Top Searched Email Marketing Keywords on Google 100+

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. However, to make the most of email marketing, it is essential to use the right keywords that will attract and engage your target audience.

In this blog, we will explore the best email marketing keywords for SEO to help you boost your email marketing campaign’s success.

Top Searched Email Marketing Keywords on Google 100+

Sr. No.Best Keywords for Email Marketing (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC
1acelle mail590$ 5.35
2activecampaign email marketing90$11.29
3adobe email marketing320$ 65.82
4advantages of email marketing1300$ 7.20
5apa itu email marketing320$ 1.56
6automated email campaigns880$ 65.52
7automated email marketing2,900$49.96
8automated email marketing18100$ 42.32
9aweber affiliate1000$ 4.60
10aweber com590$ 5.35
11aweber pricing2400$ 11.33
12b2b email880$ 28.83
13b2b email lists880$ 53.27
14b2b email marketing3600$ 29.30
15b2b newsletter480$ 19.81
16benchmark email marketing1000$ 21.32
17benchmarkemail com480$ 6.63
18best email 2021390$ 1
19best email campaign service1900$ 119.61
20best email marketing6600$ 50.75
21best email marketing campaigns720$ 72.30
22best email marketing for shopify390$ 56.87
23best email marketing platform3,600$72.73
24best email marketing platform12100$ 93.16
25best email marketing service4400$ 64.94
26best email platform4400$ 54.37
27best emailing services9,900$19.00
28best free email marketing720$ 59.47
29best mailing list service1300$ 71.58
30best marketing newsletters320$ 22.57
31bigcommerce email marketing720$ 21.90
32bulk email marketing1600$ 23.11
33bulk email marketing services1900$ 31.92
34buying email lists3600$ 31.08
35campaign monitor pricing720$ 19.56
36can spam4,400$0.00
37can spam5400$ 1
38canva email marketing390$ 46.03
39cheap email marketing1000$ 32.31
40cold email marketing5400$ 21.39
41constant contact competitors590$ 94.46
42creative email1000$ 9.25
43crm email3600$ 58.05
44crm email marketing3600$ 65.78
45crm email salesforce marketing590$ 6.75
46direct email marketing1600$ 21.27
47drip campaign3,600$24.64
48drip campaign6600$ 37.20
49drip crm320$ 40.85
50drip email2900$ 36.37
51drip email marketing1000$ 53.69
52drip marketing6600$ 30.22
53drip marketing campaign720$ 56.46
54e mail marketing strategie480$ 14.38
55e mailing5400$ 14.80
56easy email marketing2,900$49.60
57ecommerce email marketing3600$ 31.28
58ecommerce email marketing agency880$ 36.86
59edm campaign390$ 24.32
60edm email1600$ 20.90
61edm email marketing320$ 28.62
62edm mail720$ 17.78
63edm marketing8100$ 31.14
64effective email marketing1300$ 23.77
65electronic direct mail1000$ 14.45
66email ad2400$ 23.53
67email advertising4400$ 28.40
68email affiliate marketing1900$ 13.70
69email agency1000$ 16.30
70email and sms marketing880$ 58.14
71email automations4,400$27.55
72email best practices 2022260$ 20.62
73email blast3,600$48.60
74email blast14800$ 29.33
75email blast service3,600$73.63
76email blast service18100$ 103.66
77email campaign4,400$59.17
78email campaign14800$ 47.24
79email campaign ideas480$ 24.17
80email campaign management720$ 39.74
81email campaign services2900$ 131.68
82email campaign strategy320$ 28.68
83email copywriting18100$ 2.22
84email deliverability3600$ 24.47
85email drip campaign2900$ 49.68
86email kpis590$ 8.05
87email lead generation1600$ 30.01
88email list for marketing4400$ 37.36
89email mailing1,000,000$2.74
90email mailing13600000$ 0.68
91email market share320$ 11.58
92email marketing74,000$24.77
93email marketing60,500$32.09
94email marketing368000$ 16.38
95email marketing 101390$ 23.60
96email marketing 20222900$ 26.65
97email marketing advantages480$11.75
98email marketing affiliate programs110$15.70
99email marketing affiliate programs590$ 19.83
100email marketing agency1,300$20.65
101email marketing agency5400$ 28.80
102email marketing agency pricing320$ 16.66
