List of Business Keywords for Blog and Business High CPC

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract more customers and generate more revenue. One way to do that is by targeting high CPC (cost-per-click) keywords.

In this article, we’ll explain what high CPC business keywords are and how you can use them to grow your business.

What is Business Keywords

Business keywords are specific terms or phrases that are commonly used in the context of business and commerce. These words or phrases are often associated with particular industries, functions, or activities within the business world, and are used to describe concepts, products, services, or processes.

Examples of business keywords may include: marketing strategy,” “supply chain management,” “customer acquisition,” “market research,” “profit and loss,” “revenue growth,” “cash flow,” “competitive advantage,” “brand positioning,” “sales funnel,” “lead generation,” and “return on investment.”

Understanding and using business keywords is essential for effective communication within the business world, as they allow individuals to convey specific ideas and concepts quickly and accurately to others in the same industry or function.

What are high CPC business keywords?

High CPC business keywords are words or phrases that advertisers bid on in order to show their ads to potential customers. CPC is the cost per click that an advertiser pays when someone clicks on their ad. High CPC keywords are those that have a higher cost per click than other keywords.

For example, if you own a law firm and want to advertise your services online, you might bid on keywords like “personal injury lawyer” or “divorce attorney”. These keywords are highly competitive and have a high CPC because there are many other law firms bidding on them as well.

Why are high CPC business keywords important?

High CPC business keywords are important because they can help you reach a larger audience of potential customers. When you bid on high CPC keywords, your ads are more likely to be shown to people who are actively searching for the products or services you offer.

Additionally, high CPC keywords can indicate that people are willing to pay more for your products or services. This means that targeting high CPC keywords could result in higher profits for your business.

How to find high CPC business keywords

There are several tools you can use to find high CPC business keywords. One popular tool is the Google Ads Keyword Planner, which allows you to search for keywords related to your business and see their estimated CPC.

Other tools you can use include SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. These tools can provide additional insights into the competition level and search volume of specific keywords.

