

You can use videos and blogs to tell about your product.

Engage the customer 

Now once the customer is interested in your product, you have to engage them by giving them more content or information so that they will know more about your product.

Ask to buy 

Once the customer collects more information about your product then they feel like buying your product and at the same time you have to give some discount or offer using Ad or Email so that they buy your product.

The four steps mentioned above are called sales funnel, in which you sell your product by giving different information to your customer in each step.

Keep in mind that you do not have to sell the wrong product, by doing this your customers will not come to you again.

4) Make Buyer Persona – Buyer Persona

Before reaching your customer, you have to collect a lot of information about your customer like their age, location, or likes etc. This is what we call Bayar Persona.

Once you know your customer’s personality very well, then you can show them the product according to them.

Create a story: Like what do your customers do? where do you live? Which digital medium do they use the most? And so on

Gather accurate information: What do they need? How can you solve their problem? And so on

Bayer Persona Example: Rahul, age 25 years, likes quality products, he always prefers to buy something different.
From the example given above, you must have understood that how to make you a buyer persona in digital marketing.

5) Create a content plan

Once you have all the information mentioned above then you have to do content planning i.e. what do you want to share with your content? how much? and how? You have to think about it and then using that content you will pass the customer through the sales funnel.

In your content strategy, you will have to do many things such as:

1) You have to create a keyword strategy

2) Create a content calendar: This will keep your long term goals very clear and you will be well aware of the publication time, list of keywords, and topics.

3) You need to plan on which social media you want to post

4) You have to engage your customer by using CTA and Widget so you can solve their problem

5) Once your content is ready, you have to make your marketing journey easy by using digital marketing automation tools.

6) Analyze Result

Once you start using your sales funnel, you will need to analyze many things like how are your customers interacting with your content? How are you progressing towards your goal?
All this information will help you to understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong so that you can accomplish digital marketing better.

By using analytics software, you can know about all the important things mentioned below:

  • How many clicks are converting and why?
  • Is there a point where you are losing customers and how can you fix it?
  • What’s going well and what’s not?

You will have to keep looking in the market to see which new tool can be useful for you and you can use whatever data you have collected, you can make a visual graph, this will make it easier for you to understand.


Q: How to earn money from digital marketing?

Ans: You can earn money in digital marketing by doing things like  blogging , video editing , and content writing .

Q: Is there a career in digital marketing?

Ans: As the business is going online , the career option in digital marketing is becoming more so making a career in digital marketing can be a right decision.

My Last World:

We hope friends, after reading this post, your questions are how to make a digital marketing strategy? If you have got the answer, then without delay, you should also learn your marketing strategy and grow your business.

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