Most Searched Real Estate Keywords Niches List 300+

Are you struggling to attract more traffic to your real estate website? If so, it’s time to optimize your website for search engines. One of the best ways to do this is by include relevant keywords into your website’s content.

With the increasing competition in the real estate industry, it has become essential to have a strong online presence. Your website is your online storefront, and it’s crucial to optimize it for search engines to attract potential customers. Incorporating relevant keywords into your website’s content is one of the best ways to do this.

In the below sections, we’ll explain why real estate keywords are important and provide you with a list of keywords to use on your website.

Most Searched Real Estate Keywords Niches List 300+

Sr. No.Keywords for Real Estate (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC
1a real estate agent                                       210$5.91
2a real estate broker                                         70$4.43
3are real estate agents happy                                         10$0
4are real estate agents needed                                         50$0.24
5are real estate agents rich                                         50$0
6are real estate agents self employed                                         50$0
7are real estate commissions tax deductible                                         70$0
8are real estate fees negotiable                                         20$0
9are real estate taxes deductible                                       390$0
10are real estate taxes paid in advance                                         30$0
11are real estate taxes paid in arrears                                         30$0
12are real estate transfer taxes deductible                                         50$0
13average salary of a real estate agent                                       480$0.00
14become a real estate agent                                   8,100$4.45
15best real estate app                                   2,900$2.44
16best real estate website                                   5,400$4.21
17bureau of real estate                                   5,400$3.84
18business real estate                                   1,600$1.24
19buying real estate                                   1,600$2.12
20can real estate agents buy hud homes                                         10$0
21can real estate agents flip houses                                         30$8.85
22can real estate agents give referral fees                                         10$0
23can real estate agents work from home                                         40$0
24can real estate be held in an ira                                         10$10.31
25can real estate taxes be deducted                                         30$0
26capital real estate                                   1,600$4.02
27commercial real estate                             1,35,000$1.05
28commercial real estate agency                                   2,900$3.54
29commercial real estate agent                                   2,900$3.54
30commercial real estate broker                                   2,900$4.64
31commercial real estate for lease                                   2,900$1.42
32commercial real estate listings                                   4,400$3.26
33commercial real estate research                                       140$9.29
34does real estate go through probate                                         10$0
35how do i become a real estate agent                                       590$3.14
36how do i get my real estate license                                       480$3.27
37how do real estate agents get paid                                   1,600$8.38
38how do you become a real estate agent                                       720$3.72
39how long is real estate school                                       880$3.63
40how much do real estate agents make                                   8,100$4.36
41how much do real estate brokers make                                       720$0
42how much does a real estate agent make                                   2,400$6.35
43how much does a real estate broker make                                       480$7.82
44how much money do real estate agents make                                       590$5.04
45how real estate agent get paid                                       170$6.69
46how real estate agents get leads                                         20$22.98
47how real estate agents get listings                                         10$1.85
48how real estate agents work                                         70$5.55
49how real estate brokers make money                                         20$0
50how real estate commission works                                         50$2.05
51how real estate developers make money                                         50$0
52how real estate developers think                                         70$0
53how real estate development works                                         10$0
54how real estate investment works                                         50$6.36
55how real estate works                                       320$0.94
56how real estate works in usa                                         10$1.65
57how to be a real estate agent                                   2,900$3.73
58how to be a successful real estate agent                                       720$4.57
59how to be successful in real estate                                       590$3.45
60how to become a real estate agent                                 22,200$3.91
61how to become a real estate agent in california                                       720$4.90
62how to become a real estate agent in florida                                       880$3.21
63how to become a real estate agent in ga                                       590$2.92
64how to become a real estate agent in nc                                       590$3.92
65how to become a real estate agent in ny                                       880$2.65
66how to become a real estate agent in ohio                                       590$5.64
67how to become a real estate agent in pa                                       720$2.91
68how to become a real estate agent in texas                                   1,000$3.45
69how to become a real estate agent in va                                       480$3.71
70how to become a real estate appraiser                                   1,300$2.19
71how to become a real estate broker                                   3,600$3.04
72how to become a real estate developer                                   1,300$2.42
73how to become a real estate investor                                       720$8.37
74how to become a successful real estate agent                                       880$4.46
75how to become real estate agent                                   1,900$2.99