List of Business Keywords for Blog and Business High CPC

Sr. No.Business Keywords (A to Z)Search Volume MonthlyCPC
1are jeans business casual1,600$1.33
2are you busy in spanish1,000$0
3bachelor of business administration135,000$5.59
4best business5,400$0.63
5best business books12,100$0.57
6best business card8,100$22.36
7best business class3,600$3.20
8best business credit cards12,100$39.44
9best business ideas14,800$0.53
10best business schools18,100$7.40
11best business to start9,900$1.51
12better business bureau2,740,000$0.62
13big business14,800$1.93
15business accounting5,400$5.69
16business accounting software3,600$8.76
17business accounts12,100$7.62
18business address2,900$7.77
19business administration74,000$8.27
20business administration degree9,900$29.77
21business administration jobs12,100$1.26
22business advertising4,400$10.63
23business advice2,900$3.28
24business advisor5,400$3.48
25business analysis14,800$5
26business analyst90,500$3.08
27business analyst certification9,900$9.89
28business analyst jobs14,800$2.22
29business analyst salary27,100$1.53
30business analyst training4,400$10.82
31business analytics27,100$11.28
32business applications3,600$5.44
33business apps27,100$1.72
34business architect6,600$4.35
35business articles12,100$2.15
36business associate4,400$12.04
37business associate agreement3,600$2.44
38business attire33,100$1.22
39business attorneys3,600$13.62
40business background4,400$3.67
41business backpack5,400$1.55
42business bank account14,800$8.88
43business banking9,900$7.47
44business blogs6,600$2.74
45business books12,100$0.76
46business brokers14,800$4.67
47business bureau5,400$0.64
48business calculator3,600$0.99
49business calendar40,500$4.77
50business canvas12,100$1.60
51business card designs6,600$5.08
52business card dimensions14,800$8.43
53business card maker33,100$4.42
54business card organizer6,600$1.39
55business card print22,200$8.65
56business card reader18,100$1.64
57business card scanner12,100$1.88
58business card sizes60,500$9.17
59business cards550,000$8.57
60business cards design49,500$4.08
61business cards holder40,500$2.27
62business cards ideas6,600$5.04
63business cards online22,200$6.82
64business cards printing22,200$8.65
65business cards templates74,000$4.72
66business careers6,600$2.50
67business case33,100$1.23
68business case studies3,600$1.86
69business case template12,100$1.20
70business casual men33,100$1.22
71business casual woman27,100$1.31
72business cat27,100$0.47
73business catalyst6,600$5.96
74business center22,200$4.82
75business checks18,100$24.61
76business classes40,500$7.79
77business coaching18,100$4.87
78business colleges4,400$10.60
79business communications27,100$2.62
80business computers2,900$6.63
81business concept4,400$0.88
82business consulting27,100$4.74
83business continuity9,900$20.66
84business continuity management6,600$7.87
85business continuity planning22,200$10.50
86business contracts3,600$1.99
87business courses9,900$8.27
88business credit3,600$26.81
89business credit cards33,100$60.37
90business culture3,600$2.28
91business cycles40,500$0.80
92business daily60,500$2.12
93business days90,500$0.55
94business definition22,200$0.78
95business definitions2,900$2.53
96business degrees18,100$31.56
97business description2,900$1.29
98business developer9,900$1.85
99business development49,500$3.03
100business development company2,900$4.60
101business development manager33,100$2.32
102business dictionary33,100$0.30
103business directories14,800$5.62
104business documents3,600$1.24
105business dresses12,100$0.95
106business economics9,900$0.54
107business email format4,400$4.95
108business emails18,100$5.85
109business engineering3,600$4.02
110business english33,100$0.99
111business enterprise3,600$1.57
112business entities6,600$6.08
113business entity search4,400$7.77
114business entrepreneur4,400$3.40
115business entrepreneurship4,400$3.40
116business envelopes2,900$18.80
117business environment18,100$1.92
118business essentials3,600$1.89
119business ethics40,500$0.91
120business etiquette9,900$0.64
121business executive3,600$3.80
122business expenses4,400$4.47
123business facebook33,100$2.78
124business finance14,800$15.01
125business for home8,100$0.72
126business formal9,900$0.97
127business forms3,600$4.73
128business forum4,400$0.94
129business franchise2,900$2.40
130business from home4,400$1.07
131business functions4,400$0.34
132business funding5,400$22.69
133business game18,100$0.55
134business games90,500$1.11
135business gifts3,600$5.77
136business goals4,400$0.51
137business grants8,100$2.92
138business growth4,400$5.51
139business hours6,600$3.70
140business icons8,100$1.68
141business ideas201,000$0.71