103email marketing amazon390$7.20
104email marketing analytics880$ 26.85
105email marketing asian fox developments170$0.00
106email marketing average open rates320$5.52
107email marketing benchmarks by industry 2017140$19.38
108email marketing benchmarks by industry 2022260$ 23.71
109email marketing best practices3600$ 23.22
110email marketing best practices 2017260$19.14
111email marketing best practices 2022320$ 17.75
112email marketing blog880$18.32
113email marketing campaign8100$ 33.59
114email marketing campaign strategy590$ 29.82
115email marketing company2400$ 61.69
116email marketing consultant880$ 27.14
117email marketing content1300$ 12.23
118email marketing content ideas390$ 7.08
119email marketing cost880$ 15.47
120email marketing database720$ 33.51
121email marketing design2400$ 18.24
122email marketing earn money70$9.27
123email marketing ebay110$14.52
124email marketing ebook170$6.92
125email marketing ecommerce590$19.30
126email marketing effectiveness260$9.34
127email marketing esp210$17.66
128email marketing event210$19.90
129email marketing exacttarget50$19.93
130email marketing executive110$17.31
131email marketing executive job description50$0.00
132email marketing expert260$24.85
133email marketing expert720$ 32.25
134email marketing for beginners33,100$18.30
135email marketing for beginners74000$ 18.22
136email marketing for small business2900$ 57.37
137email marketing forum320$9.46
138email marketing ideas1000$ 19.59
139email marketing in digital marketing1000$ 3.74
140email marketing is2,900$7.65
141email marketing jobs5,400$3.06
142email marketing jobs12100$ 2.98
143email marketing jobs remote2400$ 4.11
144email marketing jobs work from home720$ 2.19
145email marketing kpis1900$ 11.64
146email marketing lead generation880$ 30.11
147email marketing manager1900$ 26.72
148email marketing newsletter1600$ 28.55
149email marketing packages320$ 24.88
150email marketing plan1000$ 20.10
151email marketing platform6,600$63.30
152email marketing platform110000$ 78.49
153email marketing ppt320$ 6.25
154email marketing pricing590$ 18.60
155email marketing process590$ 6.64
156email marketing programs5400$ 64.52
157email marketing report590$ 25.55
158email marketing roi1300$ 21.06
159email marketing sample2900$ 6.63
160email marketing sample letter480$ 4.89
161email marketing service18100$ 49.32
162email marketing service provider1600$ 42.73
163email marketing skills320$ 7.52
164email marketing softwares5,400$57.90
165email marketing softwares27100$ 50.64
166email marketing solutions2400$ 61.05
167email marketing specialist1900$ 21.26
168email marketing specialist jobs390$ 4.63
169email marketing statistics1300$ 15.16
170email marketing strategy3,600$25.61
171email marketing strategy14800$ 16.54
172email marketing system1900$ 60.14
173email marketing tips9900$ 15.20
174email marketing websites1600$ 31.10
175email newsletter service1300$ 57.97
176email nurturing1000$ 28.76
177email personalization9900$ 29.77
178email platform6600$ 43.47
179email promotion720$ 23.26
180email remarketing590$ 22.86
181email segmentation1000$ 22.59
182email specialist390$ 10.37
183email statistics390$ 12.03
184email strategy880$ 23.48
185email studio in salesforce marketing cloud480$ 28.09
186email uplers320$ 15.66
187emails ideas2,900$3.88
188emma email marketing1300$ 18.83
189enterprise email marketing1900$ 33.31
191flodesk60500$ 12.08
192flodesk pricing1900$ 16.91
193free email campaign1000$ 55.98
194free email lists for marketing1000$ 21.27
195free email marketing12100$ 44.61
196free email marketing services3600$ 57.19
197getresponse com1600$ 2.73
198getresponse pricing2400$ 8.81
199godaddy email marketing1300$ 27.48
200google email marketing1900$ 28.88
201hubspot email marketing8100$ 25.70
202hubspot mailchimp480$ 30.13
203hubspot mailchimp integration720$ 19.86
204hubspotemail3600$ 24.27
205interactive emails1000$ 15.02
206interspire1600$ 4.48
207interspire com480$ 3.26