76how to choose a real estate agent                                       590$6.41
77how to find a real estate agent                                       880$8.95
78how to find real estate investors                                       480$9.12
79how to get a real estate license                                   3,600$2.82
80how to get a real estate license in ca                                       590$5.16
81how to get a real estate license in ny                                       390$1.98
82how to get a real estate license in texas                                       720$3.97
83how to get into commercial real estate                                       590$7.83
84how to get into real estate                                   4,400$2.77
85how to get my real estate license                                       590$3.42
86how to get real estate leads                                       590$19.49
87how to get real estate license                                   3,600$2.54
88how to get real estate license in ca                                       590$5.11
89how to get real estate license in texas                                       480$4.03
90how to get rich in real estate                                       880$2.68
91how to get started in real estate                                   1,300$4.14
92how to get your real estate license                                   2,400$3.15
93how to invest in real estate                                   4,400$6.95
94how to invest in real estate with no money                                       720$6.76
95how to make money in real estate                                   1,900$4.47
96how to obtain a real estate license                                       390$3.45
97how to sell real estate                                       720$4.07
98how to start a real estate business                                   1,000$2.14
99investment real estate                                   2,400$8.68
100is real estate a good career                                       880$3.83
101is real estate a good investment                                       880$12.78
102is real estate a liquid investment                                       260$0
103is real estate capitalized                                       140$0
104is real estate commission tax deductible                                         50$0
105is real estate hard                                       210$4.61
106is real estate right for me                                         90$7.86
107is real estate right for me quiz                                         40$2.50
108is real estate school hard                                         90$10.63
109is real estate tax deductible                                         90$0
110is real estate test hard                                         20$0
111is real estate the best investment                                         70$0
112is real estate transfer tax deductible                                         40$0
113jobs in real estate                                   2,400$1.47
114luxury real estate                                 18,100$1.33
115online real estate                                   2,900$1.88
116online real estate courses                                   2,900$5.82
117real estate                           33,50,000$0.21
118real estate academy                                       880$2.75
119real estate accounting                                   1,300$6.90
120real estate ads                                   5,400$6.67
121real estate advantage                                       880$0.68
122real estate advertising                                   5,400$6.67
123real estate advice                                       720$2.02
124real estate affordable housing                                         30$0.33
125real estate agencies                                   4,400$3.29
126real estate agency                                 90,500$4.87
127real estate agent bio                                       720$4.60
128real estate agent biography template                                       140$3.82
129real estate agent commission                                   2,900$4.39
130real estate agent fees                                   1,900$4.00
131real estate agent jobs                                   1,900$1.65
132real estate agent license                                   1,600$3.41
133real estate agent reviews                                   1,600$3.99
134real estate agent vs broker                                   1,300$4.31
135real estate agent websites                                   1,900$6.87
136real estate agents                                 90,500$4.87
137real estate alert                                       880$0.23
138real estate app                                   4,400$1.47
139real estate appraisal                                   4,400$3.02
140real estate appraiser jobs                                   1,000$1.97
141real estate appraisers                                   4,400$3.02
142real estate apps                                   5,400$2.18
143real estate area                                         70$0.71
144real estate area calculator                                         30$0.00
145real estate articles                                   1,900$2.03
146real estate assistant jobs                                   1,000$1.62
147real estate associates                                   2,400$5.05
148real estate atlas                                       720$0.00
149real estate attorney                                 18,100$10.05
150real estate auctions                                   5,400$2.65
151real estate auctions how do they work                                         10$3.13
152real estate bio                                       720$0.94
153real estate blogs                                   5,400$2.36
154real estate books                                   4,400$1.41
155real estate brochure                                   2,400$4.35
156real estate broker commission                                       480$3.85
157real estate broker license                                   2,400$3.37
158real estate broker salary                                   5,400$6.51
159real estate broker vs agent                                   1,300$1.39
160real estate brokerage                                 22,200$4.57
161real estate brokers                                 22,200$4.57
162real estate business                                   6,600$2.14
163real estate business cards                                   2,900$4.49
164real estate business plan                                   2,400$3.37
165real estate calculator                                   6,600$1.05
166real estate careers                                   6,600$2.93
167real estate certification                                   1,000$3.05