142business images6,600$3.05
143business impact analysis5,400$5.43
144business incubators6,600$2.25
145business information4,400$3.01
146business information systems8,100$3.73
147business information technology2,900$8.73
148business inquiries2,900$3.42
149business insider450,000$5.74
150business insights2,900$9.74
151business insurance40,500$31.16
152business intelligence110,000$13.06
153business intelligence analyst8,100$11.14
154business intelligence definition2,900$13.73
155business intelligence software4,400$24.14
156business intelligence tools9,900$16.86
157business internet4,400$70.64
158business internships2,900$2.12
159business investments5,400$3.91
160business investors5,400$3.91
161business jobs6,600$1.02
162business journals12,100$1.51
163business laptops6,600$2.98
164business law22,200$1.25
165business lawyer6,600$10.70
166business leadership5,400$0.92
167business letter examples14,800$0.32
168business letter format90,500$0.45
169business letter samples18,100$0.19
170business letter template14,800$2
171business letterhead60,500$0.74
172business letterhead template14,800$2
173business letters60,500$0.74
174business level strategy4,400$1.98
175business licenses22,200$3.12
176business line74,000$1.59
177business link9,900$1.42
178business listing5,400$5.74
179business loan calculator18,100$7.63
180business loans74,000$28.25
181business logic4,400$8.81
182business logo14,800$2.83
183business logos14,800$2.83
184business lookup2,900$4.46
185business magazines12,100$2.02
186business majors9,900$13.80
187business management60,500$6.27
188business management courses14,800$8.29
189business management definition3,600$2.45
190business management degree12,100$25.99
191business management software2,900$20.50
192business manager27,100$3.06
193business marketing8,100$6.79
194business math12,100$0.14
195business mathematics12,100$0.14
196business meaning8,100$1.07
197business meeting9,900$3.53
198business memo4,400$0.17
199business men27,100$0.99
200business mentor4,400$3.39
201business model60,500$3
202business model canvas110,000$2.34
203business model definition3,600$2.59
204business model generation18,100$0.62
205business models60,500$3
206business name availability5,400$1.90
207business name generator60,500$1.51
208business name registration18,100$3.66
209business name search33,100$1.17
210business names ideas12,100$0.79
211business networking9,900$3.85
212business networking international4,400$5.33
213business news201,000$1.13
214business news today8,100$0.44
215business objectives6,600$1.01
216business objects22,200$4.74
217business of fashion33,100$5.16
218business office3,600$3.79
219business online60,500$1.23
220business operations6,600$1.13
221business operations manager2,900$2.25
222business opportunities40,500$1.82
223business organizations6,600$1.55
224business outfits6,600$0.72
225business owners9,900$3.71
226business park12,100$1.30
227business partners22,200$0.55
228business partnership6,600$1.46
229business people9,900$1.74
230business person4,400$0.88
231business phone number2,900$50.51
232business phone service4,400$137.19
233business phone systems6,600$108.86
234business phones6,600$44.27
235business photos2,900$4.03
236business pictures3,600$2.76
237business plan definition5,400$1.51
238business plan example27,100$0.76
239business plan format14,800$0.28
240business plan outline12,100$2.04
241business plan pro3,600$5.99
242business plan samples33,100$0.71
243business plan software4,400$8.97
244business plan templates110,000$2.15
245business planner4,400$3.20
246business planning301,000$1.66
247business plans301,000$1.66
248business plans examples27,100$0.76
249business plans templates110,000$2.15
250business podcasts2,900$3.91
251business portal27,100$3.12
252business portfolio4,400$1.54
253business portraits2,900$3.36
254business presentation5,400$1.17
255business process improvement3,600$13.69
256business process management18,100$12.84
257business process modeling4,400$6.56
258business process outsourcing450,000$3.80
259business process reengineering60,500$3.24
260business processes14,800$6.87
261business professional14,800$3.20
262business profile8,100$0.82
263business proposal33,100$0.70
264business proposal examples5,400$1.04
265business proposal format8,100$0.73
266business proposals33,100$0.70
267business psychology5,400$3.96
268business quarters2,900$0
269business quotes40,500$0.59
270business recorder22,200$1.05
271business registration14,800$3
272business registry4,400$3.02
273business relationship4,400$1.91
274business reports12,100$5.99
275business requirements4,400$2.03
276business requirements document6,600$4.81
277business research4,400$4.11
