Top Sales Keywords for SEO: High CPC Keywords for Sales

If you’re a sales professional looking to increase your online visibility and attract more high-quality leads, then you need to pay attention to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is keyword research, and in this article, we’ll be looking at the top sales keywords that you can use to boost your rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Introduction to Sales Keywords

Sales keywords are the phrases and terms that potential customers use when they’re searching for products or services that you offer. These keywords are essential for any business that wants to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract relevant traffic.

However, not all sales keywords are created equal – some are more competitive than others, and some have higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates than others.

Why High CPC Keywords are Important for Sales

High CPC keywords are those that advertisers are willing to pay more to bid on in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

These keywords tend to be more competitive, but they also tend to have a higher conversion rate because they attract more qualified leads. If you can rank well for high CPC keywords organically, then you’ll be able to generate a steady stream of high-quality leads without having to pay for expensive PPC campaigns.

Top Sales Keywords for SEO

Buy” keywords – These are phrases that indicate a user’s intent to purchase, such as “buy [product/service name]” or “where to buy [product/service name].”

Best” keywords – Users often search for the best products or services in a given category, such as “best [product/service name]” or “top [product/service name].”

Cheap” keywords – Price is a significant factor in many purchase decisions, so keywords like “cheap [product/service name]” or “discount [product/service name]” can be effective in attracting cost-conscious buyers.

Reviews” keywords – Many consumers rely on reviews to inform their purchasing decisions, so keywords like “[product/service name] reviews” or “best [product/service name] reviews” can be effective in attracting traffic.

Free” keywords – Users are often attracted to offers of free products or services, so keywords like “free [product/service name]” or “get [product/service name] for free” can be effective in generating leads.

Local” keywords – If you have a physical storefront, then local keywords like “near me” or “in [city/town name]” can be effective in attracting nearby customers.

Brand” keywords – If you have a recognizable brand, then using your brand name as a keyword can be an effective way to attract relevant traffic.

Comparison” keywords – Users often compare products or services before making a purchase, so keywords like “[product/service name] vs [competitor name]” can be effective in attracting traffic.

How-to” keywords – Users often search for instructional content related to products or services, so keywords like “how to use [product/service name]” or “how to [perform task related to product/service]” can be effective in attracting traffic.

Accessories” keywords – If you sell products that have complementary accessories, then keywords like “[product/service name] accessories” can be effective in attracting traffic.

Gift” keywords – Users often search for gift ideas for specific occasions, so keywords like “gifts for [occasion]” or “gift ideas for [recipient]” can be effective in attracting traffic.

New” keywords – If you offer new products or services, then keywords like “new [product/service name]” or “just released [product/service name]” can be an effective way to generate buzz and attract traffic.

Exclusive” keywords – If you offer exclusive products or services that are not widely available, then keywords like “exclusive [product/service name]” or “limited edition [product/service name]” can be effective in attracting a specific audience.

Custom” keywords – If you offer customizable products or services, then keywords like “custom [product/service name]” or “personalized [product/service name]” can be effective in attracting users looking for personalized options.

Bulk” keywords – If you sell products or services in bulk, then keywords like “bulk [product/service name]” or “wholesale [product/service name]” can be effective in attracting businesses or individuals looking to buy in large quantities.

