How to Setup Free SSL Certificate for WordPress Website? 2023

Hi friends, today we will talk about How to Setup Free SSL Certificate for WordPress Website? read full article and setup your SSL Certificate on your blog or website

Do you want to setup a Free SSL Certificate for your website? If you are a blogger, you have your own blog or website or you create a website for your client. So in such a situation, you want to configure everything in that blog website which is important for it.

Such as Website’s Fast Loading Speed, Good Design Layout, Smart Security, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc. The setup of SSL certificate is also one of the most important factors in some such important things.

Anyway, since 2014, Google has also made it mandatory for any blog website to have an SSL certificate, because according to Google, having an SSL certificate for higher ranking of your website in any search engine is also a requirement. Will play an important role. Which clearly means that while creating your website or blog, you should setup SSL Certificate inside it.

That is why in today’s article I am going to tell you about Free SSL Certificate Setup Kaise kare for any WordPress website or blog. Although there are many options available to get Paid and Free SSL Certificate on the Internet, but after doing a lot of research on the Internet and looking at my own experience, the best option I thought to get Free SSL Certificate is Cloudflare. Free SSL Certificate Setup.

If you buy a Paid SSL Certificate for your WordPress website, then you may have to spend at least ₹ 3000 to ₹ 5000 for this. Which if we talk about a new blogger, then this cost can be very high. That’s why today I am using Cloudflare Free https SSL Certificate, how can you secure your WordPress Blog/Website? I am going to give information about this.

You do not need to pay any money for this, but if you setup Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate in your WordPress website in the right way, then only you can take advantage of this Free https SSL Certificate. For this, you have to follow the steps given in this article very carefully.

What is SSL Certificate?

The full form of SSL Certificate is “Secure Sockets Layer Certificate”. On the Internet, you must have seen that many websites have HTTP written at the beginning of their domain name while some websites start with HTTPS. Here the full form of HTTP is “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol” and the full form of HTTPS is “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure“.

Your data is not secure on a website with http, whereas on a website with https, the user’s data remains encrypted and secure. While accessing the Supported Website from any https (SSL Certificate) no third party can access, hack the data transferred.

That is why if SSL certificate is understood in very simple words, then the Secure Protocol used to convert any website from https to https is called SSL Certificate.

How to Setup Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate on WordPress?

To setup Cloudflare Free https SSL Certificate on your blog or website, follow all the steps given below very carefully because even one wrong step done by you can create hurdle in implementing http to https on your blog. Is. That is why first read, understand each step well and only then apply.

STEP-1: Sign-up Cloudflare Free account:

To setup Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate on your blog or website, first you have to go to Cloudflare’s website and then click on Sign up.

Here after entering your E-mail ID and New Password, click on Create Account.

Now an email comes from Cloudflare on the Email-ID from which you have created the account, you have to verify your Email-ID by clicking on the link given in that mail.

After clicking on the link given in the mail, you have to login with Email ID and Password, as soon as you login, you will be written in front of you that “Your email address is now verified.” Now click on Continue to dashboard.

STEP-2: Add Website to Cloudflare:

As you have just created an account on Cloudflare and you have not yet added any website to this account, so after entering its dashboard for the first time, you will see something like “You currently don’t have any websites” “ To add click on + Add Site.

Now enter the web address of any website or blog for which you want to setup Free SSL Certificate here and click on Add Site.

STEP-3: Choose the Free Cloudflare Plan:

Here you have to choose the plan. Here you get to see 4 types of plans Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise. But as according to this article, we have to add Free SSL Certificate in WordPress, then after selecting the free plan, click on Confirm Plan.

As soon as you click on Confirm Plan, all the DNS Records or DNS Settings of your Domain Name will come out. After scrolling down a bit, you have to click on Continue.

STEP-4: Change the Nameserver of the Domain:

This step is the most important step to setup Free SSL Certificate in your WordPress blog, so do it very carefully. In this step, after logging into your domain registrar’s website, you have to change the name servers of the domain name for which you want to get the Free SSL Certificate.

The Old Name Servers of your domain are visible in the top and the Name Servers that you have to enter in Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 are visible below them. Now go to your domain registrar’s site and login. Here I am telling you how to change nameservers in both NameCheap and GoDaddy.

How to Change Nameserver in NameCheap?

After logging into your NameCheap account, click on Manage next to the domain name for which you want to install SSL.

Now after scrolling down a bit, replace the nameservers that are already added and copy both the nameservers one by one from image-9 and change them.

How to Change Nameserver in GoDaddy?

After logging in to GoDaddy, click on DNS next to the domain name for which you want to get the SSL certificate.

Now after scrolling to the very bottom, click Change and after copying both the Name Servers from one by one, save after pasting.

For your information, I want to tell that after changing the Name Servers in this way, it may take at least 10 to 15 minutes for them to be updated, to work properly. After changing the name servers, you have to go again inside the tab with Cloudflare and click on “Done, check nameservers” here.