278business research methods4,400$1.18
279business resume2,900$1.58
280business review9,900$4.69
281business risk8,100$7.92
282business rules5,400$2.88
283business school ranking6,600$3.56
284business school rankings18,100$7.08
285business schools27,100$10.33
286business search8,100$2
287business services8,100$3.88
288business signs9,900$4.60
289business simulator9,900$3.96
290business skills4,400$1.44
291business slogans2,900$1.37
292business software8,100$8.77
293business software alliance135,000$2.98
294business solutions9,900$9.11
295business standard165,000$0.54
296business start up6,600$2.53
297business startup ideas2,900$1.46
298business statistics9,900$0.38
299business strategies27,100$2.35
300business strategy definition2,900$0.99
301business strategy examples2,900$1.68
302business structures8,100$3.38
303business success3,600$1.31
304business suits9,900$0.98
305business synonym9,900$0.45
306business systems3,600$3.51
307business systems analyst5,400$5.48
308business taxes6,600$8.09
309business technology4,400$10.23
310business templates4,400$0.94
311business terms5,400$0.33
312business times40,500$1.14
313business tips5,400$0.79
314business to business14,800$1.59
315business to business marketing4,400$7.76
316business to consumer4,400$0.58
317business to start4,400$1.66
318business today14,800$0.13
319business track2,900$3.27
320business training2,900$5.03
321business transformation4,400$10.07
322business travel8,100$8.75
323business traveller9,900$9.32
324business trends3,600$3
325business trip8,100$4.18
326business tycoon8,100$1.01
327business types5,400$3.33
328business unit9,900$0.16
329business valuation12,100$5.39
330business values12,100$5.39
331business ventures6,600$1.15
332business visa5,400$7.48
333business vision2,900$0.77
334business vocabulary4,400$0.59
335business wear2,900$0.87
336business websites8,100$6.72
337business weekly49,500$1.17
338business wire14,800$3.77
339business woman27,100$1.78
340business words3,600$0.57
341business world22,200$0.59
342business writing8,100$2.43
343businesses for sale201,000$1.60
344businesses to start4,400$1.66
345careers in business3,600$1.69
346central business district246,000$0.42
347charter business14,800$9.38
348cheap business cards27,100$5.93
349cool business cards6,600$4.55
350create a business plan4,400$3.04
351create business cards6,600$5.52
352creating a business plan4,400$3.04
353creative business ideas4,400$1.45
354define business9,900$0.30
355definition of business6,600$0.32
356digital business4,400$5.06
357doing business18,100$1.10
358e business40,500$1.37
359e commerce business9,900$6.33
360easy business ideas2,900$1.43
361easy businesses to start4,400$1.84
362ecommerce business8,100$4.65
363ethics in business5,400$1.10
364example of a business plan6,600$0.31
365example of business plan9,900$0.33
366excel with business3,600$1.74
367family business14,800$3.10
368franchise businesses14,800$1.51
369free business card templates14,800$1.61
370free business cards40,500$1.68
371free business plan template6,600$1.90
372good business ideas9,900$1.23
373great business ideas4,400$1.39
374home based business18,100$1.90
375home based business ideas9,900$1.05
376home based businesses18,100$1.90
377home business ideas14,800$1.38
378home business opportunities5,400$2.02
379home businesses14,800$1.19
380home-based business22,200$1.30
381how big is a business card880$10.27
382how busy is disneyland880$2.03
383how do i start a business1,300$4.22
384how do you spell business5,400$0
385how do you start a business1,000$4.99
386how long is a business day2,900$0
387how many business days in a year3,600$0
388how much does a business license cost880$2.94
389how much does it cost to start a business1,300$5.94
390how much is a business license1,000$2.14
391how much is my business worth1,300$2.40
392how old was tom cruise in risky business480$0
393how to address a business letter1,600$9.22
394how to advertise your business2,900$10.34
395how to apply for a business license720$2.07
396how to apply for a business loan880$17.41
397how to become a business analyst2,900$3.90
398how to become a business consultant880$5.95
399how to become a business owner590$2.41
400how to build a business1,300$2.56
401how to build a business plan1,300$2.05
402how to build business credit1,300$17.68
403how to buy a business1,900$4.41
404how to choose a business name1,300$1.52
405how to close a business880$3.80
406how to come up with a business name2,900$1.56
407how to copyright a business name720$2.83
408how to create a business1,300$2.69
409how to create a business facebook page1,900$3.09
410how to create a business name1,000$2.59
411how to create a business page on facebook1,900$3.68