168real estate classes online                                   1,300$7.68
169real estate commercial                                   6,600$0.73
170real estate commission                                   6,600$3.65
171real estate companies                                 22,200$1.77
172real estate companies list                                       320$2.53
173real estate company names                                   1,600$1.31
174real estate connection                                   1,900$1.83
175real estate consultant                                   4,400$2.42
176real estate consulting                                   4,400$2.42
177real estate contracts                                   3,600$1.43
178real estate courses online                                   2,400$4.96
179real estate data                                       880$2.17
180real estate deals                                       480$2.68
181real estate degree                                   1,900$11.61
182real estate developers                                 12,100$3.01
183real estate development                                   6,600$2.38
184real estate development principles and process                                       170$0.37
185real estate dictionary                                   1,300$1.24
186real estate economics                                   1,300$6.20
187real estate entrepreneur                                   1,600$3.49
188real estate exchange                                       880$4.36
189real estate finance                                   3,600$7.80
190real estate finder                                       880$1.52
191real estate firms                                       720$0.87
192real estate flyers                                   4,400$4.21
193real estate for rent                                   1,900$0.50
194real estate for sale                                 27,100$0.68
195real estate for sale by owner                                   1,900$0.96
196real estate forum                                   2,400$1.44
197real estate franchises                                   1,300$5.55
198real estate fraud                                       720$1.92
199real estate funds                                   2,900$10.21
200real estate gallery                                       320$1.29
201real estate glossary                                       590$0.47
202real estate goals                                       110$1.15
203real estate group                                   2,400$2.36
204real estate guide                                       590$1.03
205real estate houses for sale                                   1,300$0.92
206real estate housing                                       140$1.82
207real estate how to get listings                                         40$4.17
208real estate how to get started                                         30$2.60
209real estate how to make money                                         40$0.00
210real estate images                                   2,400$3.64
211real estate income                                       720$4.46
212real estate industry                                   1,900$1.71
213real estate information                                   1,000$1.03
214real estate institute                                   3,600$0.89
215real estate internships                                   1,600$1.76
216real estate investing blog                                       480$7.70
217real estate investing books                                   1,600$3.41
218real estate investing companies                                   2,900$7.24
219real estate investing groups                                   2,900$8.10
220real estate investing podcast                                       320$8.54
221real estate investing with no money                                       140$6.53
222real estate investment companies                                   2,900$7.40
223real estate investment group                                   2,900$9.76
224real estate investment loans                                       590$12.04
225real estate investment trust                             1,10,000$4.50
226real estate investments                                 27,100$8.64
227real estate investor                                   2,900$10.10
228real estate investor websites                                       590$10.02
229real estate investors                                 27,100$8.64
230real estate keywords                                       320$3.81
231real estate law                                   5,400$7.08
232real estate laws                                       480$4.31
233real estate lawyers                                 18,100$9.15
234real estate lead generation                                   1,600$26.35
235real estate leads                                   2,900$25.87
236real estate licence                                   2,400$3.08
237real estate license                                 49,500$3.82
238real estate license course                                   1,000$4.71
239real estate license lookup                                   1,900$4.56
240real estate license management system                                         10$0.00
241real estate license online                                   2,400$4.21
242real estate listings                                 18,100$1.35
243real estate loans                                   1,900$9.48
244real estate lookup                                   6,600$1.97
245real estate magazine                                   2,400$4.50
246real estate map                                   1,900$0.93
247real estate map search                                       590$0.34
248real estate market                                   6,600$2.44
249real estate market analysis                                   1,300$2.64
250real estate market trends                                   1,000$3.09
251real estate marketing                                   5,400$13.73
252real estate marketing ideas                                   1,900$14.15
253real estate marketing plan                                   1,000$8.03
254real estate marketing tools                                       590$10.63
255real estate news                                 22,200$3.17
256real estate newsletter                                   1,300$5.65
257real estate office                                   4,400$3.56
258real estate online courses                                   1,300$6.71
259real estate outlook                                       320$1.02
260real estate owned                                 60,500$0.99
261real estate photographer                                   2,900$3.15
262real estate photography course                                       320$4.88
263real estate podcast                                   1,000$3.73
264real estate postcards                                   2,400$9.58
