How to Increase Youtube Views? 25+ Ways

How to Increase Youtube Views: Do you want to increase views on Subscribers and videos on your YouTube channel? So you are at absolutely right place.

Today in this article I will tell you how to increase views on YouTube.

YouTube is currently the largest video site in the world, which is a product of Google. Its Alexa rank is 2. So you can guess from this that YouTube is the best and famous video sharing site in today’s era.

By the way, anyone can create a YouTube channel and make a video and upload it on it. But just uploading the video is not enough. If you want to increase views on your YouTube videos, then you have to first increase your YouTube Subscribers which is not an easy thing. For this you need a lot of hard work and patience.

So let’s know those 27 ways that can help boost your YouTube Views and YouTube Subscribers…

How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos

1. Create evergreen video for your YouTube channel and upload new videos daily with a fixed time.

2. Share your YouTube videos on Facebook as Facebook native videos.

3. Keep your video title to 50 characters or less so that the user can find it and remember it.

4. Embed (add) your YouTube videos to your blog and share with your social media audience. This will not only increase YouTube video views, it will also increase your blog pageviews.

5. Do not make YouTube video too big. Try to keep it for about 5 minutes. The length of a standard YouTube video is 3 minutes 54 seconds.

6. Use Google search or Keyword planner or TubeBuddy while choosing keywords for your videos. With this, your videos will be able to rank better in YouTube search.

7. Create playlists for your videos. Use keywords while creating playlists so that your playlists appear in the search result.

8. Make sure to add intro to all your videos and ask the viewer to subscribe to your channel in the intro.

9. Use keywords in the title of the video to boost your YouTube video views and YouTube subscribers so that your video can easily rank in YouTube and Google search results.

10. Make a good trailer of your YouTube channel, by this you can tell the viewers what your YouTube channel is about. Now when a non-subscriber comes to your channel’s homepage, your channel trailer will start autoplaying.

11. Use a good call-to-action in your annotations.

12. When you add YouTube video to the blog, then definitely include YouTube subscribe button in it.

13. Use long-tail keywords in your YouTube video descriptions. It helps in ranking your videos. Also use with Keyword # related to your video in Descriptions. Like this #YouTube, #channel name

14. Add YouTube widget to your website or blog. So that your video can also appear on your blog or website and if you have a high-traffic blog or website, then from here you can get good views and subscribers on your YouTube.

15. Ask the user to like your video, if you get more likes on your YouTube videos, then YouTube will consider your video useful and will also give it a good rank.

16. Respond to comments made in the video (even negative comments) this will make users more engaged with you.

17. Build a good relationship with other YouTubers and promote each other’s content.

18. Add subscribe watermark to your YouTube video.

19. Behind the scenes must be put at the end of your video. There are many users who like to watch behind scenes of videos.

20. You can use the YouTube autocomplete feature (YouTube search) to find the best titles for your YouTube videos.

21. You can use the Ubersuggest tool to add long-tail keywords to your video titles and descriptions.

22. Write your YouTube video description in 300-500 words. So that Google and YouTube can understand what your video is about.

23. Do not forget to put keyword tags in your video to increase YouTube video views.

24. If you want to rank your videos in Google search results, then use the word “video” in your title. Although it will not help in YouTube search rankings but you can get advantage in search engines.

25. To increase YouTube subscribers, you have to promote your YouTube channel along with the video.

26. Use an eye-catching custom thumbnail to increase the views and make the video look attractive on your YouTube video.

27. To increase your YouTube views, add related videos through Annotations in the video.

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