Top Popular List of Sales Keywords for SEO: High CPC Keywords for Sales

Sr. No.Keywords for Sales (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly CPC
1advantage sales and marketing35100$0.76
2air compressor for sale31800$1.43
3air conditioner sale35100$2.57
4airboats for sale25100$0.58
5aircraft for sale44100$0.55
6airplanes for sale35100$0.62
7airsoft guns for sale31800$0.12
8aluminum boats for sale25100$0.61
9amazon sale218000$0.07
10apartment buildings for sale29100$1.06
11apartment for sale44100$0.84
12apple laptops for sale25100$0.61
13apple watch sale50100$0.45
14appliance sales29100$2.69
15aquariums for sale31800$0.46
16arcade machines for sale25100$0.91
17art for sale35100$1.57
18audi a3 for sale39200$0.92
19audi a4 for sale39200$1.65
20audi for sale35100$2.30
21audi r8 for sale44100$1.36
22audi s4 for sale29100$1.86
23auto bill of sale25100$0.87
24autos for sale26900$1.19
25b m w x5 for sale39200$1.44
26b2b sales29100$4.72
27baby cribs for sale25100$0.82
28baby goats for sale25100$0.43
29bars for sale29100$0.92
30bed and breakfast for sale25100$0.62
31bed for sale91000$2.03
32bed frames for sale25100$1.49
33bed sale50100$2.14
34bedding sale50100$1.47
35bedroom furniture sale25100$1.66
36bedroom sets for sale29100$1.64
37beds for sale107500$1.68
38beds set for sale26900$1.56
39best buy sales35100$0.34
40best buy tv sales44100$0.76
41bicycles for sale31800$0.74
42bike sale218000$0.07
43bikes for sale107500$0.62
44bikini sale44100$1.01
45bill of sale107500$1.09
46bill of sale form50100$1
47bill of sale template31800$1.10
48bills of sales forms50100$1.16
49bird cages for sale26900$0.56
50birds for sale44100$0.49
51black friday sales152000$1.25
52bmw for sale50100$1.78
53bmx bikes for sale57500$0.40
54boat motors for sale26900$0.61
55boat sales152000$0.07
56boats for sale263000$0.57
57book sales25100$0.53
58boost mobile phones for sale29100$1.02
59boots sale44100$0.87
60bowling balls for sale26900$0.48
61boxers for sale26900$0.55
62boxes for sale26900$2.67
63breast milk for sale25100$0.98
64bricks for sale29100$0.75
65budgets car sales35100$1.28
66buildings for sale26900$1.78
67bulldogs for sale44100$0.36
68bullet proof vest for sale25100$0.71
69bunk beds for sale50100$1.03
70buses for sale44100$0.83
71businesses for sale218000$1.60
72cabins for sale31800$0.62
73cameras for sale39200$0.82
74campers for sale107500$0.78
75can am spyder for sale29100$1
76car bill of sale25100$0.92
77car sales567000$0.24
78car wash for sale26900$0.83
79caravan sales91000$0.14
80carpet for sale29100$2.39
81carpet sales29100$3.58
82cars for sale1017000$1.03
83cars for sale by owner77500$1.20
84castles for sale50100$0.37
85cats for sale77500$0.72
86cattle for sale29100$0.37
87cell phones for sale44100$2.49
88chairs for sale44100$1.55
89chameleon for sale29100$0.18
90cheap cars for sale91000$1.21
91cheap guns for sale25100$0.40
92cheap houses for sale39200$0.77
93cheap laptops for sale39200$1.08
94cheap phones for sale29100$1.92
95cheap puppies for sale25100$0.27
96cheap trucks for sale26900$1.57
97cheap tvs for sale31800$0.97
98cheap vans for sale25100$0.91
99chicks for sale26900$0.44
100christmas sales35100$0.53
101christmas trees for sale39200$1.37
102churches for sale29100$1.41
103classic cars for sale182000$0.36
104classic trucks for sale29100$0.38
105clearance sale44100$0.73
106clothing sales44100$0.66
107coach bags on sale29100$0.63
108coins for sale25100$1.05
109commercial property for sale57500$1.49
110computer sales29100$1.23
111computers for sale50100$1.29
112condos for sale127000$1.01
113containers for sale31800$1.47
114converse sale77500$0.59
115conversion vans for sale25100$0.81
116cost of sales31800$0.02
117cottages for sale31800$0.51
118cows for sale29100$0.66
119crystals for sale26900$0.47
120desks for sale44100$1.96
121diesel trucks for sale44100$1.93
122dining chairs for sale25100$1.47
123direct sales26900$2.67
124direct sales companies25100$2.50
125dirt bikes for sale107500$0.54
126dishwasher sale44100$1.16
127dishwashers for sale26900$1.60
128dishwashers on sale29100$2.25
129dog house for sale29100$0.61
130dog kennel for sale44100$0.69