265real estate prices                                   2,900$1.28
266real estate principles                                       880$1.66
267real estate private equity                                   1,900$9.27
268real estate professionals                                   2,400$2.19
269real estate programs                                       880$4.79
270real estate property                                   2,900$0.62
271real estate property for sale                                       480$0.77
272real estate purchase agreement                                   2,400$1.66
273real estate purchase contract                                       590$0.89
274real estate purchase contract template                                       140$2.23
275real estate quotes                                   4,400$0.47
276real estate rentals                                   6,600$0.40
277real estate research                                       590$1.44
278real estate sales                                   4,400$0.73
279real estate sales contract                                   1,300$1.18
280real estate salesperson                                   1,000$4.09
281real estate school online                                   1,300$5.98
282real estate search                                   4,400$0.68
283real estate search engines                                   1,300$1.05
284real estate seminars                                   1,300$4.03
285real estate service                                       720$1.52
286real estate services                                   2,900$2.33
287real estate shows                                       880$4.52
288real estate sites                                   4,400$1.32
289real estate slogans                                   2,900$0.75
290real estate software                                   2,900$10.40
291real estate solutions                                   1,900$2.15
292real estate stocks                                   2,400$4.75
293real estate syndication                                   1,300$6.41
294real estate tax deduction                                   1,000$7.03
295real estate taxes                                   6,600$1.92
296real estate technology                                   1,900$3.75
297real estate templates                                   1,900$1.29
298real estate terms                                   2,900$0.93
299real estate title search                                       480$1.86
300real estate trainers                                   3,600$6.49
301real estate training                                   2,900$5.45
302real estate transactions                                   1,600$0.77
303real estate trends                                   1,900$1.51
304real estate valuation                                   2,400$3.10
305real estate values                                   3,600$1.64
306real estate videography                                   2,400$2.50
307real estate videos                                   2,400$2.89
308real estate web designs                                   2,400$11.02
309real estate webmasters                                   2,400$2.53
310real estate website design and hosting                                         10$11.11
311real estate website templates                                   2,400$4.40
312real estate websites                                 33,100$4.50
313real estate websites designs                                   2,400$11.02
314real estate websites for agents                                       320$8.38
315real estate websites for brokers                                         20$7.77
316real estate websites for investors                                         10$11.19
317real estate websites for sale                                       110$5.44
318real estate weekly                                   1,900$2.27
319real estate wordpress themes                                   2,900$1.99
320real estate words                                       590$0.35
321real estate world                                       880$0.67
322should i become a real estate agent                                       480$6.22
323should real estate agents form llc                                         20$0
324summit real estate                                   2,900$0.70
325the real estate group                                   2,900$2.07
326top 5 real estate                                         70$3.45
327top real estate agents                                   2,400$4.56
328top real estate companies                                   2,900$3.05
329what are real estate taxes                                       590$0.78
330what do real estate agents do                                   1,000$5.57
331what does a real estate agent do                                       720$5.97
332what does a real estate broker do                                   1,000$6.38
333what does contingent mean in real estate                                       720$0.51
334what does pending mean in real estate                                   1,000$0
335what is a real estate agent                                   1,000$3.94
336what is a real estate broker                                   2,900$3.03
337what is a real estate developer                                       880$2.61
338what is a short sale in real estate                                   1,000$1.08
339what is commercial real estate                                   1,000$1.99
340what is real estate                                   6,600$0.83
341what is real estate tax                                       720$1.98
342what real estate agents do                                       140$4.66
343what real estate agents need to know                                         10$0
344what real estate brokers do                                         20$0
345what real estate commission should i pay                                         20$1.53
346what real estate company should i work for                                         20$4.18
347what real estate means                                         20$0
348what real estate taxes are deductible                                         20$0
349where real estate portland                                         20$0
350where to get real estate license                                       110$3.57
351which real estate agency to join in singapore                                         20$1.69
352which real estate agent                                       110$3.83
353which real estate agent is best                                         10$5.60
354which real estate agent to choose                                         20$4.73
355which real estate company has the best training                                         50$1.14
356which real estate company sells the most                                         20$3.17
357who is real estate agent                                         20$0.13