412how to create a business plan5,400$1.61
413how to create a business plan5,400$1.61
414how to create a facebook business page2,400$6.06
415how to design a business card1,600$2.46
416how to develop a business plan1,600$1.40
417how to do a business plan3,600$0.97
418how to do a business plan3,600$0.97
419how to dress business casual1,600$3.26
420how to end a business email1,000$4.36
421how to end a business letter1,600$2.96
422how to establish business credit590$18.58
423how to find out who owns a business720$2.53
424how to format a business letter880$1.12
425how to franchise a business880$10.23
426how to franchise your business1,000$16.69
427how to get a business credit card590$28.95
428how to get a business license5,400$1.83
429how to get a business license5,400$1.83
430how to get a business loan6,600$19.69
431how to get a business loan with bad credit720$20.10
432how to get a small business grant480$2.89
433how to get a small business loan3,600$20.74
434how to get business credit590$21.70
435how to get business license1,000$2.46
436how to get business loan1,300$13.41
437how to get into business school590$13.09
438how to get into harvard business school1,300$7.56
439how to get money to start a business880$4.99
440how to get my business on google390$12.18
441how to get your business on google1,000$2.91
442how to grow a business1,000$5.72
443how to grow your business1,600$6.30
444how to incorporate a business880$7.68
445how to keep an idiot busy880$0
446how to make a business1,600$1.84
447how to make a business card2,900$2.90
448how to make a business facebook page1,600$4.99
449how to make a business plan12,100$1.09
450how to make a business plan12,100$1.09
451how to make a facebook business page1,600$5.84
452how to make business cards5,400$2.97
453how to make business cards in word1,000$4.77
454how to make your own business cards720$2.95
455how to market your business3,600$7.16
456how to market your business3,600$7.16
457how to name a business2,900$1.64
458how to name your business1,900$2.03
459how to obtain a business license1,000$2.73
460how to open a business3,600$2.82
461how to open a business3,600$2.82
462how to open a business bank account720$11.35
463how to open a small business1,000$3.42
464how to open your own business1,600$2.56
465how to own a business1,300$1.82
466how to own your own business590$2.22
467how to pick a business name720$1.36
468how to print business cards880$5.16
469how to promote your business4,400$9.53
470how to promote your business4,400$9.53
471how to register a business8,100$2.48
472how to register a business8,100$2.48
473how to register a business name5,400$4.87
474how to register a business name5,400$4.87
475how to report a business1,000$5.80
476how to run a business3,600$1.74
477how to run a business3,600$1.74
478how to run a small business1,300$3.03
479how to run a successful business1,300$1.90
480how to sell a business1,900$6.03
481how to sell your business1,300$6.13
482how to set up a business facebook page1,000$3.39
483how to spell business1,900$1.46
484how to start a babysitting business390$2.91
485how to start a business90,500$2.57
486how to start a business90,500$2.57
487how to start a business in california590$6.40
488how to start a business in florida880$5.99
489how to start a business in texas1,300$5.67
490how to start a business letter1,000$6.54
491how to start a business online1,900$5.35
492how to start a business plan2,900$2.10
493how to start a business with no money4,400$3.76
494how to start a catering business2,400$2.19
495how to start a cleaning business5,400$6.75
496how to start a clothing business2,400$2.81
497how to start a construction business720$4.15
498how to start a consulting business1,900$9.93
499how to start a dog walking business1,300$2.05
500how to start a food business1,300$2.10
501how to start a food truck business1,000$2.38
502how to start a home business1,600$2.60
503how to start a jewelry business880$2.92
504how to start a landscaping business1,300$8.42
505how to start a lawn care business1,000$8.68
506how to start a online business1,900$10.59
507how to start a painting business720$3.74
508how to start a photography business2,900$6.97
509how to start a real estate business1,000$2.14
510how to start a retail business720$3.72
511how to start a small business18,100$1.73
512how to start a small business18,100$1.73
513how to start a successful business1,300$2.86
514how to start a trucking business880$2.95
515how to start a tshirt business1,900$1.43
516how to start a tutoring business720$6.83
517how to start a vending machine business720$4.22
518how to start a website business590$13.79