131dogs for sale318000$0.61
132doll houses for sale25100$0.34
133domains for sale25100$4.96
134doors for sale26900$1.14
135dresses for sale29100$0.79
136drones for sale127000$0.62
137drum sets for sale26900$0.61
138drums for sale25100$0.93
139dryers for sale29100$1.80
140ducks for sale29100$0.18
141electric bikes for sale31800$0.56
142electric cars for sale25100$2.43
143electric guitars for sale26900$0.59
144engines for sale29100$0.87
145english bulldog for sale39200$0.49
146english bulldog puppies for sale39200$0.49
147enterprise car sales263000$0.85
148estate sales182000$0.33
149estate sales net44100$1.19
150exotic animals for sale29100$1.59
151farms for sale66500$0.30
152ferraris for sale50100$0.49
153fire sale26900$0.28
154firearms for sale26900$0.36
155firewood for sale39200$0.96
156fireworks for sale44100$0.37
157fish for sale31800$0.54
158fish tanks for sale57500$0.39
159fishing boats for sale50100$0.64
160food trucks for sale107500$0.62
161for sale by owner182000$0.82
162four wheeler for sale50100$0.45
163franchises for sale39200$4.49
164freezers for sale35100$1.13
165french bulldog puppies for sale77500$0.52
166french bulldogs for sale91000$0.45
167fridge for sale50100$1.02
168fruit trees for sale25100$0.57
169furniture for sale29100$1.97
170furniture sales50100$1.90
171gap sale35100$0.46
172garage sales152000$1.01
173garages for sale31800$0.85
174gas grill sale29100$1.10
175gas stoves for sale25100$1.28
176generators for sale57500$1.51
177german shepherd puppies for sale107500$0.85
178german shepherds for sale50100$0.72
179go karts for sale91000$0.27
180goats for sale39200$0.59
181golf carts for sale91000$0.47
182golf clubs for sale44100$0.48
183green houses for sale29100$0.98
184grills for sale26900$0.88
185gross sales25100$0.50
186guitars for sale50100$0.66
187gun safes for sale44100$0.95
188gun sales35100$0.64
189guns for sale182000$0.40
190gym equipment for sale25100$1.18
191hairless cats for sale25100$0.27
192handbags on sale44100$0.68
193handguns for sale50100$0.54
194harley davidson for sale50100$0.45
195hidden cameras for sale26900$0.53
196home depot sale31800$0.25
197home for sale91000$1.12
198home for sale by owner25100$1.29
199home sale31800$1.08
200homes for sale467000$0.92
201homes for sale by owner50100$0.88
202honda crv for sale44100$3.66
203hookah for sale29100$0.27
204horses for sale152000$0.59
205hospital beds for sale25100$2.09
206hot tubs for sale50100$2.93
207hotels for sale31800$1.29
208house sale31800$0.70
209houseboats for sale57500$0.29
210houses for sale1237000$0.70
211houses for sale by owner57500$1.04
212hoverboards for sale263000$0.84
213how to calculate sales tax22400$1.61
214hummer for sale29100$0.91
215hunter boots sale50100$0.53
216husky puppies for sale66500$0.45
217ice machine for sale25100$2.64
218inside sales35100$7.17
219ipad sales35100$0.89
220ipads for sale50100$0.87
221ipads on sale29100$0.90
222iphone 4 for sale35100$0.54
223iphone 4s for sale44100$0.48
224iphone 5 for sale50100$0.70
225iphone 5c for sale35100$0.88
226iphone 6 for sale77500$1.17
227iphone 6 plus for sale35100$1.66
228iphone 6 sales26900$1.35
229iphone sales31800$1.23
230iphones for sale77500$1.26
231ipods for sale29100$0.28
232islands for sale77500$0.72
233itunes gift card sale35100$1.33
234jeep wranglers for sale107500$2.60
235jeeps for sale77500$2.30
236jet skis for sale77500$0.42
237jets for sale26900$1.27
238jewelry sale26900$0.86
239keyboards for sale26900$0.88
240kids clothes sale31800$0.67
241king size beds for sale25100$1.48
242kit cars for sale35100$0.43
243kitchen cabinets for sale26900$1.53
244kittens for sale182000$0.77
245knives for sale35100$0.63
246lamborghinis for sale57500$0.68
247land cruiser for sale31800$1.36
248land for sale152000$0.93
249land for sale by owner25100$0.77
250land rover for sale35100$1.36
251laptop sales66500$1.29
252laptops for sale152000$1.03
253laptops on sale44100$1.59
254lawn mowers for sale39200$1.13
255lifted trucks for sale44100$1.36
256limos for sale35100$0.90
257limousine for sale35100$0.90
258lockers for sale25100$4.93
259lovebirds for sale25100$0.36
260luggage sale50100$0.74