Why are Real Estate Keywords Important?

When potential customers search for real estate-related information online, they use specific keywords to find what they’re looking for. By including these keywords into your website’s content, you make it easier for search engines to identify your website as a relevant source of information. This, in turn, can help improve your website’s search engine ranking, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Keyword Research

Before you start incorporating keywords into your website’s content, it’s essential to conduct keyword research. Keyword research involves identifying the most popular and relevant keywords related to your business. You can use various keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to help you find the right keywords to target.

Types of Real Estate Keywords

There are several types of real estate keywords you can target to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Here are some of the most common types of real estate keywords:

Location-Based Keywords

Location-based keywords are keywords that target a specific geographic location. These keywords include city, state, or neighborhood names. Examples of location-based keywords include “Los Angeles real estate,” “New York condos,” and “Miami beachfront properties.

Property Type Keywords

Property type keywords are keywords that target a specific type of property. These keywords include “apartments,” “condos,” “townhouses,” and “single-family homes.” Examples of property type keywords include “luxury condos in Chicago,” “affordable apartments in San Francisco,” and “single-family homes in Phoenix.”

Transaction-Based Keywords

Transaction-based keywords are keywords that target a specific type of real estate transaction. These keywords include “buy,” “sell,” “rent,” and “lease.”

Examples of transaction-based keywords include “homes for sale in Seattle,” “condos for rent in Denver,” and “office space for lease in Boston.”

Real Estate Service Keywords

Real estate service keywords are keywords that target specific services related to the real estate industry. These keywords include “real estate agent,” “property management,” “mortgage lenders,” and “home staging.” Examples of real estate service keywords include “top-rated real estate agents in Atlanta,” “best mortgage lenders in Dallas,” and “professional home staging services in San Diego.”

Using Real Estate Keywords on Your Website

Once you’ve identified the relevant keywords to target, it’s time to incorporate them into your website’s content. Here are some tips to help you use real estate keywords on your website:

  • Include keywords in your website’s page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Use keywords in your website’s headings and subheadings.
  • Incorporate keywords into your website’s content naturally and avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use long-tail keywords that are more specific and less competitive.
  • Ensure that your website’s content is relevant and provides value to potential customers.

By using real estate keywords on your website, you can improve your website’s search engine ranking and attract potential customers to your business.

Best Practices for Real Estate Keyword Optimization

To ensure that your real estate keywords are working effectively, here are some best practices to follow:

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific and less competitive than broad keywords. By targeting long-tail keywords, you have a better chance of ranking higher on search engine results pages. For example, instead of targeting “real estate,” you could target “luxury waterfront homes in Miami.”

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing involves overusing keywords in your website’s content, which can negatively impact your website’s search engine ranking. To avoid keyword stuffing, use keywords naturally and ensure that your website’s content is relevant and provides value to potential customers.

Use Keywords in Headings and Meta Tags

Incorporating keywords into your website’s headings and meta tags can help search engines identify your website as a relevant source of information. Be sure to use keywords in your website’s H1, H2, and H3 headings, as well as its meta titles and descriptions.


Include real estate keywords into your website’s content is an effective way to improve your website’s search engine ranking and attract potential customers to your business. You can ensure that your website is relevant and provides value to potential customers. Follow the best practices outlined in this article to ensure that your real estate keywords are working effectively.

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