208interspire email marketer390$ 16.88
209intuit buys mailchimp260$ 53.94
210intuit mailchimp2400$ 20.28
211klaviyo com720$ 42.88
212klaviyo competitors390$ 71.72
213klaviyo crm390$ 55.10
214klaviyo email1600$ 50.69
215klaviyo email marketing3600$ 39.55
216klaviyo integration1000$ 33.77
217klaviyo one590$ 124.95
218klaviyo partners1300$ 48.52
219klaviyo plans320$ 47.51
220klaviyo pricing6600$ 52.81
221klaviyo revenue480$ 70.39
222klaviyo shopify3600$ 35.79
223klaviyo shopify integration390$ 60.33
224klaviyo sms880$ 75.09
225klaviyo sms pricing320$ 50.01
226klaviyo transactional emails320$ 87.66
227lead nurturing emails880$ 21.99
228list segmentation480$ 21.38
229mail marketer6600$ 19.61
230mailchimp affiliate320$ 13.14
231mailchimp alternative2,900$45.05
232mailchimp alternative12100$ 44.18
233mailchimp and co320$ 30.22
234mailchimp competitors1900$ 65.68
235mailchimp crm2400$ 35.98
236mailchimp customer journey590$ 24.93
237mailchimp email marketing8100$ 16.44
238mailchimp features590$ 13.95
239mailchimp for nonprofits1000$ 34.88
240mailchimp intuit590$ 21.38
241mailchimp marketing720$ 22.53
242mailchimp sms1300$ 30.52
243mailchimp uk590$ 25.99
244mailerlite affiliate320$ 12.22
245mailerlite com1000$ 5.47
246mailerlite landing page880$ 11.83
247mailerlite pricing2900$ 9.32
248mailing design4400$ 8.96
249mailing marketing1300$ 13.21
250marketing automations9,900$25.52
251marketing email8,027$77.02
252marketing email address70$14.70
253marketing email address examples70$0.00
254marketing email api90$14.64
255marketing email automation1,900$35.97
256marketing email best practices55$15.40
257marketing email blast210$42.46
258marketing email campaign86$38.26
259marketing email companies1,900$32.32
260marketing email content390$11.66
261marketing email design880$19.07
262marketing email examples2,900$10.94
263marketing email format140$16.37
264marketing email free2,900$20.60
265marketing email lists880$23.85
266marketing email lists free720$24.69
267marketing email open rates480$11.93
268marketing email samples880$5.69
269marketing email service providers720$32.48
270marketing email signature170$12.07
271marketing email strategy2,400$19.11
272marketing email subject line590$15.51
273marketing email template5,400$18.27
274marketing gmail com590$ 6.68
275marketing newsletter1600$ 21.11
276mass email marketing2400$ 82.54
277mautic email390$ 9.29
278moosend pricing590$ 15.79
279newsletter best practices720$ 16.70
280newsletter services1600$ 38.56
281odoo email marketing720$ 17.66
282omni send480$ 22.45
283online email marketing12,100$37.13
284online email marketing18100$ 40.28
285opt in email2400$ 12.64
286opt in email marketing720$ 23.80
287opt in marketing590$ 11.28
288pabbly email marketing720$ 18.47
289personalized email marketing720$ 26.05
290purchase email lists1300$ 66.38
291real estate email ideas320$ 8.30
292real estate email marketing1000$ 25.20
293restaurant email marketing590$ 25.03
294salesforce email marketing1300$ 38.88
295salesforce email studio1000$ 40.76
296sender email marketing4,400$77.45
297sender email marketing8100$ 45.70
298sendgrid marketing campaigns390$ 30.81
299sendinblue alternative720$ 20.87
300sendinblue com480$ 9.64
301sendinblue email marketing1000$ 10.97
302sendinblue landing page480$ 10.00
303sendinblue pricing4400$ 11.33
304sendinblue smtp settings320$ 9.60
305sendinblue wordpress1600$ 8.66
306shopify email5400$ 23.96
307shopify email marketing5400$ 39.13
308shopifyemail com390$ 23.28
309square email marketing390$ 48.20
310squarespace email campaigns880$ 45.24
311squarespace email marketing880$ 41.39
312targeted email marketing480$ 40.87
313targeted mailing lists480$ 53.38
314white label email marketing390$ 27.99
315wix email marketing2400$ 29.36
316wordpress email marketing1300$ 20.50
317zoho campaigns4,400$43.30
318zoho campaigns27100$ 15.00
319zoho campaigns pricing1300$ 10.36
320zoho email campaign590$ 16.60
321zoho email marketing1600$ 22.38