261luxury homes for sale26900$2.68
262macbooks for sale26900$0.58
263magnets for sale25100$0.95
264mansions for sale44100$1.36
265manufactured homes for sale29100$0.97
266mattress sales152000$5.05
267mattresses for sale44100$3.98
268mattresses on sale26900$4.88
269maxi dresses on sale26900$0.93
270mens shoes on sale25100$0.93
271mens suits sale35100$0.93
272mercedes benz for sale25100$1.08
273mercedes for sale29100$0.90
274metal detectors for sale26900$0.71
275metal sales23600$2.07
276microwave sale26900$0.72
277microwaves on sale29100$0.76
278mini bikes for sale35100$0.75
279mobile homes for sale182000$0.69
280modified cars for sale25100$0.60
281modular homes for sale35100$0.88
282monkey for sale25100$0.41
283mopeds for sale66500$0.33
284motor scooters for sale26900$0.60
285motorbikes for sale66500$0.28
286motorcycle helmets for sale25100$0.82
287motorhomes for sale127000$0.72
288mountain bikes for sale66500$0.63
289muscle cars for sale44100$0.60
290net sales50100$0.64
291new cars for sale31800$2.78
292new homes for sale35100$2.09
293new houses for sale31800$1.69
294nike sales91000$0.30
295old cars for sale50100$0.46
296old houses for sale25100$0.79
297online business for sale29100$1.82
298online sales44100$0.40
299outdoor furniture sale35100$1.95
300paintball guns for sale31800$0.48
301paintings for sale35100$1.04
302panties for sale25100$0.72
303parrots for sale44100$0.34
304party tents for sale29100$1.50
305patio furniture sale50100$2.10
306pets for sale66500$0.66
307pharmaceutical sales jobs31800$1.22
308phones for sale77500$1.86
309pianos for sale50100$1.64
310pick up truck for sale35100$1.56
311pigeons for sale39200$0.21
312pigs for sale39200$0.37
313pink sale26900$0.38
314pistols for sale44100$0.29
315pitbulls for sale39200$0.29
316planes for sale35100$0.57
317plants for sale26900$0.54
318playstation 4 for sale25100$0.48
319pocket bike for sale25100$0.26
320point of sale57500$4.58
321point of sale software25100$8.94
322pool tables for sale66500$1.05
323pools for sale44100$0.92
324posters for sale25100$0.86
325pressure washers for sale25100$1.10
326printers on sale25100$1.58
327private island for sale31800$0.80
328private jets for sale44100$1.58
329project cars for sale29100$0.91
330properties for sale318000$0.27
331ps3 for sale35100$0.26
332ps4 for sale57500$0.55
333ps4 sale50100$0.45
334ps4 sales39200$0.65
335pugs for sale107500$0.48
336puppies for sale467000$0.65
337purses for sale26900$1.03
338quilts for sale35100$1.10
339rabbits for sale50100$0.49
340race cars for sale39200$0.84
341racing go karts for sale25100$0.18
342range rovers for sale57500$1.24
343ray ban sunglasses sale31800$1
344rc cars for sale44100$0.64
345real estate for sale44100$0.68
346recliners on sale29100$2.22
347record players for sale31800$0.61
348refrigerator sales57500$2.58
349refrigerators for sale44100$2.14
350refrigerators on sale29100$2.58
351repo cars for sale31800$0.46
352reptiles for sale35100$0.16
353restaurants for sale44100$1.53
354retail sales23600$2.17
355return on sales26900$0
356rims for sale57500$0.69
357road bikes for sale31800$0.62
358robots for sale25100$1.30
359rolls royce for sale26900$0.89
360rugs for sale57500$1.73
361sailboats for sale66500$0.61
362sale definition26900$0.55
364sales associate57500$0.69
365sales associate job description29100$2.64
366sales consultant26900$3.58
367sales engineer31800$1.50
368sales force152000$3.43
369sales funnel35100$5.89
370sales jobs39200$1.17
371sales leads23600$20.04
372sales manager50100$1.19
373sales manager job description29100$1.30
374sales manager salary23600$1.87
375sales pitch26900$4.27
376sales process26900$3.44
377sales promotion39200$2.38
378sales quotes29100$4.28
379sales representative50100$1.50
380sales representative job description26900$1.54
381sales representative jobs25100$1.13
382sales resume23600$1.90
383sales revenue25100$0.02
384sales strategy26900$5.12
385sales tax107500$2.49
386sales tax calculator77500$1.15
387sales techniques25100$4.02
388sales training29100$9.97
389school buses for sale39200$0.45
390scooters for sale77500$0.54
391secret sales152000$0.40
