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Single Niche Blog Vs Multi Niche Blog – Compare which is best for earn money – When any new blogger starts blogging, he usually starts writing about everything. Because he does not know what are Single Niche Blog and Multi Niche Blog. He thinks that writing posts on different topics is called blogging. That’s why he keeps writing about whatever he feels is good according to him.

While starting blogging, most of the new bloggers make this mistake that they do not know about the advantages and disadvantages of Single Niche Blog and Multi Niche Blog.

This article will help you to find out that Single Niche Blog Vs Multi Niche Blog: Which is better of the two and why? multi niche blog examples

What is Single Niche Blog and Multi Niche Blog?

Niche means, Topic means subject. When we choose a topic for blogging, it is called Niche. For example, Technology, Travel, Photography, Lifestyle, Health etc.

Single Niche Blog – When a blogger writes about a particular topic, it is called Single Niche Blog. Like, Only content about SEO, WordPress is shared on this website.

Multi Niche Blog – That blog is called, whose blog has more than one topic. Posts have been written about different topics on that blog. Like, Essay, Education, Tech, Health & Fitness, Career, Finance etc. have been written on this blog.

Why Single Niche Blog is Trustworthy?

Most of the new people start writing posts on every topic according to their interest while starting blogging. Like Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Health, Mobile, Gadgets etc. Because they feel that by writing posts on all kinds of topics, more people will come to their website and the traffic of the blog will increase.

But to think so is totally wrong. When blogging started a few years ago, people became successful by creating Multi Niche Blog. Because blogs were very few at that time. But today there are millions of blogs. And some of these Niche is very unique and accurate and at the same time they are all Single Niche Blog.

Imagine yourself, a blogger is writing quality posts on his blog only on WordPress. And on the other hand a blogger is writing all kinds of posts on his blog. Like, WordPress, SEO, Tech, Travel, Photography etc. The first is Single Niche Blogger, while the second is Multi Niche Blog.

Now suppose, I want to know about WordPress, then which blog should I subscribe to?

So my direct answer would be, who writes only on WordPress, I will subscribe to his blog. Because I trust him. He writes quality and research articles only about WordPress. He has more knowledge about WordPress.

Whereas the other blogger is not very sure about his niche and probably not much public. That’s why writing posts on different types of topics. Because when you know more about any one subject, then obviously you will write more about that.

Very few readers trust such a blog. Who ever writes about SEO. Then after a few days he starts writing about beauty and makeup. People who had subscribed to such blog considering SEO related blog. Those people also unsubscribe such blogs later.

Why won’t a company give ads to a Multi Niche Blog?

Suppose there is a Single Niche Blog related to the vehicle. Where all types of four wheeler vehicles are written. On the other hand there is a Multi Niche Blog. Where vehicles are also being written, mobiles are also being written, travel is also being written and photography is also being written.

If you are the owner of a four wheeler company. And if you want to add a blog about your vehicle, then which of these two blogs will you choose. So the answer would be Single Niche Blog, where only vehicles are written.

Advertisement on a single Niche Blog related to the vehicle is beneficial for both your company and business. Because the readers of such blogs are more interested about the vehicles. He likes to use different types of vehicles. Due to giving ad on this blog, it is possible that the sales of your vehicle will increase.

Multi Niche Blog is bad for earning money.

Multi Niche Blog is a blog where you can write whatever you want. It becomes a personal blog. Where traffic has nothing to do with it.

But if it comes to earning money from blogging, then earning money from blogging is not that easy. But if you try, it is not too difficult.

If you do blogging to earn money. So it should be treated as a business. Right now there has been a lot of competition in blogging.

As I mentioned above, if you create a Multi Niche Blog and write posts on five types of topics. Like, Blogging, SEO, Marketing, Internet, Finance etc.

So being your expert on this five types of topics is a bit difficult task. But if you write on any kind of topic, then it is possible for you to be an expert in it.

Making money from Multi Niche Blog is difficult because people have become very smart now. They like Single Niche Blog more for any knowledge.