Why Keywords are Important for Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage and nurture your audience. However, to make the most of your email marketing campaigns, you need to use the right keywords to attract and engage your target audience. Keywords are an essential part of any email marketing campaign’s success as they help your emails get noticed by search engines, leading to increased visibility, and higher open and click-through rates.

Top Email Marketing Keywords for SEO

1. Email Subject Lines

Your email subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see in their inbox. Therefore, it is essential to use the right keywords that will catch their attention and entice them to open your email. Examples of effective email subject line keywords include “exclusive,” “limited time offer,” “new,” and “free.”

2. Personalization

Personalization is one of the most effective ways to improve email marketing engagement rates. Personalized emails have higher open and click-through rates and are more likely to convert subscribers into customers. Examples of personalized email marketing keywords include “you,” “your,” and “personalized.”

3. Segmentation

Segmentation is the process of dividing your email list into smaller, more targeted groups based on subscriber behavior and interests. Segmented emails have higher open and click-through rates and are more likely to convert subscribers into customers. Examples of segmentation-related email marketing keywords include “targeted,” “segmented,” and “customized.”

4. Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your email’s call-to-action (CTA) is the action you want your subscribers to take after reading your email. Examples of effective CTA-related email marketing keywords include “sign up,” “register,” “subscribe,” “download,” and “buy now.”

5. Email Automation

Email automation is the process of sending automated emails based on subscriber behavior and interests. Examples of email automation-related email marketing keywords include “automated,” “triggered,” and “drip campaign.”

6. A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of testing different email elements to see which performs better. Examples of A/B testing-related email marketing keywords include “testing,” “optimizing,” and “improving.”

7. Email Campaigns

An email campaign is a series of emails sent to promote a specific product or service. Examples of email campaign-related email marketing keywords include “promotions,” “sales,” “events,” and “product launches.”

8. Subscriber List

Your subscriber list is the list of people who have opted-in to receive your emails. Examples of subscriber list-related email marketing keywords include “grow,” “build,” “manage,” and “clean.”

9. Email Templates

Email templates are pre-designed email layouts that you can use to create professional-looking emails quickly. Examples of email template-related email marketing keywords include “design,” “customize,” “branding,” and “templates.”

10. Opt-in and Opt-out

Opt-in and opt-out are terms that refer to a subscriber’s decision to receive or not receive your emails. Examples of opt-in and opt-out-related email marketing keywords include “subscribe,” “unsubscribe,” “permission-based,” and “spam laws.”

11. Email Deliverability

Email deliverability refers to the ability of your emails to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Examples of email deliverability-related email marketing keywords include “inbox placement,” “spam filters,” “domain reputation,” and “email authentication.”

12. Open Rates

Your email open rate is the percentage of people who opened your email. Examples of email open rate-related email marketing keywords include “improve,” “increase,” “subject lines,” and “preview text.”

13. Click-through Rates

Your email click-through rate is the percentage of people who clicked on a link within your email. Examples of email click-through rate-related email marketing keywords include “engage,” “CTR,” “landing pages,” and “calls-to-action.”

14. Unsubscribe Rates

Your unsubscribe rate is the percentage of people who opted-out of your emails. Examples of unsubscribe rate-related email marketing keywords include “manage,” “reduce,” “frequency,” and “content.”

15. Email Marketing Analytics

Email marketing analytics refer to the data and insights you can gather from your email marketing campaigns. Examples of email marketing analytics-related email marketing keywords include “metrics,” “ROI,” “tracking,” and “reporting.”


Placeing email marketing keywords in your content is essential to the success of your email marketing campaigns. By include these top email marketing keywords for SEO, you can improve your email open and click-through rates, increase engagement, and ultimately, drive more conversions.

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