519how to start an ebay business720$4.30
520how to start an etsy business720$5.82
521how to start an event planning business880$4.57
522how to start an internet business720$9.66
523how to start an online business8,100$8.63
524how to start an online business8,100$8.63
525how to start business3,600$1.06
526how to start business3,600$1.06
527how to start my own business2,900$2.71
528how to start online business6,600$1.74
529how to start online business6,600$1.74
530how to start small business2,400$1.43
531how to start up a business2,400$2.64
532how to start your own business22,200$2.16
533how to start your own business22,200$2.16
534how to start your own cleaning business1,300$6.92
535how to succeed in business6,600$0.39
536how to succeed in business6,600$0.39
537how to succeed in business without really trying8,100$0.15
538how to succeed in business without really trying movie1,000$0.13
539how to trademark a business name880$6.03
540how to use facebook for business1,600$4.95
541how to use instagram for business1,900$1.91
542how to use pinterest for business1,300$4.91
543how to use twitter for business1,300$3.22
544how to value a business6,600$2.21
545how to value a business6,600$2.21
546how to value a small business1,000$3.55
547how to win at the sport of business1,900$0.19
548how to write a business case1,900$0.96
549how to write a business email1,600$3.36
550how to write a business letter9,900$0.52
551how to write a business letter9,900$0.52
552how to write a business memo880$1.06
553how to write a business plan40,500$1.11
554how to write a business plan40,500$1.11
555how to write a business proposal12,100$0.74
556how to write a business proposal12,100$0.74
557how to write business letter2,400$0.38
558how to write business plan3,600$0.73
559how to write business plan3,600$0.73
560ideas for business5,400$1.15
561import export business4,400$1.49
562international business40,500$3.13
563international business machines823,000$0.70
564internet business6,600$6.76
565introduction to business5,400$0.47
566investors business daily18,100$1.42
567is radioshack going out of business110$0
568is radioshack still in business720$0.44
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571is saturday considered a business day590$0
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573latest business news5,400$0.24
574line of business4,400$13.78
575list of businesses5,400$2.83
576local business12,100$3.09
577local businesses12,100$3.09
578making business cards6,600$3.66
579master in business administration550,000$6.96
580masters in business administration5,400$23.84
581most profitable businesses8,100$1.01
582nature of business9,900$1.61
583new business12,100$1.08
584new business ideas40,500$0.77
585new businesses12,100$1.08
586office depot business27,100$1.26
587online business49,500$1.17
588online business courses4,400$17.51
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595paypal business account22,200$1.92
596print business cards12,100$8.39
597register a business9,900$3.82
598register a business name14,800$4.29
599register business name18,100$3.84
600retail business4,400$2.18
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725women in business12,100$2.60
726write a business plan12,100$3.36

How to use high CPC business keywords in your business

Once you’ve identified high CPC business keywords, there are several ways you can use them to grow your business. Here are a few examples:

  • Use high CPC keywords in your Google Ads campaigns to target potential customers who are actively searching for your products or services.
  • Create content (such as blog posts or videos) around high CPC keywords to attract organic traffic to your website.
  • Use high CPC keywords in your product descriptions and other website copy to improve your SEO and attract more organic traffic.
  • Create targeted landing pages for high CPC keywords to improve your conversion rates and generate more leads.

Best practices for using high CPC business keywords

When using high CPC business keywords, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind:

  • Focus on relevancy: Make sure the keywords you’re targeting are relevant to your business and the products or services you offer.
  • Optimize your landing pages: If you’re driving traffic to a specific landing page, make sure it’s optimized for the keywords you’re targeting.
  • Test and adjust: Don’t be afraid to test different keywords and ad copy to see what works best for your business.
  • Monitor your results: Keep track of your CPC, click-through rates, and conversion rates to see how your campaigns are performing.

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