392sewing machines for sale29100$0.65
393sheds for sale107500$0.93
394sheep for sale26900$0.32
395shipping containers for sale50100$1.61
396shoes for sale31800$0.76
397shoes on sale26900$0.81
398shoes sale57500$0.98
399shotguns for sale44100$0.29
400skateboards for sale29100$0.42
401small boats for sale25100$0.52
402small business for sale26900$2.48
403small campers for sale25100$0.53
404small dogs for sale35100$0.41
405small houses for sale25100$0.57
406smart cars for sale35100$1.44
407smart tv sale26900$1.22
408smart tvs on sale25100$1.18
409snakes for sale35100$0.41
410sneaker sale31800$0.67
411sofa bed sale35100$1.14
412sofa beds for sale35100$1
413sofa sale57500$1.85
414sofas for sale57500$1.69
415solar panels for sale39200$2.43
416speakers for sale25100$0.62
417speed boats for sale25100$0.52
418sport bikes for sale25100$1.07
419sports cars for sale29100$2.80
420steam sales182000$0.55
421steam summer sale107500$0.48
422steroids for sale35100$0.74
423storage containers for sale26900$2.57
424stoves for sale31800$1.25
425stump grinder for sale25100$1.15
426subaru for sale26900$2.67
427suit sale29100$1.25
428summer sale35100$0.58
429sunglasses sale25100$0.92
430suvs for sale57500$6.27
431swimming pools for sale35100$0.74
432swimsuit sale39200$1.76
433swimwear sale39200$1.76
434tablet sale25100$0.85
435tablets for sale91000$1
436tablets on sale39200$1.97
437tanks for sale39200$0.88
438target sales44100$0.31
439telescopes for sale35100$0.78
440television sales91000$0.86
441televisions on sale66500$1.11
442tent sale29100$0.43
443tents for sale91000$0.51
444tiny houses for sale152000$0.44
445tire sales50100$3.24
446tires for sale77500$2.92
447toilets for sale29100$1.48
448tool boxes for sale29100$0.69
449tools for sale31800$1.01
450tortoises for sale44100$0.30
451toyota trucks for sale25100$3.92
452tractors for sale77500$0.76
453trailers for sale152000$0.52
454trampolines for sale77500$1.04
455treadmills for sale77500$2.47
456trees for sale31800$0.55
457tropical fish for sale25100$0.36
458truck campers for sale26900$0.69
459truck sales91000$0.32
460trucks for sale182000$1.72
461trucks for sale by owner25100$0.89
462turtles for sale44100$0.42
463tv sales91000$0.86
464tv stands for sale25100$0.90
465tvs for sale91000$0.95
466tvs on sale66500$1.07
467twin beds for sale25100$1.73
468twin mattress sale31800$4.02
469typewriters for sale26900$0.44
470used audi for sale25100$2.15
471used bikes for sale26900$0.39
472used bmw for sale39200$2.46
473used boats for sale44100$0.61
474used car sales50100$1.54
475used cars for sale467000$2.05
476used cars for sale by owner50100$1.46
477used food trucks for sale29100$0.64
478used furniture for sale29100$1.14
479used golf carts for sale29100$0.51
480used golf clubs for sale25100$0.71
481used guns for sale39200$0.35
482used jeeps for sale31800$2.79
483used mobile homes for sale39200$0.38
484used motorcycles for sale29100$0.64
485used motorhomes for sale29100$0.67
486used ps4 for sale26900$0.46
487used rvs for sale39200$1.12
488used suvs for sale31800$2.90
489used tractors for sale25100$0.94
490used trucks for sale91000$1.99
491used vans for sale31800$1.18
492vans for sale91000$0.82
493vans sale44100$0.81
494vehicle bill of sale26900$0.66
495vehicles for sale31800$1.28
496vending machines for sale29100$1.44
497viagra for sale29100$1.43
498vintage cars for sale29100$0.33
499violins for sale31800$0.83
500warehouse for sale26900$1.20
501warehouse sales50100$0.26
502washer and dryer for sale26900$3.14
503washer and dryer sale35100$3.22
504washers for sale25100$2.60
505washing machines on sale26900$2.21
506watch sale31800$0.42
507watches for sale26900$0.68
508water slides for sale29100$1.53
509water tanks for sale26900$1.71
510websites for sale26900$1.94
511what does short sale mean19900$3.02
512what is a sales associate22400$0.15
513what is a short sale39200$1.16
514what is an estate sale19900$1.65
515what is short sale19900$3.73
516wheels for sale26900$0.86
517wood for sale26900$0.84
518xbox 360 for sale29100$0.35
519xbox one sales44100$1.05
520xbox sales26900$1.21
521yachts for sale107500$0.51
522yard sales91000$0.93