For example, if someone wants to know about SEO, then they will open the SEO website. They will never open any such Multi Niche Blog or website, where other things have been told along with SEO.

Difficult to get Direct Advertiser for Multi Nice Blog.

It is very difficult to get a direct advertiser for Multi Nice Blog. Because direct advertisers also like to give their ad on the same blog, which is about any one topic.

Why will the mobile company add its newly launched mobile to a blog: On which topics like Health, Travel, Fitness, Lifestyle are written as well as about mobile. Even if the traffic of this blog is 5000 every day.

That mobile company would like a blog where only mobile is written. Even if the traffic of that blog is 1000 every day. Because by giving ads on Single Niche Blog, that company benefits more.

Even if you do not use Direct Advertisement on your blog. But Adi uses advertising networks on his blog. Even then, it is necessary to have targeted visitors on your blog to earn money, because the CTR value from the target visitors increases.

There are some bloggers, who are earning a lot of money from Multi Niche Blog. Like,, etc. But believe me, earning money from Multi Niche Blog is the most difficult thing.

Multi Niche Blog is not SEO Friendly?

Search Engine Optimization is not right for Multi Niche Blog. Because the era of 2005 is over. Today if you are using a lot of Topic/Category on your blog, then it is very bad for SEO.

Right now along with technology, Search Engine Optimization and Search Algorithm are getting smarter every day. All the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are ranking websites according to Niche and Brand.

On searching by writing On Page SEO in Google, on the first page, links to those blogs come, which have earned a lot of name in the world of SEO.

There can be many other reasons for visiting the ratham page like, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Google’s SERPs etc. But search engines now prefer the same blog on which valuable information is shared about the same topic.

Will you read a blog about SEO where along with SEO, story, travel, photography, makeup etc. have been written about. That’s why search engines also rank the same blog and website, where a lot is added on a particular topic.

I also saw while searching in google. About some things, Google brings the same site and blog to the first page of its search results. Whose content is very good and who are Single Niche Blog. Therefore it shows that Single Niche Blog ranks better and faster than Multi Niche Blog.

Difficult to get reader and subscriber for Multi Niche Blog.

We write blogs only for some of our readers. Readers like to read Single Niche Blog more, because it is dedicated about a particular topic.

If you have a special interest in a topic like Tour & Travel, what kind of blog would you subscribe to and what kind of blog would you like to read?

Obviously you would like to subscribe and read a blog that is only about Tour & Travel. Would rather subscribe to a blog that is about Tour & Travel as well as topics like Lifestyle, Sports, Fashion, Relationship.

You subscribe to a blog according to your interest, which is only about SEO. But suddenly you see that posts about topics like Movie, Review, Story, Business also start coming on that blog. So will you stay on such a blog?

The answer to such questions shows that a Multi Niche Blog is not much interesting for the reader. Because readers also like to read a blog which is a Single Niche Blog, and is dedicated about Single Topic.

Why would I subscribe to a blog that writes posts on 20 topics simultaneously. I like to read and subscribe only the topic which interests me. I would always like to subscribe to that blog, whose topic I like and about which I want to know more. Other types of posts will be useless for me and I will not read that type of post at all. This shows that a Multi Niche Blog is unable to attract the visitors towards itself.

I like to read about blogging. And I also subscribe to a blog that writes only about blogging. But if later he starts writing about any other topic, then I will unsubscribe such blog immediately.

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Conclusion and what to choose?

It all depends on the resources you have. If you have high operating cost and can rent, then multi niche is better if you want to stand alone and make your living then can go for single niche logs.

In both the cases you need to work hard.

If you want to establish yourself as a brand, then definitely you should create a single niche blog, because in this type of blog you do not have limited options to earn, and you can make money from your blog in future. You can set up your own business.

But if your main objective is to earn money from Google Adsense and bring more and more traffic to the blog, then you can create a multi niche blog. In this there will be a lot of traffic to your blog. But in this your earning options are limited.

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