STEP-5: Select SSL Settings for the Domain:

Now you get to see some kind of interface in front of you as you are able to see in image-12, here you see 3 Points

  • Improve Security
  • Optimize Performance
  • Summary

First of all, click on Point “Improve security”, then, there is a setting named “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”, after turning it on, click on Save.

After this, after turning on “Always Use HTTPS”, click on Save.

Now click on the 2nd point “Optimize Performance” and under “Auto Minify” you can enable JavaScript, CSS, HTML all three if you want, but it is not necessary, it is by reducing the coding files size of your site. It helps in fast loading. Click on Save as you wish.

NOTE: Sometimes the design of the site gets spoiled by enabling this setting, so if you want to use it, then do it with some caution.

Another setting named Brotil is found inside Optimize Performance, it also accelerates the page load time of your site. After turning it on, then click on Save.

In the third point “Summary”, the details of on and off of whatever settings you have done above are visible together. Now click on Finish here.

After clicking Finish, you now come to the Main Dashboard of your Cloudflare account. As I mentioned earlier, it takes some time for Cloudflare to connect to your site’s server, if your site has not been connected to Cloudflare for so long, then you may see some interface, if it is so, then re-check once. Click on now to see.

On clicking Re-Check Now, you may receive a message like this: is now queued up to be re-checked. Please check back in a few hours. You’ll be notified by email once your site becomes active.

If it comes as written then you may have to wait here for some time. You keep refreshing after a while until this message comes by writing. Just wait a bit till this message arrives.

STEP-6: Install Cloudflare WordPress Plugin:

After this you have to install a plugin after logging into the Admin Panel of your WordPress site in a new tab.

  • To install the plugin, click on Plugin > Add New in the left side.
  • After this, type Cloudflare in the search box.
  • After clicking on Install Now, click on Activate.

STEP-7: Setup Cloudflare WprdPress Plugin:

After installing and activating the Cloudflare Plugin, click on Settings > Cloudflare. After that click on Sign in here.

1. Enter the email id with which you signed up in the beginning.
2. Enter the API Key.
3. Click on Save API Credentials.

Follow these steps to get API Key:

After going to the tab with Cloudflare, scroll down to the bottom and click on Get your API key on the right side.

Once again scroll down to the bottom and click on View just in front of the Global API Key.

A pop up comes, enter your password in it.

Check mark the reCAPTCHA.

Click on View.

API Key will come in front of you, copy it and paste it in image 22 and click on Save API Credentials.

Click on Apply here.

STEP-8: Select SSL Mode for the Site:

Once again go to the Cloudflare tab and select the SSL/TLS option from the icons above.

Choose Full from the 4 options given on the right side. If you want, you can also choose Flexible. (If you do not do full work for your site).

STEP-9: Set Page Rule for Sub-Domain:

All the Syeps you have followed so far are perfect to get Free SSL Certificate for your main domain ( but if you have any subdomain ( with your same domain name. ) is also created or if you create a sub-domain in the future, then an SSL certificate will be required for this too! So that’s why in the next step, I am going to tell you about setting up Free SSL Certificate for Sub Domain also.

After doing all the above-mentioned steps correctly, you have to click on the icon with Page Rules above. for more details. Then click on Create Page Rules.

All this kind of interface comes in front of you. Here in the 1st option, you have to type your domain name like this: –*

Then click on Pick a Setting and select Always Use HTTPS from the drop down menu.

I have tried to explain this step in a good and easy way through Before and After images. Now click on Save and Deploy.

STEP-10: Install Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin:

Now you have to install a plugin after coming to the WordPress tab.

To install the plugin, click on Plugin > Add New in the left side.
After this type SSL in the search box.
After clicking on Install Now, click on Activate.

After clicking on Activate, one of the two conditions shown in front of you.

Condition 1: Almost ready to migrate to SSL!

If Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate has been setup correctly on your website, then after clicking on Activate you will get Go ahead, Activate SSL! have to click on.

Condition 2: Detected possible certificate issue

If you have followed all the above-mentioned steps correctly to setup Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate, but still the SSL Certificate has not been activated on your website yet, then condition 2 may come in front of you. But there is nothing to panic here, you just have to wait a little here and after a while keep refreshing the WordPress window until Condition 1 comes in front of you.

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By the way, some web hosting providers also provide free SSL certificate on hosting such as Bluehost, A2 Hosting, ResellerClub and Hostinger. But some Hosting Providers do not offer Free SSL Certificate to you when you buy Web Hosting with their Basic Plans such as Godaddy, so if you have taken Hosting from any such Hosting Company, then you can do Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate with the help of all the steps mentioned above. can use.

I hope if you are a blogger then this information must have been very important for you! How did you like this information, definitely tell us through comment and if you have any question, you want to ask something from us, then you can also ask it through comment. Thank you

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