In conclusion, using high CPC sales keywords can help you attract more qualified leads to your website and increase your online visibility. By incorporating these top sales keywords into your SEO strategy, you can drive more targeted traffic to your site and improve your chances of converting leads into paying customers.

Remember to conduct thorough keyword research and focus on long-tail keywords that are specific to your niche to maximize the impact of your SEO efforts.


How do I conduct keyword research for my sales website?

Keyword research involves identifying the keywords and phrases that potential customers use to search for products or services that you offer. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to identify high CPC keywords and long-tail keywords specific to your niche.

How do I optimize my website for high CPC keywords?

To optimize your website for high CPC keywords, you need to create high-quality, relevant content that incorporates your target keywords naturally. You should also ensure that your website’s metadata, including page titles and descriptions, includes your target keywords.

What are long-tail keywords, and why are they important for sales?

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific phrases that users use to search for products or services. They are essential for sales because they attract more targeted traffic and have a higher conversion rate than broad keywords.

How can I incorporate high CPC keywords into my PPC campaigns?

To incorporate high CPC keywords into your PPC campaigns, you need to bid on those keywords and create high-quality ad copy that incorporates those keywords naturally.

Can I use sales keywords in my social media marketing?

Yes, using sales keywords in your social media marketing can help you attract more targeted traffic to your website and increase your online visibility. However, be sure to use keywords naturally and focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.

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