Use High Paying Keywords

Always keep an eye on trending topics and relevant pages in your topic. And unique write content on it.

Allow All Format Ads

We recommend  you allow both text and image types for AdSense ad units. Also you should try in-feed ads, in-article ads, matched content 

Use high performing ad formats

You can improve Google AdSense CPC and increase conversion rates by using high performing ad formats.

Use Single Advertising Network

For better Adsense CPC rates, it is a smart way to avoid using different ad networks. And keep a good CPC network.

Block lower paying ads

Blocking unwanted and unrelated ads will increase the number of real time bids from high-paying bidders in real time, resulting in higher CPC rate.

Puts Ads in Right Place

You have to place ads in those places where you get better results, such as after title, middle post, header, sidebar widget etc.

Target Specific Location Traffic

The CPC rate also depends on the location of your visitors to reach your website. Make sure you set your target location

Changing your site's layout

It is advisable to create an attractive, unique and interactive website.

Write Quality Content

Google Adsense Ads are mainly for content and hence, the quality of content is of great importance in Adsense optimization.

Choose Domain Name Wisely

The domain name is the first word of the URL. Like keywords, the CPC rate also depends on the domain name of the site.